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8 September 2016 | 5 Elul 5776 | Issue 967


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Ready to make a splash in Rio!

World champion rower Moran Samuel and fourtime Paralympic swimmer Inbal Pezaro [inset] are
among the favourites for gold medals at the Rio
Paralympic Games, which began yesterday. The
Israeli athletes hope to add to their countrys
impressive tally of 380 medals since the first
Paralympics in 1960. More sport on p35 & 36

Chief condemns fellow minister who says sick
children are being punished for past sins
THE CHIEF Rabbi has criticised a
controversial Orthodox minister
who claims sick children are being
punished for sins in a former
life, in the week 600 people
signed a petition calling for
the US-based rabbi to be
banned from the UK.
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who
lectured children in the UK
two years ago and is understood to be planning
another visit next week,
was roundly condemned
as a hate preacher by
community members
and representatives.
Yosef Mizrachi

Mizrachi, who has also provoked

outrage by claiming that fewer than
one million halachic Jews were
killed in the Holocaust, claims Downs
syndrome and autism are punishments for previous sins and blind children are serving penance for
watching pornography in a past life.
A spokesman for Ephraim Mirvis
said: The Chief Rabbi has often
spoken about the importance of our
communities being places of warmth
and inclusion. We do not expect that
any of our rabbis or communities
would wish to host a speaker who
threatens to disrupt that precious atmosphere, with views which cause

widespread offence and upset.

An online petition, which describes Mizrachis views as cultish,
divisive and contemptible, has
been signed by 600 people, including leading figures in British Jewry.
Jeremy Newmark, director of the
Jewish Labour Movement and former chief executive of the Jewish
Leadership Council, said: This hate
preacher should stay out of the UK.
Former Three Faiths Forum director
Stephen Shashoua wrote: Hate
should be given no oxygen.
Sociologist and author Keith KahnHarris said: Jews have hate preachers too, sadly. While this guy doesnt

recruit directly for violent groups,

there is a violence to his views.
Videos online show Mizrachi
telling Jewish children that God
only wants [the disabled child] here
40 years to suffer Why? You spoke
bad about people for the previous
life, now you going to feel what it is
to live 40 years without be able to
say a word [sic].
Mizrachi, who said this week
that his UK visit would be a private affair held in someones
house, has also suggested that
Ashkenazi Jews were killed in
the Holocaust because they
went to college.
Ephraim Mirvis

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Its a pay-tax-slow scheme.
For more information visit our website, contact us on 020 8953 3444 or email us at

The Jewish News 8 September 2016



LABOUR FRIENDS of Israel has called for the
Home Secretary to ban a leading Palestinian leadership contender from entering the UK.
LFI chair Joan Ryan MP asked Amber Rudd to
bar Jibril Rajoub, a member of Fatahs Central
Committee and head of the Palestinian Olympic
Committee, accusing him of glorifying and encouraging terrorism against Israelis.
Rajoub, also known as Abu Rami, was previously
head of Palestinian security in the West Bank
and is a leading contender to replace Palestinian
Authority President Mahmoud Abbas when he finally steps down from his role.
Hebron-born Rajoub has a history of organising
attacks against Israeli forces, dating back to the
1960s but is also seen as a pragmatist, having
clamped down on terror activity by Hamas
and Islamic Jihad in the 1990s to allow for peace
In her letter, Ryan urged the government to
deny him entry owing to his long and consistent

history of making statements that seek to incite

terrorism and glorify its perpetrators.
Citing research from an Israeli organisation,
Ryan said Rajoub called Muhammad Halabi a hero
for attacking an Israeli family in Jerusalem last
October, killing two men and injuring a mother
and a two-year-old.
A spokesman for Palestinian Media Watch said
Rajoub had been a leading supporter of terror
during the past year, saying his incitement to murder was calculated and precise.
The home secretary has the power to deny entry
to Britain to any non-UK national who seeks to
foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence or seeks
to provoke others to terrorist acts.
Rajoub was recently described as a kingmaker
by pro-Israel think-tank BICOM and has riled
rival Palestinian factions in the lead-up to elections in the West Bank and Gaza next month,
saying Hamas has brought nothing but ruin and

Jibril Rajoub has been accused of encouraging terrorism against Israeli citizens

Labour backs candidate who dismissed Jewish school pupil is stabbed

anti-Semitism allegations as witch hunt
LABOUR HAS selected a local
council candidate who has dismissed allegations of anti-Semitism in the party as a witch
hunt, writes Justin Cohen.
Noah Tucker, a senior figure
in Haringey Momentum, was
picked at the weekend to fight
a by-election in St. Anns ward in
In a Facebook post in June, he
highlighted a motion passed by
the Haringey branch of Momentum, which condemned summary suspensions of Labour
members and called for all suspensions to be immediately lifted
in the same way as had happened with Jackie Walker, who
had said many Jews were chief
financiers of the slave trade.
While the statement said the
group opposes anti-Semitism,
it added suspensions including of
Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone
had been the result of a campaign by the right-wing of
Labour, the media, Zionist groups
and Israel to undermine the partys
leadership and shut down
debate on the Middle East.
Tucker was among a list of
candidates who had been vet-

Readmitted: Jackie Walker

ted by a party panel including

Claudia Webbe, who was recently elected to Labours national executive committee.
It is unclear whether his views
on the anti-Semitism scandal
was known to the panel and the
party is yet to respond to requests for comment.
Rabbi David Mason, whose
Muswell Hill synagogue is just
two miles from St Anns, told
Jewish News: While enjoying a
positive and growing relationship with our local Labour council and MP, many of my members

would be worried about the

sentiments supported here by
Mr Tucker.
One would hope he would
consider on election the views
of the many Jewish constituents
of Haringey and their worries
regarding Momentums problematic view of Israel and the
Jewish community.
An activist who chose to remain anonymous said: These
views are becoming increasingly commonplace in [the] Tottenham Labour Party. As the
Chakrabati inquiry makes clear,
these views have no place in
the party.
Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn
has been criticised for sharing a
platform with readmitted party
member Walker at a rally in
Ramsgate organised by Thanet
Momentum, despite the fact
she has shown no remorse over
the remarks that led to her suspension. Corbyn told the Home
Affairs Select Committee before
the summer recess that he was
content with the readmission
but insisted comments she
made would not be remarks he
would make.

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King Solomon High School in Barkingside

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: We are

aware of this distressing incident. Our best wishes
are with the student and their family, but we cannot comment on ongoing criminal matters.

Teacher donates kidney to her pupil

AS JEWISH youngsters traipsed
back into class this week to
be reunited with their educators, a teacher from America
showed how special that bond
can be.
Jodi Schmidt, a third-grade
teacher in Wisconsin, became
a hero last Monday when she
donated a kidney to eight-yearold student Natasha Fuller,
potentially saving the girls life.
Natasha, suffering from
chronic kidney disease, was
all smiles back in school, pro-

claiming Schmidt to be the

best as the pair hugged and

Natasha with her teacher Jodi

kissed following their recovery

from surgery.
Asked about her decision,
Schmidt said she knew she had
to help, adding: It wasnt a
difficult decision at all. It was a
little bit more difficult for my
husband, but for me no, I really
believe it was meant to be.
Natasha, who now does not
have to miss school because of
dialysis, said: Mrs Schmidt is a
wonderful teacher and she
takes care of a lot of kids. Shes
the best.

Clinton is favoured by Israelis Trump: Only I can save Israel

A dream trip to India,

memories for a lifetime


A KING Solomon High School student is believed to have been stabbed while on his way
into class yesterday morning.
There were reports that the boy, who was
knifed at about 8.20am in Barkingside High
Street, was taken to hospital by air ambulance.
His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening and he is not believed to be Jewish.
The Community Security Trust said it was
working with the school, but that the motivation remains unclear.
An eyewitness told the Ilford Recorder:
There was a group of young boys and I think
they were cycling. All I saw was a punch. I didnt
see the knife, and then a black boy fell down.
Another black boy ran off.

We will
it happen


would prefer Hillary
Clinton over Donald
Trump as the next president of the United
States even though
more of them think
Trump would be better
for the Israeli governments policy.
According to a poll
released yesterday, 43
percent of Israeli Jews
prefer Clinton as president, compared to 34
percent who want
Trump, when asked to
choose between the
two candidates.
But 38 percent say
Trump would be better
for Israel, compared to

Hillary Clinton in the lead

33 percent who say

Clinton would be.
On both questions, a
large number of people
did no pick a candidate.
The survey was published by the Israel
Democracy Institute
think tank and Tel Aviv
University after polling
600 people.


claimed that if he is not
elected president, the
Iran nuclear deal will
destroy Israel.
Last years deal,
which trades sanctions
relief for a nuclear rollback, is going to destroy Israel unless I
get elected, Trump
said on Monday. Then
Israel will be just fine.
In Virginia, meanwhile, Hillary Clintons
running mate, Senator
Tim Kaine, defended
the Iran deal and dismissed Trumps concerns about Israel as
insincere, saying the
Republicans strategy

for Israel was to pat

them on the back and
tell them good luck.
Clinton, as secretary
of state in President
Barack Obamas first
term, helped shape the
negotiations for the
Iran deal and said she
will uphold the agreement, although the
Democratic nominee
has suggested she will
be more stringent in
enforcing it than the
Obama administration.
Unlike many of his
rivals, Trump has not
said he would scrap the
agreement, although
he has called it a bad

8 September 2016 The Jewish News


Full house for Jewish News Labour debate

TICKETS FOR the Jewish News Labour
leadership hustings have been snapped up
in record time.
The final seats were taken within minutes
when they went on general release this week.
More than 250 people will descend on
JW3 on Sunday, 18 September, for the
showdown between Jeremy Corbyn and
Owen Smith the final hustings before the
ballot closes in one of the most bitter leadership contests in memory. The event is organised by the Jewish Labour Movement,
Labour Friends of Israel and JW3, and media
partnered by Jewish News. It will be exclusively live streamed at
Cases of anti-Semitism in the party are
expected to feature highly alongside other
issues of communal interest, such as faith
schools and the delegitimisation of Israel,
and topics of general concern, including
Brexit and the economy.
Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan
said: I am delighted that, alongside Jewish
News, Jewish Labour Movement and JW3,
LFI is once again providing an opportunity
for members of the Jewish community to listen to, and question, the two candidates for

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith will go head-to-head at JW3 on Sunday 18 September

the Labour party leadership. I hope this

event can begin the process of rebuilding
the confidence of the community in the
Labour party, which has been so carelessly

squandered over the past year.

JW3 said demand for tickets has outstripped almost any other event in the
community centres first three years.

Israeli designers take pride of place at Somerset House exhibition

MEMBERS OF an Israeli design
team took their place alongside 36 other national teams at
the London Design Biennale at
Somerset House, which started
this week.
Designers from the Shenkar
College in Ramat Gan were
chosen to represent their country in the three-week Utopia

by Design event with two innovative ideas.

The graduates were asked to
adhere to the theme of industrial design reflecting humanitarian design that promotes
social change, including ideas
about sustainability, migration,
pollution, cities and social

The first, by Yaniv Kadosh,

involves a folding carton designed for airdrops of vital supplies in emergency situations
such as natural disasters or is
isolated areas with no landing
The second, by Sharona Merlin, features a pair of speakers
specifically designed for the

Own a Taxi
Own a car
Need cash
Agents all over the UK
(except Scotland)

Borrow money on your car

and you keep driving it!

deaf and hard-of-hearing, the

technology in which translates
sound to visual textures and illustrates music through visual
means and by transferring vibrations to the feet of the listener.
The design exhibition is open
until 27 September


BTselem under fire over Hamas

ISRAELI HUMAN rights group
BTselem has come under pressure to denounce Hamas as
a terrorist organisation, after
refusing to name them as such
in an interview.
It comes after senior BTselem
spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli
spoke to Alan Mendoza, director of the Henry Jackson Society, in an interview on popular
internet channel J-TV.
Michaeli said BTselem denounces in very strong categorical terms Palestinian attacks
against Israeli civilians. However, as an Israeli organisation,
the bulk of our research, work
and effort goes at self-criticism,

so looking at our own government.

Asked whether Hamas was a
terrorist organisation, she said:
Hamas engages in clear terrorist acts when it bombs Israeli
civilians; weve denounced
these actions.
Mendoza repeated the
question several times, and
Michaeli repeated that BTselem denounced terrorist acts
perpetrated by Hamas.
Zionist Federation chairman
Paul Charney said: Her inability to simply denounce this evil
group will put her at odds with
the vast majority of ordinary

Anti-Jewish graffiti on benches

POLICE ARE investigating antiSemitic messages scrawled on
benches in north London.
A seat on Clapton Common
near a synagogue was daubed
with graffiti stating: stop bombing kids, free
Nazi = Zionist.
Posted on social media by
Shomrim, the incident was reported to police after it was spotted on Tuesday. A police
spokesperson said they were

made aware of an alleged hate

crime regarding graffiti left on a
park bench on 30 August. This
was recorded as a faith hate crime,
and investigated but due to the
lack of forensic evidence or any eyewitnesses there
are not currently
any leads officers
can pursue.
added on Twitter
that the graffiti
was anti-Semitic because the location targets Jews, and the graffiti meets criteria of working
definition of anti-Semitism.

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The Jewish News 8 September 2016



TWO SENIOR Israeli ministers arrived in
London this week to press the case for
military cooperation and the need for
concerted action against boycotters.
Public Security and Strategic Affairs
minister Gilad Erdan and Defence
Minister Avigdor Lieberman are in the
capital on separate missions, with
Erdan finding time to address Jewish
students and community leaders.
He told 40 campus activists that all
of Israel stands behind you as he
spoke about the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
campaign, having earlier described
Britain as the world centre of BDS.
A right-wing Likudnik who lives near
the Gaza border, Erdan told the students they were brave and admirable in his keynote speech during
a leadership training day organised by
the Union of Jewish Students.
To the young audience, he added:
You are not alone in this struggle.
All of Israel stands behind you; all
those who want to make a better future for Israelis and Palestinians
stand behind you.

Denouncing the BDS movement, he

said the road to peace is paved only
with diplomacy and dialogue, not isolation. Solutions come from engagement and effort, not hate and
hostility... Boycotts make peace less
likely, not more.
Last month, Erdan launched a taskforce, together with fellow minister
Aryeh Deri, to deport BDS activists
from Israel, and to deny others entry,
saying protesters aim to sabotage
Israel and agitate Palestinians. He is
believed to be seeking help from Diaspora Jewish communities to compile a
list of BDS supporters for his team.
Elsewhere in the capital, Lieberman
met British counterpart Michael Fallon and Middle East Minister Tobias
Ellwood, while also meeting U.S. Secretary of Defence Ash Carter.
It comes as Israeli and American
negotiators are still locked in discussion over the extent to which the
U.S. will provide military aid to
Jerusalem over the next ten years.
Currently, Washington gives Israel
about $3.1billion annually.

Lieberman also discussed defence

cooperation with Britain, days after
new figures revealed that the UK was
now the worlds second largest arms
exporter, with two thirds of weapons
having been sold to countries in the
Middle East since 2010.
This includes 22million of known
military or dual-use equipment sold to
Israel in the first three months of this
year, but the actual figure is likely to
be much higher, as it excludes two
large deals of unknown value.

