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For Sara, who has always believed in me.

I love you, my princess!

LinkedIn Riches
Copyright 2014, 2016 John Nemo
Published by John Nemo
St. Paul, Minnesota 55125
Revised Edition April 2016
ISBN 10: 149738401X
ISBN-13: 978-1497384019
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
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John Nemo took my LinkedIn profile page and ignited it in a way
I hadnt seen done before. After witnessing Johns expertise up close
and personal, its easy to see why hes been crushing it on LinkedIn
the past few years. Simply put, when it comes to LinkedIn, John
Nemo is the real deal. Cant wait to share more of his LinkedIn
knowledge bombs with the rest of Fire Nation soon! John Lee
Dumas, Host, Award-Winning Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, BestSelling Author
When it comes to LinkedIn, there are pretty much three people I
listen to, but only one has ever dropped new business right in my
lap the way John Nemo did. You know me. I dont recommend
people lightly. John Nemois worth your time. Jump on this book!
Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker
Bottom line is that I can attribute just over $20,000 in the last
4-5 months to using LinkedIn based on Johns program insights. I
have another $10,000 in outstanding proposals that I feel confident
will land in the next few weeks.There is not a week that goes past
when I do not have new leads generated from my continuing to
follow this programs advice! Paul Copcutt, Personal Branding
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After completing Johns LinkedIn Riches training and setting up
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Thank you, John! Karen Nierlich, Small Business Owner
In a very short amount of time, Ive added 90 new connections,
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meetings with prospects. Ive turned my LinkedIn network into
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followers. Your system is so simple even for the average Joe. Thank
you! John Barton, Director of Sales

I cant believe how fast Johns training worked! Following Johns

strategy and trainings, I sent just one personalized LinkedIn invite
and follow up message to someone I noticed in my network. A
day later I closed a new Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
project for his e-commerce website. Johns scripts and strategies
worked incredibly fast and landed me a new client less than 24
hours after I went through the LinkedIn Riches Training Program.
Unbelievable! Madhan Raj, Digital Marketing Consultant
This program is amazing ... one of the best investments I have
made for my business! Before I even finished the training, I
already hadone new client and formed a partnership with another
individual! I just wanted to tell you that for myself and my Small
Business, you have made a terrific difference! Kathy Simkins,
BraveChange Coaching
No fluff just strategies that WORK from someone who actually
USES them - not just teaches them. Using Johns system, Ive grown
my Loan Officer Tips Group from zero prospects to a thriving
community of more than 1,000in less than 60 days! And I did it
using the ideas and templates John Nemo shares inside LinkedIn
Riches! Brian Sacks, Mortgage Consultant & Financial Services
5 of the 13 sales Ive made so far this year came from LinkedIn
using Johns methods! NO KIDDING, this REALLY works!
Charles (Chaz) Broersma, Internet and Digital Marketing
Thanks John Nemo! I must say, applying just a small fraction of
your LinkedIn Riches has yielded a HUGEreturn on investment.
I hadnt even finished the first few training modules, applying
what was inside them to my profile, when I immediately received
three inbound inquiries from prospects via LinkedIn. I wrote two
proposals based on those three conversations ... one has already
signed up for my services, another is pending! Lisa
Anderson, CPA, Virtual CFO and Small Business Owner

John I should tell you that I just sold my largest consulting gig
ever. It came from LinkedIn, and it came from being proactive on
LinkedIn and following your tips! Thank you!
Dave DeVelder, FasTrac Revenue
Thanks to Johns strategies, I wasable to increase my monthly
LinkedIn profile views to well over 2,000 per month, which
jumped my connection requests through the roof! I went from
212 connections to over 2,000+ connections in just a few months.
I NEVER ONCE requested the connection it was all people
who are interested in what I offer. I am seen as an authority in my
space now. Ive also done a radio show interview and I dont think I
would have been noticed for it, had I not read and used the info
I learned from John Nemo. Thanks John!
Matt Johnson, SEO Consultant
When it comes to LinkedIn, John Nemo is a marketing genius.
His system has brought in dozens of new clients and generated an
ongoing stream of qualified sales leads are looking forexactlythe
type of services we offer. I cant recommend John and this book
enough! Thomas Backal, Lazarus Financial Group
Since taking your online course, Ive revamped my LinkedIn
profile and noticed a HUGE increase in the number of people
looking at my profile! Its helped me close new deals, and when I
talk with or email potential clients, I seetheyve checked out my
LinkedIn profile. Best of all, I now have people contracting MY
services to rewrite THEIR LinkedIn profiles! Thanks to LinkedIn
Riches, I now understand the power of LinkedIn and prefer it to
any other social media platform for business use!
Amanda Shaw, Webrunner Media Group
John, I incorporated your advice on the One sentence you must
have into my profile, and within two days I had three targeted
prospects calling me! It was the psychology of your sentence that
made the prospects move forward. Thank you for your insight!
Roger Smith, Coach and Consultant, Financial & Legal Services

John you completely made my day yesterday. I couldnt believe

how fast this worked! I have to admit ... I was a little skeptical. But
after a few hours, Im not anymore. I started implementing your
suggestions yesterday morning, thinking I had nothing to lose
by trying. Not long after, I was contacted by the CEO of a local
corporation ... he wants to meet with me this week! I have never
secured a meeting so quickly. Thanks for sharing your LinkedIn
wisdom. It really is gold! Amy Lowe, Precom Training
Holy Smokes John ... just scratched the surface of implementing
the ideas and some dude has ALREADY reached out to me to
discuss my services. Im as skeptical as they come, but you my
man are the Real Deal! Im very grateful for you sharing your
information John. Thank you!
William Kliskey, Five Star Ally, Inc.
Meeting and working with Johnhas beena true blessing for me.
I have limited social media experience, and asked John to create
an interesting LinkedIn Profile page for me. The result was simply
amazing! When I approached John, I had 66 contacts and weekly
profile views of around 2. Sixweeks later, I had over 5,500 contacts
and well in excess of 1,000 profile views a week.John showed me
some very good ways to increase traffic on my LinkedIn Profile
page. Furthermore, I have already had meetings with severalnew
LinkedIn contacts,with whom my company will likely do business
in the future!I can strongly recommend working with John as you
will benefit from his creativity as well as his vast experience with
social media and LinkedIn in particular.
John Beresford Marshall, Investing & Financial Services
John Wow!You are really on top of your game. I have invested
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the top! Your training had strategies and techniques that areNOT
COVERED BY ANYONE else. Again wow!
Dr. Murray Beaulieu, JV Broker, Health & Safety Products

A l so b y J o h n N e m o
F i c tion

Millers Miracle


The Kings Game

N onfi c tion

(Mostly) True Stories:

47 Essays on the Laughter of Life

Share This:

Labor Unions and Social Media

Table of Contents





Introduction: Why LinkedIn?


