Regenerating Vauxhall Cross

Thank you for visiting Kylun Limited’s public exhibition for the Vauxhall Cross Island site. Kylun Limited is a development vehicle, with énancial backing from the private interests of the Chief Executive of Fal Oil Company. It acquired the strategicallylocated Vauxhall Cross Island site (Vauxhall Island site) in 2009. This public exhibition sets out Kylun’s vision to create a new heart for Vauxhall and enhance the area around the bus, Underground and rail stations, signiécantly improving the local environment. It also reêects the culmination of over four years of consultation on how development at Vauxhall Cross can bring tangible beneéts to the local community. The Vauxhall Island site was subject to a previous planning application by London & Regional Properties (L&R) in 2005, however L&R was unable to progress its plans. The latest proposals are for an elegant mixed-use tower development of the highest architectural quality with new public realm and space for local businesses, shops and the local community. The design, by awardwinning architects Squire & Partners, aims to incorporate aspects of the previous scheme that were received positively in 2005 while reêecting and responding to the issues raised during this latest round of public consultation, as well as local planning guidance.
Proposed view looking south from Wandsworth Road

Squire and Partners

A background to the site

Views of the existing site as it is today

The Vauxhall Island site, a triangle of land located adjacent to Vauxhall’s transport interchange, has long been neglected and derelict, but holds signiécant potential for redevelopment. The site lies within the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area, which is identiéed in the London Plan as having the potential to accommodate high-density development to provide substantial numbers of new jobs and homes. Both the London Borough of Lambeth and the Greater London Authority (GLA) consider the site to have the potential to make an important contribution to the regeneration of the area and to deliver signiécant beneéts to the communities living in Vauxhall. We would like to hear your views on our proposals so that they can be considered by our design team before a planning application is submitted.

Further views of the existing site

Squire and Partners

The proposal
Kylun’s proposals are for two elegant towers - one of 41 storeys and the other 31 storeys. By contrast, the St George Wharf Tower, which has planning consent, will be 50 storeys high. In response to previous consultation, the scheme has been designed to deliver radical improvements to the ground level environment. Open public space will be provided and protected by a glass canopy, linking both buildings. The plans incorporate affordable housing on site. In addition, the area of commercial and leisure space has been increased, creating more employmentgenerating uses.
Kylun’s proposals include: 291 homes, proposed to suit the needs of families, érst-time buyers, and young professionals, in line with the demands of the local housing market This will be a mix of both affordable and private homes all provided on site (under the previous scheme, provision of affordable housing was to be made offsite) 160,000 sq ft of commercial space provided in a range of unit sizes, including retail and leisure space Proposed businesses A hotel, with a top-êoor ‘Skybar’ open to the public Cafés, restaurants and a mix of retail units on the ground êoor Community space – the composition of which is subject to consultation, but could include a digital cinema, crèche or dental practice and a commerciallyoperated indoor soft play space with subsidies for local residents A Car Club and electric car-charging facilities for all car parking spaces Improvements to the pedestrian environment surrounding the site, including improvements to the environment and lighting treatment through the subsidised work spaces for local artists

Looking south from Bondway

railway arches – an initiative that could involve local No new street parking permits will be provided to residents of the new scheme and all underground parking spaces will be for disabled badge holders in line with the requirements of the London Borough of Lambeth and Transport for London. In summary, the principal beneéts of the scheme are: A signiécantly enhanced ground level environment for pedestrians and both existing and future residents Greatly improved pedestrian routes through the site to other parts of Vauxhall and Nine Elms All affordable housing to be provided on site A mix of uses that will provide a thriving destination for Vauxhall Following consultation, a reduction of 40 metres to the height of the tallest building Kylun is also in discussion with Transport for London in relation to the opening of an additional entrance to Vauxhall Underground station at the northern end of the site.

Squire and Partners

Improvements to the ground level environment
Kylun’s development will be an exemplar of sustainable building design. At present, the environment in and around the site is not pedestrian-friendly and any development must look to address this. In line with feedback received during early rounds of consultation, a signiécant focus for the scheme has been to transform the ground level environment into a safe and vibrant destination for local residents and visitors to the Vauxhall area. This transformation will include a state-of-the-art glass canopy over an area with shops and cafés, with landscaping across the site. The ground-level environment has been designed to make the site more accessible and permeable, integrating it with the Underground, railway and bus stations. To address concerns raised by local residents on other schemes brought forward in the Vauxhall area, Kylun has sought to minimise any potential wind tunnel effects. This has been achieved by streamlining the shape of the towers and adjusting their orientation relative to prevailing south-westerly winds.
The proposed ground level plan

