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Baptist Christian Hospital Tezpur, Assam Assam, the land of hills and valleys, the land ofthe mighty river Grahmapictra, lies | Populstion in a wat ore) in the northeastern corner of india. The name “Assam is derived from the term -22tel — = at “ASon which, in Sanskrit, refers to unequal or unrivalled. This state is bordering | Theracy Vaan MaRFOrAN) —_TaAIwaZa FEA) ‘Arunachal Pradesh in the east, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Bangladesh in the | Pim ‘S556 60) a west, Arunachal Pradesh, shutan. inthe north an | MME cI ZA te or os Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura in the south ASsam's economy | Ceeetncyat fs based on agriculture and ol. Assam produces a significant part ofthe total tea | Bib production of the world. Assam produces more than half of inla's petroleum, ES arent. Society Name Society Registration No Hospital License No FCRA Registration PNDT Act Registration Pollution Clearance Fire and Emergency Services National Trust 806 exemption Minority Status of School of Nursing, 8CH, Tezpur North Bank Baptist Medical Association, c/o Baptist Christian Hospital 5/63 of 1973-74 valid upto 08.06.2017 ‘SHA/18 (Renewal), Schedule IV, Under Section 9 (2) of Assam, Health Establishment ‘Act, 1993. valid till 13.07.2016 (Applied for Renewal) (020740009 Vide No 11/21022/62 (46)/85-FCRA Ill Dated: 08.03.1985 Ministry of Home Affairs sued by the Registered under Section 19 (1) of the Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994 (57 of 1994) valid tll 01.05.2018 “Consent to operate” under Water Act, 1974/ Air Act, 1981 (0.G. Set) till 31.03.2017 No Objection Certificate issued by the Office of the Director, Fire and Emergency Services, Assam, Guwahati valid til 31.03.2017 Registered under the National Trust (for the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, through Form ~B (See Regulation 7(2) Certificate of Registration (under section 12(4) of the Act — Registration No: 120617131996011/MR/CP/Autism/MD The donations to the Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur are exempted under section 806 of the IT Act vide Memo No: 12/80G(5)/CIT/GHY-1/2012-13/362531 dt: 14.11.2014 ‘The Schoo! of Nursing, Baptist Christian Hospital is registered under the NCMEI, GOI. F. No 946 of 2015/5581 dt 05.01.2016 What’s Inside oN PAGE NO 1 About us 1 2 Vision and Mission 1 3 Organogram 2 4 Governing board 2 5 Unit Management Committee eZ 6 Report of the MD 3 7 Experiences and Challenges 4 8 Statistics 5 9 Financials 6 10 Report of Administrator 7 11 Report of Medical Director 9 12 Report of Dy, Med Dir (HR & QM) 10 13 Report of Nursing Superintendent 1 14 Big Little Miracles 2 15 Report of Principal, School of Nursing 3B 16 Report of Principal, Community College 14 17 Report of Project Director 16 18 Report of Co-ordinator, Research 16 19 Challenges 18 20 Gratitude 19 21 Support 20 Cover Page: Painted by the Il yr GNM Batch (Batch of 2014) The loge for the hospital signifies About Us The Baptist Christian Hospital is situated on the North Bank of the river .Brahmaputrain Tezpur (Sonitpur District) of Assam in North-East India, The story of the Baptist Christian Hospital began 60 years ago as @ small dispensary and general hospital. The hospital has been regarded as the premier institution providing quality health care at an affordable cost and is ‘open to all patients irrespective of financial status, caste, ereed or religion. Over the years, our commitment to compassionate care resulting in transformation of individuals and communities have been consistent. By continuing to provide excellent patient centered care, teamwork, education, community development, collaboration with various government and non- governmental agencies and conducting research to demystiy illnesses, we are committed to delivering the best health care and saving lives. ‘The tea leaf signifies our location ‘The Cross on the leaf depicts that that it isthe center of transformation in the region [And the hand holding the leaf pictures the fact that we are in God's hand Biving life and growth to the community we serve Vision Fellowship for Transformation Through Caring ACH sa fellowship of individuals that contribute to the transformation of communities Mission In Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with a focus on the poor and the marginalized through ho appropriate health care training, research and community development, in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ ‘The number of patients who visit the Baptist Christian Hospital averages around 90000 per year. For many the ultimate destination in their quest for health. They come with a foreknowledge that thei limited resources, religion, caste and creed will not remain an impediment in accessing quality health care at BCH. LD) Dr. Vijayanand ismavel Chairman Pace encod Seen Ce ee ye deebeny il Cu PaO cee eer LD) 2. Mr-Jagdish Solanki PMC? Ca Na ae) CRC ESL es Cy TCU} 10, Mrs. ily Kent ree PO od pe coe? 415, Ms. Pratima Hainary Report of the Managing Director Dr. Koshy C. George | have immense joy to present the annual report for the year 2015-16. During this year our main focus was on Improving patient care and providing high quality of care that is accessible to all. Putting patients first means we are sensitive and responsive to their needs, and those of their families. Not only » but the are we committed to providing exceptional service to our patients at a cost that is affordabl compassion, kindness and respect that turns care into caring. We aim to create an environment that every encounter at BCH will be as positive as it can and a life changing and transforming time for our patients and families. {As part of our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best, we strengthened our recruitment process and we continuously seek new tools and standards to enhance safety, quality and patient care. As one example, unlike most hospitals, we were willing to shut down our services to ensure that doctors and other staff have a time for rest and reflection to ensure their commitment towards providing quality care and making BCH one of the best hospitals of this region. With our commitment to quality, our decision to pursue the NABH quality standards helped us to continuously assess and improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. Measuring quality in healthcare spans every component of the patient and family experience as well as that of a hospital's physicians, employees and the community it serves. Everyday, individuals from all levels of our organization come together to serve our patients, their families and ‘our community. They work not 2s individuals but as a team, striving toward a common goal ~ Fellowship for transformation through caring. It is this approach that allows us to treat our patients not just medically, but spiritually and emotionally. It inspi 5 us to ask how we can find new and better ways to exceed the expectations of our patients. Through the year we were called to treat more patients for more serious injuries and illnesses and every member of the team went the extra mile to ensure that the best was provided to those who came. ‘The Baptist Christian Hospital has made @ commitment to serve the community and this year we were able to move it the community as teams and provide expert care and medications with our community health team. ‘The needs in the remote villages of our country are unheard and unmet and we strive to ensure that they will be reached through our teams. The community health team continued to move into the communities with v us programs that seek to empower the people of the region while ensuring they meet the needs of the health of the community. This annual report highlights the dedication of our staff, our exceptional service, our quality programs and services and our commitment to growth. But most of alt reflects the faithfulness of our God who called us to be a part of the miracle He is working out in this part of the country. | am privileged to be part of this team that, is strong and willing to break through barriers that hold us back from giving the best back to the Lord, “| encountered the love of God in a way that opened my heart to know Him more and to enjoy His presence in my life. The Word has never been so enlightening as it is now” -Doctor “| was able to serve God through my time at BCH when | ministered to the sick” Pharmacist “Walking for more than 2 hours through a fore and crossing riv to reach the was an experience of a lifetim CHD! lage AS -clay ma alcd patient leave