My Story LinkedIn, $135,000 and the Soft

Pretzel Box


SECTION 1 Profile: How To Create a ClientAttracting, Lead-Generating Profile


SECTION 2 Prospects: How To Instantly Locate,

Engage and Sell to Your Ideal Prospects on LinkedIn


SECTION 3 Publishing: How To Create, Share and

Utilize Compelling, Client-Attracting Content on


SECTION 4 Parting Thoughts


SO What Did You Think?


About the Author

I dont have adequate words to describe how much Jesus
Christ means to me. Throw all that religious nonsense out the
window Im talking about Jesus Christ as my hero, savior
and best friend. Jesus, your inescapable grace, your tender,
patient way of loving me, your steadfast refusal to give up on
me no matter how often I stumble and fail and falter and flail
around how do I put that into words?
Where does love like that come from? Who gives us grace
like that? Jesus, just writing this makes me a blubbering mess
of gratitude. Thank you. My hero. My God. My savior. Im a
mess. Im broken. And Im saved. And Im safe.
We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus
Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter
who we are. Romans 3:22

12 | LinkedIn Riches

Jesus is a tough act to follow, but Ive got to thank some
other folks too. Ill start with John Morgan, who has been
an indispensible part of my life and business for the past few
years. Reading his book Brand Against The Machine changed
the entire way I approach marketing and business, and his
advice and inspiration remain incredibly important to me.
Thank you, John.
I want to thank my parents (both English teachers) for
fostering a love of story and books early in my life. I literally
grew up in a house that had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
lining the walls of our family room.
To my gorgeous wife, Sara, and our three wild boys Jacob,
Alex and Bailey thank you for making me the luckiest guy
on the planet. Thank you Sara, especially, for believing in me
and encouraging me to chase my dreams. I cannot put into
words how amazing, beautiful and fun you are!

Preface | 13

14 | LinkedIn Riches


Why LinkedIn?

emember Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

(It will be the first of many 1980s references sprinkled
throughout this book, so apologies in advance if you werent
alive back then.) If you havent seen it, well, youre missing out
on one of the all-time great adventure films ever made!
Anyway, the penultimate scene of Raiders is when the bad
guys the Nazis try to open up the Ark of the Covenant,
a sacred Christian relic that was used to carry the Ten
Commandments along with giving Gods armies incredible
power, making them invincible in battle. (Thus the reason the
Nazis want it so bad in the movie.)
As the Nazis open the Ark, Gods power is unleashed and
since they are the bad guys, their faces literally melt when
they look into it. (If you dont believe me, go Google Indiana
Jones face melting scene and watch it on YouTube!) Also, one
guys head explodes, but thats not my point here.
Introduction | 15

My point is this: When I came across the data Im about to

share with you, I immediately flashed back to that scene from
Raiders of the Lost Ark. Thats why Ive coined this as my Face
Melting Stat during live presentations and talks I give on how
vital LinkedIn is to you and your business right now.
Here it is: As of this writing, LinkedIn has more than 400
million members in 200 countries. It adds two new members to
its network every single second.
More important, as youll come to see in this book,
LinkedIn is on a mission to take over the professional world,
becoming a one-stop shop for professionals worldwide to:
Find a job
Find an employee
Consume industry-specific news (including articles, blogs,
podcasts, videos, etc.)
Create and publish original, industry-specific content
(blogs, podcasts, videos, online trainings, etc.) that can be
consumed by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide
Get industry-specific, online training (LinkedIn spent
nearly $2 billion to purchase online training website in 2015)
Meet and Network with other professionals globally
Find clients, customers, vendors and investors
Sell specific products and services to targeted audiences
Basically, LinkedIn is going to take over the professional
world. Think of it like Facebook in a suit and tie. If youre not
already, youre going to be using LinkedIn each and every day
for some (if not all) of the reasons I just outlined.
16 | LinkedIn Riches

Most important, and the reason for this book, is that

you can use LinkedIn to generate lots (and I mean lots!) of
business for yourself and your company.

LinkedIn Past, Present and Future

To understand how we got here, you first need to see
how much LinkedIn has changed. From its inauspicious
beginnings in 2003 as a basic careers website with 4,500
users, to a global B2B lead generation and networking
phenomenon with more than 400 million members as of this
writing, LinkedIn has become an indispensible social network
when it comes to doing business online.
As I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn notes that it is adding
more than two new members every second, meaning the worlds
largest social network for professionals is adding about 63
million new members every year. It has users in more than
200 countries worldwide, and is seeing explosive growth in
places like Asia, Australia and Europe, to name a few.
The natural question of course, is this: What in the heck is
going on here?
There are many answers, but I think the simplest one is this:
There are no silly cat videos on LinkedIn. Nobody is posting
photos of their dogs or kids and talking about what they ate
for lunch.
LinkedIn is a professional network, meaning people are on
there to do business. Professionals spend time on LinkedIn
with a business mentality, and that makes it a fertile ground for
you and me to generate sales leads, clients and revenue for our
businesses as a result.
Introduction | 17

Bottom line: When it comes to online marketing and social

media in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, LinkedIn
is the single best way to generate the most qualified sales leads
in the shortest amount of time.
Youll see it in my story, and (more important) in the
stories of countless Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs,
Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Sales Executives, Business
Development Executives and others who have followed the
same strategy Im going to lay out for you in the pages to
In fact, if you skipped past it at the front of the book,
go back right now and read the stories of real professionals
generating real, measurable results on LinkedIn. It will get
you fired up to finish this book so you can start doing the
same thing!
Now, its also important for me to make this point: LinkedIn
Riches is not a book based on theory. Rather, its about real
people, real results and a real strategy that you can use to
generate business for yourself.