Above: Avigdor Lieberman in conversation with Netanyahu. Inset: Gilad Erdan

Livingstone cites Yad Vashem in defence of Hitler slur

Livingstone blames the Israel lobby

FORMER LONDON mayor Ken Livingstone was at it again this week,

repeating his claim that the man responsible for the murder of six million Jews was a supporter of Zionism
and blaming the Israel lobby for
his subsequent suspension.
A representative from the Board
of Deputies has called for his immediate expulsion from Labour,
saying every day he is not expelled is a stain on the party, after
he reappeared on radio to repeat
his claims about Hitler.
Peter Mason, a Jewish member of
the partys National Constitutional
Committee, which hears disciplinary
cases, added that he had written to
the partys General Secretary to
urge that a date is set to conclude

Ken Livingstones disciplinary action, adding: Swift resolution [is]

required by all.
It comes after Livingstone reappeared of Vanessa Feltzs radio
show, on which he first made the
claims in April while defending offensive comments from Labour MP
Naz Shah.
This week, Livingstone cited material at Israels Holocaust Museum
to defend his views. If you go to
Yad Vashem, one of the pamphlets
they sell is one that talks about the
deal done between Hitler and the
Zionists in the 1930s, he said. If
you are being given that at the
Holocaust Memorial I think you
might suspect its true.
Livingstone said he had a whole

sheaf of documents and evidence

to show that Hitler had initially
wanted to transfer Jews to Palestine, and rounded on dour MPs
aiming to oust Jeremy Corbyn as
party leader. The fact is that during the 1930s Hitler collaborated
with the Zionists and supported
them because he believed that a solution to his problem the Jews
was that they should all move to
Palestine, Livingstone told Feltz.
Then in the 1940s that changed
and he decided on genocide. And
thats the point I made on your programme. Im surprised that people
didnt check it was true before they
started screaming Nazi apologist.
In a subsequent interview with
the BBC, he reiterated he had been

Anti-Israel preacher jailed

for supporting terror group

Naz Shahs comments

investigated by police
LABOUR MP Naz Shah, who
was suspended from the party
for anti-Semitic comments
posted on social media, is
being investigated by police.
Shah, who was readmitted to
the party in July, could be
charged with inciting religious
hatred, an offence punishable by
up to seven years in prison.
The MP for Bradford West,
one of nine Muslims in Parliament, was suspended in May for
sharing a post on Facebook suggesting Israels Jews should be
relocated to the US and tweeting
the hashtag #IsraelApartheid
and a quote saying, Never forget that everything Hitler did in
Germany was legal. Another
post called on her friends to
back a poll criticising Israel.
The posts had appeared in
early August, 2014, during the
Gaza war between Israel and
Hamas. She later apologised for
the posts.

She was one of at least 20

Labour figures who had been
either suspended or kicked out
of the party this spring amid intense public scrutiny over the
proliferation of anti-Semitic and
vitriolic anti-Israel rhetoric after
the 2014 election of Jeremy
Corbyn to lead the party.
opened an investigation into
the social media posts after receiving several complaints. The
investigation reportedly is in its
final stages. The full investigation file will be handed over to
the CPS within days.
A spokesman for Campaign
Against Antisemtism said: If
there is an ongoing police investigation and Labour was aware
of it but decided to end her suspension before the police investigation had concluded, then
this is further evidence of the
partys abject failure to grasp its
anti-Semitism problem.

referring to the deal Hitler did

with the Zionists in the 1930s,
adding: If I had said Hitler was a
Zionist, I wouldnt just have apologised, I would have gone straight to
my doctor. To suggest that Hitler
was a Zionist is mad. He loathed
and feared Jews all his life, but he
did do a deal with the Zionist movement in the 1930s.
Hitlers persecution of the Jews
started early in the 1930s, said
Board of Deputies vice-president
Marie van der Zyl. He expressed
his loathing for Zionism in the
1920s. But yet, in 2016, Ken Livingstone seems to want to rewrite history to make it seem like Zionism
was responsible for the Holocaust,
which is as false as it is grotesque.

I name this yacht...

Jewish comedian Simon Brodkin, better known for his alter ego Lee
Nelson, has rebranded Sir Philip Green's yacht theBHS destroyer.
Sir Philip is being investigated in a probe into the closure of the the
high street chain. Brodkin tweeted: "Good of Sir Philip Green to
rename 100m yacht to something more appropriate. Glad to help.


Choudary has been jailed for
five and a half years for drumming up support for Islamic
His supporters in the public
gallery of the Old Bailey
courtroom shouted Allahu
Akbar as Choudary [pictured]
was sentenced.
The British-born 49-yearold, who inspired one of the
men who bombed a bar in Tel
Aviv in 2003, backed the terrorist group in a series of talks
posted on YouTube, and
recognised a caliphate had
been created under an IS
leader after it was announced
In June 2014.
Despite being a leading figure in the banned group alMuhajiroun, and with a series
of former supporters going on
to be convicted of terrorism,
Choudary had stayed on the
right side of the law for two

But the pledge of allegiance

posted online was the breakthrough the police needed.
Choudary and Mohammed
Mizanur Rahman, 33, from
Whitechapel, east London,
who was also jailed for five
and a half years, were found
guilty of inviting support for IS
between June 2014 and March
2015. Mr Justice Holroyde said
both men were dangerous and
had shown no remorse.

8 September 2016 The Jewish News


MP victim of anti-Semitism tells Corbyn to name and shame

A LABOUR MP has called on party
leader Jeremy Corbyn to name and
shame social media trolls after revealing
that she has received 25,000 abusive
messages over the past few months
launched an investigation into an antiSemitic death threat received by Ruth
Smeeth, which allegedly called for the
Stoke-on-Trent North MP to be hung
from the gallows.
While accepting that the messages
were not being initiated by Corbyn,
Smeeth said they were being sent in his
name and she held him personally
responsible for them.
She said Jewish and female MPs like
herself were bearing the brunt and
insisted it was not enough for the Labour
leader simply to condemn abusive
Its vile, its disgusting and its done
in the name of the leader of the Labour
Party, which makes it even worse,
Smeeth told BBC2s Victoria Derbyshire
programme. I know Jeremy Corbyn
would condemn this, but its not about
condemning, its about what people are
doing in his name.

Stoke-on-Trent North MP Ruth Smeeth

What I need is for the leader of my

party, the leader of Her Majestys opposition, to make it clear what can be
done. He should be naming and shaming some of the worst perpetrators who
are doing it in his name, and making it
clear publicly that they do not speak for
him, that this is unacceptable.
There is a vile amount of racism and
intolerance and abuse online, which
then feeds on to our streets and leads
to a culture of intolerance that he could
actually personally do something about.

Thats what Im asking him to do.

A spokesman for Corbyn said: Jeremy has consistently spoken out
against all forms of anti-Semitism and
has contacted Ruth Smeeth to express
his outrage at the abuse and threats directed against her.
Jeremy condemns all abuse, and no
one responsible for it is a genuine supporter of Jeremys. He has repeatedly
called for a kinder, gentler politics. This
is why he launched Respect and Unity,
a code of conduct calling on all Labour
members and supporters to conduct
themselves with a high standard of
behaviour. Evidence of threats and
abuse should be reported to the party
and police so that action may be taken
against those responsible.
Corbyns leadership rival Owen
Smith said: Anti-Semitic abuse and violent threats against Ruth Smeeth, or
anyone else, are completely unacceptable. I condemn them unreservedly
and Ruth has my full support. Anyone
responsible for abuse like this has no
place in the Labour Party. There can be
no excuses for abuse, and it should
never be ignored.
The abusive messages began in June,

shortly after Smeeth fled the launch

of Labours report into anti-Semitism in
tears after being accused by an activist
of colluding with the right-wing press.
She later accused Corbyn of a catastrophic failure of leadership for failing to intervene during the incident,
and said the Labour Party cannot be
a safe space for British Jews.
Smeeth said: Since the end of June,
Ive received somewhere in the region of
25,000 pieces of abuse. I got 20,000
pieces of abuse within 12 hours, and
once it starts on social media, it keeps
going. Most of it was on social media,
most of it on Twitter, a great deal on
Facebook, and then calls to my office
and emails.
One message referred to police
branded the MP a dyke and a CIA
agent. The message accuses her of
treason and says the gallows would
be a fine and fitting place for her.
She said: What concerns me most is
the impact it has on my staff, who see it
before me. But I am quite clear that I will
not be intimidated by any of these people. I was elected to serve my constituents and I have a job to do.
The Metropolitan Police confirmed

that its Counter Terrorism Command was

conducting an investigation into allegations of malicious communication and
threats to kill made via social media.
A police spokesman said: At this
stage... a number of lines of inquiry are
being actively pursued, while a
Labour spokeswoman said: The
Labour Party fully supports the work of
the police in ensuring the safety and
protection of all MPs and their staff.
Threatening behaviour will not be tolerated... and we urge anyone receiving
any abuse to contact the party and,
where relevant, the police.
Board of Deputies vice president
Marie van der Zyl called on Labours
leadership contenders to condemn online anti-Semitism, saying: This needs
to be roundly and swiftly condemned
by both the leadership candidates and
the Party needs to act to drain the
cesspit of anti-Semitism that has become so apparent in recent months,
she said.
This will not happen if leading
Labour figures continue to irresponsibly
undermine the disciplinary process that
has, often belatedly, led to the suspension of bigots.

Labour must act on party hatred, Israeli official warns

Shami: My report was not a whitewash


official has waded into the
debate about anti-Semitism
in the Labour Party, saying
Britains opposition MPs had
not done enough.
Gideon Behar [pictured], director of the Israeli Foreign
Ministrys Department for
Combating Antisemitism, said
Labours internal probe is not
yet complete, in reference to
the Chakrabarti Inquiry into
anti-Semitism, which reported
two months ago.
human rights activist Shami
Chakrabarti, was intended to
draw a line under the partys
problems, after a series of suspensions following racist comments. Behars intervention
may now increase calls for a
fresh review.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been blamed for failing to act quickly or decisively
enough to quash anti-Semitic
rhetoric, despite ordering the
inquiry and backing its recom-


insisted neither she nor Jeremy
Corbyn are corrupt after she
received a peerage nomination
following her inquiry into antiSemitism in the Labour Party.
The former head of Liberty
claimed she has previously been
offered transactional favours
by prime ministers but not by
beleaguered Labour leader
Corbyn, as she insisted the peerage was offered after her inquiry
was published.
Chakrabarti added that there
was nothing remotely transactional about her report when
pressed if there were any talks
about a peerage before it was
She faced questions over
her independence during the
anti-Semitism investigation after
revealing she had joined the
Labour Party.
And Labour figures and prominent Jewish figures criticised
Corbyns decision to nominate
Chakrabarti to the House of Lords
alongside David Camerons res-

mendations, which received

a lukewarm response from
Jewish groups in the UK.
Describing the need for
long-term work, Behar hinted
that Corbyns pro-Palestinian
views may be responsible, saying: More work is necessary to
understand how anti-Semitic
speech by various party officials
has become widespread and
how to stop it.
Community leaders joined
Behar in taking aim at Corbyn,
with Simon Johnson, chief
executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, arguing that

the targeting of Labour MP

Ruth Smeeth
[see article
above] showed that the problem had not yet been dealt
The threats aimed at Ruth
Smeeth MP have no place in
society, Johnson said. The
leader of the Labour Party
seems to have no control over
his so-called supporters and
his repeated condemnations
have not begun to tackle antiSemitism within his party.
He added: Where individuals are known to Mr Corbyn,
he must act to protect his MPs.
His calls for a kinder, gentler
politics are proving to be at
best a cover-up for his lack of
decisive action and at worse
something far more sinister.
Smeeth has suffered several
online threats, including one
post calling her a Yid and
suggesting she be hanged.
They came after she said Corbyn was not fit to lead the
party, in the immediate aftermath of the inquirys report.

Defensive: Shami Chakrabarti

ignation honours just a month

after her inquiry reported.
Chakrabarti told BBC Ones
The Andrew Marr Show: Its not
been the summer of love in the
Labour Party or in British politics
more generally. Yes, lots of mud
has been slung about, it was
transactional etc, etc, I wrote a
whitewash. I did not. I know
what its like to be offered transactional favours by prime ministers but not by beleaguered
leaders of the Labour Party.
She added: I wrote a report
to try and civilise discourse in the
Labour Party. Ive yet to com-

pletely succeed in that enterprise, but I stand by it.

Asked if she was offered a
peerage before her report,
Chakrabarti replied: No. It was
after the Brexit, after the report,
in the resignation honours.
Pressed on whether there were
any talks before the report was
completed, she said: Jeremy
Corbyn is not a corrupt man and
I am not a corrupt woman. I stand
by the report. There was nothing
remotely transactional about
this. She later said there had
been no talks.
Asked if she would join a future
shadow cabinet under Corbyn,
potentially as shadow justice secretary, Chakrabarti replied: I think
hes got a leadership election to
win before anything like that.
On whether her reputation has
been damaged, she said: When
people sling mud at you, it is
designed to damage your reputation but I havent done anything really in my working life for
reputation. Im doing my best to
make a difference.

The Jewish News 8 September 2016

Songs for homeless
A JEWISH support teacher has
said her Jewish upbringing inspired her to sing a song for the
homeless, as part of a fundraising effort to get five people off
the streets and into work.
Sarit Gafan, 39, co-wrote
Make it Right with colleague
Geraldine ORegan, 57, a special needs teacher, and the
duo have so far raised 650,
which will help pull one person
out of the cycle of homelessness via a course by homeless
charity The Passage.
I have everything I need,
and I feel a duty to help those
who dont, said Gafan. Hillel
said the whole of the Torah can
be boiled down to one law, love
thy neighbour, and I feel
blessed to be able to do that.
The pair, who work at a northwest London primary school,
have performed on Radio
Brockley, at a school talent show
and serenaded Tube passengers
in their bid to raise 3,050.

Tory chair brands PSC radical

THE NEW chairman of the
Conservative Party has dismissed Britains principal
Palestinian rights organisation
as a radical fringe group, in
a written submission to parliament published this week.
Sir Patrick McLoughlin, who
replaced Lord Feldman as Tory
chairman when Theresa May
became prime minister, made
the comment about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
in a letter to the Home Affairs
Select Committee, which is
conducting an inquiry into
Addressing boycotts of Israel and the left-wing of British
politics, he noted that Labour
leader Jeremy Corbyn is
a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign radical fringe
In the letter, written in

Sir Patrick McLoughlin

August, McLoughlin says Corbyn endorsed the boycott

of Israeli settlement goods
and was receptive of academic
boycotts of Israeli universities
involved with the arms trade.
In a letter to the Home

Affairs Select Committee,

which was also published this
week, PSC chairman Hugh
Lanning said: Anti-Semitism
is racism pure and simple.
It should not be tolerated
in any society.
As an anti-racist organisation we abhor anti-Semitism,
as we do all types of prejudice
and discrimination.
He said the PSC had taken
action against members for
failing to uphold PSCs constitutional aim of campaigning in
a manner which opposes all
forms of racism.
However, he added that
confusing or conflating support for Palestinian rights with
anti-Semitism is both untrue
and dangerous ... we must all
be able to support human
rights for Palestinians without
being branded as racist.

UK makes important step of appointing ambassador to Iran

BRITAIN HAS appointed a new
ambassador to Iran in the latest sign of increasingly friendly
relations between the two
Just days after British Airways announced a resumption
in flights to the Islamic Republic,
Nicholas Hopton, who is
Britains charg daffaires in
Tehran, was appointed ambas-

sador in what was described as

an important step forward.
Hopton is no stranger to the
region, having previously been
UK ambassador in Qatar and
Yemen, following a spell in
Morocco. He said he was delighted with the appointment,
adding: I look forward to the
next phase of cooperation.
News of the continuing rap-

prochement will provide no

comfort to Israels supporters
in the UK, who remain convinced that Iranian statefunded terrorism targets Jews
in Israel and around the world.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
appointment as an important
moment, saying the upgrade
in diplomatic relations would in-

crease dialogue, alluding to the

role Iran plays in Syria, Lebanon,
Yemen, Iraq and the Gulf States.
I hope this will mark the
start of more productive cooperation between our countries,
enabling us to discuss more directly issues such as human
rights and Irans role in the region, as well as implementation of the nuclear deal.

Ashdown compares Brexiters to Brownshirts

THE BOARD of Deputies has
warned politicians to steer
clear of Nazi comparisons
after former Liberal Democrat
leader Lord Ashdown equated
Conservative supporters of
Brexit to Hitlers paramilitaries.
In a tweet, Lord Ashdown
said: the Tory Brexit brownshirts are stirring, alluding
to the partys upcoming conference, and later downplayed
the remarks, saying critics
were overreacting to what he
termed Brownshirt-gate.
In response to complaints
about his language, which one
Tory MP said was disgusting, Ashdown wrote: Even

allowing for these overheated times, do we really

have to lose contact with the
concept of the metaphor?
However a spokesperson
for the Board of Deputies
was not amused, saying: We
call on politicians to exercise
extreme caution before
making Nazi and Holocaust
It comes after Labours own
inquiry into anti-Semitism in
the left of the party recommended that Labour members resist the use of Hitler,
metaphors, distortions and
comparisons in debates about
Israel-Palestine in particular.

