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An alumnus of Chitkara University, Akshay Ahuja was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at the age of

19. In the second year of his college, he undertook two projects-teaching school students basic
circuits and electronic-related concepts, and a six-week industrial training for B.Tech students.

Akshay Ahuja, Founder, RoboChamps
Luckily, he managed to get 29 B.Tech students from all across Chandigarh to train them on the use
and functioning of Atmega8 IC technology. Building a teaching centre while still a student was a
challenging task. The students were provided training on the roof of a building under construction.
What caught Akshay’s attention was the speed at which kids at the summer camp were learning, in
comparison to BTech students. This instigated him to try an experiment. He put one of the kids,
Aryaman Verma, from the summer camp workshop in the industrial programme with the B.Tech
students. To his surprise, the nine-year-old learnt the Atmega8 IC technology better than the B.Tech
students. This confirmed to Akshay the need for RoboChamps, which he then launched in 2013 in
Creation of robotics module
RoboChamps creates robotics modules for students to help understand various scientific and
technological concepts. These modules are made keeping in mind the relevance they hold to the
different scientific and mathematics concepts students learn in schools.

000. Some more sophisticated components like breadboards are imported from China. RoboChamps has close to 40 such modules. We do not rent out or buy entire properties for our academies. Other challenge he faced was the multiple rejections from schools. Bootstrapping Akshay bootstrapped RoboChamps with his own money of Rs 20. Currently. which found it difficult to trust a young entrepreneur. RoboChamps also conducts free workshops in slums. With the intention of giving back to the society. More than the financial hurdles he found it difficult to get the right set of talent that was equally motivated. The startup conducts workshops in its academies and has tied up with various schools to conduct open workshops. we have tie-ups with different schools and organisations that allow us to use their premises for the required hours of coaching. including Delhi and Chennai.According to Akshay. the components for every kit are sourced from different parts of the country.” explains Akshay. Akshay Ahuja with students . Instead.

000 students. RoboChamps just started to take off. Today. . The money raised through the event will be used to open more eobotics academies in the coming years. in cities like Ludhiana.600 per month for a 16-hour training period. Similar to RoboChamps. It is set to bring together around 20. when Akshay’s co-founder scooted with all the money the company earned in the initial few months. we require a good amount of money. who was impressed by the learning method.000 students and help RoboChamps associate with more than 100 schools from Delhi-NCR region as well.18 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 6. Build Your Bot. That’s how RoboChamps got its first client.In January 2013. RoboChamps' module was rejected by close to 50 schools. on August 28. But all of that will be raised through students’ fee and sponsorship deals. The robotics courses are priced at Rs 1. Overcoming all the initial hiccups.Robotix Learning Solutions provides robotics-based STEM education to students from Classes IV-XII. which include building blocks. Akshay one day visited a well-known school in Jagraon. including training services. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Jalandhar. and is predicted to reach $41. Noida-based Robotech Labs is a service provider in robotics and embedded education that conducts training workshops for colleges. RoboChamps has 10 academies and 50 teachers who regularly conduct classes and workshops in different cities in Punjab.5 percent for the period. a district in Ludhiana and got the chance to meet the principal. and has covered more than 500 schools and reached 20. Amritsar and Chandigarh. Jay Robotix built the ROBOX line of educational robotic kits for K-12 students. it is looking to open 32 robotics academies. Creating a network of schools RoboChamps will be conducting an event. Akshay had to put in a considerable amount of money again and start from scratch. Bathinda. Schools are now increasingly focussing on incorporating robotics learning as a part of the regular curriculum.” Akshay adds. Market overview A recent report by Research and Markets estimates that the global industrial robotics market was $28. The company targets students from Classes III to XII. For the upcoming Build Your Bot event. By the end of 2016.22 billion in 2014. and startups have sensed this as a huge business opportunity. in Gurugram. With no resources left.