18 | LinkedIn Riches

Legal Disclaimer
With all that said, Ill take a moment to say Im not here to
make any crazy claims, guarantees or wild promises that youll
instantly become a millionaire or make money hand over fist
simply by reading LinkedIn Riches. Again, I am not here to
mislead you or promise a get-rick-quick scheme or anything
of the sort!
Instead, Im going to lay out for you exactly how I used
LinkedIn to build a six-figure business from scratch in less
than 90 days inside a tiny niche. Ill also show you how, in
the years that followed, hundreds of Small Business Owners,
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and others have used
my strategy to generate sales leads, clients and revenue on
Sound like a plan?

Introduction | 19

20 | LinkedIn Riches

My Story

How I Made $135,000 in 90 Days

on LinkedIn using my MacBook Pro
and an empty Super Pretzels Box

I started my own business on November 6, 2012. I remember

the date because one of my co-workers at the Minnesota Nurses

Association said, I cant believe Nemos last day is Election Day!
What were you thinking? You cant quit on election day!
But I did. I remember walking out the back door of the
building and clambering down the loud, metallic steps
suspended over the asphalt parking lot. A sharp, cold wind
whipped me in the face, and I strode toward my car with
a mixture of fear and excitement growing in the pit of my
I had just left the safest job Id ever known. I was being paid
$120,000 a year and had a union contract that meant it was
My Story | 21

almost impossible to fire me. I also had gold-plated healthcare

benefits, plus a union pension fund that I would be eligible
for in another few months.
And I quit.
I had three boys at home under the age of 10, and my wife
was home full-time raising the kids and running the show.
I was the sole income earner in our family, and Id just quit
the safest, most sure thing job Id ever had to start my own
marketing agency (Nemo Media Group).
What the hell was I thinking?
A little more than 90 days later, Id generated more than
$135,000 in revenue. All of it came while sitting in our
upstairs bedroom, working on a MacBook Pro that was
perched atop an empty Super Pretzels box. My desk was a
blue folding card table with one wobbly leg. (It still shakes
and wiggles whenever my printer runs.)
Despite my humble surroundings, Id just generated more
revenue in 90 days using LinkedIn than Id made in an entire
year at my old job.
Even better, I was my own boss. I was getting to do
what I loved most be creative! No more meetings, no
more committees, no more wearing pants okay, I still
wore pants, but they were sweatpants! My new commute
consisted of walking upstairs from the kitchen to our
bedroom and firing up my laptop.
And all of it was happening because of one thing Id figured
out how to leverage LinkedIn like never before.

22 | LinkedIn Riches

More than 98 percent of the new clients I landed for my

business had never met me in real life prior to us connecting
on LinkedIn. Yet here they were, giving me $10,000
marketing contracts, $15,000 website contracts and more. I
never left the house. I never traveled to trade shows. I never
took out expensive advertisements or made cold calls. In fact,
I ended up taking inbound calls from people wanting to make
a deal while I was out walking the dog.
Business was booming.
A few years later, I was miserable again.
I know, I know at this point youre thinking, What is
wrong with this guy?
Hear me out. In a strange way, Id become a victim of my
own success Nemo Media Group had grown too large, too
fast, and I was now spending all my time doing stuff I didnt
enjoy managing employees, figuring out payroll issues,
managing countless client relationships and mini-dramas and
getting buried in paperwork and contracts.
Im happiest when Im being creative coming up with new
content that I can share and teach to others.
So, in 2014, I made another shift I closed down Nemo
Media Group and created LinkedIn Riches a full-time
online training program, blog and website.
Since then, Ive helped hundreds of Small Business
Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers,
Sales Executives, Business Development Executives, Financial
Services Professionals, Real Estate Agents, Marketers,

My Story | 23

Freelancers and countless other professionals utilize LinkedIn

to generate business for themselves.
I love what I do now because I get to be creative and
teach all day long. (My parents, both of whom began their
professional careers as English teachers, would be proud.) It
also allows me to spend more time at home with my family,
which is the best part of all!
And because Im focused all day, every day, on all things on
LinkedIn, its helped me come up with even more creative
strategies, shortcuts and solutions aimed at helping you
generate sales leads, clients and revenue over on LinkedIn.
So, enough about me lets get you going on LinkedIn!

24 | LinkedIn Riches

se c tion 1


How To Create a Client-Attracting,

Lead-Generating LinkedIn Profile

Almost 99 percent of people on LinkedIn are using the

platform the wrong way.

Let me explain.

When LinkedIn started back in 2003, the whole idea was

to post your rsum online, and maybe an HR person or
recruiter would find you on the network. You could also
search and apply for jobs through LinkedIns database. The
site also wanted you only connecting with people you already
knew in real life. (Think about how much that has changed!)
So all of us did what LinkedIn wanted us to we generated
profiles that were all about (wait for it) ourselves! We
posted our rsums, we talked about where we went to
college. We talked about our jobs, industry awards wed won
and more.
Section 1: Profile | 25

We talked about ourselves.

Think about that.
Weve all been at a cocktail party or social gathering and
met a guy who literally never stops talking about himself. We
might be trapped in a 10-minute conversation with him, and
never once does he ask us a question about ourselves or how he
can help us out.
Thats super annoying, right?
Then why do we do the same thing with our LinkedIn profiles?
I hate to break it to you, but outside of your mom and your
dog (cats dont count), nobody really cares all that much about
You know what other people do care about? Themselves!
They care about gettingtheirproblems solved. They care
about finding a product, service, or personto helpthem
Dale Carnegie said it best in his book How to Win Friends
and Influence People: I know and you know people who
blunder through life trying to wigwag other people into
becoming interested in them. Of course, it doesnt work.
People are not interested in you. They are not interested in me.
They are interested in themselves morning, noon and after
Thats what I mean when I say 99 percent of people are
using LinkedIn the wrong way. Theyve got profiles that only
talk about themselves.
26 | LinkedIn Riches

So, if you truly want tocreate a killer LinkedIn profilethat

attracts clients and generates warm, inbound sales leads, its
critical to stop making this mistake.