Nazi toilet paper on sale at auction

NAZI TOILET paper is being
offered for sale at an auction
house in Dublin.
The unusual and unopened
offering forms one
of the rolls issued
to the German
Army, during the
Second World War
(pictured) and isexpected to fetch up
to 100 when bidders vie for it at
Whytes on 17 September.
Described as a wartime luxury, the roll of Edelweiss brand
Klosettpapier (toilet paper) is
part of a large selection of Nazi

militaria now being brought to

market by an unknown seller.
The private collectors raison
detre in the early days was to try
and collect the kit of
the average World
War Two soldier
everything from what
he used for cleaning
his gun to his butter
dish, said Whytes
head of collectibles
Stuart Purcell.
Other items being sold include Waffen SS soldier helmets, a dagger used by Nazi
railway police, a Hitler Youth
knife and a Wehrmacht raincoat.

Muscular, joint
or sports injury
related pain?
Expert doctors and surgeons
on your doorstep, at Highgate
Private Hospital

Dont let pain stop you in your

tracks. Get get back to doing
what you love, faster...
For more information call: 020 8108 4708 or visit:
Highgate Private Hospital, 17-19 View Road, London, N6 4DJ.

The Jewish News 8 September 2016


The Jewish News 8 September 2016


Bauer: BDS a failure, driven by Israel hate

historian has declared the
BDS boycott, divestment and
sanctions campaign a total
failure and denounced it for its
true agenda, a desire to abolish Israel because it is Jewish,
writes Jenni Frazer.
Professor Yehuda Bauer was
in conversation with Labour MP
for Hampstead and Kilburn
Tulip Siddiq at Londons JW3
for an event under the auspices
of left-wing Zionist group
Yachad, which brought the academic to the UK.
Bauer, 90, emeritus professor
of Holocaust studies at the Hebrew University and an academic
adviser to Yad Vashem, said:
Anti-Zionists love Jews, especially dead ones. With live Jews,
they have a problem. When you

want to destroy the Jewish state,

because it is a Jewish state, that
means you are an anti-Semite.
If you want to criticise the
Israeli government, its perfectly
legitimate. But if you want to
abolish a state, thats a genocidal thing and the only way to
abolish Israel is to destroy the
Jews who live there.
To laughter from the packed
audience, Professor Bauer said:
You dont want to buy an Israeli
avocado from a London shop?
Fine. Dont. But if you want to
change Israel, the way to do it is
to do the opposite of the boycott, to try to have relations with
Israel, to influence the Israeli
public. To have academics from
outside visit Israel and vice
versa, business contacts, and
have mutual interests. The

Professor Yehuda Bauer at JW3

boycott people attack Israel because its Jewish, because if

they were really concerned
about the denial of human
rights, then why Israel, why not
India? Theres a Muslim majority
in Kashmir, which is forcefully
ruled by a Hindu minority. You

have Tibet, conquered by

China, where terrible things
happened and thousands lost
their lives in these struggles.
The professors belief in
human contact across the divide
featured in his response to a
question from a Muslim member
of the audience, who asked
about the Middle East conflict.
He said he had no easy answer and was not optimistic
about imposed solutions
from outside governments. But
he was keen, he said, on the
development of contacts between Israelis and Palestinians,
particularly in areas of health,
law, business and hi-tech.
The more you spread these
contacts, the more you form a
ground on which a later political
opportunity can enter, he said.

Daisy dedicates Strictly dances to late grampy

Daisy, left, and her late grandfather, Eddie

STRICTLY COME Dancing star Daisy Lowe

is dedicating her appearance on the
BBC1 talent show to her late grandfather,
who died on the day rehearsals began,
After being told her beloved grandfather Eddie Davis had died of a heart
attack, the Jewish model told The Mirror:
Im going to be dancing for him. Id quite
like to dance to some of his favourite
songs, too. He was so excited about me
doing the show,
She added: It was pretty tough and

thank God I had Louise Redknapp there.

She made it all better.
The 27-year-old announced her loss on
Instagram, where she posted a touching
family photograph, along with the caption: Today I lost the most important man
in my life My gramps. He was such a
treasure, my greatest teacher. I miss you
so much already grampy thank you for
being everything.
Lowe has been paired with previous
winenr Aljaz Skorjanec.

Back to black [bin bags]

Iconic singer Amy Winehouse features in Gerald Laings
Domestic Perspective (2008), on display later this month at
The Fine Art Society. The exhibition, which includes nearly 60
paintings and sculptures, is the first major retrospective of the
British pop artist and sculptor.


H eb

Y i d d is

L a dino


led by the Chief Rabbi

... a unique, spiritually energising
experience - hundreds of people, in full
voice, turning our hearts to Heaven with
exceptional ruach.





Midnight Selichot

Discover and Enjoy

Contact: 020 7446 8660 or 01923 776669

email: or go to:

Motzei Shabbat
24th September 2016
Featuring a shiur from Rabbi Eliyahu Silverman,
Rav Shaliach of Mizrachi UK, at 10.30pm
Service commences at 11.30pm with a short address by
the Chief Rabbi and concludes by 1.00am
Hendon United Synagogue,
Raleigh Close,
London NW4 2SY
No advanced booking necessary

Koren Selichot
for the First
Night with
by Chief Rabbi
All attendees
will receive a
FREE copy.

In association with

The Jewish News 8 September 2016


We, the dedicated staff at the Spiro Ark, are continuing to offer people of all ages,
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We are operating throughout London and offer:

Understanding the Jewish experience from
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Hebrew & Yiddish taught through proven

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If you are interested in proposing and
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provide our expertise
If you are hardworking and enjoy the fruit of
your work join us as a volunteer
Films of Jewish and Israeli interest which
you are not likely to see elsewhere,
combined with discussions
Book launches and book events with authors
and experts Symposia on current events
Trips and group visits to places of Jewish

interest with like-minded people

Inspiring musical and theatrical events with
a difference
Biblical Studies with in-depth philosophical,
historical and literary focus - and much more!
Intensive annual 2 Weeks of Modern Hebrew
(Summer Course) for all levels - in Central
London (next one scheduled for August 2017)
Preparation course towards Spring for A-Level
& GCSE Hebrew exams
Consultations with Jewish and general schools
We are planning to expand our programme to
Home Counties, too (do get in touch !)
If you have a group of interested people
we will be happy to meet you and
personalise a course to suit your needs

For more details and registration please contact us via email or call us on

Tel: 020 7794 4655


The Jewish News 8 September 2016


Limmud America HQ
Limmud has launched a headquarters in the United States
and Canada to mark the 10th
anniversary of Limmud International.
Eric Robbins, who brought
the event to north America 10
years ago, said: We can learn
from each other. This movement lends to the definition of
what Jewish life will evolve into
during rapidly changing times.
Last year, more than 39,000
people took part in events
produced by 3,000 volunteers
in 83 communities spanning
43 countries. Limmud was established in the UK in 1980.

Rabbis porn warning

former Playboy model Pamela
Anderson have written a column on what they call the
devastation caused by ubiquitous online pornography.
Orthodox rabbi Boteach
and sex symbol Anderson,
known for her role in the 90s
television series Baywatch,
linked their piece to a sexting scandal involving Jewish
former American politician Anthony Weiner. Weiners wife
Huma Abedin left him after reports uncovered a suggestive
photo indicating that the former congressman was continuing activities that forced him to
resign in disgrace in 2011.

German Jews fear rise of far-right after poll shock

GERMAN JEWS expressed renewed concern this week after
a far-right party finished second in voting in the political
home state of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Alternative for Germany,
known as AfD, with its anti-immigrant and ultra-nationalist
platform, picked up 21 percent
of the vote on Sunday in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, behind
the centre-left Social Democratic Party with 31 percent,
which retained leadership in
the state. Merkels Christian
Democratic Union had 19 percent. It was the first time the
AfD surpassed the Christian
Democrats in any German
state election.
The fact that the right-pop-

Members of the AfD in Berlin and, inset, Angela Merkel

ulist party did so well winning

18 seats in the 71-seat legislature is widely seen as a further indictment of Merkels

liberal policy toward

accepting refugees from
war-torn Muslim countries and
has set off alarm bells among

Jewish leaders in Germany.

The AfD is not an option for
Germany but an indictment of
Germany, Josef Schuster, the
head of the Central Council of
Jews in Germany, told German
media after the results came in.
Schuster said it appeared many voters
either did not realise or simply accepted the fact
that the AfD
had not distanced
from right-wing
The fact that a
right-wing extremist party that bluntly
and disgustingly incites and
mobilises hatred against mi-

norities can rise unchecked in

our country is a nightmare
come true, said former Central
Council President Charlotte
Knobloch, who heads the Jewish Community of Munich and
Upper Bavaria.
The party has seen mounting
successes in state elections
and now has seats in nine of
Germanys 16 state legislatures. Berlin holds state elections this month. The AfD in
Baden-Wrttemberg recently
suffered an internal split over a
member of the legislature,
Wolfgang Gedeon, who withdrew from the party faction
within months of his election
over charges that he had made
anti-Semitic comments and belittled the Holocaust in writings.

Four dead after Tel Aviv crane collapse Hungary blocks Holocaust denial sites
A GIANT crane collapsed on a four-storey
underground car-park in
Tel Aviv on Monday,
killing four people and
injuring dozens.
Rescue teams, firefighters and IDF reservists
rushed to the scene amid
billowing clouds of dust
and debris.
Several people were
rescued from beneath
the rubble in the citys

Ramat Hachayal district.

Magen David Adom said
it treated 18 people,
some of whom had
called from within the
collapsed building, but in
the immediate aftermath
of the accident up to
thought to be missing.
A police spokesman
said: Several floors of
the building collapsed.

Theres a danger of additional collapse of both

the building and the surrounding area because
of the pit that was created by the collapse.
spokesman for the Firefighting and Rescue
Commission, said: There
were people who are
buried under the sand.
We called on every possible team for assistance.

A BUDAPEST court has

ordered the temporary
blocking of around 20
websites that carry offensive Holocaust denial
The sites sell the Hungarian edition of a
book by a Swedish author that denies the
Nazis committed genocide and makes excerpts available to read

Hungarian Jews at Auschwitz

online, Budapest chief

prosecutor Tibor Ibolya

said on Tuesday.
An investigation of
the Hungarian publisher
was suspended while
the head of the company is out of the country,
Hungary Today.
Public Holocaust denial is a crime under a
law passed in Hungary
in 2010 and is punishable by up to three
years in prison.



8 September 2016 The Jewish News



ICC to visit Israel for war crimes investigation

A DELEGATION FROM the International Criminal Court
(ICC) in The Hague is to visit Israel to assess its ability to investigate war crimes, a senior
Israeli official has said.
Foreign ministry spokesman
Emmanuel Nahshon told Al
Jazeera Israel would allow the
delegation to enter the country, but the how and when
had yet to be decided.
Israeli investigators recently
exonerated IDF personnel following complaints about attacks on three Palestinian
families, the shelling of Gazas
main power plant, the bombing of a hospital and a United
Nations school, which served
as a shelter. Another 80 complaints were not investigated.

Benjamin Netanyahu criticised the ICC for recognising a Palestinian state

If Hague prosecutors feel

that Israeli authorities are unable or unwilling to conduct
credible investigations themselves, they can take over jurisdiction.
This would be heavily resis-

ted in Israel, especially after

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticised the ICC last
year for recognising Palestine
as a state.
If the ICC delegation visits,
Israel will point to a new level of

cooperation with external investigators, after it refused entry to

official UN into the conduct of
military operations in Gaza in
2008/9 and 2014.
The latest Commission of Inquiry, led by Justice Mary McGowan Davis, found credible
evidence of war crimes, when it
reported in 2015.
UN Secretary-General Ban
Ki-Moon has expressed concern about Israels low rate of
investigations opened into
these serious allegations,
while some human rights
groups in the country have said
they will no longer submit complaints to a system whose real
function is measured by its ability to continue to successfully
cover up.

Burkini row boosts Israeli sellers Trump given tallit by church pastor
FRANCES BURKINI controversy is boosting the bottom
line for Israeli makers of modest swimwear.
The country, home to large
populations of conservative
Jewish and Muslim women, has
cultivated a local industry of
modest swimsuits and the fullbody outfits that have caused
uproar in France have been
common on Israeli beaches for
several years.
Itay Yaacov, a journalist at the

fashion site Xnet, estimated that

over the past decade, about
a dozen Israeli companies have
begun making modest swimwear. The outfits have become a
global trend, he added, saying
even secular women are pairing
long sleeved shirts with bikini
Several French towns decided
to ban full-body swimwear, but
the ban has been overturned
by Frances top court. More
challenges are expected.

has been given a
traditional Jewish
prayer shawl by a
pastor during a visit
to a black church in
Jackson of the
Great Faith Ministries draped the
tallit around the
nominees shoulders on Satur-

day after Trump

This is a prayer
shawl straight from
Israel. Whenever
youre flying from
coast to coast...
there is an anointing. And anointing is
the power of God.
He also gave Trump two
Jewish Heritage Study Bibles.


Your weekly digest of stories
from the international press.

With Stephen Oryszczuk




Amsterdam has allowed the first
burial there for almost 100 years,
to honour a Jewish womans
dying wish. Juliana Slaat-Luycx,
who was born during the Nazi
occupation in 1941, became the
first person to be buried at Den
Ham since 1920. Her father was
the cemeterys caretaker.

Morocco has thanked a Jewish
composer from Casablanca who
wrote a song in his honour.
Albert Cohen, who wrote Hands
Off My King, received the royal
thank you by post. Mohammed,
who is worth 2 billion, is known
as a reformer, but his critics are
still imprisoned.

Czech Republic United States

AN ATLAS showing Jerusalem
as the capital of Israel is to be
withdrawn from Czech schools
after a complaint from the Palestinian ambassador. The publishers chief executive said it
was up to Israel to decide what
its capital is, but said he would
make the changes even if its
something I dont agree with.


Boteach has co-written an opinion piece with former Playboy
model and Baywatch star
Pamela Anderson about online
pornography and its corrosive
effect on a mans soul. Boteach
authored Kosher Sex, while
Anderson is known for a sex
tape with her former husband.



Refugees Museum has unveiled
a new sculpture of a Chinese
diplomat who saved hundreds
of Jews from the Holocaust. Ho
Feng-Shan, then Chinese Consul-General in Vienna, issued
hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Chinese visas to Jews,
against the orders of his boss.


held a moving remembrance
service commemorating 75
years since the 1941 massacre
of Jewish residents in Moletai.
He said: Their memory is an
uncompromising obligation for
all Lithuanian people to fight
against hatred, violence, discrimination and indifference.

Weve opened the doors

to a new hospital
As part of the Royal Free London Private Patients, Hadley Wood Hospital offers
you access to Londons expert Consultants in a discreet, tranquil setting.
We offer a wide range of services including Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Urology
and Varicose Vein Treatment. For more information and an extensive list of treatments
and services, please visit
To book an appointment, please call: 020 7317 7751
A: Hadley Wood Hospital,
52 Moxon St, Barnet EN5 5TS

Investing in the NHS

12 The Jewish News 8 September 2016


Beware the dark

side of free speech
AS A newspaper, our starting point indeed our
end point is freedom of speech. Freedom to think
and say things with that others may disagree is the
rock on which we are built.
The same could be said of society. People hold a
range of views, none more so than on Israel and the
Middle East. It is vital that they can say them, whether
in Speakers Corner, in a newspaper, or online.
Just as people can speak out for Israel, so must
they be able to speak out against it. Yet, as the
column by the Israeli embassys Yiftah Curiel on
page 16 of this weeks issue shows, there is a dark
side to free speech, a malevolence against which we
must guard. His piece exposes connections
between Hamas, a group committed to killing Jews,
and two UK-based sites, to which it routinely links.
It details ties between editors and activities in Gaza
which glorify terror. It asks whether a terror group
should be allowed to depict its worldview in such a
wanton way, through an easily-accessed window.
Just as we are free to say and think as we want, we
recognise that words and ideas can be dangerous.
In the past year, dozens have died in Israel, killed by
those inspired by hatred spread and disseminated
online. If freedom of speech is the rock on which we
are built, the ground supporting that rock is security.
And only in a secure world could someone say: I
may not agree with what you have to say, but Ill
defend to the death your right to say it.

