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Choices are rather subjective .Every choice we make leads us to different paths of life.

takes great dependability and deep conviction to resort to one choice as it may result in good
or bad way. Growing up in a society where people are classified and grouped by race and
religion to form their own racial bubble made me realise that immaturity had a terrific impact
on the people around me. A wide held conception that being an Indian meant I had to stick
within the frontiers of the Indian society by all means. However, I was rather flexible and
open- minded. I was not prejudiced to people of different identities. I believe that all humans
are equal, regardless of their skin tone or their native origins because the true essence of
being human is by addressing humanity in everyone and by having compassion towards
others. This heresy of mine inflicted a conflict upon me when my convictions was put to test
and confronted by people of my own race.

I had been in a school where the dominant race was the Malays. The minorities were the
Indians and Chinese. And it is rarely seen that the Indians would mingle around with the
Malay race or vice versa. Nevertheless, this notion did not apply as for me . I spent most of
my time going out with my Malay friends and learning more about their culture and religion
which differed from my doctrine of faith. One late Friday evening, my group consisting of
four Malay members and me being the only Indian were working on a science project . We
were given the task to complete the assignment as it would carry weight to our final
examination results.
Hey, Brandon where are you? Be fast. We have to complete this project as fast as possible!
a husky voice sounded from the science lab.
We had to rush through the project because our deadline was on the following day. The
intense pressure dawned on us as we were trying out different possibilities to increase the

efficiency of our prototype. The project was completed successfully and we were done for the
day .
As I was approaching the guard house, I met a few of my Indian friends clustered in a group
waiting by the bus stop . One of them questioned me , Why are you always with the
Malays? Dont you feel embarrassed to leave your Indian friends aside?. I was shocked at
the very question imposed on me. All of them started criticizing and speculating about me in
a disparaging manner. I stood up for my stance and enlightened them that I do not befriend a
person because of ones race but because of ones personal disposition and character. They
did not heed my saying and kept on opposing me with derogatory remarks. Anger inundated
me but I curbed my temper by leaving the place.
Never had I expected that these people of the same race as me would vilify me out of the
smallest cause which has no significance in my comprehension. Learning to adapt to society
is what I firmly believe. We live in a country whereby solidarity is vital in the building of a
harmonious and united nation. I was truly disappointed with the act of my friends who were
so ignorant. I was ambivalent about what I should do next, whether I should just follow my
friends and live up to the conventional way people live or step out to be different and live up
to my deep felt convictions. It really felt bad when I knew that I was despised from the
common group I belong too. However, I was not remorseful of what I did because I intended
no harm to others but acknowledged other races as normal people and acquaintances of
Later at home, I came to a realisation that those friends of the same race as me satirized my
pure intentions towards other races. Thats when I concluded that these were the narrow
minded people should be taught in a different manner. I had always wanted to see all races
work together and there would definitely be a resolution for this prolonged problem. Hence, I

asked my Malay friends to corporate by taking the first step forward in making this notion
plausible . Choices which are made affects the society in a terrific way. I chose to reside on
equality which had brought me to the face of adversity. Nevertheless, after enduring all the
tribulations, I finally attained what I had desired for which is respect and concord among
every race.