The Solution Create aClient-Facing Profile!

Instead of having your profile read like an online rsum,
you need to make it all about how you can help a specific,
targeted audience of customers and clients achievetheirgoals
by utilizingyour service or product.
Go back through your LinkedIn profile (especially
the Summary section) and try to answer these types of
questions:How is what Im sharing here going to help my ideal
client or customer solve his or her biggest problem? How is what
Im writing right now going to help my ideal client make more
money, save time, and solve core challenges I know he or she faces?
Its allabout flipping the old, outdated viewof LinkedIn as
only being a job seeker/hiring manager network upside down,
and instead building apersonal brandthat makes it clear who
you are, what you do, and the unique value or benefit you can
bring aspecificaudience in the workplace.
Once you have your profile in order, going out on LinkedIn
tofind, engage, and sell to your ideal clientsand customers
becomes far easier.

Fix-it-Felix and 1980s Lyrical Poets

Allow me to illustrate.
If you havent seen the Disney movie Wreck-It-Ralph, its a
hilarious, animated throwback to the glory days of 1980s era
video games.
Section 1: Profile | 27

If, like me, you grew up during that hilarious decade, youll
instantly be transported back to the days of tube socks pulled
up to your knees, short shorts, a fistful of quarters and Ms.
Pac-Man, Defender, and Donkey Kong awaiting your best
effort at the local video arcade.
Here I was, in fact, at the height of my 1980s glory. Note
the extra short shorts:

28 | LinkedIn Riches

Heres the point of my trip down 1980s memory lane: FixIt Felix is one of the most popular video game characters in
And Felix is beloved by everyone he encounters because if
anything breaks he fixes it! Armed with a golden hammer,
Felix spends his days fixing his customers problems. (See where
Im going with this?)
Or, as another late 1980s and early 1990s icon of eloquence
put it: If you got a problem, yo Ill solve it, now check out the
moves while my DJ revolves it!
Ice, Ice, baby.
Yes, Vanilla Ice was a lyrical poet, and Miami was indeed
on the scene in case you didnt know it. But Vanilla and Felix
are trying to convey a timeless sales and marketing truth to
us: You must make your LinkedIn profile about the problems you
solve for your customers!
With that in mind, I want you to refocus, repurpose and
reframe every sentence of your LinkedIn Profile to answer this
question:How does what Im saying right now help YOU (my
ideal client or customer) make more money?
Now, before you hit the panic button, I want to share some
good news: I have scripts for you! Theyre simple, fill-in-theblank templates you can utilize like those Wacky Mad Libs
books see, I knew I could work in another 1980s reference!
Now, before I share those templates so we can make your
profile more client-facing, we first need to address something
even more critical your appearance!

Section 1: Profile | 29

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo: Lets Get Visual!

Fair or not, we judge a book (or person!) by its cover online.
In the case of LinkedIn, of course, Im talking about your
profile photo.
Lets remember something I said earlier LinkedIn is a
professional network. People are here to do business. They are
not here to see your latest vacation photos.
That means, when it comes to your profile photo, this is
notthe place to upload a vacation photo or a living room shot
of you playingStar Warswith the kids:

As much as I love mixing in stories about our 3 wild boys

andRosie the doginto my marketing emails, books, blog
posts and other content,when it comes to LinkedIn, first
impressions are everything.
That means I have to start the relationship with new readers
and prospects on a more professional level. As a result, my
LinkedIn photo has me in a shirt and tie, smiling and looking
30 | LinkedIn Riches

Never mind that upon updating my

LinkedIn profile photo a while back,
one of my longtime friends immediately
commented, Nemo in a tie? Im
impressed! What the heck is going on?
True, I hate wearing ties and dressing up, but for the
purposes of a first impression on LinkedIn, I know that
people dont want to see me being a goofball with my kids.

Dont Wear Your Sunglasses at Night or on

Im also surprised at how many LinkedIn profiles I see of
people in sunglasses.
Remember, its natural human curiosity and instinct to want
to look someone directly in the eye, and sunglasses prevent
Wearing them in your LinkedIn profile photo (no matter
how cool you think you look) is not a good idea, because,
again, youll be sowing seeds of doubt in a prospect if they feel
like they cant reallyseeyou.
Please, do NOT cover up your eyes with your LinkedIn
photo make sure we can see directly into them!

The Brad Schwie Rule Smiles Are Free!

I had a goofball friend namedBrad Schwiegrowing up who
always had a smile on his face everywhere we went.
Why are youalwayssmiling? Id ask him.
Because smiles are free! hed reply.
Section 1: Profile | 31

And, funny, Brad has more friends than I can count

everybody likes the guy, because hes always smiling, friendly
and welcoming.His smiling face instantly puts strangers at ease.
See how this works?
Even if it kills you, its critical that you SMILE in your
LinkedIn Profile photo:

Smiling is so important that Ive actually toldLinkedIn

Riches studentsof mine togo back and get retakesof their
profile photos because they werent smiling.
Remember, when you are first meeting someone online,
its these little things that matter most.

The Psychology of Smiling

Without venturing too far into the territory of Sigmund
Freud and Carl Jung, let me say this: When they first meet
you on LinkedIn, prospects are looking for a fast and efficient
way to organize you in their minds.
Are you friendly? Inviting? Or are you cold and distant?
At some cave person level, we humans still embrace that
immediate fight or flight classification when we see a
stranger, dont we?
32 | LinkedIn Riches

We want to make sure the person were looking at isnt a

threat, and were also unlikely to be attracted to people who
look sad, angry or confused.
But when we see a smiling face, its almost as if we can
exhale inside and say to ourselves,Okay, this person looks safe
for me. We can proceed.
So, to recap, have a professional-looking LinkedIn photo,
and, even if it kills you, smile!

Your LinkedIn Professional Title: The 1 Sentence

You Must Get Right!
Now that we have you looking pretty, its critical to talk
about your LinkedIn professional title.
This small section of your LinkedIn profile that follows you
everywhere you go on the platform. Along with your photo,
its the instant calling card people use to size up who you are
and what (if any) interest they should have in your profile,
profession and content:

Get this piece of your profile right, and it lays the

foundation for short-term and long-term lead generation and
Get it wrong, and you might as well not even use LinkedIn
its that important.
Section 1: Profile | 33

This is your 125 character chance to impress strangers that

are sizing you up in a matter of mere seconds so its critical
you make a great first impression.