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More than 30,000 Muslim participants
were in attendance. Ahmadi Muslims, who
believe in social justice, equality and religious tolerance, live by the principle of
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Every year at this convention they swear
an oath of allegiance to their country,
and eschew all forms of extremism and
violence. Theirs is truly a jihad of the
spirit. Interestingly, many Ahmadi Muslims
believe Zionism is a fulfilment of prophecies in the Bible and the Koran, and a small
Israeli community lives near Haifa.
Yet for many other Muslims, Ahmadis
are heretics who have betrayed their
faith. For this reason, many suffer persecution in a number of countries, most particularly Pakistan, where legal discrimination
is the norm.
Over the past decade, dozens of
Ahmadis, among them the Scottish shopkeeper Asad Shah, have been killed by
their more fanatical co-religionists. It is an
outrage that such persecution continues
unchecked and, as Jews, we have a duty
to stand with those who face such
appalling treatment.
By doing so, we will forge important
links with moderate Muslims who share our
commitment to democracy, liberty and
Jeremy Havardi
Director, Bnai Brith UKs Bureau of
International Affairs

Emily Hiltons one-sided article regarding
her recent visit to an Arab village in the
West Bank organised by Yachad may have
given much satisfaction to Israels enemies
but did not advance the peace process at
all (Jewish News, 11 August). Such poisitions embolden Israels enemies and
poison young minds.
Ms Hilton did not mention speaking to
any Jewish residents of Judea-Samaria,
which rendered her column one-sided and
Being parachuted into an Arab village
with a fixed agenda is no way to judge a
situation. If this is Yachads agenda, it
might well be time to decide if we want to
support such an organisation in our
I was upset by this article. Is this is how
our youth are being brainwashed? Israel
has enough to deal with on the propaganda front; it does not need this from a
Jewish source.
I hope Ms Hilton will take the time to
hear the other side get a more balanced
view by speaking to Jewish residents of
the West Bank.
Uri Rabin

know of the need to be vigilant at all

times for ones own safety. Does she for
a moment think that if Israel left the West
Bank peace would be achieved?
Hamas would be in control and we
have witnessed the result of this in Gaza.
We should give all our support to Israel
and not support anti-Israel organisations,
vilify it and even question its right to
I suggest Emily Hilton should be more
worried about what is happening right
here in the United Kingdom, particularly
in Westminster and the Labour Party.
Israel needs our support.
Sidney Sands


Your article from an anonymous writer,
headlined the Shiksa of Stamford Hill
(Jewish News, 18 August) on how rude
strictly-Orthodox children can be certainly
struck a nerve.
On a recent easyJet flight back from
Israel I was surrounded by at least
three such families who, between them,
conspired to make it one of the most
uncomfortable flights I have ever had.
To say the parents had little desire to
control their many children is an understatement.
Not once did they take into account
how their childrens unruly behaviour was
affecting other travellers.
The mess they left behind looked like
a food bomb had gone off and clearly the
cabin crew had elected early on to give
them a very wide berth.
The icing on the cake arrived when the
father of the young child directly behind
me said nothing, while the child stood on
his seat throughout the descent and
landing, holding on to the back of my
It is hard to criticise the children when
clearly it is the parents who need lessons
in common decency to other people,
Jewish or otherwise.
Alan Cohen
By email

Sketches & kvetches

By Paul Solomons


Emily Hilton blithely commented on what
the Jews who live in Israel should be told
by those who live in the diaspora, as she
ran around parts of the West Bank
remarking on how, in her eyes, the locals
are treated. She does not live in Israel or

With so many Jews in this years

Strictly, weve changed the names
of some of the dances...


You report that campaigners against a
proposed Jewish religious boundary (eruv)
in south Manchester say they have 120
people who have declared their opposition to the plans, which would only
benefit 12-15 families (Jewish News,
11 August).
As you state, the eruv will be marked
by thin nylon wire from poles but the
objectors claim it would have a detrimental effect on social cohesion, in times
when religious privilege could lead to
hatred and factionalism within the community ... [and] the majority of the Jewish
community in the area are opposed to this
proposal as they prefer to live peacefully
in our diverse community.
I very much suspect that it is not these
relatively inconspicuous poles, with virtually invisible wires, that worry them.
Rather it is the horrific prospect (to
them) that the eruv will attract to the
area strictly-Orthodox Jews made highly
conspicuous by being dressed in the style
of 17th-century upper-class Poles.
Obviously, to them, diversity has its
Martin D. Stern


James Smith, president of the National
Holocaust Centre and Museum, praises
the 20th anniversary service held in
Westminster Abbey with representatives
of three faiths. He says remembering the
Holocaust is not enough in todays climate
when so many suffer for their gender,
ethnicity or belief.
This is in contrast to the view of some
within the National Union of Students who
say Holocaust Remembrance Day should
be refocused because, basically, its too
How do we answer NUS leaders who
want to scrap Holocaust remembrance in
favour of a more vague, general day to
remember all the worlds many attempted
genocides? I believe the answer is clear
and very obvious.
Germany is in the very heart of Europe,
a world leader in science, medicine,
technology and other fields. Germany
was an advanced Christian European
power. German Jews were deeply loyal
Germans, to the extent they saw Germany
as their Holy Land, Berlin as their
Jerusalem and Oranienburger Strasse as
their Temple.
We might imagine attempted genocides
by backward or Third World tribes with
strange primitive or backward beliefs
and values. Here in the heart of European
Christian civilisation, we might look down
on backward people in faraway places
but Nazism and the Holocaust happened
right here in Europe, Nazi rule just across
the Channel, about 25 miles from the UK.
The deepest meaning of Holocaust
remembrance is that it can happen even
here in the most advanced European
Christian civilisation, even with the most
advanced science, medicine and technology.
Holocaust remembrance must remain
the strongest example of what can happen
on the largest scale.
Joseph Feld
By email

8 September 2016 The Jewish News



UK Jews know offensive

bigotry when they see it
ON THE whole, and I hope you will agree, we are
a pretty tolerant community in this country. We
have more things in common than what divides
us: we abhor anti-Semitism and are getting better
at denouncing it from whatever source. Were
also relatively sophisticated in disentangling criticism of Israel from full-blown Jew-hatred.
What were not very good at is dealing with
Jews who mouth loathsome sentiments, from outand-out anti-Semites like Gilad Atzmon yes, he
has described himself as such to some of the
members of Jews for Justice for Palestinians.
Let me make it clear: I have absolutely no
problem with justice for Palestinians, as long as
there is parallel justice for the citizens of the
state of Israel. The JfJfP mob dont seem to
think rights extend to Israelis. At the other end
of the political spectrum there are the difficult
supporters of extreme right-wing views.
One such is Douglas Altabef, a member of the
executive of the board of Im Tirtzu, an Israeli
group which proclaims that it is ready to
reclaim Zionism, although from whom, it is difficult to discern. It should hardly need stating, but
apparently to Im Tirtzu supporters it does, that no
one has the exclusive rights to define Zionism.
Incidentally, I find it interesting, though not
surprising, that Mr Altabef, who intends to
perform speaking engagements in London on
Sunday, is an emigrant to Israel from the US. His

strident views only confirm me in the belief that

much of America was once invaded by a nutter
virus, but nobody wants to own up to it. Hence
Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Douglas Altabef.
But one man who has gone from Israel to
America yet still believes he has all the
answers is also intent on visiting our shores.
And this time I think we need to say, as they say
in Israel, yesh gvul there is a limit. And yes, I
am aware that there is a group calling itself that,
but thats not what I am referring to. The man in
question is called Yosef Mizrachi.
His own biography on his website, Divine no shrinking violet, he is
fittingly non-specific. You will not learn, for example, where he acquired his rabbinical ordination,
although he styles himself Rabbi Mizrachi.
Heres what he says about himself: Rabbi Yosef
Mizrachi was born in 1968. He was raised in Israel
where he studied until 1986. In 1986, he was
drafted to the Israeli Military (IDF) and served in
the Air Force. Immediately after his release from
military he immigrated to New York City where he
was involved in the financial banking district.
I dont know what involved in the financial
banking district actually means, but I imagine the
impression we are supposed to get is that he was
some big important banker. However, his bio goes
on: In 1994, Rabbi Mizrachi decided to dedicate
his life to the awareness of Judaism among secular



Jewish new
spap BIGG
er p
res ST
cas ekly

Jews. It was in that year that he began co-ordinating lectures and seminars among Israelis in the
New York New Jersey area. In 1997 he left the
financial district and enrolled [in] full time learning
and teaching in a yeshiva in Monsey, New York.
Theres almost no room to detail the plethora
of really repellent views this man has disseminated under the guise of bringing a Divine
message to the secular community. But try some
of these for size: Downs syndrome children and
those with autism are being punished for their
sins in a previous life; children born blind are
being punished for watching pornography in a
previous life; a variety of cancers suffered by both
genders are a result of sexual licentiousness; the
number of Jews who perished in the Shoah was
much less than six million because they were not
all halachically Jewish; mixed dancing and
womens immodest clothing cause cancer.
To me, and I hope to the majority of Jewish
News readers, these are not the views that should
be expressed by a rabbi of any denomination.
More than 500 people have signed a petition
to prevent Mr Mizrachis planned trip to speak in
the UK. If we heard of such hateful opinions
being presented by a Muslim extremist, we
would, rightly, be up in arms.
I hope our community tolerant as it is knows
offensive bigotry when it sees it. Mr Mizrachi, in
my opinion, should not be tolerated here.

Jenni Frazer

This man has disseminated

repellent views under the
guise of bringing a Divine
message to secular Jews


31 OCT 9 NOV 2016



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The Jewish News 8 September 2016


The magic of a rabbis

blessing in Azerbaijan
Former Board of Deputies treasurer Laurence
Brass recently returned from a visit as patron of
Faith Matters to Azerbaijan, where he addressed
an international conference on multi-culturalism.
AZERBAIJAN IS at the crossroads of western and
eastern cultures. An anomaly in the Islamic world,
it is friendly to both Jews and Israel. Multi-culturalism is a way of life and a strictly-enforced government policy. All religious traditions are accepted
there are seven synagogues and 13 churches.
Azerbaijan is home to a Jewish population of
around 20,000, most of whom live in the capital
Baku and a settlement area called Krasnaya
Sloboda. I was fortunate to be one of the few
outsiders also to visit the so-called Mountain
Jews of the Caucuses in the remote Oghuz region who form yet another grouping. The vibrant Jewish community has had a presence in
the country for 27 centuries and enjoys huge
respect from the countrys 90 per cent Muslim
majority which is genuinely reciprocated.
Milikh Ilhanovich, self-styled King of the
Mountain Jews is proud of his Sephardi shul in
Baku, a gleaming modern building he revealed
was a present from the government. The state
wanted to preserve the community and felt a
new building might achieve that. Two mohelim,
two shochetim, a kosher butcher and a Hebrew
school are evidence of a flourishing community.
The Georgian Caucuses Jewish community is

the least populous, so the government pays a

dozen or so members to attend every Shabbat just
to ensure a minyan is maintained in the event that
visitors from the region want to attend a service.
Following Shabbat prayers at the Ashkenazi shul
with the ebullient Rabbi Shnoer Segal, the countrys Chief Rabbi, and his lively and surprisinglyyoung congregation, I walked back to his

Brass [right] at one of the countrys seven shuls

apartment for lunch. At least six times on our short

journey the rabbi was stopped in the street by local
Muslims who wanted to shake his hand. While European Jews are increasingly fearful of displaying
visible signs of their faith, in Baku there is nothing
but respect, tolerance and even affection.
I asked Rabbi Segal how he spent his days. His
astonishing reply was that every morning a group
of Muslims wait for him at the shul entrance for

his blessing! Azerbaijanis are superstitious. If a

local thinks hes been cursed there is a belief that
only a rabbis blessing can lift the curse.
The settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda was
founded as a haven for Jews in 1742. Members
speak their own language called Juhuri (akin to
a mixture of Persian and Hebrew) and have their
own customs, such as putting images of the deceased on graves.
While the Jews in Krasnaya are considered affluent, the community in Oghuz is the opposite,
consisting mainly of nut farmers who originated
from Syria, Iran and Dagestan. Yet it still manages
to maintain two small but neat shuls in just one
tiny village nestling in the hills miles from the
nearest city. Needless to say, the open hand of
the ever-generous Azerbaijan exchequer is never
far away. Jews and Muslims here share a local
custom of supplying food to the whole community, regardless of religion, following the death of
a loved one a tradition pre-dating Islam that
helps to bring both communities even closer.
Despite being subject to enormous pressures
to distance itself from Israel, Azerbaijan has
been developing ever-closer defence and intelligence ties, upon which Israels security may one
day depend. In an increasingly-radicalised world
where religion is too often associated with conflict and terrorism, its good to be able to present a positive tale of a country setting a standard
of tolerance for other nations to emulate.

Laurence Brass
Former Board of Deputies

At least six times on our

short journey, the rabbi was
stopped by Muslims who
wanted to shake his hand


One big issue, two opposite opinions...
IT IS absolutely right that Israel
should deport all foreign-based Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
supporters from the country, and ban
others from entering.
Imagine youve not long since
moved into the neighbourhood, and
decide to throw a house party. After
a while, you notice some of your
guests are causing trouble, saying
you kicked poor old Mrs Jefferies out
of her recliner to buy it, telling people they think theyve seen you on
Crimewatch and urging them not to
have any of your cheesecake, because the chickens that laid the eggs
that went into it are oppressed.
What do you do? Introduce them
to your neighbours from Number 16
and offer them cookies instead?
No! You throw them out, immediately and unceremoniously, telling
them never to darken your doorstep
again. How dare they come to your
house and bitch about your cheesecake!
After theyve left, their mate turns
up at the door with flyers and leaflets
with your face emblazoned on the
front under the words: Wanted, for
crimes against chickens.
What do you do? Say chickens
arent allowed in the house because
they crap over the carpet, then offer
the visitor a glass of red? No! You tell

him to sling his BDS hook, shouting: Go fish somewhere else!

Seriously, things dont get less
complicated than this. It is a
credit to Israel that she has allowed those who wish her ill so
much space and access for so
long, especially when you consider that this is a powder-keg
region and that 2015-16 has
been a period of particular tension, with Israelis and Palestinians killing each other almost
daily, such is the atmosphere of
hatred at the moment.
Ban the BDS-ers, whether
theyre in Israel or planning to
visit. Tell them if they want to fan
flames, they can pick another

Besides, what kind of

message does this send
to a world still making up
its mind about Israels
And what impact will it
have on British or American Jews who do not
want to delegitimise
Israel but want it to comply with international
Such Jews, and there
are many, do not boycott
Israel in her entirety, but
only those who profit
from the occupation, in
the words of one.
Should they now be
banned from ever again
entering their homeland?
When did Israel, in all its
myriad shades and
Protesters from the BDS movement demonstrate against the sale of Israeli goods in London
colours and hues, become so monochrome?
Palestinian and they have the right have done no legal wrong, can Israel
When did it become so insecure
THIS ISNT a house party, where you to be heard. BDS-ers hear them, and ban them, or forcibly remove them? that it couldn't accept those with
whom she disagreed? And when did
can invite whoever you want. It is a act lawfully for them. We dont like it, Even if it can, should it?
Surely this is an extreme measure of dissent become a crime?
state, an open and democratic one, but we forget that urging the public
Surely, it is far better to sit those
respectful of different beliefs not to buy food from an area deemed last resort, more appropriately used
against those who would incite vio- house guest down, ask them what the
whether they be religious or political. illegal is not in itself illegal.
And we forget that most BDS-ers lence on the streets, not against critics problem is and try to work it out.
In this open, democratic, tolerant
And if they dont want the cheesestate, which values civil liberties and do not want to wipe Israel from the and dissenters who use peaceful
freedom of expression, there are mil- map they just abhor the occupation. means to urge consumers to choose cake, fine. That just means theres
So, if these are not criminals, if they according to their consciences.
more for everyone else.
lions of Arabs whether Israeli or


8 September 2016 The Jewish News

Residential care
at its best.
Spring Lane 170 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N10 3PA
Spring Grove 214 Finchley Road, London NW3 6DH
Spacious, fully tted bedrooms with full en-suite facilities
Extensive communal lounges with free Wi-Fi to all areas
Dedicated activities teams managing a varied programme of
entertainment, arts and crafts and external visits

A varied and extensive menu catering to individual tastes

First class care backed up by the local GP practice, delivering
bespoke programmes for each individual resident

Highly experienced staff with the necessary expertise in

caring for older people, chosen for their understanding of the

unique circumstances encountered in older life

Specialist units including High Dependency for people with

greater needs

With over 45 years of providing care, the Springdene Group is

run by the same family that established its rst care home in
1970. Having welcomed over 13,000 local people into its homes
since then, the Group has developed an excellent reputation for
providing care of the highest standard.

We spoke with people who use the service and relatives.

They told us they were happy with the care provided.
For example, a relative told us that the care provided was
really, really good and said, the carers really engage with people,
they are excellent. We saw staff interacting with people in a
caring and sensitive way and responding to their needs.