the hospital Naa very rain a Sera “Joy to reach out to the poor and needy” -CHDP Staff “Working in a team that was helpful and understanding was very encouraging” Doctor “Challenges faced — Increased workload, inadequa te infrastructure and equipment” -Staff Nurse “| was able to grow and build my confidence and efficiency” -Staff Nurse Experiences & lr V nh 4-h3 (se a da) —cenera surgeries soos, 0161 Surgeries ‘aNew Patients Repost Patients a7es7 0000 aaa 2000 onto surgeries 0000 on ad 20 0000 on 1000 Se at 20000 of = 500 a9 10000 Scag ° of was zoisas 201516 ronae roisas 201816 2016 16000 15108 200000 6 , 203.14 06-15, 160000 32000 205.16 120000 2000 2997339 0000 ‘40000 = Clinical Pathotony Biochemistry Micro Biology Serology & Others of e888 8a Yeay Utrasound crsean aoissa 2oeas 2015.16 16000 ‘Admissions 15000 14999 uss sae 201834 3838 01516 es a9 = Hou Bt icy bd 32000 sms 8 1000 aaa zoeas ae yond mwas wisis mons 2m1eas miss Revenue Expenditure « Establishmment (28.29%) = Administrative (2.35%) = HRD (3.4256) 1 Pharmacy Supplies (8.19%) ‘= Hospital (Other) Supplies (11.55%) ‘Maintenance (4.7656) Vehicle (0.27%) ‘sti (3.32%) «Charity (18.036 ‘= Outpatient income (29.5%) ie EOS) 1 Training (3.4%) sw Taxes (0.53%) ‘Grants & Other Sources (2.2%) “5 Nursing Schoo! (4.63%) "inpatient income (65.9%) 1m Depreciation (5.39%) = Other Expenses (9.27%) coxsroareD acuNT sane het ta Heh 2006 Unancon wena tienen atemse ned ecco sae = 3) pine ee coma 1 eras 2 nme rowan crs : fies nas Setitos ‘ ae . aun vaca ‘Sin eames nonsons ‘ sent sais somcsroner 90 : pore > mmaan oar ore ‘ sen rss Scoyrees : Ssun ‘aon Snrseamecses 2 sme scum feat u iso sa Denceae ious aoa ore owere 2 am ea, a sae a Eas Seared ADMINISTRATOR aaa venomrmre gurl saorisr chs anosma ATS CISTI HS Teapuriason Report of the Administrator ‘Me Jogish ch Soonti ‘Administrator ‘We are extremely grateful to the Lord for providing our needs in terms of finances, personnel, equipment’s and infrastructures during the year. The major femphasis this year was to make an action plan on implementation of NABH standards, start documentation of SOP's processes and awareness among all levels of, staffin order to achieve NABH Accreditation. ‘The internal audit conducted by Grant Thornton in Oct, 2015 helped us understand the _gaps and provided framework for Implementation of various SOP’s for Hospital. HIGHUGHTS OF THE YEAR: ‘+ FORA Renewal granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs vide letter dated. 20/05/2016 fora period of five years wed. 111.2016 + Consent Letter from Pollution Control Board granted tll 31* March 2017 + Schoo! of Nursing, BCH was awarded Minority Educational Institution status from NCMEI, Government of Inca vide letter dated 03.12.2015, + Cortificate of Registration under PNDT Act.1994 valid upto o1yos/2038 ‘+ Renewal of No Objection Certificate of inbuilt Fre Fighting/Fire Prevention & Fire safety Measures granted and valid up to 1.032017 + Hospital License valid up to 13.07.2016 + Continue to partner with various Governmental agencies to provide {quality cae tothe poor and marginalize. | am extremely grateful to the staff for ther cooperation and everyone whe contributed for the development of hospital, We look forward to the coming year with much joy for what the Lord Jesus has instore for us. + Renovation of Surgical ward Pie Chart of the Maintenance Work for 2015-16 + Transforming old Kitchen into new ward Miscellaneous — 7 sepemy —_*- inten toca ee coisras wn 4.67%, ef + Laundry shed somes + extension of Oxygen Room + Floor Tiling of OFD Hall waiting area + Refurbishing of incinerator + Installation of shredder machine + Construction of waste dsposal room with chambers 497% oa, + Purchase of color coded waste collection Bins + Construction of Nurses Hostel work's in progress + Installation of 6 CCTV cameras fr security IMPROVEMENT IN PATIENT FACILITES Report of the Medical Director \We experienced God's goodness and mercies in aur lives and families during the past year. Many patients Dr. Asolie Chase and relatives who passed through the gates of the hospital were blessed by His healing mercies, as the Gospel was shared in Word and Deed, We are especialy grateful forthe spirit of unity among the BCH family during the challenges we faced. It was encouraging to see the selfless