What You Want To Convey with Your LinkedIn

Professional Headline
Your LinkedIn headline needs to convey in 125 characters
(or around 18-20 words):
Who You Are
What You Do
Audiences You Serve
Value/Benefit You Bring Customers
Credibility/Social Proof
Thats a lot to fit into such a short space, but it is possible to
pull off.
The key is to get rid of the old, outdated way of thinking
when it comes to LinkedIn.
Remember: Your LinkedIn profile should NOT be about
you instead it should be focused on what you can do for
your ideal audience and what makes you different/better
when compared to your competitors.
So instead of listing your job title in your LinkedIn
professional headline, I want you to tell me (as a potential
client) what you can do to help me achieve my goals!

Steal This Approach!

Look at how one of myLinkedIn Riches students,Lisa
Anderson, has run with this approach in her professional
34 | LinkedIn Riches

Strategic Business Advisor | Virtual CFO | Virtual CEO for

Government Contractors, Accountants & Consulting Firms
Heres how it looks on her LinkedIn profile page:

Lisas headline makes it clear what she does (Strategic

Business Advisor, Virtual CFO, Virtual CEO) and who her
target audiences are (Government Contractors, Accountants
and Consulting Firms.)
As an added credibility play, she lists her name on LinkedIn
as, Lisa Anderson, CPA to demonstrate her financial
services credentials.
Nowhere in Lisas LinkedIn professional headline is the
name of her company, her role as CEO or her company, or
anything like that.
See the power and clarity of this approach?
Lisa is 100 percent focused on quickly telling us who she
serves and what services she provides to those audiences.

With LinkedIn, The Riches Are In The Niches!

Remember, the more niche you can get with your approach
on the LinkedIn, the more successful youll become.
Ill show you later in this chapter how to appeal to
audiencesor multiple niches on LinkedIn, so dont worry that
youre somehow going to have to limit yourself in the process.
Section 1: Profile | 35

The key is making it clear, simple and fast for people to

decipher who you are, the audience you serve and the product
or service you provide.
Think of your LinkedIn Professional Headline like the
front door of your home or office. What does your welcome
mat say? Who should enter? What type of place is this? Who
hangs out in there?
This is where defining your key audience (or audiences)
comes into play.
Remember: You cant succeed on LinkedIn trying to be
everything to everyone. Instead, you must define a few niche,
target audiences to appeal to, and then build outward from there.

Your LinkedIn Professional Headline = Laser-Focus!

Consider the approach utilized by a successful LinkedIn
Riches student of mine,Karen Nierlich.
As a Small Business owner, Karen does website design and
optimization for businesses all over the country. One of her
most popular client types is contractors and homebuilders.
Karen quickly realized that when it came to LinkedIn, her
profile could work well appealing to that niche audience.
Heres her LinkedIn Professional Headline:
Helping Residential Contractors Attract Architects &
Homeowners| Contractor SEO WordPress Websites & Marketing
Heres how it looks on her profile page:

36 | LinkedIn Riches

See how specific that is? Of course, Karen can (and Im

sure does) do websites for any type of business.But when it
comes to her presence on LinkedIn, she can use it to appeal
to a targeted, niche audience onethat is eager to find
a website vendor who understands them their unique
business challenges, time challenges, marketing needs, target
audiences, etc.

Why This Approach Works So Well on LinkedIn

When youre able to approach one specific type of audience
and say, Hey, all I do is help peoplejust like youachieve this
specific outcome by providing this type of service, it becomes
a much easier sale.
People want to know you understand them and their
industry, that youve had proven success with other
professionals or businesses just like theirs, and that you can do
the same thing for them as well.
That is where the idea of appealing to niche audiences
comes in.

John Nemo = Debt Collector?

Back to my LinkedIn story for a moment.
When I opened up my own marketing agency, Nemo
Media Group, for business in late 2012, the best advice I got
was to go niche. Instead of trying to be a marketing agency
for anybody and everybody, I decided to pick out a specific
audience to cater to, and made every single piece of marketing
material I created all about how I could help people in that
industry (debt collection) make more money.

Section 1: Profile | 37

It wasnt like Id decided this on a whim. Before working

at the Minnesota Nurses Association, I was the PR Director
for ACA International, an international trade association for
credit and debt collection professionals. That meant I actually
understood how the credit and debt collection industry
worked (giving me an advantage over 99.9 percent of other
marketing and PR agencies) and I also knew the people in
this industry were being way underserved on the marketing
side of things.
The constant compliant I heard from debt collectors while
at ACA and afterward was that nobody understood them or
their industry. Theyd hire a website designer or PR firm, but
then had to spend more time trying to explain the countless
nuances of the heavily regulated Accounts Receivable
Management (ARM) industry than it was worth. Inevitably,
the outside vendor trying to create press releases or website
content just couldnt grasp what to say and how to say it when
it came to helping these collection agencies land new clients
and add more revenue.
Enter Nemo Media Group!
Now, there were only about 5,000 or so debt collection
agencies in the entire United States when I started marketing
to them on LinkedIn in November of 2012.
Remember, this was the sole audience I was going after with
my new business.
And most of these businesses were smaller, mom and pop
agencies that didnt have marketing budgets or money to
spend on an outside vendor like me.
38 | LinkedIn Riches

But I knew there was money to be had, and I knew that

almost all of these agencies needed marketing help new
websites, marketing videos, logos, content creation, PR
services, RFP writing and design the list went on and
on. While many couldnt afford the rates I would charge, I
reasoned there had to be plenty that would.
So I set my LinkedIn profile up as The Debt Collection
Marketing Guy. My entire corporate website was also all about
debt collection marketing. I left no stone unturned. Every
piece of content I created blog posts, sales pages, press
releases talked about how I helped debt collection agencies add
new clients and increase revenue.
Once I started working my magic on LinkedIn, using the
techniques Im teaching you in this book, the dollars started
rolling in. Our three boys started calling my laptop The
Money Machine because I was always shouting after opening
up my MacBook Pro to see another signed contract in my
email inbox. The U.S. Mail truck also got renamed The
Money Truck because it was dropping off checks several
times a month!
Its important to note that this wasnt some get rich quick
scheme. I didnt sit there in my underwear munching on
Super Pretzels and magically making money on LinkedIn.
I worked my face off. I created and gave away tons of free,
high-quality content that was ultra useful and valuable to debt
collection agency owners looking for advice on how to grow
their business. I put in my time on LinkedIn, networking like
crazy, doing my best not to sell or be pushy but instead to add

Section 1: Profile | 39

value and give personalized, free marketing advice to anyone

and everyone who asked.
It didnt take long for people to respond, and they quickly
started seeking me out asking to do business.

