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Issue #53 - September 2016

As the first born child, my family has relied on me for almost everything over the
years. I have always been the pillar that helps my family stand, supporting them in
all aspects of life ranging from job related issues to school fees; overseeing all
family businesses, and giving advice on financial issues. One of the greatest
achievements in my life has been building my mother a house, a place we can call
home and every time I look at that house I say, Wow, it was God who enabled
me do this.
When I lost my job with FINCA two years ago, it took me by surprise because the
termination came on short notice and being the main person my family relied on,
I found myself at crossroads. Everyone in my family became stranded. Surviving
those two years was only by the grace of God. I know that people have different
ways of coping with hard situations but when I remember those two years of
unemployment, I know for sure it was God who held my hand through it all.

Christine Nassali
Christine Nassali Chrinah is the
first born in a family of five.
She is a Manager at Goshemite
Business Solutions.
She also runs her own mobile
shop and a money lending
business (on a small scale).

There were days when I could not afford transport to church or even food for the
What amazes me the most is that I have the title of Manager. It is something
day but because I kept myself rooted in God, it helped me grow spiritually. God
I had never dreamt of. Yes, I was looking for a job, but a managerial
brought people into my life such as my cell members who stood with me in those
position was out of my job scope.
moments and church members who gave me
I may not be receiving a managerial salary
money for transport. Unless I told someone
as per the corporate world standards but
that I was unemployed, they could not tell I
everyone who knows me and sees me now
was because there were people God used to
can testify to Gods goodness in my life.
take care of my needs, including my salon
I feel so much peace in my life right now
Though at some point I felt like the joblessness was eating me up, I would turn my and everywhere I go all I hear is Praise God which was not the case even
face to the wall every dayjust like Hezekiah in the Bible, and cry out to the Lord when I had my previous job. Thinking about Gods goodness makes me bow
as other people went to work every morning. I asked God why I had to be in such a down and worship Him and Wilson Bugembes Nvunama Gyoli is the song that
situation. My relationship with God grew deeper during this time. I attended best describes how ecstatic I feel.

God remembered me

different fellowships which kept me busy through the week: I joined Bible Study
Fellowship (BSF), attended Prophet Mbonyes fellowships on Tuesday, attended
cell on Wednesday, came for the Friday evening prayers at church, and before I
knew it, the week would be gone. What I experienced during those two years
cannot be fully described in words because people would see me looking good
and smart yet I was hurting inside.

I encourage everyone reading this testimony never to give up. If your heart is
set on something, do not give up. Some people kept telling me to continue
selling clothes but deep in my heart I knew I was meant to be in the banking
industry while I sell clothes on the side. And that is exactly what I am doing
today. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
I encourage everyone, both young and old, do something while you wait for
I went through a number of job interviews with no success but kept going back to your big break; I sold clothes while I waited on God. Some people ridiculed me
God telling Him that I have failed to get a job. There were moments when I felt but deep within my heart I knew I was on the right track.
helpless and I would go for cell and share with other believers how I was getting to I thank God and give Him glory for helping me stand strong during the tough
a point of losing hope. I was even willing to become a cleaner somewhere just so I times and for giving me a position in my banking career that will help me grow.
could have a job. I was really desperate but I decided not to look at the people And I believe that the God who gave me this job in Kuffu is going to do even
around me but only keep my eyes on God. The bible verse that kept me going was greater things in my life and that is why I testify today about His goodness and
Isaiah 11:11 where God promised to stretch out His hand again to reclaim the say, Ebenezer, thus far the Lord has helped me.
surviving remnant of His people. This scripture spoke so much comfort into my
life and was a constant reminder that if God is a God of second chances, He will
stretch out His hand upon me and meet me in my greatest time of need. One
night I had a dream that God had given me a job without having to go through the
interview process but we laughed it off with my cell members because that is not
common in this day and age.
One fine day, when all hope of getting a job was fading away, God remembered
me. I was requested to help set up an office in Kuffu and ensure that all the
required documents for Goshemite Business Solutions were in place; I never
thought that I would be hired to manage the business. What that taught me is
that when one is given a task, big or small, they should do it with diligence and
honesty. If I had done shoddy work with the documents, I would not have been
considered the right person to manage the business. When I got the job at
Goshemite Business Solutions, it was absolute proof that God can do the
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