service rendered by the staf as they worked not for earthly gains but fora higher cause. \We thank God for enabling us to reach out to the ‘community this year and conducting various eamps in the remote regions around us. We are indebted to the many doctors and volunteers who visited and helped us in times of need during the pas year. Dr. Shafini Beryl graduated as the first candidate of the IPPC course conducted with the University of sydney. We also praise God for opening the doors for our doctors to pursue their post-graduation inthe departments of Internal Medicine, child Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Orthopedics at CMC Vellore and Ludhiana and we look forward to ‘them joining us after thelr course. The laboratory has done exceedingly well in ‘maintaining the quality and accuray of tests done in ‘ur hospital. The volume of work and quality of the para-clincal and laboratory departments have been remarkable and we thank the teams involved for being focused and compassionate. Please continue to pray for more people to join us in ‘our mission and expand the work being done here. Report of the Dy. Med Director (HR & QM) Dr. (Maj). Vikrant Milton HR Report We Invest in People |What does it take to employ and retain @ Christian health care professional? What would it take for a Christian heath care professional to continue to serve in the organization amidst the dynamic and rapidly changing environment? These are the ‘questions which we have grappled with during the past year. We at Terpur believe that spitusl enrichment and capacity building are the biggest welfare measure for cur employees today. They develop and refine us both individually and professionally and ensure safety and positivity at work place ‘Some ofthe major trainings conducted in 2015-16 were +Health Care Communication, Medico Legal Aspects & ACLS for doctors & nurses ‘+ BLS, Fire Safety & Occupational Hazards fr all employees + Need focussed trainings: Dil Se for Nursing Tutors, Social ‘Mapping and Community Mobilization for CHOP Staff and ‘many others. + Continuous In-Service trainings for all echelons of staf Including mortality & clinical audits. We give all honour & glory to God for his hand of comfort and protection on our employees and their families and for showing Us the right paths to take, We thank you all for your constant prayer and encouragement. Please continue to pray for us as we ‘endeavour to manage Human Resources to bulld our institution's Human Capita. ‘eternal Quay is maintained in bacterloey laboratory with ATCC strains Quality Report ‘The foundations were laid with large stones of good quality..1 Kings 7:10 ‘Our Father wants excellence in what we build and the work we do. Quality is Inherent to Kingdom Values and should be ‘reflected in all that we do. ‘We at Tezpur constantly endeavour for continuous qualty ‘improvement in our healthcare delivery. Some of the major intatves in 2015-16 towards this were- ‘+ Formulation & implementation of Infection Control and Bio ‘Medical Waste Management protocols & training of the staff forthe same + Environmental urvellance for HAL, VAP, CRUTI& SS + Nursing manpower planning as per NABH guidelines + Designation of Ward Managers & conducting nursing audits ‘+ Revision of medical & nursing documentation formats ‘+ Renovation of hospital wards which are now mare greener With lesser carbon footprint ‘+ Formulation of hospital policies and manuals as per NABH standards which is work in progress ‘The NABH standards provide @ good benchmark for Quality Management System, We have started the NABH Accreditation process which is @ paradigm shift from the traditional way of ‘working of Medical Missions and is a change management and ‘ves us an opportunity to interalise the attitude of quality care ‘and learn and grow 2s an institution. More than getting ‘Accreditation Quality Management is about efficiency and ‘effectiveness in our healthcare delivery. Quality Management is ‘a balance where on one side we need to be related to the poor and the marginalised and on the other side are limited resources ‘and mounting costs ‘Quality a habit, not an act. Continuous improvernent of quality Jn our health care delivery Is @ journey not a destination. The Journey continues. ‘The Clinical Biochemistry Department has also been paced mong the top 10 among the 4000 lboratores hat partipated some ofthe parameters eC) countrywide and scored 90 percentile inthe monty rogram for CMC, Velo FOAS Jo 2015 to De 2015. P+ caasconduced by ladon Assocition of Mecical Microbiologists (AMM). 