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Our committee is releasing all the executive session minutes and the original documents they

refer to in order to provide transparency to our community about the seriousness of this matter
and how we came to our final votes. This packet will include: an email received by our
attorneys office; a formal demand letter from Ms. Geryk requesting immediate separation from
the district, and the proposed terms; a response from Ms. Geryks lawyer regarding the offer; and
finally, a separation agreement and general release of claims. Our hope is to capture our
committees review process and the assessment of risk we each examined to determine the best
outcome for our district. We examined and discussed multiple options to weigh the pros and
cons, including how our choices would affect the search for a new superintendent ; how the
superintendents accrued benefits would affect her tenure and impede our ability to search for her
replacement; and the financial impact on our district of each course of action, especially with two
options clearly resulting in some form of litigation.
Many questions have arisen about why the committee just didnt turn this matter over to the
insurance company. The insurance company will not get involved unless there is active
litigation, and the insurance company will not cover lost wages or claims due to a potential
breach of contract. The school committee considered the potential cost of legal fees, lost wages,
premium increases and the overall cost of a multiyear litigation case with potential damages
assessed at the end of it.
At the end of this process, a majority of committee members voted for what they believe as the
most fiscally responsible option that would have the least impact on our districts reputation and
education, while providing the greatest opportunity for our community to move forward. As I
previously have stated, the opportunity to bridge the gap between our school committees and
school administration is here. The ability to focus on the good work happening in our schools
and follow the visionary work is here. As a community, there must be a commitment to support
our schools and constructively work in partnership with our leadership teams. Its up to all of us
to decide if we will learn from this years events, and move forward for the sake of our children
and the future of our schools.
As elected officials, we take an oath to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of our appointment.
This includes following the rules and regulations that govern our actions as school committee
members and employers. It is as a committee that we function best, and ultimately, the will of
the committee is and should be seen as a culmination of our individual processes. It is within
these legal and contractual boundaries that we must remain focused so that we can continue the
important work of our childrens education.