For more information, or to arrange

a visit, just call

020 8815 2000

or visit


E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 7 0

Extract from summary of CQC report June 2013


Because life is for living

Part of the Springdene Group with care homes in

Enfield, Hampstead and Muswell Hill.



The Jewish News 8 September 2016


How Hamas relies on

two British news sites
WESTERN GOVERNMENTS invest tremendous
effort in exposing the funding routes that allow
terrorist organisations to flourish and carry out
deadly attacks. In a world in which social media
enables online radicalisation, its also vital to
expose those who provide the content that engenders this hateful agenda.
This week I ran across yet another blog post
by the Hamas terror group, on its active English-language Twitter feed.
The piece was originally written by an antiIsrael activist and posted on Middle East Monitor (MEMO), a self-ascribed news site that has
links to the Muslim Brotherhood.
MEMO is populated by bloggers and activists
and directed by Daoud Abdullah, a senior researcher at the London-based Palestinian Return
Centre an organisation outlawed in Israel for
its connections with Hamas and acting as the
terror groups de facto arm across Europe.
When you read stories on the site directed by
Mr Abdullah, youre reading material edited
by senior editor Ibrahim Hewitt, who is also
the chairman of trustees of Interpal, a British
Muslim charity designated as a terror-supporting
group in Israel. The charity is also a
long-standing member of the United States
Treasurys list of specially designated terrorist organisations.
Interpal, the organisation Mr Hewitt directs,
was embroiled in controversy recently for sponsoring a Gaza festival during which a little girl

was filmed play-acting, pretending to stab

two small boys dressed as Israeli policemen,
and firing a mock semi-automatic rifle at child
soldiers, to cheers from the crowd. Some
$10,000 of the charitys funds were invested in
this festival.
In view of this sordid chain of connections,
it should come as no surprise that Hamas unabashedly posts MEMO articles on its website,
proudly attributing them to the website that
seems to be representing its worldview in the
We must remember that Hamas is a radical
jihadi group, designated as a terror entity
across the Western world from the entire European Union to Australia to the US. Its anti-Semitic charter calls on killing all Jews and
eliminating Israel.
The other, more recent media player in this
dubious category is Middle East Eye (MEE),
a UK-based news site set up in late 2013, producing similar material to MEMO.
According to a 2014 news report, the man
under whose name the web domain for MEE
is registered is also the head of policy development at Interpal.
The material produced by MEMO and MEE is
heavily shared on the official Hamas website and
social media accounts. It is not merely copied
but proudly displayed with the name of the UK
This year, Hamas posted material from these

two sources 51 times, making for an astounding

42 percent of all external tweets (that is to say,
other than its own press releases).
The second favorite news source for Hamas
is Palestine Chronicle, which consequently, is
edited by MEE consultant Ramzy Baroud.
This chain of connections reminds me of an
old Israeli health ministry TV spot from the
1980s, which warned against unprotected
sex by showing the faces of young people,
with an accompanying voiceover that ran something like this: Do you know that every
time you sleep with your girlfriend, youre
sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, and with the
ex-boyfriends girlfriend, and with the girlfriends
And so, the next time you read an article on
MEMO or MEE, written by a senior editor,
journalist or Middle East expert, dont
forget that youre reading an article edited
by the head of a charity with documented
links to funding terror, including festivals of
hatred showcasing children encouraged to
Youre reading an article that is subsequently
shared and reposted on the website of the terror group Hamas, voicing the world view
of a radical, anti-Semitic organisation, which
has caused immeasurable suffering to both Israelis and Palestinians and is the single most
significant obstacle to achieving peace in our

Yiftah Curiel
Israeli Embassy

We must remember Hamas

is a radical jihadi group,
designated as a terror entity
across the Western world

Walking in the footsteps

of innocents at Babi Yar
IVE BEEN to Babi Yar. It is on the outskirts of the
Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The word yar is Turkic in
origin, and means gully or ravine. Thats why
the Nazis chose it: because it was is a huge
ravine. Bodies could fill from the bottom.
Thats what happened. Over the course of
just two days in September 1941, exactly 75
years ago, 33,771 Jews were stripped naked
and shot by Sonderkommando 4a soldiers.
Most of those murdered didnt fall dead, however. They were already lying in neat lines when
their lives were ended by Nazi bullets.
Brought to the ravine in groups of 10-20, they
approached and, realising the full horror for the
first time, were forced to lie on the still-warm, stillbleeding bodies of Jews who had been gunned
down moments earlier. As they lay there, they
could only wait for the man with the machine-gun
to walk along the line. Men, women and children
were slain. When bullets ran low, Jewish heads
were lined up so one shot would kill several. At
the end of each day, earth was tipped on to the
dead and dying, so the injured were buried alive.
The Nazis Ukrainian collaborators, by all accounts, were busy shuffling, pushing and shunting Jews forced to stand in lines. Others brought
picnics and watched from the banks. Eyewitnesses recalled Ukrainians loading the piles of
clothing and valuables that the citys Jews had
been instructed to bring for their resettlement.
There are no tales of Ukrainians doing anything

heroic, or anything but help the massacre. And

thats what it was: the Holocausts first, and worst,
massacre. These Jews were not gassed in a room
impersonally, but shot in the head at close range.
It doesnt get much more personal than that.
I went in 2010. I was there to film while editor
of a now-defunct Jewish TV news channel based
in the city, but my mind was elsewhere. Despite
being neither Jewish nor Ukrainian, I have both
Jewish and Ukrainian blood. My grandmother, a
British Jew who had long suppressed her Jewish
identity, married my grandfather, a Ukrainian nonJew, only seven years after this ravine began to fill.
Did I have, within me, the blood of those who
Hitler killed and those who helped Hitler, those
lying in the ravine, waiting to be shot, and those
seated on the banks, eating their picnics?
It was difficult to concentrate on the filming.
I gave up and walked the vast grassy flanks
alone. I walked and walked, through the trees,
down the slopes, up to and away from the Soviet-era monument, along the walkways.
I wondered how many had died crying. I
thought of the children hugging their mothers as
the Nazis approached. I wondered how, or if,
those lying on the newly-dead tried to console
themselves in their last moments. I thought about
how, in other battlefields around Europe, spilled
blood had led to poppies, but that here in Babi
Yar not even the soil had gained. More than anything, I wondered how. How? How could they?

We know the logistics of how they perpetrated

one of historys most wretched crimes. Days earlier, Nazi posters were plastered around the city
ordering all kikes to assemble at a certain time,
at a certain place, and to bring warm clothing.
The commander later reported to his superiors,
saying: Although only approximately 5,000 to
6,000 Jews had been expected, more than 30,000
Jews arrived who, until the very moment of their
execution, still believed in their resettlement.
Over two years, 100,000 people were killed
there, including Jews, gypsies/Roma, Russian soldiers, psychiatric patients and Ukrainian nationalists, like my grandfather. In 1943, with the Soviets
pressing, the Nazis decided to burn the evidence.
They looted gravestones from a Jewish cemetery to form the foundation of a huge funeral pyre,
which in turn was used to burn the disinterred
bodies of the Babi Yar dead. The furnaces burned
for 40 days, reducing to ash the remains of the
many unknown thousands. Even today, Yad
Vashem has identified only a fraction of the dead.
If Auschwitz-Birkenau left me cold, Babi Yar
left me confused, both about who I am, and
about who people could be, and what they
could do. If Auschwitz was industrial, this was insane, thousands of inhuman acts perpetrated on
innocents stripped naked, in floods of tears at
the end of the Nazi barrel.
I won't return, but nor will I forget what happened here. Never Again.

Stephen Oryszczuk
Foreign editor,
Jewish News

If Auschwitz was industrial,

this was insane; thousands
of inhuman acts perpetrated
on innocents stripped bare

8 September 2016 The Jewish News


Malki Foundation UK is honoured to welcome to London

Karine Elharrar, Member of the Israeli Knesset.
Come to one of our public events to hear MK Elharrar share her
fascinating and inspiring story:
Mill Hill United Synagogue - Tuesday 13 September
Early-morning business breakfast (NW London) - Wednesday 14 September
After-work briefing (City Law Firm) - Wednesday 14 September
For details of these and other events, contact James Harari:
020-3637-4245 or by email:
Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age 9, Karine Elharrar is today a successful lawyer,
public figure, wife and mother. She has emerged as one of Israels leading activists and legislators
for childrens rights, equality of opportunity and the integration of people with disabilities.



10 Golders Green Road

London NW11 8LL

Opposite Cafe Nero

Shorts 15
Clearance trousers 15 or
2 pairs for 25
Suits from 79.50

Large size
suits and
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The Jewish News 8 September 2016


Email your story to

North Finchley charity The Together
Plan, which works with socially and
economically disadvantaged
communities in the former Soviet
Union, has finished its annual summer
programme. Working with
communities in Belarus, helping them
to self-develop, they spent 10 days in
Bobruisk, where they ran a camp for
40 children aged five to 14. Ten young
adults from London Reform and
United communities worked alongside
14 young Jewish adults from four
Belarus communities, with the themes
being tikkun olam, care in the
community, the environment, and
tzedakah and mitzvot.


The assistant rabbinic couple at
Woodside Park United Synagogue,
Rabbi Garry & Rebbetzin Suzanne
Wayland, will be leaving their
positions after four years. In a letter
to the community, they wrote: It has
been a privilege to have been a part
of such a wonderful, vibrant
community. We have made so many
friends, had many memorable
experiences, and learned much from
so many people in so many different
ways. They will remain throughout
the High Holy days, with a leave date
to be finalised.

500 youngsters enjoy a JLGB summer!

JLGB held its most popular summer camp in more than 20 years as 500 young people enjoyed an actionpacked week of fun in Essex, with six charities running sessions. CEO Neil Martin said: Im immensely
proud of the young JLGB volunteer leaders who ran all the groups and activities and do their bit
as outstanding coaches, mentors and inspirational leaders for our youngsters to aspire to become.



Woodford Forest United Synagogue
will hold a Medical Ethics Conference
on 18 September, between 2pm and
5.30pm. Advice will be given followed
by a Q&A panel and will include
contributions from, among others, Chai
Cancer Care, Jewish Care and The
League of Jewish Women. Workshops
will be offered on life after cancer,
dementia and other carers issues. To
book tickets for the free event, which
includes refreshments, see:

Mill Hill Music Club hosts a concert
on 18 September by MultiPiano. An
ensemble of four pianists will perform
on two pianos. Featuring three of
Israels most radiant young pianists
and their mentor, Tomer Lev, this will
be their UK debut concert having
performed in America and South
America, the Far East and Europe.
Tickets can be booked at:


Lifelong friends Caroline Charles and

Michelle Levy celebrated their 50th
birthdays by taking part in the Shabbat
service at Woodford Liberal Synagogue.
Caroline read the blessings before and after
the Torah portion was delivered, with
Michelle reading the Haftorah.
The oldest tenant of
jLivings South Lodge
accommodation, 93year-old Pearl Newman
(pictured with her
daughter), took a trip
down memory lane
when watching a
theatre production show
having sung opera and
performed in
pantomime herself,
which included
performing with Julie
Andrews 80 years ago.

Six-year-old Michael Dahan ran a bake

sale for Jewish Care, having got the idea
from a previous sale at his school. He
raised 55 for the charity.

Simon Hamilton
completed the
Welsh Three
Challenge with
his 10-year-oldson Dovid. The
pair were
raising funds
for an MDA
ambulance in
memory of
Simons sister,


8 September 2016 The Jewish News


T: 020 8809 8809 W: E:

for Stella!
All Aboard charity shops honoured
founder, Stella Lucas, on her 100th
birthday, with a special luncheon.
Stella, who is an MBE, was
presented with a photo
album of highlights
from 29 years of All
Aboard charity shops
(pictured), which began
in the first shop on
Finchley Road in September 1989 (inset).

Tuffkid volunteers make jelly bath

Teenage volunteers proved to
be a great help at Kisharons
Tuffkid Nursery summer camp
in Golders Green. Activities
included storytelling, dance,
music, arts and crafts and
messy fun with shaving foam
and a jelly bath.

Firemen reopen Norwood shop

Happy 50th birthday to jLiving!

Norwoods flagship Stanmore charity shop was reopened by the firemen who
saved it when it flooded earlier this year. Mathew Blain, crew manager at the
Mill Hill Fire Brigade, cut the ribbon in front of the Broadway shop after Norwood staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to get the shop ready. Norwoods
Jennie Wharram said: All the money we make goes towards our vital services,
supporting children, families and people with learning disabilities in our community so you can be sure that when youre shopping for a bargain youll
also making a huge difference to so many peoples lives.

Happy 80th, Kingsbury shul!

Around 250 current and former members of Kingsbury
Synagogue came together
for a garden party to celebrate the 80th anniversary
of the shuls foundation.
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
was one of the speakers,
while the event was also
attended by Mayor of
Brent, Councillor Parvez
Ahmed, and
Stephen Fenton, a trustee
of the United

Make a difference
in our community

jLivings first sheltered

housing scheme Gordon Court in Stanmore
which was built in 1966
played hosts to tenants, family and friends
as part of the celebrations for the organisations 50th anniversary.
jLivings chief executive
June Morton said:
Were so pleased to
be able to share our
celebrations with our
tenants and staff and
especially at Gordon
Court, which is where
everything began way
back in 1966.

RAFs fly-past for Zichron Menachem

The RAF put on a special fly-past
for 240 children who are suffering
from cancer from Zichron Menachems summer camp at Bruntringthorpe. HabAid vice Chair,
Rowel Genn, put in a request at the
local airbase. Twenty-five of the top
UK drivers also brought their supercars along for the day and took
the children, some of whom
are terminally ill, around the
track at speeds of up to
160mph. Genn said: As well as
helping take their mind off their
illness, it gives them a fun and
exciting day they wont forget.

For more information please contact: 020 8809 8809

out how a few hours of your time can
future to those we support.
17 MAY
Patron Her Majesty The Queen Registered Charity No. 1059050


The Jewish News 8 September 2016

Win a Hipstreet Electron Tablet!

Broadway Danny goes!
Weve teamed up with Paddy Power to offer two
readers the latest much-have gadget! See page 31

Brigit Grant speaks to Danny Rubin, the

screenwriter behind Groundhog Day, as
the acclaimed musical heads to the States

ith only eight days left until Groundhog

Day the musical closes at The Old Vic
and heads for Broadway, stealing a
ticket is the only way to see the sell-out show.
Danny Rubin wouldnt hesitate as he hates the
idea of anyone missing the show and not just
because he wrote it.
Its because its just so, so good, enthuses
the Jewish screenwriter who, 23 years ago,
penned a film about a weatherman visiting the
town of Punxsutawney to have the worst day of
his life over and over again.
I never had any doubts that it was going
to work as Id always wanted Groundhog Day
to take some other form and a musical was the
most obvious, he explains.
But the finished result exceeded all expectations and I just cant stop listening to the
score just the orchestration of the chorus
alone is incredible and I have now seen it multiple times.
Bringing his mother, sister and wife, Louise,
to London for the opening night in August was
one of those pinch me moments for Rubin,
even though he didnt know most of the people he was introduced to.
I was talking to this very nice guy for a while
who told me how much he had enjoyed the
show and when I later queried his identity, discovered he was Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Im
such a neophyte though I did recognise Tom
Stoppard, who was very complimentary.
The notion of a musical based on Groundhog Day had always been in Rubins head and
he had been slowly writing a draft book as well
as scratching out some lyrics of his own.
Ive always written songs and when I started
out in Chicago used to perform in coffee bars,
but I never went down the music route and
knew I needed to collaborate with a composer.
To up his game ahead of such a possibility,
Rubin met many composers, directors and
actors to learn the language of musicals, but a
call from Matthew Warchus in London who had
directed Tim Minchins Matilda was the kick-start.
That first meeting four years ago was like
a Tinder date, as we tried to work out whether
we wanted to work together, recalls Minchin,
but Rubin had no doubts.
Id seen Matilda and loved the tone of it and

felt Matthew and Tim would bring their

best to the show which was very close
to my heart, he says.
This is an understatement as Rubin,
who was born in San Francisco, had
struggled to sell his original movie
script. He hauled the comedic tale
about immortality in small town America to more than 50 Hollywood studio
executives who loved it, but didnt
want to make it.
Fortunately, Ghostbusters director
Harold Ramis did and brought Bill
Murray and Andie Macdowell to the
production, which opened to tepid
reviews, but grew in popularity notably in
England and Germany which turned it into a
cult classic.
Word began to reach me that the films
universal theme led to psychologists recommending it to their patients and Groundhog
Day in Buddhism became a serious subject at
Buddhist conventions, laughs Danny.
The idea of endlessly reliving the worst day of
ones life only for it to become the best struck a
chord with millions, although the experience is
not one that appeals to Rubin. And not even if
it involved a hot woman in the Virgin Islands.
I dont think of things that way and would
never want to go back and repeat a day, however good, he insists. Every day is an opportunity to do something great. I was just curious
about whether one lifetime was enough as an
idea. There are some people, those arrested
development-type men who cant really outgrow their adolescence and I thought: Well,
maybe one lifetime isnt enough. Maybe some
people need more.
Rubin grew up in the sort of Jewish family
seldom seen on screen owing to the absence of
conflict. It was a mutually supportive love fest,
he says, and describes how his ophthalmologist
father and publisher mother hosted musical
soires, collected photography and generally
created a buzz in suburban Gainesville, Florida.
My dad had been raised Orthodox in San
Fran and could have gone to a yeshiva, but he
found out dancing with girls at the YMCA was
more fun and that lobster was delicious.
But we still did the blessings on Shabbat,
kept the major holidays and as a teenager I was
very involved in Bnai Brith, attending all the
regional and international conferences. It was a
very social group led by a guy who was one of
those deconstructionist Jews who mixed rituals
with a sense of relevance that came out of the
1960s and 70s. We would create our services
and make our Judaism relevant to ourselves.
Running concurrently with this enthusiasm for
his faith was Rubins passion to pursue everything he could creatively at once. He already
had a BA from Brown University and an MA from
North Western but says: I was just waiting for
something to choose me. And it did during my