Your LinkedIn Summary = First Impression

If you want people seeking you out for business via
LinkedIn, its critical that along with your profile photo,
professional headline and a client-facing focus, you also get
a pitch-perfect tone to your LinkedIn Summary section.
After all, your LinkedIn Summary area is the first (and
sometimes only) chance you have to impress prospects and
visitors on your profile page.
Its critical that you get the tone and text of this area just
right, so that it attracts your ideal audience of clients and
potential customers.
Now, instead of having to build your entire summary from
scratch, wouldnt it be nice if someone already had a fill in
the blank template you could use instead?
Well, I know a guy!
Below is the exact template I use on my own LinkedIn
profile, and the same one I share with paying members of my
LinkedIn Riches Premium Training program.
Before I share it, its important to understand the how
and why of the way this template is structured.
Once upon a time,my business coach told me a marketing
truth I never forgot: A confused prospect never buys.
In sales and marketing, Clarity is King.
40 | LinkedIn Riches

Especially here in the 21st Century, when our ultraconnected, always on, stream-of-consciousness scrolling
through one social media profile and update after another
gives marketers precious few seconds to grab our attention.
LinkedIn is no different.
With that in mind, lets dive into my template for your
LinkedIn Summary.
Well start with the very first sentence:
See how simple and clear that is?
Using that approach, the first sentence of your LinkedIn
Summary instantly identifies your target audience, tells
that audience how you help themachievetheirgoals or
solvetheirproblems, and it explainshowyou do it (the service
or product you provide).
In addition, here are a couple of examples from LinkedIn
Riches students of mine:
WHAT WE DO: We make it easy to please co-workers,
partners and clients with gorgeous and delicious desserts that
make *you* look good. Our desserts will help you seal deals, keep
your employees happy and nurture lasting business relationships.
Its a beautiful thing! (Brennen Lukas, Whipped Bakeshop)
WHAT I DO: I help growing consulting firms, Government
Contractors and nonprofits improve profitability, increase
capacity, improve cashflow, develop sustainability, ensure
compliance and achieve a return on investment. (Lisa Anderson,
CPA, Virtual CFO)
Section 1: Profile | 41

WHAT I DO: I provide cloud hosting for IBM i (iSeries/AS400)

users to lower their costs by 30%-70%; offer world-class IBM i
expertise; manage their servers and backup; and deliver greater
security, redundancy, and performance(Bob Losey, IBM Sales)
WHAT I DO: I help technical experts in finance, technology
and engineering get to grips with the world of interpersonal
communication skills in order to win business, build better
relationships and increase effectiveness. (Alison Kemp, Corporate
Training and Coaching)
See how clear those sentences are? How client-facing they are?
Lets keep going with the rest of the template.

TheFill in the Blank LinkedIn Summary Script

Note that I use ALL CAPS for sections like WHAT I DO
and WHO I WORK WITH to help those headers stand
out on LinkedIn, which (as of this writing) doesnt allow you
to usebold or italic text on your profile page.
Copy and paste this script directly into the Summary
area of your LinkedIn profile, and just fill in the blanks as I
suggest below:
[THEIR TOP GOAL] by providing [MY PRODUCT or
WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with [TARGET

42 | LinkedIn Riches

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with [MY

COMPANY NAME] you get the most efficient, effective
and affordable [PRODUCT or SERVICE] that [TARGET
AUDIENCE] is looking for right now.
question! What makes you unique/different/better than similar
vendors or competitors? XYZ years of experience? Certifications/
Patents/etc.? Personal, 1-on-1 attention and Customer Service/
HOW IT WORKS: [Explain Your process we start with a
free evaluation, we first meet via phone to discuss your needs,
etc., or we perform XYZ services for you, etc.]
READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly here on
LinkedIn, email me at [EMAIL ADDRESS], visit us online at
[WEBSITE URL] or call me direct at [PHONE NUMBER].
And there you have it.
Now, lets take a look at a few full profiles where LinkedIn
Riches students of mine have filled in the blanks, so you can
get an idea of how it looks when finished.

Section 1: Profile | 43

First up is Lisa Anderson:

44 | LinkedIn Riches

Next is Bob Losey:

Section 1: Profile | 45

And here is Alison Kemp:

Use the examples above to give yourself some inspiration

and insight on how to utilize the template.

A 3 Minute Trick To Put Your Profile Over The Top!

Having personally reviewed and rewritten hundreds
LinkedIn profiles over the past few years, and having built
my entire business aroundtraining othershow to utilize the
platform to generate business for themselves, Ive learned
something very important.
Technology, the Internet and Social Media have become
the great equalizers of our time. Today, anyone with enough
creativity, passion and hustle can carve out a niche online
46 | LinkedIn Riches

and build a massive platform, generating scores of sales and

revenue as a result.
At the same time, more than ever, sales and business deals
especially on LinkedIn are reverting back to a time long
since forgotten.
Its a strange dichotomy, but one that you must understand
(and apply) if you want togenerate more business for yourself
using LinkedIn.
Best of all, the strategy Im going to show you only takes 90
seconds or so to execute once you have the pieces in place.

