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First Quarter:
Topics to cover
Intro to Engineering
Code of ethics
Scale drawings
Model building
Introduction to CAD
Group Projects
Scale drawing of school room/building on graph paper
Make foam board model of scale drawing
Interpret scale drawings into real dimensions
House of Cards problem solving
School Safety project (research different materials, costs) Client:
Brian Muldrow, PA
Using CAD, make scale drawings
Individual Project
Research the sale of human body parts in the black market explore moral and
ethical issues research Biomedical Engineering solutions
Field Trips/Speakers
UALR Engineering School (Field trip)
UA Fayetteville School of Engineering (speaker)
Construction Engineering Firm (speaker)

Student currently in an Engineering program (speaker)

Second Quarter:
Topics to cover
Electrical Engineering basics (review of vocab, circuit wiring, schematic diagrams)
More advances wiring options
Introduction to Fritzing
Group Projects
Build a small DC motor
Reverse Engineering:
Disable a small appliance & describe the function of each component
Use breadboard to design analog sensor circuits (photoresistor, switch, 555 timer
chip, transistors, firefly)
Digital programing - Arduino
Individual Project
Research a possible space station/city.Discuss all the factors that need to be
considered in the design of the city (function of each, what basic materials are
needed, energy considerations) then rank them in what you think is the order of
Field Trips/speakers
Electrical Engineering firm (speaker)
Southwest Power Pool (field trip)
LM Wind Power wind turbine factory in NLR (field trip)
Innovation HUB (field trip digital programming with Arduino)
Theater lighting design (Lights, Wiring, Energy and Light Board)

Third Quarter:
Topics to cover
Mechanical Engineering basics
CAD design advanced techniques
Intro to the 3D Printer
Group Projects
Waterwheel calculate power, work, efficiency with different types of blades
Design and print a 3D design
Design a playground for a disadvantaged child
Individual Project
Research existing polymer that reflects Energy on one side & absorbs Energy on
the other side (or two polymers).
Suggest ideas of how this material could be made into a mechanical device as a
car sun shield (fit between the cars dash and windshield) and describe the function
of each component
Field Trips/speakers
Mechanical engineering firm (speaker)
Water/Environmental engineering firm (speaker)
Caterpillar (field trip)

Fourth Quarter:
Topics to cover
Civil Engineering basics
Architecture basics
Advanced CAD design

Group Projects
CAD working drawbridge with two different height towers
Build a Brick Wall (choices of different brick suppliers, different sources of bricks,
different truck delivery companies, different laborers), limits on time, costs
Design a new High School
Foam board model
Power point presentation
Individual Project
Think of a low-cost, easily transported product that would help the people of a
very remote poor village with one of the following:
clean drinking water
new energy source
new fuel
Field Trips/speakers
Civil Engineering Firm (speaker)
Waste Water Treatment Plant (speaker or field trip)
Architectural Firm (speaker or field trip)