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The Magazine of The New Curiosity Shop - May 2006

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The New Curiosity Shop is opening its virtual doors for Adult Learners' Week and Silver Surfer Week. From the 20th to the 26th of May, you can visit us on our web site and meet the tutors, try some online learning activities and explore the courses the New Curiosity Shop offers.
Visitors to the site will be able to chat with tutors to ask questions about their courses. This will be by text-based chat room or SkypeCast conference. There will be samples of actual courses available so you can try your hand at learning online. There will also be a virtual area where visitors can mingle and meet and a free course, called 'How to Learn Online' designed to reassure the nervous online learner and provide some valuable tips on learning, especially useful to anyone who has taken a long break from formal education.

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Courses at a Glance
Astronomy for Beginners Astronomy for Beginners - Practical Before we go to Paradise: the Development of the Garden Cemetery California Dreaming Coping with Change Dreams: Theatre of the Soul Family History Begins at Home HIV/AIDS and Society How to Learn Online Introduction to Archaeology Introduction to Forensic Psychology Italian for the Tourist: I Me, Myself and Others: An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind Scotland in the 13th Century The Fire Balloon The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse: Urban and Rural Issues in the Scottish Short Story

Traditional colleges have been running open days for years and they are a good way of attracting students and showcasing what they have to offer. The New Curiosity Shop now takes this concept into cyberspace and offers the first virtual open week. If you haven't already, you can sign up for the open week online on the website . - Mark Toner, May 2006

The New Curiosity Shop Open Week is supported by the Scottish Adult Learning Partnershop. Grateful thanks for their support. American legislators have proposed that scientific research paid for by US taxpayers should be freely available online to everyone. Analysts described the move as a "potential banana skin" for established scientific publishers such as Reed Elsevier, Springer and Informa. This could provide a great resource for online science courses. More on Guardian Unlimited ( A PROGRAMME of free events for adult learners is to take place at the National Museums of Scotland. More from the Scotsman ( vices, while avoiding bureaucracy. And how they can easily and painlessly raise the necessary much higher revenues.

What is the New Curiosity Shop?
We provide online courses in a wide range of subjects. We encourage learning for the sake of learning, and our short courses are designed to stimulate thinking, provoke questions and provide opportunities for our students to explore ideas. We work in partnership with tutors to develop and support students. We believe learning is a social experience – even online. It’s learning for grown-ups.

Meet the Team
This will be your chance to talk to the New Curiosity Shop founders. Noel Chidwick and Arthur Chapman will be available in the chat room and in Skype conference to answer all of your questions about the New Curiosity Shop. Make their day and ask them why this newsletter is called

Find out more— web: e-mail:, phone: 0131 208 1900

'Cloisters.' You can also talk to some of our tutors and ask them questions about their courses

A Cultural Adventure: Cybertrip to Tajikistan
Have you ever thought of travelling further than ‘sunny Spain’ or to somewhere different than attraction parks in the States and France? This is a little ‘taster’ of a longer course on Tajikistan which Moira Hunter has prepared to whet your appetite.

Treasure Hunt
Throughout the week, search our site for the answers to the Treasure Hunt. One lucky visitor will win a free course.

The feature of this Open Week is the chance you will have to try out some sample courses. You can find out for yourself what it is like to take an online course in the comfort of your own home, or with the support of a learning centre. We have a range of topics for you to pick from, and you can try one, two or as many as you like.

Dreams and the Unconscious - A Taster
This opening topic will set the scene, as it were, to assist you in your understanding of and working with dreams. Mike Wilson introduces you to your Self.

How To Learn Online
A complete free course for beginners to online learning. Let Noel Chidwick put you at your ease.

Dorian Gray meets Jekyll and Hyde
An exploration of two great novels, available to download in eBook form, guided by Daniela Musella

The Fire Balloon
A complete short course about balloons. Try out the complete New Curiosity Shop Experience.

Astronomy: A Little Light Observing
An exercise in the art of observation. Mark Toner teaches how to match eyes and brain in perfect harmony.

Egypt - A Glimpse through the Shifting Sands
Egypt has captured the imagination of many a would be traveller for aeons, in fact for over 1500 years archaeologists, travellers and pioneers have been attracted to this country in search of lost and buried treasures. Dig in the sands of Egypt with Howard Middleton-Jones.

Throughout the week
Join in the forum at any time and talk about the issues of learning online. Chat live (via online text chat) with the tutors - (check the timetable for times). Join us for live audio discussions with the revolutionary new SkypeCast technology.

Philosophy of Mind: Personal Identity
It is a fact that we have insides and outsides, me in here inside my mind and you out there, outside of my mind. There is the subjective picture we have of ourselves and the objective picture others have of us. Explore your concept of self with Jenni Jenkins.

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AIDS Awareness - How Aware are You?
For this short taster for the New Curisoity Shop Open Week we have included two activities for you to try out: an anonymous questionnaire and a quiz. You can also join the chat with the tutor Sarah Pouezevara and take part in a forum discussion in the Course Howf.

Comments, suggestions and ideas for inclusion in Cloisters are always welcome. Contact the editor at:

Find out more– web: e-mail:, phone: 0131 208 1900