The Secret to Generating More Business with

Before I explain what this method is, I need to share a
common thread Ive seen in reviewing hundreds of LinkedIn
profiles over the past five years.
The Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants,
Trainers, Sales and Business Development Executives
generating the most business for themselves on LinkedIn are
doing it the same way by building out and showcasing their
personal brand on the network.
These professionals have figured out the fastest way to stand
out from the competition and close a deal on LinkedIn is to
replicate the face-to-face experience that is the cornerstone of sales
transactions and business deals.
Think about it. In real life, when you meet a prospect and
make a sale, what happens? You talk to each other.
You smile. You build a relationship. You feed off one
anothers emotion and enthusiasm.
Section 1: Profile | 47

You, as the person doing the selling, work as hard as you can
to make sure the prospect feels like he or she knows, likes and
trusts you before a sales pitch ever enters the conversation.
While you cant set up personal, face-to-face encounters
with 400 million different LinkedIn members, youcanmake
yourself more unique and showcase your personable, human
side by adding video to your profile page.
In fact, just a quick, 90 second long, Welcome to My
Profile! video will do the trick.
Heres how it looks on your profile page:

As you can see, the video image or thumbnails you have on

your LinkedIn Profile really pop visually, along with a title
that reads something like VIDEO: Meet Ray Edwards!
Its an easy way for prospects viewing your page to click
on the image of your smiling face and watch a video of you
talking to them, 1-on-1, about who you are and what value/
benefit you can provide them.
LinkedIn makes it easy to add media (images, videos,
website links, podcasts and other content pieces) to your
48 | LinkedIn Riches

profile page. Of all the media types you can add, video is my
favorite, because its the most personal and trust-building type
of content you can create.

Why Video Matters So Much on LinkedIn

Adding video to your LinkedIn profile page is as simple
as copying and pasting a YouTube or Vimeo URL over to
LinkedIn while in the Edit Profile mode with your profile.
Of course, creating a video to share can be a bit more
complex. The good news is that technology has made it easier
than ever to accomplish. For instance, almost all iPhones
and iPads shoot high-quality (meaning 1080p or 4k) video,
and there are scores of affordable microphone and tripod
accessories you can use with your Apple device.
Long story short, you dont need a Hollywood-quality
production team to create a good-looking, quality-sounding
video of you sitting in your office or standing in a scenic
outdoor location talking on camera.

What to Put in Your LinkedIn Profile Video

The content of your on-camera video is easy: Just replicate
what you say to prospects in real life!
Answer these types of questions on camera:
Whats your name?
What type of work do you do?
What products or services do you offer?
What audiences do you serve?
Whats the biggest value or benefit customers get from using
your products and services?
Section 1: Profile | 49

What makes you unique or different when compared to your

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hobbies? Family?
Whats the next step if we want to talk more with you?
(Again, view the video examples from this chapter to get a
flavor for what people come up with over on LinkedIn.)
Just talk to the camera like youd talk to a new prospect. Be
conversational and relaxed. Donottry to memorize lines or
use a script. (It feels forced and comes across poorly in almost
every instance.) Instead, a conversational, friendly tone that
showcases your personality works best.

Dont Want to Be On Camera? Do This Instead.

If you arenotcomfortable on camera, you can still make
video a key part of your LinkedIn profile page. There are
all sorts of videos you can make, from ultra simple, clickand-drag animated videos that look professional to screen
recordings where you demonstrate your expertise to fun,
movie-style trailers that you can make in just a few minutes
using a program like Apple iMovie.
With all that said, thebestpossible video type remains
one where you are on camera, talking directly to a prospect
and looking him or her in the eye. Text cannot replicate the
emotion, passion and nonverbal signals you send to a prospect
when they see you on camera!

Video: Your Opportunity to Stand Out on LinkedIn

To be clear, you dont have to have a video on your
LinkedIn profile to be successful on the platform. You can
50 | LinkedIn Riches

still utilize the strategies in this book to generate tons of sales

leads, clients and revenue for yourself.
However, having a well-done video does make it easier by
speeding up the entire Know, Like and Trust process you
must take prospects through in order to sell your product or
service on LinkedIn. (Or anywhere, for that matter.)

How to Address Multiple Audiences on LinkedIn

As weve already noted, one of thesecretsbehind a
successful LinkedIn profile is getting as specific and niche
as you possibly can with the services you offer and (more
important) the audience you serve.
But what happens when you serve more than one type
of audience or buyer? What if you have several different
industries or professions represented among your LinkedIn
connections and followers?
In short, how do you appeal to multiple audiences on
LinkedIn using just one personal profile page?
Its a common problem, and thankfully theres an easy
The overall idea is simple: Starting with your LinkedIn
profile summary and tagline, youll want to (A) Explain what
it is your do and (B) Name a few of the key audiences you
Back to LinkedIn Riches student Lisa Andersons profile
Strategic Business Adviser for Consulting Firms, Government
Contractors & Nonprofits | Virtual COO | Virtual CFO.
Section 1: Profile | 51

Notice Lisanames three different audiences Consulting

Firms, Government Contractors and Nonprofits right away
with her LinkedIn profile title and tagline.

LinkedIn Tips: Blend Your Summary Text!

After your name and title, the most viewed part of your
LinkedIn profile is your Summary section.
As I shared earlier in this chapter, use this opportunity
to immediately appeal to your different target audiences or
For example, heres an ideal way to lay out the top half of
your LinkedIn profile summary so people know what youre
all about and who you serve:
A FEW HERE] achieve [THEIR GOALS] by providing [MY
[Audience TYPE 1]
[Audience TYPE 2]
[Audience TYPE 3]
So a real-time example might look like this:
WHAT I DO: I help everyone from Small Business Owners to
Universities to Fortune 500 companies alleviate IT nightmares
by providing proven, practical and cost-efficient IT solutions and
consulting services.
Small Business Owners
Trade Associations
52 | LinkedIn Riches

Schools and Universities

IT Directors and Managers at medium-to-large sized companies
Fortune 500 clients including 3M, Honeywell and others.
You would then get into what makes you different or
unique and the rest of what I call aclient-facingLinkedIn
profile, but you get the idea in terms of how to identify your
audiences right away.

