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novEmbEr 6, 2008

The Arts and Crafts Festival: a new tradition
Noelle brooks Staff Writer it pays to be creative, and on saturday, the berry community will have the opportunity to turn their art into cash at the arts and Craft Festival. the festival, sponsored by the art society, will be held on moon Lawn from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and will have 40 vendors. it was created by seniors Whitney a. Crouch and nate rupp and was inspired by the local Chiaha Festival in richford Park. “my boyfriend and i were driving around this summer, and thinking of things for the art society to do, and it just ended up working out,” said Crouch. in order to make this idea a reality, Crouch and rupp needed a lot of support and were astounded by the contributions of the alumni. Crouch and rupp also said they were excited by the number of people willing to be a part of the festival. “Having people say they want to join the festival that you created is the most rewarding,” said rupp. aside from giving students, faculty, staff and alumni a chance to sell their arts and crafts, they said they hope the festival can bring more attention to the art department. they plan on having the moon gallery open during the festival. “they have a lot of music stuff and theatre stuff, but there are few visual arts events,” said Crouch. “it would be good to have more cultural events related to the visual arts that students can get involved in.” rupp and Crouch said that they hope the festival will be the first of many more art-related events that not only make students aware of the creativity on campus, but also encourage them to get involved with the art department. “i think berry has been really thirsting for something

like this,” said amanda Carman, a sophomore vendor at the festival. “since we’re an isolated campus, we don’t get the same exposure to festivals like atlanta or savannah.” both rupp and Crouch will be selling items at the festival, and Carman will be doing sketches in addition to selling her artwork. This is not the first Arts and Craft Festival at berry, and Crouch and rupp said they hope that it will finally become an annual tradition. “We’re going to have a folder and make a list of things

Meredith McderMott, Asst. Photo Editor

Senior Claire Zimmerman (left, top), who makes pottery, and senior Whitney A. Crouch, who makes jewelry, will be selling their crafts at the Arts and Crafts Festival on that did work and didn’t work and how to make it better,” said rupp. “We’ll have all this information for the art society and can encourage people to carry it on through the years.”

50,000 words, 30 days, 1 novel: are you up for the challenge?
Jessie edwards Entertainment Editor sharpen your pencils or turn on your laptop—national novel Writing month is in full swing, and you’re six days behind. midnight nov. 1 heralded the start of national novel Writing month (nanoWrimo). Participants have until midnight nov. 30 to complete a 50,000 word novel, the equivalent of 175 pages. Winners receive a certificate, a Web page badge and their name on the Web site’s Winner’s page. according to the Web site, the goal of the contest is quantity, not quality. “by forcing yourself to write so intensely, you are giving yourself permission to make mistakes,” the Web site says. Participants are only allowed to prewrite before the start date. “outlines and plot notes are very much encouraged and can be started months ahead of the actual novel-writing adventure,” the Web site says. Junior Hannah stuart has participated in nanoWrimo since 2003. the past two years she has reached the 50,000 word count. stuart said she writes before bed. “I have a playlist. I just find songs that either prompt me to write or that fit with the theme of the novel that i am writing.” the novel stuart has begun for this year’s nanoWrimo is a fantasy set in a world resembling medieval times. “i spent all summer devising the plot and the characters,” she said. senior Lance simpson is also writing a novel this year, but his is for the richards scholar program, and he has until he graduates to finish. He said he does not know if he could do nanoWrimo. “i like having the luxury of time to think about things” he said. simpson’s novel, for which he traveled to guanajuato, mexico to research, is about the interactions between immigrants and natives in small towns. michael mejia, novelist and assistant professor of English, rhetoric and writing, said he loves the nanoWrimo technique. “Don’t edit. For first drafts, I think that’s the way to go,” he said. “stopping to make sure you get that right sentence really slows you down.” Freelancer Chris baty founded nanoWrimo in 1999. the contest has grown from 21 participants to more than 100,000, and has evolved into the Office of Letters and Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing events to inspire the creative potential of adults and children, the Web site says. to sign up for nanoWrimo, log onto

want to be a writer, but don’t have time to do NaNowriMo? Fill in the blanks for these famous first lines from novels, and call yourself an author!
1. “a [adj.] man in possession of a [adj.] [noun] must be in want of a [noun].” ~“Pride and Prejudice” 2. “[time of day] i [verb, past tense] i [verb, past tense] to [proper noun] again.” ~”rebecca” 3. “if [noun] be the [noun] of love, [verb] on.” ~”twelfth night” 4. “it was the [adj.] of times, it was the [adj.] of times.” ~”a tale of two Cities” 5. “[verb] me [proper noun].” ~moby Dick

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