Top left: Danny Rubin. Above: Andy Karl in

Groundhog Day the musical. Right: Tim Minchin

twenties when I was living in Chicago and

applied for a production assistant internship at
WTTW. One of the producers called me back
and said: You dont want to be a production
assistant. Look at your application, its really well
written. You should say that youre a writer.
If Danny Rubins story was a film, they would
probably miss out the bit about him writing
industrial films and working in childrens TV
and skip straight to the point where his wife
Louise suggested they move to Los Angeles
and then fade to meeting maestro Tim
Minchin for the first time.
Ours was the best relationship ever, says
Rubin, who invited Tim to his daughter Maidas
wedding last weekend. We discovered we
had similar sensibilities and working with him
was fun, too, just sitting and listening to what
he could do with his musical language. I like
to think my background made me competent
enough to be in the same room.
For the move to Broadway from The Old Vic,
Jewish American stage star Andy Karl who plays
Phil the weatherman will be the only member
of the cast to remain, although Rubin is vague
about when all the rehearsals and such will start.
Ive sort of done my bit and now I have to

leave them to get on with it, says Rubin, who

cant deny that seeing his name in lights on
Broadway will be a thrill. My friend Bruce
[Joel Rubin] who wrote Ghost, which became
a musical, told me I have to enjoy every single
experience generated by this musical and accept every invite and I intend to.
What Rubin does next is still in its infancy as
he admits, Im not insanely motivated to keep
producing the next best thing, just so long as
Im not entirely forgotten by the world.
The UK reaction to Groundhog Day suggests
that wont happen and Rubin will be bathing in
the glory for many days to come all of them

8 September 2016 The Jewish News



The boss of the UKs oldest smoked salmon maker tells Richard Cawthorne
how Londons Olympic Games almost wrecked his 100-year-old family firm

mid all the euphoria that

greeted London after it was
chosen to host the 2012
Olympic Games, one man wasnt
cheering quite as loudly as the rest.
Lance Forman, the owner of H. Forman & Son, a company that has been
called the finest smoked salmon
purveyor in Britain, operated from
business premises that were almost
exactly on the spot where the Olympic
Stadium was destined to be built.
He had been engaged, ever since
the possibility was mooted of the
Games coming to London, in a battle
with the powers-that-be to protect and
preserve, not only the 100-plus-yearold heritage of his fourth generation
company, but also the livelihoods of the
people that worked for him.
And he was not alone. Marshgate
Lane in East London and its surrounding area was home to 350 businesses
employing more than 12,000 people
but he had learned the hard way how
to deal with setbacks. The Forman factory had already been devastated by
fire and had no sooner recovered than the adjoining River
Lea burst its banks and
flooded the place.
Forman was implacably determined that the
enterprise founded in
1905 by his great-grandfather Aaron [known as
Harry, hence the H in the
company name] and carried on by his grandfather
Louis and his father Marcel
would not now die.
In his recently published book,
Forman recalls the struggle that preceded the Olympic announcement
and the tragi-comedy of errors, obfuscations and what he sees as downright
foul play on the part of the authorities
that followed it.
Formans Games could easily be
seen as just another David and Goliath
saga, but the authors handling of facts
and figures allied to close knowledge
of the characters involved makes it

more. Ultimately it is an inspiring tale,

but in between there was much misery
and uncertainty.
A lot of people just gave up, he
tells me now, from his new premises
opposite the stadium that caused all
the trouble. Many buried their heads
in the sand; they just assumed, like the
London government, it [the Olympics]
was never going to happen.
Once the city was chosen, he says,
its an impossible battle to fight; the
government just wears you down. A
lot of people just didnt have the
tenacity, the support to go off and
fight this thing.
Anyone who thought Forman was
just another small businessman who
could be worn down, however, was in
for a surprise. Before joining the family
firm, he served as special adviser to the
then-Secretary of State for Trade and
Industry, Peter Lilley. Not incidentally,
he had also been president of the
Cambridge Union. He had contacts,
and he had experience of dealing with
argumentative opponents.
Among these were Tony
Blair, Lord Coe and especially Ken Livingstone,
mayor of London at the
time and caught well
in the cross hairs of
Formans book.
The mayors relationship with the
London Development
Agency (LDA), charged
with assembling the
land for the Olympics, is a
particular target.
In one of the milder references, Forman writes: Overweening
and opaque, the LDA was ruthlessly
exploited by Livingstone. Id learnt
to my cost that while the mayor and
his cronies paid lip service to vital
small businesses during hustings and
public debates, their calculating actions were far removed from their soaring rhetoric.
Forman, who lives in Hampstead
Garden Suburb and is a member of

Clockwise from top: The new H. Forman & Son factory at Fish Island; owner Lance Forman with his staff; Marcel Forman (Lances father) with salmon curers at the Ridley Road
smokehouse in the 1960s and Lances book about the company. Inset: Lance Forman

Norrice Lea shul, quotes the Yiddish

proverb, Mann tracht und Got lacht
[man plans and God laughs], early in
the book as a way to explain the troubles through which his company went.
But, he adds, it was those very traumas that helped him in his struggle
with the LDA and others. It was partly
my heritage, partly an innate survival
instinct, he tells me. But also, having
had these other disasters, I was just
annoyed with what was going on and
I didnt want this thing to end in the
way it might have done.
In the end, Forman won his battle
against the compulsory purchase
orders and relocation nitpickers (his
word) and agreed to the installation of
H. Forman & Son on a site on the
appropriately-named Fish Island, from
where he can gaze, if he wishes, on the
Olympic Stadium across the road.
He is clearly happy the saga is over
though, as he writes, he is still counting
the cost in terms of uncertainty and
stress. The whole thing has been a
roller coaster, he says. As I say in the
book, a lot of people come (to the new
premises) and say, although not in a

bad way, that I seem to have done

quite well out of the Olympics.
I thought it was important to set the
record straight, get people to understand how we arrived at this point and
all the trauma along the way. There are
some interesting life lessons in there
and business lessons; thats why I
needed to get this down in writing.
On the day of our interview, he is
hugely amused by the fact he will later
be attending West Hams opening
game of the new season at their new
ground the stadium itself. I havent
been to a football
match for about
45 years, he
told me. And
now Im going,
theyll be playing
on top of my old
Formans Games
by Lance Forman is
published by Biteback, priced 20
(hardback) and is
available now


The Jewish News 8 September 2016



Sarah Rothberg takes her family

including 15-month-old Joseph on
a magical trip to Walt Disney World

isney World, with a toddler? Youre crazy!

warned friends. But we found a great package deal online, so I pushed the thought of
a nine-hour flight to Orlando with a 15-month-old
to the back of my mind.
As it turned out, it didnt take long to find some
willing help in the guise of my parents. Having
never been to the US before, they were keen to join
us, and the promise of quality time spent with their
grandson was a bonus.
Having four pairs of hands on the flight made the
task of entertaining our toddler, Joseph, much easier, as well as constantly dipping into a bag of
cheap, new toys. In fact, there was only one mini
meltdown and the reality is that on a flight to Orlando, there are perhaps just as many boisterous
youngsters travelling as your own.
We stayed at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort.
Termed a moderate resort, the hotel boasts seven
swimming pools and is nestled on a 45-acre lake
called Barefoot Bay. White sand beaches, beautiful
palm trees and a guaranteed view of Epcots
nightly fireworks show make this the perfect spot
to spend a leisurely evening.
With so much on offer, the best advice I can give
is perhaps to not expect to do everything.
There are four theme parks inside Walt Disney
World; Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios and Disneys Animal Kingdom Park.
Each is vast and there will be plenty of walking
involved, and even more queuing.
Getting around inside Disney World was easy
using the free transportation system, which encompasses leisurely ferry boats, regular buses between
all parks and resorts, and my dads particular
favourite, the monorail running between the Magic
Kingdom and Epcot.
Outside of the parks, I would definitely recommend getting a car. Our package included free car hire, which sounded like
a great bonus. The only downside
was the car we were offered was not
big enough for all of our baggage
plus a car seat. We had to upgrade to a bigger car, so beware
of this possible additional cost.
Planning was key in our case.
Using the My Disney Experience app, you can select three
fast passes per day up to 60
days before your visit. This
worked out great for us we
used them on rides for Joseph
so he wouldnt have to wait in
long queues. There was plenty to
keep him occupied he loved taking in all the sights and sounds of
the parades and shows.
His favourite ride was Its a Small
World, a slow boat ride featuring some
300 animatronic dolls dressed in traditional
garb from all over the globe singing and swaying
to a captivating tune.
As my parents were not keen on the faster rides,
they were happy to take a break from walking
and relax in the shade with the little one while my
husband and I got to check out the roller coasters.
Our favourite was the Tower of Terror, a drop ride
set in a haunted lift shaft. Standing at 199ft, it is the

second tallest attraction in Disney World, and offers

spectacular views of Hollywood Studios just
before the fall!
There was still plenty we didnt see. On Disney
property, there are a further two water parks, as well
as more than 20 themed hotels to explore. Disney
Springs is a shopping, dining and entertainment district featuring more than 150 stores and its hard
to believe this area is undergoing an expansion.
I would recommend making time to watch the
nightly fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom at least
once. During Wishes nighttime
spectacular, incredible fireworks
light up the sky behind Cinderellas
castle, synchronised to a soundtrack
of the most famous Disney songs.
Having my parents with us meant
my husband and I could plan a day
out without Joseph. Being thrillseekers, we were keen to visit Universal Studios, a more grown-up
theme park where the attractions
allow you to immerse yourself in
your favourite films and TV shows.
Being a Harry Potter fan, I was
most excited to visit both
Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley,
which have been recreated based
on the book and film series. A fullscale working replica of the
Hogwarts Express whisked us to
Hogsmeade, where Hogwarts Castle
loomed overhead. All of the essential Harry Potter haunts have been
recreated with such detail it is easy to
imagine Daniel Radcliffe running to
battle Voldemort somewhere nearby.
The highlight of our trip had to
be our day at Discovery Cove.
Owned by SeaWorld Parks
and Entertainment, you
have the chance to in- Main: Joseph in Disneyworlds Magic Kingdom. Top left: Sarah with her husband, parents and son and, bottom left,
teract with all kinds with Roxy the dolphin. Inset: Joseph with Eeyore
of marine animals.
We had a dolphin swim package ers fluttering over our heads at the Explorers Aviary. met Winnie the Pooh and friends made every minute
booked, as it was one of my
Discovery Coves neighbour and sister park Sea- of our flight home feel that much shorter.
mums bucket list items.
World is a marine theme park and home to the
Even if he wont remember the trip, Ill treasure
On arrival, we were met by world famous killer whale Shamu. The star of the the memories. In fact, were already planning our reTodd, who showed us around show gave a great performance, flipping and leap- turn trip next year
the park before leading us to ing across the pool while the audience learned all
our cabana, where we could about these enormous creatures.
enjoy the surroundings.
We stopped by Stingray Lagoon, where we fed
While Joseph played on the and felt the velvety creatures; we saw beluga
sand, we relaxed and enjoyed whales, penguins, manatees and flamingos; and my
SeaWorld & Discovery Cove:
the all-inclusive food and drinks husband and I plummeted 113ft on the Manta
The Discovery Cove UltimatePackage includes one day reservation
before our dolphin encounter. roller coaster one of three coasters in the park.
at Discovery Cove (with 30-minute dolphin swim experience, all
The 30-minute interaction took
Kosher food in Orlando is pretty easy to come by.
meals, snacks and beverages) plus 14 day unlimited entry to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica Orlando offering customers
place in a chilly saltwater lagoon, but There are a few kosher restaurants our favourite
more savings and flexibility for their Florida holiday. Prices start
all thoughts of the cold quickly disap- was Kosher Grill Orlando, where we feasted on fries,
from 159 per person for a Discovery Cove Ultimate Package with
pear once your dolphin greets you. In a burgers and beers. We also stopped by (the also
dolphin swim. Customers with a Discovery Cove Ultimate Package
small group of eight, accompanied by a inventively named) Kosher Gourmet, where we
also get free parking at all four SeaWorld Parks for 14 consecutive
trainer, we gave hugs and kisses and even fed fish picked up deli platters and groceries for Shabbat.
days, meaning that they can come and go as they please. For furto Roxy, who measures 2.5 metres long. At the end
Disney World offers kosher meals, which you can
ther information about SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in Florida
of the encounter, we swam out into deep water and pre-order to any restaurant on Disney property. Erin
or to book tickets visit
enjoyed a ride back to shore courtesy of Roxy.
Mckennas Bakery NYC is a vegan, gluten free and
We whiled away the rest of the day snorkelling kosher chain. As a store had just opened in Disney
Walt Disney World:
alongside beautifully daubed fish and rays, idling Springs, we went to try out a selection of breads,
along through cascading waterfalls in the Wind- bagels, cupcakes, cookies and other treats.
Universal Studios:
Away river, and seeing hundreds of colours of feathRemembering the look on Josephs face when he

Sarahs contacts...

8 September 2016 The Jewish News






Everything you want to know

about your favourite Torah
characters... and the ones
youve never heard of...



JOB IS the biblical figure representing suffering and recovery. After
receiving a string of bad news, culminating in the death of all
his children, Jobs wife counsels
her husband to curse God and
die. However, Job refuses on the
grounds that one must be prepared
to receive not only the good but
also the bad from the Creator.
His body covered in boils, Job
sits on the ground, crushed with
grief, and sets about relieving his
excruciating itch with a shard of
Jobs children were all God-fearing. There was no reason of sin to
remove them from this world. It was
only the work of Satan, with Gods
permission, to test Jobs faith that
this happened.
Thus, Job resisted even the most
natural impulses and exercised


unparalleled patience with a God

who seemed unfair, but never
Does God care? Job was visited
by three friends who mulled over
some of the most painful questions
that have ever been asked. Job and
his friends were not Jews or
Israelites, they were Arabs. Jobs
friends, a Yemenite called Eliphaz,
Bildad and Zophar, made suggestions as to why the sufferings had
come upon Job.
One suggested, unhelpfully, that
they were because of his sins. Another posited, somewhat helpfully,
that God had wanted to humble
Another, Elihu, rebukes Job and
his friends for their lack of understanding of the Divine.
Finally, God Himself speaks to
Job and tells him that his friends
had spoken without knowledge.
He asks Job whether he understood the expanse of the earth.
Job admits he does not. Just as
a human cannot understand the
whole of Creation, so it is that
he cannot understand his suffering.
The reasons for what we go


through are sometimes kept from

us. Job admits his shortcoming.
God blesses him with a double portion of what he had lost at the start
of his tribulations.
The daughters born to him,
Jemima, Kezia and Keren Hapuch
are reported as the most beautiful
in the land. Job lives 140 years and
dies consoled.
Jobs grave is in Salalah, modernday Oman, his mausoleum beautifully kept. He is revered by Islam as
a prophet.
We, the Jewish people, are privileged to have 42 chapters of his
testimony, the greatest ever made
of Gods great judgment on the
human race.
This story happened over three
millennia ago and, according to tradition, Moses recorded the conversations of faith between Job, his
friends and God.
The entire book is recited on 9
Av in Sephardic congregations, as
a testimony to how our nation has
also struggled to piece together
their faith in the face of great challenges, existential and spiritual
since the dawn of time.


