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ABSTRACT: This report makes a clear image of department of

mechanical engineering U.E.T Taxila. Mechanical engineering department
of U.E.T Taxila was on top in Pakistan about 5 years ago. This report
basically shows the strength, weakness, oppurnities and threats of
mechanical department.

INTRODUCTON: SWOT analysis is analysis of strength, weakness,

opportunities and threats of any organization. This analysis makes a
visible image to any organization about its strengths which it has to carry
on, its weakness which should be removed off, its opportunities which it
has to increase, threats which it has to overcome. Mechanical department
can be gone to the level of Stanford mechanical department if this
analysis will be followed. Following are the points of Swot which are
suggested for MED U.E.T TAXIlA.


The strengths of MED UET TAXILA are following:

Best image of mechanical department

Faculty service to the department and larger community
Qualified staff
Comprehensiveness, quality, and growth of education
Expert in teaching non-traditional students
High level of interaction between students and teachers
Scholarship for undergraduate and MS students
Promotion of good quality of research
Fee concession of deserving students
Award of prize for first 3 position holders
Introduction of character building societies
Fully equipped labs
Location near the capital of Pakistan
Better environment for study
Accessibility day , night online formats
Introduction of new diciplines of Mechanical engineering

Lack of financial support to the students and faculty
Inadequate resources for recruitment, retention, advising and
marketing all the things needed to recruit
Some lazy and unqualified teachers

Lack of infrastructure- including, financial and human resources:

inadequate capital funds to support all that we want to do
No check and balance system
No connection with job offering companies
No protocol to the incoming companies
No proper environment of lecture
No full coverage of syllabus
No online system for study updates
No injections of concepts only crammerism is obeyed
No encouragement for talented students
Recruitment of staff on reference
No training for teachers
Good grades are given on region and reference basis
Enrollment of low merit students
Increment in tuition fees each year
Out of order equipments in the lab and no good operators of these

Continuing education for intellectual enrichment and for people of
all ages
International and off-campus study and exchange programmes
Providing a good environment to the Taxila area peoples
opportunity to build an undergraduate experience using the best
practices from throughout the country
Location near 3 top Govt industries like HIT, HMC and PMF
Abroad study opportunities

Increasement in the no of Mechanical degree awarding
private universities.
Universities affiliated with U.E.T Taxila like Swedish college
and epcom
Major threat is from HITEC and WAH engineering college