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On the 22th August 2016, I had done my multimedia product as an evaluation for

Technology for Teaching and Learning (EDUP 3053). The multimedia product that I had
designed is to teach nouns for Year 4 students with intermediate level of English proficiency. My
multimedia product which titled Inventions includes a song, video, flashcard and others.
Before the process of material creation, I do not know much about multimedia production
but I had learned it at Uitm Dungun likes flash card, video and audio. So, I brainstormed about
this coursework. As a result, I managed to produce a lot of ideas to start my multimedia product.
I also learned new useful knowledge which involves the use of KSSR and also the school
curriculum. I also learned that by teaching in a fun way will attract students attention and
enhance their partaking during the lesson. In the process to create my multimedia product, I had
faced a few problems. One of the problems is I cannot make mouse over in my multimedia
product. Besides, I also confused when I need to hyperlink the slides. To solve this problems, I
asked my friends how to make it and I also learned it from the YouTube.
I feel so happy and encourage to make this piece of work because I loved to learn
something using technologies. The parts that I like when do it this piece of work are E-book and
video. It look easy when you talk but the truth it is so hard. So I tried to learn it with my friends
and lecturer. Because of using the computer, there are nothing I dislike. I also feel satisfied
when I done this product. If I am the lecturer, first comment that I will give for this student is well
done and good job because he/she had done their work very good and I also give grade A for
excellent. This is because he/she put everything that he/she learned in the classroom. Besides,
the slides so simple and easy to understand for the students. He/she also used a lot of audio in
the PowerPoint. By using a song to teach, the students will easily grasped the content of the
knowledge as most of the kids love songs that involves movement and also music.
One thing that I want to improve my multimedia product are make it more cool and use
more graphic to attract the students attention. If I have a chance to redo this piece of work, I will
change the music video. This is because it is not suitable for activity. Some students might
bored because the music video can make them feel sleepy. Therefore, I will change music video
that more effective.

As a summary, I discovered that this task had mainly expanded my view about teaching
and learning of English language especially the Technology for Teaching and Learning. Besides,
by studying this, I will have a sturdy foundation about this subject and aware the effectiveness of
the activity in the classroom for the future. From this activity, I had been exposed to the quite
similar surrounding in school which we will face during our practicum and also after getting the
actual title of being a teacher. Next, I learnt about the concepts and elements of Technology for
Teaching and Learning as I made a lot of research and observation from variety of sources to
complete the tasks.