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This interview is intended to gather information about a study entitled as below.


You are required to answer all seven questions. Any feedback you provide is kept
confidential. Your cooperation and support given is deeply appreciated.

Done by,
Khoo Vee Lynn

Interview Questions
1) Did you know that in the KBSM syllabus, there is a component called
Education Emphasis comprising of several skills?
Yes, Im aware of that.
2) Have you heard of soft skills? If yes, do you think it is important?
Yes, its very important as it is a part of the criteria to develop a well-rounded person.
3) One of the most important soft skills is communication skills. Research
showed that students are incompetent to engage in discussions. As a teacher, what
technique do you use to instill communication skills in students?
Normally I will use scaffolding technique especially for those incompetent students
in order to encourage them to engage in discussion. I will choose easy topic and
demonstrate to the class. Then I will let them involve in their own discussion. If
there was any student who refuses to participate, I will prompt them with easy
questions to promote them to talk. Once they are confident enough, I will let them
work on their own.
4) In the 21st century education, thinking and problem solving skills are being
emphasis by the education ministry. What can you do to shape the critical and
creative skills in students?
I will integrate Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) question in the classroom.
This kind of question can push them to think beyond their boundaries.
5) ICT skills are also important in todays workforce. How many times in a week
do you use the computer for teaching purposes?
Once, I only use it to gather information for my teaching materials but I rarely use
ICT as my teaching aids since my school is lack with facilities that involve
6) What are some of the group activities you think the students would enjoy
while also indirectly instilling interpersonal skills?
From my observation, I realize that my students involve better in language game
activities. They prefer to have fun with the language and at the same time learning
it. Thus, the games that I normally conducted in the class are charade, win, lose or
draw, scrabble and open debate.
7) In this competitive world, skills are an added advantage to getting high-post
jobs. When giving tasks or assignments to students, do you think students nowadays
have a good time management, are able to work under pressure and able to work
independently? If not, why?
Actually, this question is subjective. It depends on the students. Some students can
but some cant. In my case, my students are in the intermediate level. Most of them
can perform very well but some may not. The reasons they fail to complete the task
is perhaps because they are preoccupied with their handphone or television, lack of
attention from the parents or the teachers are not being stern enough in class.