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“Hi, we’re the Slowskys” Internet, technology updates for students needed
Walking into Memorial Library, you may have recently noticed an increased number of students clawing at each other, banging their heads against a wall or throwing their laptops through windows because they are so frustrated with the slow or spotty Internet connection.
Well, that may not exactly be what’s going on in the library, but surely it describes the way many students have felt lately. The past week has found the Internet down, multiple times, for many hours. Just Tuesday afternoon, a few students in the library were complaining about not having any wireless Internet access. Some said the Help Desk wasn’t particularly helpful and were told that the slow Internet was a network problem. Although Tim Farnham has been keeping everyone up-todate on the festering Internet problems, the consequences of some bandwidth-sucking monster still remain. We know the IT folks have their hands full, but good grief, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the library with lots of research to do and no way to research. But it’s not simply IT’s fault. Someone, something somewhere is slowing our connection down. Maybe we need an upgrade. Maybe we’ve gotten too big for our britches, and we just need to outsource our Internet needs. IT has been making lots of promises as far as technology updates go. The increase in e-mail inbox sizes has been much needed and is long overdue. Wireless capabilities are also long overdue. We know it is in the works, but the way it seems, some dorms have to wait their turn before they are equipped with wireless Internet. It doesn’t quite seem fair that some dorms would get wireless before others. Maybe they should get with Residence Life and make sure that if one dorm gets wireless, all dorms get it. Sure, Dana and the Ford dorms aren’t as nice (in some people’s opinion) as new Residence Hall. But, for the price students are paying for new Res, wireless should be included. And, if there is a concern that the increase in students using wireless will slow down the connection, that should be addressed beforehand and settled before it becomes a problem. We hope that with the promises of bandwidth doubling and new wireless capabilities that it all goes smoothly and works together well, without bouts of internet-less libraries.
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Language more than a requirement
AmAndA Griswell Asst. Features Editor ule. Taking a language with you after graduation can be a positive edition to a job application or a resume. Knowing a foreign language is a benefit when looking for a job. In today’s society, the job market is competitive, and everyone is trying to find something that will put them above the rest. Knowing another language could be just what an employer is looking for. Knowing a second language will never be seen as a negative quality. Americans speak a variety of different languages and come from a variety of different backgrounds. Companies have to consider who their target publics are and how they are going to reach them. Knowing a second language might just be the ticket that a recent graduate from college needs to make an impact in a company. While at Berry or after graduation, many students like to travel and see the world. Knowing the language of the country you are visiting can be a tremendous help, when ordering or shopping. Even if a person is not fluent, simply being able to understand what is going on will help add to the experience in the foreign country. A second language can be helpful in a career, on vacation or studying abroad. It can also be fun to be able to understand another language at least on some level. There is a lot more than to learning a foreign language than simply taking the classes to take the classes. I think that knowing a foreign language is just the skill that will allow me to work with a diverse group of people after I graduate from Berry.

Learning a second language should be more than just fulfilling a degree requirement. It is an opportunity to learn not only another language, but another culture. When I decided to change my major to communication, I was told that I would need to take a foreign language through the intermediate level. I was already in my second semester of Spanish and had plans of becoming a Spanish minor. I wanted to be more comfortable with the language by improving my speaking and writing skills. I had taken Spanish throughout high school, but I still had a lot to learn. While at Berry, I have had the opportunity to take foreign language classes that have challenged me. I quickly realized that I did not know as much about the language or culture that I thought I did. I want to know more about the history of the countries and the people that I hear about in class, but I realize that this is not the case for everyone. Some students do not choose to take Spanish as their foreign language because they want to learn French, German or another language. Whichever language a student decides to take will give them an insight into that culture. Learning a second language is more than trying to fit required classes into an already busy sched-

Letting go part of college life
nicole nesmith Staff Writer because I too had my selfish moments. The stress of the relationship caused me to be quite hypocritical at times because, I too, always expected him to be there for me. I never realized that while I was seriously annoyed and fed up with him, he was feeling exactly the same way about me too. Although I was hurt by our break up and felt a bit displaced, I soon realized that it was an opportunity for me to focus on the aspects of my life that I had neglected so much before. I can study without feeling guilty, spend time with my friends without cutting it short and be myself without any scrutiny on his part. This break up, ironically, was probably the best occurrence so far because now I can be myself and is that not what truly matters? I am not trying to give the impression that relationships will not and cannot work out in college because I am certain they can. I do believe, however, that the right people have to be involved. While I was ready for a long distance relationship, he was not. It was not his fault that he had a hard time dealing with the stress, and it was not my fault that I wanted something different. Sometimes people can really care about each other, but it can fall short of being enough. Right now, I am following the cliche and trying to pretend to be happy after a breakup. Okay, so I may not be fully together yet, but I do know that with this giant weight lifted off my shoulders, it will be a lot easier to do.

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College changes everything. I was told this a million times before I left for Berry and like the majority of future college students, I was oblivious to the changes and somewhat unwilling to give up my routine life. Although I desperately wanted change, I constantly contradicted myself by holding on to many aspects of my life that were suffocating ad holding me back. For the past two months, I had been holding on, much too long, to a relationship I knew was going to fail. I was scared to let go because he was like the thread that pulled everything together. Here at Berry, I was attending events, working, doing well in classes and just generally enjoying college, but I was still enveloped in the one relationship. Do not get me wrong. Relationships are great, but only when there is compromise. There would be times when I really needed to study, but I would find myself feeling very guilty for not talking to him. This was especially true when I went to a campus event or just spent time with my friends. He expected me to make more time for him and, for a while, I thought that was exactly what I should do. The relationship was not one-sided, however,

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