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Marketing research, which is based on science, can be a valuable tool, but it ha

s human limitations. Marketing research projects are widely used by businesses t
o aid in decision making and can provide direction when analyzing a complex prob
lem. Like the human beings who conduct it, however, marketing research has its f
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Unpredictable Behavior
Human behavior is unpredictable. Marketing research attempts to measure the beha
vior of a group of individuals, but there is no guarantee that the measured beha
vior will be repeated in the future.
No Duplication
Results cannot be replicated. It is not possible to conduct a research project i
n such a way as to produce the exact same results when using a different facilit
ator and a different group of respondents. Humans are individuals, and no one hu
man being acts or responds in the same way as any other human being.
Different Interpretations
Results can be interpreted differently. Faced with survey results indicating tha
t eight out of 10 dentists would recommend a particular product, one business ex
ecutive may feel that this is a result that can be used in an advertising campai
gn, while another executive may feel that 80 percent approval falls short of a p
ositive product endorsement.
Believe it or not, marketing research has shown that marketing research has bias
. Researchers may write leading questions or arrange questions in an order likel
y to produce a particular answer. Additional human error -- including poor facil
itator training, recruitment of nonrepresentative samples, and rushed interpreta
tion of results -- create the potential for ambiguous or unusable research resul
Control, Yes; Eliminate, No
A marketing research project alone is not a replacement for a sound decision-mak
ing process, but it can be used as a component of the discussion the precedes a
decision. Research results can be valuable tools to guide business executives in
strategy development. Because research is based on science, research project re
sults can help decision making teams plan tactics based on fact and limit respon
ses based on emotions of the decision makers. Limitations of a marketing researc
h project can be controlled, but they cannot be fully eliminated, as differences
in human thinking, analysis
>time limit for completing this study was very less.
>information recieved from the respondents may not be true
>some of the respondents did not respond properly.
>some of the respondents refused to co-operate because of their busy schedules.
>size of the sample is only so numbers.