Proposed ground level illustration - between the towers

Squire and Partners

A vibrant mix of uses
Employment space: The provision of signiécant areas of employmentgenerating space is a key aspect of Kylun’s proposals. In line with planning policy, the need for employment land in the area, and in response to feedback from community groups and elected members, employment space will represent a signiécant proportion of the overall development. Shops – attracting both well-known brands and independent local businesses: A truly sustainable development needs to attract people to the site to spend money in and around the immediate area. The signiécant improvements proposed to the ground level environment of the Vauxhall Island site will help reinforce Vauxhall as a local district centre, as well as a residential, employment and transport hub. Recreation and public open space: As part of an ongoing process of consultation, Kylun’s development team has been exploring ways to work with the local community to improve Vauxhall’s existing open spaces. Working with the Friends of Vauxhall Spring Gardens and Lambeth Council we are currently looking at various options for creating a safer, more secure and usable community park or play space that will serve the needs of both existing and future residents. Community beneéts: Following meetings with local interest groups, a package of community beneéts is being drawn up to ensure that people living in Vauxhall beneét directly from the development. Initiatives are likely to include: - New links to existing pedestrian and cycle networks in the area - Signiécant improvements to the ground level pedestrian environment - Improved access to the Vauxhall Cross transport interchange - Contributions to the improvement of Vauxhall Spring Gardens and Vauxhall Park - Funding for public art in and around the Island site - Contributions to the ongoing running costs of Vauxhall City Farm Kylun’s proposals reêect previous feedback from a range of stakeholders and will create an attractive public environment at this gateway location, while increasing accessibility to the wider Vauxhall area and transport interchange, making the area safer and more enjoyable for existing residents.

Proposed érst êoor plan

View looking through the érst êoor atrium between the towers

Squire and Partners

Delivering jobs and employment
The proposed development will create approximately 300 full and part-time jobs. Jobs will also be generated during the construction process. By providing a mix of uses, there will be a range of jobs and skills required long-term, including administration, technical and maintenance work as well as roles created via the provision of oféce space, shops, restaurants and cafés. It is anticipated that the scheme will contribute to the development of local training initiatives. This will be arranged as part of the Section 106 legal agreement if planning consent is secured. Construction - A Community Liaison Forum will be set up once planning consent is secured to ensure local people and businesses have a regular point of contact with Kylun and its contractors. - A telephone hotline number will be publicised so that contractors can be contacted 24 hours a day. - Written notice will be given to local residents and businesses prior to major works being undertaken. - Kylun and its contractors will produce a community newsletter, updating residents and businesses in the area on the development’s progress.
Proposed section through the towers

View from the proposed ‘Skybar’

Squire and Partners

Community amenities and a blank canvas
Provision of public open space and recreation space for new and existing residents, especially children and young people, is a critical part of developing a truly sustainable community. Kylun has consulted extensively with local community groups and the London Borough of Lambeth to determine the nature of the community facilities that should form part of the new development. To provide the facilities that existing residents want, we also need to hear from you. We would like you to tell us what you would like to see included in this scheme. Approximately 8,000sq ft has been allocated within the scheme for community or public amenity space. This space can be provided to local people and be used by existing local residents. The amount of space available is roughly the size of a êoor of the development. Here are some of the suggestions that have been made to date:
Dental practice Crèche Digital cinema Commercially-operated indoor soft play area with subsidies for local residents - Public ‘Skybar’

Please feel free to make other suggestions and stick them to our êoor-plan below or éll in one of our feedback forms. In light of the recently opened GP practice in St George Wharf, Kylun is in discussions with the local PCT on the need for an additional GP practice or clinic within the development. Kylun will make a énancial contribution to school provision in the Borough by way of the Section 106 agreement, which would form part of a binding legal agreement if the planning application is approved by the London Borough of Lambeth.

Please stick your ideas to our êoor plan above

Blank érst êoor Tower B êoor plan

Squire and Partners

Key routes around the site

Better links to and from the Vauxhall Island site
Due to existing poor access from the surrounding streets and the transport system, the Vauxhall Island site is currently inaccessible and isolated. Safer pathways for pedestrians and cyclists: Attractive pedestrian links through the site from Vauxhall Station to Nine Elms in the south will enable people to walk safely and easily from the bus, Underground and rail stations. Kylun is currently in discussions with Transport for London (TfL) to agree safe and convenient locations for crossing Wandsworth Road and Parry Street and the potential of a new access into Vauxhall Underground station at the northern end of the site. Access routes for service vehicles: Vehicles will enter the site from Parry Street and exit the site via the southern end of the bus station. Dedicated access for servicing the development and taxi drop-off will be provided within the base of the southern building. Kylun is currently in discussions with TfL in relation to the proposed provision of a taxi lay-by on Wandsworth Road to serve the northern building. Disabled car-parking, a Car Club and cycle parking: Access will be provided to the basement car/cycle parking and Car Club facility via car lifts located in the base of the southern building. Given the site’s exceptional access to public transport, no residential parking permits will be issued to new residents, meaning that no additional cars will be able to park on the surrounding streets. Measures, including a Travel Plan, will also be put in place to reduce private car use.