4 Report of the Nursing Superintendent Mrs. Vijaya Solanki O give thanks to the Lord for He is good for His mercy endures forever. Ps. 136:1. {thas been another wonderful year of watching our nurses develop and come te be more ‘confident in the cal that God has placed on each of thelr ves. ‘The nursing services continues to remain as the largest department in terms of manpower. really thank Got for their hard work and team workin nursing service. The past year has been eventful with many opportunities for learning and change. Achievements of the year + Regular in-service traning for nurses and housekeeping staff to enhance quality of * Introduction ofthe one week induction program for newly recruited staff nurses. + Training of allnurses and support staff in Basic Life Support. Renovation of wards and improvement of facilities for patient care. + Review and revision of nursing care documentation. + Seminars and Spiritual meetings with the ENF! national leaders ‘Staff retention and infastructute of staff accommodation continues to be ach ge Please continue to pray as steps are taken towards improvement in uality nursing care. The Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care at BCH, Tezpur takes care of critically ill neonates and children, The NICU in our hospital serves as a Level 2 NICU with facilities for ventilation. Sick neonates are referred from nearby hospitals and also brought from far flung villages with prematurity (babies weighing as low as 1 kg) and birth asphyxia of various stages. There are several examples of God's faithfulness and His work in this place. We have truly experienced the joy of healing along with parents and family and we are indeed blessed to serve the poor and the marginalized and provide high quality care at a cost affordable to them. The smile and happiness on the face of a child and their parents are a reward . We are unable to express in words our heartfelt gratitude to all who have prayed and financially contributed for the ventilator. This has enhanced our ability to provide life-saving care. Dr R.S. Wungramthing Paediatric Intensivist Report of the Principal, School of Nursing | Ms. Eba Basumatary . Revised syllabus introduced during this academic year. New teaching staf joined the schoo! after their training. Tutors invited as guest faculty for conference at state level Students won awards at the State and National level of the Student Nurses Assocation. ‘Tutors involved in change management as the hospital moves towards NABH accreditation. OP's standards of nursing care and infection control manuals developed by the tutors Report of the Principal, Community College Mrs. Lily Kent First batch of 18 students successfully completing the course and graduated. ‘The second batch was started in Oct 15 with 11 students New course added - pharmacist assistant. Plans to add new courses for the next academic year (2016-17) Placement All glory and honor to the Lord fr his unfailing love and for seeing us through. Report of the Project Director and Coordinator Research Dr. Pratibha Milton Chitdren are ike buds in a garden ond should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the {future ofthe nation and the citizens of tomorrow ~ Jowahoarll Nehru The Community Health Development Program at Tezpur continued its work with children in difficult lrcumstonces and had the privilege of walking with communities in finding ways of keeping ther healthy, protected and able to find their potential, through programs for dlsabilty, prevention of human trafficking and abuse and faclitating safe migration. Complex situations requiring varied strategies and involving all stakeholders to be atively involved. ‘The team grew incapacity, young people were abe to take up more responsibilty and leadership roles and do more. (Our workin Sonitpur district finaly started with Ivelhoods and a disability program and doors were ‘opened for us to go back into Arunachal Pradesh with 2 program for prevention and education on hepatitis B where there is high prevalence With grateful