PARSHAT SHOFTIM, fifth in the Book

of Debarim, concerns the legal system
and judicial infrastructure Bnei Yisrael
would set up in the Land of Canaan.
Part of Moshes second speech on how
to create a viable and just society, it
was delivered on the eastern banks of
the Jordan River.
Among the major topics in the parsha are: judging righteously, setting
up cities of refuge for the accidental
murderer, and the punishment for corrupt witnesses (eidim zomamim).
Jewish law attempts to prevent the
corrosive influence of false testimony
against the innocent.
For example, if two people (lets call
them Pair A) testify that Reuben killed
Simon, after thorough cross-examination, their testimony will be used
to convict the alleged murderer, who
might then be condemned to death.
But, in the interim, should another
set of witnesses appear (call them Pair
B) who contest the claim of the first
witnesses not by contradictory evidence but by proving Pair A could
never have seen the murder they
testified about, Reuben would be

released and the discredited witnesses

would be punished instead.
Their punishment would be to
receive the same sentence they
tried to impose on Reuben; so they
would be sentenced to death. A great
Sounds abstract and Talmudic but
the relevance is significant. A new
society built for the first time must
avoid any hint of corruption.
One need only look at countries
today where injustice is still the norm;
disagree with the leader, disappear in
the middle of the night or be put to
death without trial. Such a society is
not Jewish.
But the deeper spiritual lesson is
that the laws of Eidim Zomemim also
apply metaphorically to us particularly how we testify about each
Its well-known that the destruction
of the second Jerusalem Temple came
about not just because the Romans
had a superior military, but because
the Jews were fragmented and splintered into antagonistic factions.
Today is vastly different from two
millennia ago, but how we speak
about each other is still of utmost
When we talk about family, friends
or acquaintances, those we love, compete against, envy or those we hardly
know, do we say nice words or negative ones?
What if our negative speech came
back to convict us of our own deficiencies, just like the testimony of the
refuted witnesses?
On a daily basis, shouldnt we be
more careful with what we say?

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The Jewish News 8 September 2016

Action Against Discrimination presents


Anti-Semitism in football
How serious is it now?






Board of


Chief Football
The Times

Sports Writer
and Journalist
The Mirror

Kick It Out

Brighton &
Hove Albion
Football Club

What is Progressive Judaisms view

on mixed-faith marriages?


Jonathan Metliss
Action Against

6 October 2016 at JW3

341-351 Finchley Rd, NW3 6ET
Registration & Reception 6.30pm

Q&A Panel 7.15pm - 9.00pm

Tickets 15 - Book at:
All proceeds go to Action Against Discrimination. Registered charity no: 1158502
Media Partner:


David Sullivan,
West Ham United FC

Russell & Son Landscaping

THIS YEAR, through my roles as Liberal Judaisms director of strategy and partnerships
and the coordinator of the Alliance for Progressive Judaism, I have made a number of
media appearances tackling everything from
the existence of God to Liberal Judaisms
support for Israel.
But the one that has, easily, caused the
most conversation, feedback and debate
was a simple letter published recently in
The Guardian where I outlined Progressive
Judaisms embrace of mixed-faith couples.
I received some lovely messages in reply,
many from mixed-faith couples whose marriages I had blessed and are now bringing
up their children as Jewish and educating
them in a Liberal cheder.
The most moving was from a non-Jewish
former teacher of mine, who has been married to a wonderful Jewish lady for 33
He had experienced vitriol at the time of
their wedding and expressed his delight
that our Progressive communities welcome
such couples.
As you would imagine, many Orthodox
voices said the exact opposite aghast
that I could be supporting people who are
marrying out (their phraseology, not

However, the most disappointing response and the one I hear all the time is
what I call the pragmatic one. Youve probably heard it said in your homes and synagogues. It goes along the lines that, in
todays world, Jews will meet and want to
marry non-Jews and, while we dont agree,
its best for our community and our membership fees to accept these marriages.
The truth is that Liberal Jews rejoice in
blessing and celebrating the love of two
We are proud to bless their relationships
and welcome them into our community.
We help and encourage them to bring up
their children as Jewish and, if they do, we
recognise that child as a Jew regardless of the
gender of the Jewish parent.
Im proud that Liberal and Reform rabbis
have helped so many couples create a joyful,
inclusive and egalitarian ceremony that usually means their connection to Judaism
grows rather than diminishes.
Its important that we continue to stress
that mixed-faith marriages are not just something to be dealt with as a modern reality.
Instead, they are a chance to show what
an inclusive and welcoming community we
can be and, above all, show the beauty of
Rabbi Charley Baginsky is Liberal Judaisms
director of strategy and partnerships. To find out
more about mixed faith relationships and Liberal
Judaism, email:



This week Daniel Raphael, head of

fundraising at Reform Judaism, picks
the late great actor, Gene Wilder

Creating that perfect garden for you

Call today for a free quotation

0208 5183388

| 07736 670531

62 Albermarle Gardens, Ilford, Essex 1G2 6DL

IT SEEMS apt to pay tribute to

my Jewish hero, just days after
it was announced that the
great Jerome Silberman had
sadly passed away. You may
know Jerome by another
name: Gene Wilder.
Perhaps best known for his
role as Willy Wonka, for me,
Wilder will always be the
Waco Kid or Jim from the
comedy favourite, Blazing
Saddles. Directed by Mel
Brooks, it was Wilders brilliant
comedy timing that set this
film apart from all others.
When asked about his rules
for making great comedy,
Wilders answer was as insightful as the man himself. Dont

try to make it funny; try to

make it real. Im an actor, not
a clown, he said.
Wilder described his Judaism saying: I have no other
religion. I feel very Jewish and
I feel very grateful to be Jewish. But I dont believe in God
or anything to do with the
Jewish religion.
If, like me, you are too young
to have had an early appreciation for all of Gene Wilders
work, may I suggest you close
the curtains, turn off your
phone, find a comfortable spot
on the sofa with several bowls
of popcorn and watch The Producers (another Mel Brooks
masterpiece), See No Evil, Hear

No Evil and Stir Crazy.

Wilder died on 29 August,
aged 83, after complications
arising from Alzheimers disease. When his family were
asked why he had kept his
Alzheimers a secret, the reason
they gave was beautiful. He did
not want the innocent minds of
his young Willy Wonka fans to
be confronted with an adult
referencing illness or trouble.
If I may leave you with one
final thought, in honour of the
great man himself, it is this:
Invention, my dear friends, is
93 percent perspiration, six
percent electricity, four percent
evaporation and two percent
butterscotch ripple.

8 September 2016 The Jewish News









Able to draw on the expertise of Norwoods
professional staff team, including social workers,
educational psychologists, drug and alcohol
specialists, speech & language and occupational
therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit
Expertise in specialist services available for children and their
families, children and young people with special educational needs,
and adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Lawyer with more than 15 years experience in
will drafting and trust and estate
administration, eight years at KKL Executor
and Trustee Company.
Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure
all legal and pastoral needs are cared for.
Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809




MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business
into 3 substantial UK branches that serves clients
worldwide USA, Europe & Middle East.
Telecoms specialist in Business & Consumer
mobile solutions, Landline & Broadband services
and is an Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller.
Successfully established the RCUK International Travel division offering
international voice and data solutions to many countries worldwide.

Experienced housing professional, BA (Hons),
PG Dip Housing, PG Dip Leadership.)
CE of jLiving, Jewish Community Housing
Association Ltd; a long established and
respected provider of sheltered and supported
accommodation, primarily for the Jewish
jLiving has sheltered housing properties in north-west London, Streatham,
Margate and Hemel Hempstead.

RCUK 020 8815 4115

jLIVING 020 8381 4901





020 7644 1500

Jewish heritage in
beautiful Budapest
Dear David
Ive read a lot about the Hungarian capitals Jewish history
so Id like to travel there with my husband for a kosher weekend break next spring. What can we look forward to, based
on your experience?
Dear Jennie
My wife and I recently spent a wonderful weekend in Budapest
a beautiful city, rich in Jewish culture and architectural splendour.
It offers a wealth of old European glory and great classical buildings
and youll have no difficulty exploring this remarkable, ancient city.
You have a choice of excellent hotels ranging from the most opulent five-star, to lower category hotels to suit all budgets. The
Carmel Kosher restaurant in the heart of the Jewish district is
open daily for dinner and offers excellent cuisine at affordable
prices. (Also open on Shabbat).
Your first sightseeing stop should be at the magnificent Dohany
Street Synagogue. This great centre, built around 1850, seats
more than 3,000 people and is the largest in Europe (and the second largest in the world). Tours around the synagogue are available and also takes in the museum and the ancient surrounding
memorial gardens.
A dedicated Jewish visitor service will take good care of you and
is available to guide you during your stay to all places of Jewish
heritage, both on the Buda and Pest sides of the river Danube,
which dominates Budapest.
No trip to this great city is complete without a visit to the famous
Budapest Castle, steeped in medieval history, offering a
panoramic view of the city and the world famous parliament
building. A Danube river cruise by night is a must the fantastic
buildings lit up is a sight to behold.
Budapest has it all... opera, theatre, music and culture intertwined
with tremendous European history as well as the most famous
and glamorous river in Europe. Have a great trip!



CEO of mydeposits, a government authorised
scheme that enables landlords and letting
agents comply with their legal obligations.
mydeposits launched in 2007 and has protected
over 1.6 million tenants deposits, safely and
Over 150,000 landlords and 3500 agents use us, including some of the
largest nationwide chains.
We operate in England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey.

Managing director of West End Travel,
established in 1972.
Leading UK El Al agent with branches in
Swiss Cottage and Edgware.
Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and
kosher holidays.
Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents.
Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

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in more locations
now in Borehamwood as well as
NW London & Stamford Hill (Skype from any location)

tackling more issues

miscarriage, fertility preservation, genetic issues,
male infertility, secondary infertility & more...
Helpline: 020 8201 5774
Office: 020 8203 8455


The Jewish News 8 September 2016




0800 075 7200

When should we start

planning for aliyah?


Professionally designed and built e-commerce
and brochure websites for the professional, retail
and voluntary sectors.
Specialist departments for financial services,
property agents and charities.
Services include graphic design, software
development, website support/hosting for both new and existing websites.
Online marketing, including SEO, PPC and social media.
Established 2001. Based in Edgware HA8 7AR.

ACUREGEN CLINIC 07778 267778

WEB PRO CREATIVE 033 33 447 300



Supports couples in the Jewish community
dealing with infertility and reproductive health.
Strictly confidential helpline.
Specialist medical support and information.
Counselling for individuals and couples.
Expert medical advisory panel.
Educational events.

The secret to a successful aliyah is entirely in the planning, so

its never too early to start. As a rule, I would recommend you
give yourselves between nine and 12 months to do the market
research, whether it is in relation to housing, education,
employment, ulpan or healthcare.
However, there are many factors that need to be considered
when making aliyah, which vary depending on your stage in life.
For instance, as a young married couple, your needs are very
different from retirees or that of a single person looking to go
straight into the army.
The Nefesh BNefesh website is a great place to start: It has lots of information and is continually
updated. I would also recommend a face-to-face meeting with
me to discuss your aliyah plans.
You may be interested in a seminar I will be giving in London
on 7 November entitled Considering Aliyah, where I will cover
the approval process, rights and benefits, communities
throughout Israel, education and higher education, healthcare,
national service and professional networking. Registration for
all UK events is also via our website.
I look forward to meeting you both soon and helping you fulfil
your dream of living in Israel.

iF nchalteuryedDin Ask oulrLExopue nge
As fe


Finchley Dental Lounge is a private

New Patienton
Oral Health-Check
(including any X-rays needed)
High quality dental care for all the family.
Special interest in cosmetics, whitening,
straightening and implants.

Half Price to Jewish News Readers

Only 45 instead of 90

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Book now on 020 8446 5880

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Simon and Lisa

Thank you for your enquiry and I commend you on your

decision to investigate this further.


MAcS MPCHM CertNatSci(Open).
CNHC Registered.
Founder of Acuregen Ltd, Intl.
Lecturer in cosmetic acupuncture and skincare
Vice chair of The Acupuncture Society
Backed by experienced team specialising
in unisex health and beauty.
Fertility, skin problems and injury/pain clinic.

Dear Dov
My family and I are looking into the possibility of making
aliyah. When should we start to plan for the big move to

Dear Simon and Lisa


18 years hands-on experience, leading JDA in
significant growth and development.
Deep understanding of the impact of deafness
on people at all stages of life, and their families.
Practical and emotional support for families of
deaf children.
Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.
Technology Room with expert advice on and facilities to try out the latest
equipment. Hearing aid advice, support and maintenance.

CHANA 020 8203 8455

Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018




Owner and principal dentist at Finchley Dental
Lounge, a private practice on Ballards Lane.
Family dental care with free examinations
for children under 16 years of age.
Special interest in cosmetics,
whitening and straightening
Specialist implants at the practice.

20+ years experience as a criminal defence
solicitor and higher court advocate.
Specialising in all aspects of criminal law
including murder, drug offences, fraud and
money laundering, offences of violence, sexual
offences and all aspects of road traffic law.
Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.
Member of the Lord Chancellors Judicial Selection Committee
for Lay Magistrates.


NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370





Professional choreographer qualified in dance,
drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining
an honours degree at Birmingham University.
Former contestant on ITVs Popstars, reaching
Bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw
and Kym Marsh.
Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago. Now teaches 800+
people across north London.

Chartered accountant FCA.
Accounting, taxation and business advisory
Specialises in forensic accounting.
CEDR accredited mediator.
Expert witness advice for all financial matters.
National winner of British Accountancy Awards and Most
Innovative Accounting Firm of the Year.


SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800





Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh BNefesh,
an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah
from the UK.
Conducts monthly seminars and personal
aliyah meetings in London.
An expert in working together with clients to
help plan a successful aliyah.

Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s.
Expert in the manufacture and supply of
diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general
Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public
at trade prices.
We buy for instant top cash prices any diamond, platinum, gold, silver
or jewellery.

NEFESH BNEFESH 0800 075 7200

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538

248 Ballards Lane, London N12 0EP

8 September 2016 The Jewish News


Do you have a question for a member of our team? Email:



Level 3 personal training (plus
International NASM bridging course)
Olympic weightlifting instructor/
competitive weightlifter
Diploma in studio instruction
(exercise to music and specialisms)
Emergency first aid





2015 UK fastest growing ActionCOACH (1st out
of 108 coaches)
Business growth rates enjoyed by CEOs/business
owners I work with include:Digital marketing business 6m loss to 1.5m
profit in 6 years. Web design agency 100% in 2 months. Health clinic 50% in
three months. Manufacturing business 50% in 9 months. Decorating firm 189% in
1 year. Retail chain 82% in 2 years. Hairdressing businesses 48% in 3 months.

Free professional service with immediate
practical help assisting those alone and in crisis.
Providing workable solutions with budgeting,
bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits,
form filling, bureaucracy and all procedures.
Cross communal and throughout London.
Working with all major social organisations, communal bodies and
borough councils.
Registered charity 1146302.

ActionCOACH 020 7993 2420 (Video testimonials are on my website)





Able to draw on the charitys
45+ years of experience in providing specialist
accommodation designed to enable
Knowledge of the features and innovations that
can empower people to undertake everyday tasks.
Awareness of relevant grants and benefits that may be available.
Understanding of the impact of a diagnosis of disability and ability to
offer help and advice.

Career in global pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline with
roles in IT, change management & people development.
Now an International Coach Federation certified coach
helping people with career development and midlife
change including dilemmas around ageing parents
Provides specialist advice to help unemployed
people get back into the workplace
Offers free one-to-one advisor support, workshops and networking opportunities





Expertise in providing unique and specialised
homecare for adults with age-related impairments,
dementia and complex care needs.
Knowledge of how to support adults with care
needs to achieve their full capacity in their own
Ability to support clients to live a meaningful and purposeful life
Training care staff to empower, rather than foster dependency.
Ensuring care staff are trained to understand Jewish values and traditions.

Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 11 years
ago to provide computer support for the home
and small businesses.
Clients range from legal firms in the City to
families, small business owners and synagogues.
More than 15 years experience means there arent
many problems Ian has not seen before..

