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Jauja's Country

In the highschool I had a homework of reading a book with which I felt very identified
of the author Edgardo Rivera, a writer who in his book " Jauja's Country " describes a
Utopia where there is mixed both the traditional thing and the modern thing, position
that it formed from his own life. Jauja for him would be a land that describes to fullness
ideal this one and guards a special fondness to his natal city and to all the familiar
recollections that it forged.
The history is about the life of Claudio, a 15-year-old teenager and the anecdotes of his
summer holidays. Since teenager begins to discover the real world, he will live through
experiences with his friends, will experience his first love, it is so it starts maturing and
solving the conflict between the Andean and western world that it internalizes from his
This history leads you to identifying you because for the author it is partly a description
of a part of his life, which makes it more real, more near. On having read it I
experienced so many feelings the love, hatred, gratitude, expressed across the
happiness, the nostalgia and the pain. I recommend to read this book for entertainment
and to know it brings over of the great cultural richness of Peru.

Name: Kemyla Maeve Hernndez Rodrguez