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Dental caries is a serious public health problem in most developing countries and
developed countries and this problem continues to occur in infants and children
worldwide. In America, children aged 3-5 years were found to have dental caries
prevalence of 90%. The prevalence of caries in Indonesia in preschool children
was reported by 90.5% in urban areas and 95.9% in rural areas. The purpose of
this study was to determine the relationship between the knowledge of mothers
about the efforts of caries dental health care for preschool children in Diniyyah
Puteri kindergarten. The type of study design is analytic with cross sectional
approach. The study was conducted in Diniyyah Putri kindergarten. The
population of this study were all mothers of preschool children in Diniyyah Puteri
kindergarten of 155 people, samples were collected by Total sampling, the results
of this study are presented in tables and diagrams. The results showed that the
most of mothers knowledge is excellent that 73 peoples (47.1%) , sufficient 68
peoples (43.9 %) and less that 14 peoples (9 %) in dental health care for preschool
children, dental health care efforts the most is enough that 115 people (74.2%),
and less that 40 people (25.8%), there is a significant relationship between the
level of mothers knowledge with dental care efforts at pre-school children at
Diniyyah Puteri kindergarten ( p = 0.019 ) .
Keywords : Knowledge , Child Dental Health Care Efforts , Dental Caries