Squire and Partners

Vauxhall Island site in context
Kylun has taken great care to develop a scheme that brings positive beneéts to both new and existing residents. The design of the two buildings will create an attractive, landmark development to mark this important gateway to Vauxhall. Kylun has also considered residents’ concerns regarding views and overshadowing of open space. A number of steps have been taken to ensure that any impacts are effectively mitigated. Daylight and sunlight impacts Daylight and sunlight issues have been carefully considered. Rights of light have been fully modelled and our independent studies show that the scheme does not raise any issues in terms of impact on existing residents, parks or public open spaces. Overshadowing According to Kylun’s sunlight and daylight consultants, the impact of overshadowing from the proposed buildings on local parks is minimal as a result of the positioning of the two towers. Vauxhall Park There will not be any additional overshadowing of Vauxhall Park as the park is located to the south-east of the Vauxhall Island site. Spring Gardens There will be no additional overshadowing during the summer months. However, some additional shadow will be cast during September to March. This will only affect the south-west corner of the park; however the shadow will be transient, with no point on the ground in shadow for more than two hours. Bonnington Square The only shadow over Bonnington Square will be cast during late afternoons in the winter months, when a shadow will pass over the Square during sunset.
Fentiman Road

Vauxhall Park

Spring Gardens

Bonnington Square

Squire and Partners

Vauxhall Island site in context continued...
As well as taking into account the impact of the proposed development on local views, Kylun has instructed a team of specialists from the Richard Coleman Consultancy and Miller Hare to measure the visual impact of the scheme from further aéeld. As a result of ongoing discussion with the Greater London Authority (GLA), Kylun has also reduced the height of the buildings. Squire & Partners are award-winning architects and are behind some of the most exciting and innovative developments in London today. Great care has been taken to ensure that the design of the Vauxhall Island site towers will make them deliver a positive and exciting addition to London’s skyline.

Parliament Square

Lambeth Bridge

Millbank Road

Grosvenor Road

Squire and Partners

A sustainable, energy-efficient development
Kylun is committed to producing an exemplar sustainable scheme, going beyond statutory requirements and minimising carbon emissions. The Vauxhall Island site development incorporates a wide range of design and construction methods to promote sustainability. These have been integrated into the development’s evolution and will be assessed by recognised methodologies BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). A BREEAM target of Excellent has been set for the scheme overall and CSH assessments will also be undertaken on all residential areas with a target of Code Level 4. Energy & CO2 Kylun’s development for the Vauxhall Island site has been designed to signiécantly exceed the requirements of current building regulations. The design will also be ‘future proofed’ to meet forthcoming regulations and initiatives. An Energy Strategy for the development will follow the guidelines set out in the London Plan 2008 which requires that developments érst reduce energy use / CO2 emissions by energy efécient measures, then by supplying energy eféciently and then by use of renewable technologies.
View from Nine Elms Lane

Some of the sustainable design and construction principles we are proposing are set out below: - Reduce energy use / CO2 emissions - Minimise risk of overheating - Improve occupant / user experience via good quality thermal and visual design - Extensive use of sub-metering to allow energy / water usage monitoring - Reduction of water use - Provide facilities for cyclists - Provide a travel plan - Speciécation of sustainable and responsibly sourced building materials where appropriate - Reduce construction impact via Considerate Constructors Scheme, Site Waste Management Plan and monitoring of construction activities - Provide recycling facilities and integrate with Local Authority scheme - Improve the ecological value and biodiversity of the site - Mitigate êood risk - Reduce light pollution via best practice design - Reduce surface water run-off and water pollution - Reduce air pollution - Mitigate noise pollution - Design to Lifetime Homes principles - Design to Secure by Design principles - Provision of building / home user guides Passive energy reduction measures - Efécient and optimised façade design - Reduced air permeability Active energy reduction measures Low energy lighting Low energy / water white goods Heat recovery on mechanical ventilation systems Variable êow air and water systems High eféciency heating and cooling equipment High eféciency ventilation systems

Supplying energy eféciently - Power factor correction - Decentralised energy production (CCHP – Combined Cooling Heat & Power) Renewable energy - Biofuel CCHP - Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation

Squire and Partners

Next steps
Kylun intends to submit its planning application in summer 2010 for determination by the London Borough of Lambeth. If approved, construction will take place in phases and is expected to take 40 months to complete. The scheme could be ready for occupation by 2015. Kylun is wholly committed to ongoing discussions with local residents and business communities, as well as the London Borough of Lambeth, throughout the planning process. We welcome your views on what you have seen and heard today so that they can be fed into our plans as they evolve. Feedback forms are provided for you to complete, and either leave with us or post back at your convenience. We hope that you have had an opportunity to speak to members of the development team today and that any questions you may have about our proposals have been answered. Should you have any further queries, please contact us on our dedicated consultation line on 0845 543 8968. Alternatively, you can write to us at: Vauxhall Consultation C/o Camargue 7 Bayley Street London WC1B 3HB Or email us at: Thank you for attending Kylun Limited’s exhibition.

Squire and Partners

Squire and Partners