Capoeira Dubai’s Mestre Workshop and First Annual Batizado Event in Dubai Nação Capoeira Dubai’s will be holding

a Mestre Workshop and First Annual Batiza do on Thursday 27 July and Friday 28 July. Dubai, UAE, June 01, 2010 -- On Thursday 27 July and Friday 28 July Nação Capo eira Dubai will be host a Mestre Workshop and have their First Annual Batizado a t the World Black Belts Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road. Mestre Val Boa Morte will give a workshop which covers movements and music as we ll as the essence and rituals of capoeira. He has been teaching and performing c apoeira all over the world for 24 years, he is committed to preserving and shari ng this amazing and complex culture and energy. He established Filhos da Bahia i n 1983 and is based in Melbourne. This is an opportunity for capoeiristas in the UAE to train with such a well res pected mestres and for anyone curious about capoeira or interested in martial ar ts to come and see what it s about. Reserve your place by contacting Professor Espoleta (Nina Stone) on 050 103 4672 or at ADITIONAL INFORMATION Capoeira is a Brazilian art form involving movement, music, ritual and elements of philosophy. At the heart of the discipline is ritualized combat ˜played s as a game. Contact: Nina Stone Nação Capoeira Dubai Dubai, UAE +971 50 103 4672



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