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Beeswax has been separated into hydrocarbons (14%), monoesters (35%), diesters

(14%), triesters (3%), hydroxy monoesters (4%), hydroxypolyesters (8%), free acids
(12%), acid monoesters (1%), acid polyesters (2%) and unidentified material (7%). The
esters have been identified by thin layer chromatography, gas liquid chromatography
and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and by comparison with synthetic
mono-, di- and triesters, hydroxy mono- and diesters and acid esters. The compositions
of the acids, hydroxy acids, alcohols and diols from each ester fraction have been
determined by gas liquid chromatography.
The major hydroxy acid (70%) obtained on hydrolysis was 15-hydroxyhexadecanoic
acid, other hydroxy acids were 14-hydroxyhexadecanoic, 16-hydroxyoctadecanoic, 17hydroxyoctadecanoic, 19-hydroxyeicosanoic, 21-hydroxydocosanoic and 23hydroxytetracosanoic acids. The diols were 1,23-tetracosanediol, 1,25-hexacosanediol,
1,27-octacosanediol and 1,29-triacontanediol. Minor amounts of , -C 24-C28 diols were
also detected. The hydroxy acids and diols were mixtures of D- andL-isomers with the Lisomer predominating.