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New Cleveland Clinic Family Health

Center & Emergency Room

Belle & Detroit Avenue
(June 2018)

Cleveland Clinic
Lutheran Hospital
5.7 miles

St. Vincent Charity

Medical Center
9.7 miles

Cleveland Clinic
Avon Hospital
11.8 miles
(Nov. 2016)

Medical Center
7.4 miles

University Hospitals
Westlake Health Center
5.8 miles

Cleveland Clinic
Main Campus
12.2 miles

Cleveland Clinic
Westlake Medical Campus
6.6 miles

Medical Center
and Rainbow
Babies &
12.9 miles

West Park Health
2.8 miles

West 150th Health
and Surgery Center
3.7 miles

Cleveland Clinic
Fairview Hospital
and Medical Offices
3.2 miles

Westlake Health Center
10.1 miles

Medical Offices,
Ambulatory Surgery
Center & Emergency
7.3 miles

University Hospitals
Parma Medical
10.5 miles

University Hospitals
St. John Medical Center
10.6 miles

University Hospitals
Southwest General
Emergency Trauma
Center, Main Campus
9.3 miles

City of Lakewood Community Bulletin, Issue No. 4

When it comes to taking care of your health and your familys health, there
are multiple options in Lakewood and nearby cities. To let you know just
how many doctors and other health professionals have offices in Lakewood
or within a short drive, we put together the map above, highlighting each
location where there is a medical office (traditional or alternative), outpatient
center or clinic, urgent care center or emergency department.

Its Your Choice: Health Care Services for

Lakewood Residents
You have plenty of options, and we encourage you to find the right kind
of care thats most convenient to you and your family. You can also
access the map above at or consult the list on the
reverse to see what kind of care is offered at each Lakewood location.
In recent years, the way health care is provided in cities across the
country has changed dramatically. Thats because medical experts
have learned that people benefit most from primary, preventive and
outpatient care for chronic problems, like high blood pressure and
obesity, before they become serious. Treating diabetes, pulmonary
disorders, chemical addictions and mental health problems are key to a
healthier community. Keeping people out of the hospital is the goal.
Its healthier, less stressfuland less expensivefor our residents and
their families.
But if you do need inpatient hospital care, there are multiple options
within a 15-minute drive for most Lakewood residents. Working in
tandem with you, first responders to a 911 callour dedicated
firefighters and EMSmake the decision thats best for each patient.
The Cleveland Clinic continues to provide emergency services in the

heart of Lakewood, with board-certified emergency medicine

physicians and experienced nurses treating everything from
cardiac arrest and stroke to sprained wrists and broken
ankles. A range of services are there for the whole population,
infants to the elderly.
The emergency department is operational 24/7 and the staff is
getting great reviews from patients. For example:
Susan was treated for two broken ankles. Everyone
from radiology, blood work, the nurses and the staff
were absolutely wonderful. Ive lived in Lakewood for
32 years and I feel comfortable here because I do
know the staff is excellent.
Finally, city officials are moving forward with the selection of
individuals who will be part of a planning task force for a new
wellness foundation dedicated to addressing community
health and wellness needs for years to come. What is a
wellness foundation? Think of it as Lakewoods own Cleveland
Foundation, with the sole focus on our health and wellness.

Visit for updates

on health care in Lakewood.

Name of Medical Facility



Abco Medical


13535 Detroit Avenue #4

Brian K. Smith, D.D.S., M.D., Inc.

Oral Surgery

14701 Detroit Avenue #333

Center for Interpersonal Development


14650 Detroit Avenue #Ll30

Chiropractic Health Services


11820 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Emergency Room

Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Family Health
Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Medical Assoc.
Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation & Sports
Cleveland Community Physicians

Emergency Medicine

14519 Detroit Avenue


16215 Madison Avenue


11851 Detroit Avenue

Medical Physical Therapy

16915 Detroit Avenue


14701 Detroit Avenue #650

Crestmont North Healthcare

Skilled Nursing

13330 Detroit Avenue

CVS Pharmacy

Immunizations & Pharmacy

15501 Detroit Avenue

CVS Minute Clinic

Walk-in Health Clinic

11706 Clifton Boulevard

Discount Drug Mart

Immunizations & Pharmacy

15412 Detroit Avenue

Discount Drug Mart

Immunizations & Pharmacy

13123 Detroit Avenue

Ehren Chiropractic Center


13314 Detroit Avenue

Eliza Jennings Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic Seniors

14306 Madison Avenue


Skilled Nursing

13315 Detroit Avenue

Foot & Ankle Clinic


15644 Madison Avenue #213

Giant Eagle Pharmacy

Immunizations & Pharmacy

14100 Detroit Avenue

Beltone Audiology and Hearing Care Center


14701 Detroit Avenue #102

Holistic Lakewood

Homeopathic Medicine

15217 Madison Avenue

John F. Gentner, DC


13708 Madison Avenue

Lakewood Center For Refractive Surgery


14200 Madison Avenue

Lakewood Chiropractic


15711 Madison Avenue

Lakewood Eye Center

Eye Care & Surgery

16400 Hilliard Road

Lakewood Pain Management & Chiropractic


1451 W. 117th Street

Marc's Pharmacy

Immunizations & Pharmacy

14861 Detroit Avenue

MetroHealth Lakewood Health Center


14701 Detroit Avenue

Neighborhood Pediatrics


14701 Detroit Avenue

Norris Family Chiropractic


14520 Detroit Avenue

North Coast Health Ministry

Free Clinic Medical

16110 Detroit Avenue

O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood

Skilled Nursing

13900 Detroit Avenue

Optimal Wellness Center

Homeopathic Medicine

11860 Clifton Boulevard

Orofacial & Cosmetic Surgery


14700 Detroit Avenue

Premier Physicians Center


15000 Madison Avenue

Rehab Professionals of Cleveland Inc.

Medical Physical Therapy

12221 Madison Avenue


Immunizations & Pharmacy

16207 Detroit Avenue

Russell Chiropractic


18624 Detroit Avenue

Suburban OMS Center

Oral Surgery

15711 Madison Avenue

The Reiki Room

Homeopathic Medicine

1394 Cranford Avenue

Total Foot Care

Medical Podiatrist

15810 Detroit Avenue


Immunizations & Pharmacy

14815 Madison Avenue


Immunizations & Pharmacy

11701 Detroit Avenue

West End Pediatrics


14701 Detroit Avenue