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Star 30/03/03 Shaping energies

RECTANGULAR housing plots, which tend to be the norm in Malaysian housing

schemes, are considered favourable in Vasthu Sastra. Changes to the shape of the plot
should be made cautiously as some extensions and changes are favourable and some not
depending on which part of the plot of land is extended or cut.
For example, if the north-east corner of the land is cut off, it will affect family growth and
ancestry inauspiciously. This is because cutting off the north-east prevents positive energy
from flowing into the property. If the area is extended, however, it is favourable as it allows
more positive energy to flow into the plot. (See graphic.)
The north-east is given a lot of importance in Vasthu because the cosmic rays hit the earth at
that angle. Each plot of land is viewed as a miniature earth, so the north-east sector acts as
an antenna in receiving energy waves. To allow more positive energy to flow into a property,
the owner should: open, extend and depress the north-east. And to store that energy, one
should close and elevate the south-west and ensure it is not cut off. If a piece of land is not
square or rectangular, one can rectify the situation by abandoning small areas that protrude in
an unfavourable sector. The small areas can be sold or, even more auspiciously, given to
charity. If this is not possible, a wall should block off the areas and the excess land left idle.
Vasthu recommends that the ideal house should have some space between it and its
neighbours so there is a smooth flow of cosmic energy, ventilation and light. It is, of course,
difficult to find such space in most modern housing estates where rows of terrace houses are
built because of space constraints and for economic reasons. However, Vasthu principles can
still be applied successfully in a terraced house.
When choosing terraced properties, avoid units that face a T-junction as this is inauspicious
and can bring financial and health problems.
Understanding Vasthu
There seems to be a lack of understanding about the practice of Vasthu Sastra among
readers. Many want me to give them fast solutions without observing Vasthu totally.
Firstly, Vasthu is not gadget-based and there are no shortcuts. To see results, a house-owner
will have to follow, to a great extent, the art of the placement of things according to Vasthu
Although there are products in Vasthu like the conch shell, Vasthu wood and the Swastika
symbol mentioned in the previous column, they will not work effectively if the sectors in the
building do not conform to Vasthu rules. For example, the south-west is meant for the
breadwinner or master of the house and the kitchen must be placed in the south-east or
north-west sectors of the house. If such things are not done, using the products cannot
completely cure a resident's problems. The products only enhance the positive energy flow
into a property that is Vasthu-friendly.
Property owners need to understand that positive and negative energies exist on a plot of
land, and these energies can become distorted when a building is constructed. So it is
important that the building works with the forces of nature rather than against them to make
the owner a compatible part of the environment.
Like the land, the human body also has energy. This is known as an aura. The strength of our
auras depends on how they interact with energy levels of structures surrounding us. That is
why it is important to ensure that the two types of energies, the human and the natural, work
in harmony and resonance.
Case studies
S. Kamala from Petaling Jaya wanted to know how Vasthu could help her father

who had undergone a bypass operation.

For a faster recovery, it is recommended that one sleep with the head in the
south and legs towards the north. This position allows the earth's magnetic
waves to act on the brain. Other positions, with the head in the east or west, are allowed. The
only direction in which a person should never sleep is with the head in the north and legs
pointing to the south.
Another reader, a businessman from Ipoh, wrote complaining about a relative who often
overstayed in his house, invading his family's privacy, and who influenced his wife and
children negatively. He asked how Vasthu could assist in solving the problem that was
causing tension between him and his wife.
Questions revealed that the guest room in his house is in the south-west sector, which should
be the owner's (or breadwinner's) area as it is the most powerful corner of the property. It is
recommended that the guest room be placed in the south-east sector, which is the fire corner
- one can be assured one's guest will not overstay their welcome!
A talk on Vasthu Sastra and Ayurveda will be held today at 3pm at Tun Sambanthan Hall,
Taman Tun Sambanthan, Sungai Siput (U), Perak. Speakers are Vasthu columnist T. Selva
and Ipoh Ayur Centre consulting physician Dr P.
Shiva Prasad. Admission is free. To register, call Anitha at 05-547 3299.
T. Selva, The Star's Maritime Editor, has spent years researching this ancient Indian science
of construction, better known as "Indian feng shui".
He is a student of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra Master Yuvaraj Sowma from
Chennai, India. He can be contacted at

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