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heavy lift

engine disable

survivors rescue

other topics

heavy weather





answer he wants to hear

upthrust ,stability , pumping out water , jettisioning of cargo and damage stability calculat

rigging plan and contents ,register of lifting appliances and contents , stability and movem
preparation as per dj house semanship (attached in email)
sir ji he did not ask me this question

I told him about salvage lof as it is imminent danger

but he asked me why it is immediate danger
I told him about heavy weather( for small vessels stability is also issue if heavy weather )
,running out of fw and supplies
he wanted to hear that proximity of navigational hazards as due to current vessel may gro

communication flowchart and preparartion on deck as per iamsar

check distance
check bunker for going and coming back
check weather ( I also included charts )
then he asks if gas carrier at fire and u r tanker will u go say yes I will go and stay at safe
donot say that i will lower my lifeboat and search for them as lifeboat for rescue only not fo
inform rcc and start search pattern
and why will u use lifeboat as boarding station when u have gangway so as to pick up injur
after rescuing what to do with the liferaft: pick up and keep it onboard so as to keep it in ca
only for ship crew

go throuth the enclosed entry procedures and hot work procedures as per coswep (attache
then as the hole in forepeak is small tell him u try to patch it up with cement box or other m
then he will take u to hot work and tell him as per coswep
he also asks risks and hazards while entering the forepeak store most important is acciden
procedure and rest are normal like injury ,restriction of space ,darkness etc
then he wants to hear that hot work is fire hazard and why, because of paint fumes can ca
so take some water in forepeak and wet the area ( donot come to this point directly tell him
in this swing the compass take bearings approximately and do ur calculation he is not intre
correction ,nothing in deep but do know all the coefficients and corrections and sequence o
he showed cbd coming from port side ,dredger seen from stern
do all the buoys his favourite are preferred channel buoy , new danger mark ,cardinal buoy

trs and which semicircle and be sure u heave to b4 checking veering /backing of wind and
he asked how to check whether veering so tell him wind coming from right ahead then stb
for rest tell circular and preparations (in my notes )

if going to africa concern : tell him as per bwmp and he wants to hear about security guar
lifeboat capacity ,flag state permission ,firing only for self defense etc( there is a circular a

tell all from port marine circular and then he asks can u lock up the stowaway say yes if re
then he asked me u saw land nearby can u give stowaway liferaft and send him away he w
cannot do this

all 13 elements of ism

mainly stability ,preparations prior entering drydock especially taking soundings b4 enterin
after docking finished what to do b4 sailing
and what jobs to be done at drydock especially ranging of anchor cable : ranging is not cha
rest always start ur answer with circular no and topic and always tell him whatever u hav
prperly or not once he is sure u have studied then he will keep calling u until he finishes a