CONCEPT CARE SOLUTIONS 020 8731 5970 / 07711 317 132

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171

Member of the Federation of Master Builders
Member of the Consumer Protection Association
offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee
of 5 years on all projects
Providing a tailored end to end property service for
residential property clients in North and North West
London. Focusing on a bespoke and quality service
Loft conversions, extensions, kitchens or bathrooms HPS is your first and last call
Fully insured and indemnified to be in your home.
HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320

020 8203 5242

Why doesnt she take

part in dance class?
Dear Louise
My four-year-old daughter loves watching dancing on the
television. She was really excited when I booked her ballet classes, so I was surprised to find that when I took her
to the class she hardly joined in, spending much of the
class staring at the teacher and the other children. I
thought it might be first-week nerves, but for most of the
term she did not join in that much. I know she is enjoying
herself and loves dressing up in her pink tutu! Also, on a
few occasions she has shown some of the ballet moves to
my husband and her brother at home. She is happy watching and does not disturb the class, but Im now at a bit of
a loss. Should I push her to take part or am I wasting time
and money? The teacher does not seem to mind as she is
not disrupting the class.
Confused Mum
Dear Confused Mum
It is quite common for very young students who are new to
dance classes to take their time settling in and participating fully.
Your daughter is still young and as long as she is not disrupting
the class, then I would personally allow her to enjoy the lesson
in her own way.
I have seen this on a few occasions over the years and, providing
the child is happy and showing enthusiasm, then continuing the
lessons can only be a positive experience. You would be surprised at how much they are actually taking in.
You mentioned that she demonstrates to family members what
she is being taught, so she does seem to be learning the steps
albeit not always demonstrating the moves in class. Give it time,
perhaps another term and hopefully she will start to join in more.
As long as she continues to enjoy going to class, she will eventually find her feet (so to speak) and gain the confidence to participate fully. Good luck!

The Resource to help you

back into work
Free support, learning and opportunities to



Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited
and registered with the Family Mediation
Collaborative family lawyer, with more than
20 years experience and founder of family
mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation
Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving
family disputes and gives advice on financial claims upon divorce and
arrangements for children





Are YOU qualified to

join Jewish News
expert panel?

020 8346 4000


The Jewish News 8 September 2016




Sunday 30th October 2016

Village Hotel, Elstree

Hosted by
VILLAGE HOTEL, Centennial Park, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3SB
For all enquiries please contact us on 020 7692 6929 or email

8 September 2016 The Jewish News 29


Fastlens Wholesale Glasses

80 Mowbray Parade, Edgware Way, Edgware
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Connor Buchalter celebrated his barmitzvah at Hatch End
Masorti Synagogue
Picture: Steve Hampshire

Sara Cluderay and George Feldmann Brummer were married at

West London Synagogue

Picture: Sarah-Ann Wright Photography

Bar/ Batmitzvah & Wedding photography

Capturing special memories in the most
important times of your life.
We build packages to suit your needs.

07956 818477 | 020 8491 6482

Lola and David Solomons celebrated thier diamond wedding
anniversary. They were married at New Synagogue, Egerton
Road, London, N16

Picture: Contributor

Matthew Reeves celebrated his barmitzvah at Radlett United

Picture: The Photo People

Have you just

celebrated a
Send your picture to


The Jewish News 8 September 2016




Barbecue rosemary turkey kebabs


Since the weather in this country is so

unpredictable, barbecues tend to be very
much last-minute events. However the more
organized you are, the better they will be.
Always give enough time out of the fridge, at
least 20 minutes, for raw barbecue dishes to
lose their chill and to be approaching room
temperature. If the meat, chicken, fish or
vegetable is too cold in the centre, the
outside may well burn before the inside is
cooked. This is a very simple recipe that the
whole family will enjoy. Serve with your
favourite salad and crispy jacket potatoes.



8 sprigs rosemary
1 lemons zested and juiced
1 tablespoon honey
1 garlic clove, crushed
2 tablespoons olive oil

1 Cut the turkey into long thin strips.

2 Pull all but the top leaves off the rosemary sprigs
(chop a few to add to the marinade, save the

3 Thread the turkey on to the tough woody stems

of the rosemary.

4 Place in a shallow, non-metallic bowl and sprinkle with the lemon zest. Mix the lemon juice,
honey, garlic and oil and pour over the turkey.
you have time).

6 Barbecue or cook in the oven 180C/ 350F until

Garnish Sprinkle over the reserved rosemary

golden and cooked; approximately 15 minutes.





Oya Broch! Compare & save up to 85% versus your bank

Every day, individuals and businesses rely on our award-winning platform for better-than-bank
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(All payment partners regulated by FCA)

Nathan Perez: +44 (0) 20 7096 1461

Powered by


Wed 14 September: Exciting Yom Tov


450g turkey schnitzel


5 Leave to marinate for 15 minutes (or longer if

8 September 2016 The Jewish News

















1 Crop-growing (land) (6)
4 Body powder (4)

8 Total (3)
9 Pieced-together

Divisions of a school
19 Application (3)
21 Church entreaty (6)
5 Alias (inits)(3)
14 Long narrow cut (4)

Last issues solutions


Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row,

column and 3x3 block contains the numbers 1 to 9.

1 3
8 7 4 6 2
3 5 8 4 7
4 1

ACROSS:1Cigar 4Mower 7Met

8Wastrel 9Ulcer 11Coins 12Ready
14Mercy 16Bitters 17Bra 18Tired
DOWN:1Cymru 2Gut 3Rower
4Music 5Warrior 6Rolls 10Clatter
12Rebut 13Yield 14Muses 15Yeast


JEWISH NEWS and online bingo providers Paddy
Power are giving readers the chance to win a pink
eight-inch Hipstreet Electron Tablet and SD card.
Weve increasingly become a nation which loves
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The reliable 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
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The Google Play store offers access to more
than one million apps check your emails, post
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browse the web, play games and much more.
With built-in Wi-Fi, its easy to get online and

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See next issue for all

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cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchange in whole or in part for cash. By supplying your email address you
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The Jewish News 8 September 2016


24.00 A WEEK

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Antique Reproduction Retro Furniture

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All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein
Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain,
Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc.

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc.

Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases,
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House clearances
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Charity & Welfare


Counselling for adults & children who are
experiencing loss. Support groups offered.
Call The Jewish Bereavement
Counselling Service in confidence

020 8951 3881 07765 693 160



For confidential advice, information and support dont forget Jewish Care Direct.

020 8922 2222


Sheltered Accommodation
We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable
warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people
in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour
warden support, seven days a week; a residents lounge and
kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.

For further details and application forms, please contact

Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

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Jami supports and represents

people with mental illness across
the Jewish community.


Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence?

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thhe future
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1 in 4 people will
experience mental illness.
Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with
a mental illness across the Jewish community.

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Remember our future

Please remember the future of
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Jewish Childs Day in your will. It is
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families in Israel

Leave the legacy

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to people like Joel.

The British Friends of Reuth


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physical and mental independence.
The patients need your legacy
to help rebuild their lives

Charity Number 1125012 Company Number 6634748

OR CALL 020 8371 6611

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No. 259480

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Camp Simcha exists to support and improve the quality of life for
Jewish families in the UK coping with serious childhood illness.
We provide a wide range of services designed to support families and
powerful positive experiences for the children and their siblings. Our
vision is that no child in the UK should have to suffer without us.
Crucial to the fulfilment of that mission is an effective marketing and
communications strategy. For this reason, we seek a

Marketing and Communications Manager

Part time - Salary commensurate with experience
Based in NW London, the individual will join a dynamic team. Duties
include development of a marketing and communications strategy,
management of the relevant budget, overview of sourcing, design,
production and print of all materials, developing the overall brand and
message, management of online/digital marketing and offline
marketing, PR, advertising and communication presence in the
community. The successful candidate will have a proven track record
of managing Marketing and Communications at a senior level.
To view the full job description go to
To apply, please send your C.V. and a covering letter to

Closing date for applications: Friday 23rd September 2016

Please note: No agencies PLEASE

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If you think you have what it takes and would like

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Season countdown... 0 3 days



The final part of our preview to the new season looks

at the sides bidding to bag Jewish footballs top prize
Raiders A brought in Daniel Shafron as
their new manager during the summer.
He said: Our aim is to build on our success over the last couple of seasons. We
know that it will be a huge task with several clubs looking to stop us from becoming champions again. However, Ive
joined North London Raiders to help
bring more silverware to the club and we
are all looking forward to the challenge.
One of the major signings of the
summer has surely been David Garbacz
agreeing to return as manager of
Hendon United A. He said: Our number one aim is to regain the league title.
There is no way I would have returned as
manager if I wasnt sure we could give the
title an all-out assault. This is not an overly
ambitious target we will all genuinely
be disappointed with anything less than
a title winners medal. Obviously we will
give the cups a good go as well another
Peter Morrison win would be nice.
Saying theyll be extremely strong in
the centre of midfield with the addition of
Yoav Lebens and Rocky Spitzer to go with
Ari Last, Avi Korman, Rafi Kon and Yoav
Kestenbaum, he said: The competition
for places in that area will be immense;
we wont be out-battled by anyone
thats for sure.
Redbridge A manager Jon Jacobs
says his side will be challenging for the
title. He explained: Were good enough
on our day to beat anyone, we just need
to be consistent.
Saying their strength is the depth and
harmony of the squad, along with pace all

over the pitch and with substitutes that can make a difference in a game, Dean Nyman
will enjoy one last swansong up
front, while theyve brought in
Zak Neiman from Scrabble,
Daryl Rubin, Russell Goldstein,
Nate Kashkett and Sam
Camden Park manager Max
Saunders says hes hoping to
bring a change of attitude at
the club. He said: Every year,
we start the season with a large
and enthusiastic squad, and by
December we struggle to get
11 for a game. As the new manager, Im hoping to change
that. If I do manage to change
that, anything is possible. Our
ambition is to win the league
and why not, we have the
Saying pre-season has been
a mixed bag, plagued by holidays, he
says: There have been some very good
performances, but due to people being
away it has been hard to get a rhythm
going. Overall I am pleased and very optimistic about what I have seen.
Adding a few players to the squad, he
says: Weve always had a very strong 11,
but as we all know that means nothing in
Jewish football as you rarely get your
strongest 11 on the pitch at the same
This year weve really added to our
team and squad and now we have
strength in depth. I would say that is our

strength this season, our squad.

FC Team A player-manager Mitch
Young says his side are going out to win
in every game they take part in. He says:
Were not in this division to make up the
numbers and feel with our attacking quality we can score goals against anyone in
the division. I believe this season's competitions will be the most open it has ever
been and were training hard ready to
compete. Weve upped our game from
previous seasons, are training midweek
and have made some marquee signings.
Having taken over the A Team again,
Im very much determined to win a major
piece of silverware for the club. Weve

won every title in the lower leagues

including the Minor Cup but now its time
for FC Team to win a big one.
With pre-season having gone well,
he adds: Well bring attacking direct
football with a will to win and hunger to
Maccabi London Lions As Joel Alterman says his side believe they have the
ability to challenge on all fronts this season. He says: All our player business is
now done and were all very excited by
our new signings.
Brady Maccabi, Oakwood A, SPEC
and Woodford Wanderers complete the

Clockwise from top left: North London

Raiders A, Hendon United As David
Garbacz and Redbridge As Jon Jacobs

Israeli duo knocked out in Hapoel Beer Sheva Lions stay in

mens doubles at US Open fail over transfer bid second place
DUDI SELA and Jonathan Erlichs US
Open campaigns are over for another
year, after both suffered second round
exit in the mens doubles competition.
Sela, teaming up with Frenchman
Stephane Robert, was beaten 7-6, 6-4
by the tournament's 12th seeds, Polands
Lukasz Kubot and Austrian Alexander
Peya, while Erlich and Mexican Santiago
Gonzalez were beaten 6-4, 6-4 by the third
seeds, American brothers Bob and Mike
Other early exits saw Argentine Diego
Schwartzman also defeated in the mens
doubles second round, while American
teenager Noah Rubin suffered first
round exits in both the mens and mixed
There were though two Israelis who
made it through to the second week at
Flushing Meadows, with Shelley Krolitzky

Jonathan Erlich was knocked out with Dudi Sela

and Yshai Oliel taking part in the junior

girls and boys tournaments.


failed in their attempts to sign USA
international Benny Feilhaber.
The Israeli champions, who
are set to face Southampton in
the forthcoming Europa League
group stages, reportedly approached Major League Soccer
side Sporting Kansas City for the
former Derby County player.
However, Beer Sheva were told
Kansas werent willing to entertain the offer, for the 31-year-old,
who was shortlisted for the MLS
Most Valuable Player award last
So far this season, he has
scored six goals and claimed
seven assists in 24 appearance. An
international with 41 caps to his
name although he hasnt been

USA international Benny Feilhaber

called up since 2014 he also won

a silver medal for the States at the
2005 Maccabiah Games.

LONDON LIONS maintained second spot in the Herts Premier Division table after three first half goals
helped them to a 3-1 home win
over Buntingford.
Skipper Josh Kennet opened the
scoring in the 12th minute, with
two further strikes in the last five
minutes of the half a stunning
25-yard striker from Austin Lipman
and first goal of the season from
Charlie Kasler setting up a comfortable victory.
The win maintained the Rowley
Lane clubs 100 percent winning
start to the season, which sees
them sitting behind leaders Bovingdon on goal difference.
This weekend see them start
their FA Vase campaign, with an
away trip at Burnham Ramblers.


The Jewish News 8 September 2016

Raiders, Scrabble and LEquipe are the teams
to beat as Maccabi League season kicks off

SUNDAY SEES the start of the
Maccabi GB (Southern) Football
League. With 33 teams set to do
battle over the next nine months,
were tipping North London
Raiders A to make it back-to-back
Premier Division titles.
Having got their hands on the
Division Two prize last season,
were predicting Scrabble will secure a second consecutive title in
Division One, while LEquipe look
equipped to celebrate their tenth
anniversary with the Division Two

NL Raiders A

Oakwood A




Catford &

Champions North London Raiders A are favourites to win the Premier Division but will be pushed by Oakwood A

title. League chairman David

Wolff is backing Oakwood to win
their first Premier Division title in
14 years and also believes Scrabble will celebrate a second title in
two years, while has also gone for
Catford & Bromley to get their
hands on the Division Two title.
Speaking about his hopes for
the season, he said: Im pleased
to say that numbers are steady
and we welcome four new teams.
Were also introducing repeated substitution (roll on/roll
off) which means teams can nominate up to five substitutes prior
to the game and rotate players
throughout the match. Its a move
that will definitely involve more
players, but how many clubs will
turn up with five subs? It will be
interesting to see.
On the decision by the National Maccabi Football Competition to revert back to a regional
structure for the Peter Morrison
Cup, he said: I hope this will
put an end to clubs not fulfilling
fixtures. is the place
for all your results, match reports,
photo galleries and video highlights.

Israel lose to 10-man Italy

despite Tal wonder strike
TEN-MAN Italy claimed a
hard-fought win in Israel in
their opening World Cup
qualifier on Monday but
not before Tel Avivs Tal
Ben Haim scored a wondergoal.
The Maccabi Tel Aviv
winger scored glorious chip
10 minutes before halftime, but, despite playing
with an extra man for much
of the second period Israel
could not get an equaliser,
losing to the Euro 2016 finalists 3-1.
Italy went in front after
14 minutes with the
tourists making it two on
the half-hour through a
penalty which sent Israeli

goalkeeper David Goresh

the wrong way.
The hosts were back in it
five minutes later, through
Ben Haims chip on the
right edge of the area,
which left Italys vexperienced keeper Gianluigi
Buffon stranded as it
dropped into the far top
corner to halve the deficit.
Celtic star Nir Bittons
long-range effort was parried by Buffon as Israel
threatened at the start of
the second half and there
was more good news for
the home side in the 55th
minute when Chiellini saw
The defender, booked in

the 28th minute, picked up

a second yellow after he
was ruled to have knocked
over Tomer Hemed. Israel
probed in search of a leveller, never came close to
getting one as the Italians
restricted them largely to
long-range efforts.
The visitors, who won
the World Cup back in
2006, killed the contest in
the 83rd minute when Immobile, a 70th-minute replacement
brushed his defender off
the ball on the right of the
area before lashing a fine
low shot across goalkeeper
Goresh and into the far

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Tal-isman: Ben Haim scored for Israel