hearts we acknowledge our partners CBM, TEAR UK, ICCO, APPL Foundation and many other friends and well wshers who came along side and made a ifferencein the lives of our children, \We thank our Lord Jesus Christ who has enabled us, equipped us and has given us the prvlege of this beautiful journey. “We do not ask to walk smooth paths nor bear an easy load. ‘We pray for strength and fortitude to climb the rock strewn road. Give us such courage we may scale the hardest peak alone and transform every stumbling block into a stepping stone” Gail Brook Burket RESEARCH ‘The esearch department of Saptist Christian Hospital continues inquires into various health aspects ofthe populations it ‘serves. This helps us to serve them better and also practice evidence based care in etical areas. Some ofthe maloreterch studies underway rng 201-16 were fi + The ATTEND- Trial Family Led Rehabilitation after stroke in India G + stroke unt Establishment of Stroke Registry and Evaluation of Stoke Unit Care and ts Impact ina secondary Care setting + Snake bit: A national study of snake envenomation syndrome ~specescorelaton and cnc outcomes of snakebite + A community based delivery of comprehensive HBV caren Arunachal Pradesh, Ina Population Screening and Linkage tare + Two proposals were approved by ICMR and are pending release ofthe research gant. Quality Health Care Accessibility to the poor Prevention of Trafficking Mental Health Rights for the disabled Child abuse Palliative care Infectious diseases Alcoholism Drug Abuse Intensive Care Teenage Pregnancy Young Hypertensives Balancing work, family and rest Unknown diseases Increasing disparity in health Unsafe roads Education Standing in the gap Keeping the vision Rihon Daimart Minister, Social Welfare Director, Social Welfare Department Dy. Director, Socal Welfare Department ‘Chairperson (ACPCR) Commissioner, Disabilities Chairperson, suc connien i pteciont ewe Deputy Commissioner, Sonitpur District Deputy Commissioner, Udalguri District Superintendent of Police, Sonitpur District Superintendent of Police, Udalgurt Distt DHS, Sonitpur District DHS, Udalgur District Social Welfare Officer, Tezpur Block Officer, Udalguri Gerald and Wendy Cowles, Grace Babies ‘Ajay and Kriti Goenka Renu John ‘Shoma Baidya Elizabeth and Sam Ninan Mona and Thilak Jepagnanam ‘Sampath Kari Vinu George Emel Mal coat cual CMC, Vellore ‘EMG, Ludhiana PIMS, Pondicherry CIHSR, Dimapur TTerpur University 155, Base Hospital ‘Amit Sinha, SALT, Kolkata Rohith and Kim Jesudas Sushil and Florence Sethi Giobal Open University, Nagaland ‘Commissioner Income Tax, Guwahati Samuel Das, Asst. PF Commissioner Regional PF commissioner ‘Asst. Commissioner of ‘Taxes, Tezpur Manoj Fogla, Advocate Inspector of Drugs, Sonitpur ASEB Commissioner Secy, Lab &Empl Sunny Philip, Transformalife MPa EBC, Terpur NBBCA GLchurch ‘CNI Church Mrs. Sujetha Peters, CAL NABH Consultant ‘Mr. Sunny Philip TransformAtife The Dr. Sushil and Florence Sethi Student Nurses hostel is nearing completion and can accommodate 120 students. We thank the Sethis for their generous financial support and their continued prayers ELC NELC Catholic Hospital, Borgang Himadri Pathak, WHO ‘Swifeware Solutions IM, Chennai Tearfund, UK Stop the Traffik (CBM, Australia Foundation of Hope and Grace BMS Foundation acc reco [APPL Foundation Mobility india Motivation, India Bethany Society, Shillong Ferrendo Center, Shillong, ABSU, Udalgurt AATTSA, Udalguri ASA, Udalgurt Eunice and Jasper Daniel Hendrix ST ta ety ‘Operation Theatre (2 Increased patient waiting units required) time ASOOOD! || 27,000 Staff Quarters Proper accommodation for (5 Units required) all staff 5.00 00 ooo PATIENT CARE Food for two weeks for a patient 2500 7 Maintaining one free bed for one month 16,500 180 Supporting one free clinic 75,000 800 EDUCATION Scholarship for a GNM student (monthly contribution) st eae Scholarship for a GNM student —- a (early contribution) 36,000 19,000 60 390 1800 250 2500 25,000 13,000 275 1250 170 1700 BAPTIST CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL Mission Chariali, Tezpur, Dist. Sonitpur, ‘Assam. India Pincode: 784001 Phone: +91 3712 255162 Social Media Emait Web: Facebook: Bchtezpur Field Office ADWR - CHOP Near Golma ASTC Bus Depot Udaigur, Dist. Udalguri Assam. India Phone: +91 0435728111