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5 Simple Tips

To Get The Most Out of This Training :


Print out this Online Event Notes before the event starts
so you can write down your notes as you listen.

Review the topic outline so you know what to listen out

for. Make sure youve set aside 2 hours of private time for
this training so youll have an uninterrupted learning


During the event, write down ALL the interesting and new

ideas and inspirations you get while listening - that way

you wont lose the most relevant information to you.

While listening to the masterclass, write down any

immediate action steps that come to your mind... steps

that you can take right now to increase your wealth and


Be in a comfortable position (ideally not driving) so you

can fully take part in the visualization exercise.

**The next part is for you to take note while you listen to Harv Eker during the
masterclass. Fill in the blanks as you progress. These will be the important points
that you'll take away from the session.

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Fill in the rest of the pages :

1. If you think rich people are bad, then...

You avoid prosperity and the money come to you (nunca seras uno de ellos)

2. Bless

people that have, what you want, you give bless and be bless (todo lo que niegas
nunca lo tendras)

3. Create stories that

empowers you, share and flow with the universe.

4. You will be rich, you will be wealthy. The only thing that is
stopping you is
Nothing. Im doing every I Can do and Trying more incomes. El unico que te detiene es tu : naturaleza.

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MONEY and Self

5. I am



I am unique

6. High self-worth will create a high net-worth and

happy at the same time. You have to need a high software (prove yourself), that they can do it. High self esteen.

And journey
7. You must make sure that you are doing

page 4

8. Many people loose their money because

9. Energy can be
10. To get rich you need

11. You must be good at :
12. People are bad at it because

13. You must be a great


get financially free.

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Money, Purpose
and Passion
14. You have a

Money, Mind and Fear

15. I am afraid of

to succeed

in anything.
17. Most of the people don't have a
to success.
18. What is your
to get rich?

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19. My route to success must match



19. Number 1 cause of breaking relationship is

Money and Spirituality

21. Your

should not be about

money (that's the beauty of it).

page 7

Money, Income and

22. You will have to work hard, but for

23. We are creatures of

You need to practice

24. Universe has a flow for you, you were born to be

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Use this space for your

own notes

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