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1) Group Call Pickup

Prefix :


Description: Call pick-up enables a user to answer an incoming call to another set
on his own set. Group call pick-up enables a user to pick-up an incoming call to a
set belonging to the same pick-up group.
How to Use: To pick-up the call, simply dial the group call pick-up prefix (you
don't need to dial the set number)
2) Immediate forward Prefix :


Description: The user may forward his calls to a user on another set. Forwards
the calls immediately to a selected set

How to Use:

Dial 51 to immediate forward to another set

3) Immediate forward on Busy



Description: Your calls are rerouted immediately to a selected set when your own
set is busy
How to Use: Dial 52 for Immediate forward on Busy
4) Forward on no answer Prefix


Description: Your calls are rerouted to a selected set when your own set is free
but does not answer after a timer has elapsed
How to Use:

Dial 53 to forward your calls on no answer

5) Forward on busy or no answer



Description: Calls are rerouted immediately to a selected set when your own
set is free or busy.
How to Use:

Dial 54 for forward on busy or no answer

6) Forward Cancellation:

Prefix :


Description: Forward cancellation

How to Use: Dial 41 for Cancellation of any kind of forwarding on your

7) Appointment Reminder



Description: The appointment reminder operation includes in a

single name the appointment reminder and the wake-up. The user is
automatically reminded:

at the time he programmed it on his set,

at the time programmed by the attendant, either when idle, or in conversation
How to Use:

Dial 43 and give scheduled time like 1430.

8) Appointment Reminder Cancel

Prefix :


Description: To cancel the Wakeup Appointment Reminder

How to Use: Dial 44 to cancel the appointment reminder
9) Business Account Calls:

Prefix :


Description: The cost of a call can be charged to a specific business account

(project), configured by the system administrator
Before dialing the number, the user enters the business account/project prefix,
followed by the desired business account/project number.
How to Use: The user must dial the following numbers to make a call on
a business
Business account prefix+ [project account code] +trunk group prefix +
external number.


10) Redialing Last Number

Prefix :


Description: Last number redial allows users to automatically dial

the last number they have dialed on their set.

Last number redial is available on all types of sets (including analog sets).
How to Use: Automatic redial of the last number called (whether internal, on
the network or external) is done either by dialing a prefix or pressing a
programmed key for Digital sets
11) Conference


Casual conferences allow a user, initiating of a three-party conference, to add up
to three additional participants to the conference.
On the conference initiator set, the other two participants can either be on the
same line or on two different lines
It is possible to end the conference and resume conversation with the first
It is possible to transfer the two participants to each other
How to Use
When A and B are in conversation and want to add C for Conference just press
Hook Key for 1 sec and after that dial the C number after call is established with
C again press Hook key for 1 sec and press 3(from dial Pad) for three party