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Symbiosis of smart objects

across IoT environments

The Big Picture

Increasing number of connected things
Multitude of vertical & isolated IoT
High barriers of the IoT market for start-ups
and new stakeholders
Lack of cross-domain IoT applications



Enable IoT platform federations

Offer domain enablers to cross-domain app
Allow for cooperation and collaboration
between IoT platforms
Pave the way for new business models in the
IoT Value Chain

Environment for bartering and trading of

IoT resources
Roaming of smart devices across smart
Easier for third-party developers to build
new cross-domain apps

The Technical Approach

Architecture Highlights
Cross-layer approach for IoT interoperability
Different layers = different functionality
Incremental features, starting from topdown
Inspired by oneM2M architecture and its
Reference Points
OpenIoT as reference IoT platform
Open Source!

Application Domain: unified view for crossplatform resource discovery and
management; IoT platform cooperation
Cloud Domain: interworking interface for
exposing native resources
Smart Space Domain: gateway middleware
for dynamic device discovery and
Smart Device Domain: client SW for smooth
blending of devices in smart spaces; device

Get Involved!
Use Cases

The Consortium

Smart Residence: interoperability of

collocated deployments within smart spaces
Smart Campus: IoT platform federation
within the cloud domain
Smart Mobility and Ecological Urban
Routing: Interoperability of cooperative
platforms at the application domain
Smart Stadium: Interoperability of
cooperative platforms at the application
Smart Yachting: Interoperability of
cooperative platforms at the application

Open Calls
IoT platform providers to achieve synergies
by making their solutions symbIoTe-powered!
Application developers to create crossdomain apps!
Use case owners to demonstrate the
symbIoTe applicability to other domains!

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2016 symbIoTe Consortium

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