LinkedIn Tips: Utilize the Experience Section to

Highlight Your Different Businesses!
Remember, your LinkedIn profile title and summary area
are limited in terms of the number of characters you can use.
You cant possibly dive deep into all of the different types
of buyers, audiences and sales offerings you provide in that
limited space. You also wont have much room to identify and
explain different types of businesses or companies you run.
A solution is to go under the Experience section of your
LinkedIn profile and add in a new section that appeals to each
specific audience you want to address.
It doesnt matter if you dont have a separate company or job
listing for each of these audiences the key is that you add
in separate sections that appeal to each niche audience and
use the types of keywords and descriptions those prospective
customers would look for when finding someone like you on
For example, withmy profile, I spend the majority of my
LinkedIn title and summary area talking about myLinkedIn
lead generation trainingsand strategies. Thats the business
Im focused on right now.
Section 1: Profile | 53

But lower in my profile, under the Experience section, I

have separate positions (as LinkedIn calls them) listed for
my other businesses: Debt Collection Marketing Consultant,
Motivational Speaker and so on.
The way LinkedIns database and Search functionality
work, I can be found by different target audiences (Debt
Collectors, for example, or perhaps organizations looking for
a Motivational Speaker) because I have those extra listings
including keywords and client-facing descriptions in my
This is a great way to flesh out and fully explain your
specific service offerings to multiple audiences in multiple
Again, just go under the Experience section while editing
your LinkedIn profile and click Add a new position to make
it happen.

A Common Question: Should You Make Your

LinkedIn Connections Private?
Next to deciding whether or not to purchase a premium
version of LinkedIn (the short answer is, Yes!), perhaps
the most-asked question I hear as aLinkedIn Traineris
this:Should I make my first degree LinkedIn connections
private? What if my competitors connect with me just to try and
steal my connections?
Before giving my answer, I always end up flashing back to
my freshman year of high school.
Back then, the early late 1980s/early 1990s were in full
swing, complete with rolled jeans and big bangs:
54 | LinkedIn Riches

In fact, I think Istillhave spots on my lungs from the

ungodly amounts of White Rain hairspray my older sisters
used to get their bangs spiked to ski jump levels.
Back in those days, I was in the midst of a full-blown, high
school drama: The past couple of girls Id been dating ended
up meeting a friend of mine, liking him more and dumping
me for my buddy.
I remember sitting down in my dads home office, rocking
back and forth in his green recliner and ranting about the
How the heck am I supposed to stop this guy from stealing
my girlfriends? I half-asked, half-yelled.
Section 1: Profile | 55

My dad just smiled.

John, when you find one who really likes you and cares
about you, youre not going to have to worry about this guy
or anybody else, he said. Real love doesnt work like that.

If Your ConnectionsTruly Love You, Why Be Afraid?

Ive always remembered that analogy when it comes to
worrying about a competitor stealing or poaching my
clients, connections or customers here on LinkedIn or
anywhere else.
If I do my job and deliver an incredible product or service,
and if I treat my customers and clients like rock stars, I
shouldnt have to worry about losing them to the competition.
Thats why personal, 1-on-1 marketing and client
interaction works so well on a platform like LinkedIn.
Being able to create social bonds and friendships that go
beyond a simple product or service exchange not only make
doing business more fun, but also help customers think twice
about leaving given that they genuinelylikeyou and/or your
Of course, if youre in a purely transaction-based situation,
where your customers areonlyusing your product or service
because of price or something similar, it becomes harder not
to lose them to competitors when someone offering the same
service or product comes along and tries to poach them.
Thats why, whenever possible, you want to make sure youre not
competing on price.

56 | LinkedIn Riches

Price is only an issue in the absence of value!

Heres an example:I gladly pay more for a smart phone than I
need to.
But because of the work Apple has done to make the iPhone
unique, and because Ive spent years getting indoctrinated into
the Apple ecosystem and using so many of its products, I feel
a loyalty and passion for Apple that makes Samsung or other
competitor phones seem like cheap junk by comparison.
Im not interested in leaving Apple for a cheaper alternative
I lovemyApple gadgets and gizmos too much to even think
of cheating on them.
Of course, if a garbage hauler knocks on my door and offers
to save me $10.00 per month on trash pickup, Im all ears.
In that case, Imonlyconcerned about price I dont know
the people who pick up my garbage, they dont make an effort
to know me or ask what I think or care about, and garbage
pickup is garbage pickup, so for me its easy to leave them
when a better offer comes along.
I dont know what situation youre in on LinkedIn, but I
wouldnt sweat a competitor stealing your connections unless
you work in an industry that has top-secret client lists or
something like that.

The Solution: Make Your Product or Service Better!

Otherwise, work on making your product/service the best it
can be, treat your customers like youd treat a beloved family
member, and youll be fine.
As an added benefit, those happy customers will go out and
recruit more people to your side along with rebuffing the
offers of other suitors.
Section 1: Profile | 57

LinkedIn Recommendations = Gold, Baby! Gold!

Another area to focus on with your individual profile is
LinkedIn Recommendations. You can literally never get
enough recommendations, i.e. customer testimonials. I cant
say this enough: Recommendations are gold!
Every business owner knows that getting someone else
recommending our business is way more effective than us
trying to tell you (the customer) how great we are.
So, when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, dont just claim
authority. Instead, let your happy clients and customers do it
for you.
LinkedIn makes it easy to ask one of your connections
to recommend you. The key (as with almost everything
on LinkedIn) is to personalize your ask to each specific
individual you want a testimonial from.
If you dont, LinkedIn will immediately just go right to that
person and say, Hey, John wants you to recommend him.
Do you want to do that? Make sure that before you send the
request, you include a personal note explaining to the person
why youre asking for this.
For example: Hi Joe, Im trying to boost my presence on
LinkedIn, and I know you said you were thrilled with [service or
product XYZ] when we did business together at [Company XYZ.]
I was hoping you might have a minute to put that in writing for
me here on LinkedIn. Id be beyond grateful if you could!
If you dont already have a ton of recommendations, go
through your connections and happy customers and ASK
58 | LinkedIn Riches

You can also jumpstart the process by giving an unsolicited

testimonial to someone else first. If you do this, (A) They
will be thrilled and flattered and (B) They will feel socially
obligated to return the favor, which LinkedIn makes it easy to
do whenever you accept someone elses recommendation.
Remember, nothing beats this type of social proof from real
human beings. With LinkedIn, each testimonial includes real
names, photos, profiles, etc., so it carries a lot more weight
than testimonials like, Dentist, Topeka, Kansas or Joseph,
Aviation Executive. Anybody can (and some probably do)
make up testimonials that lack a full name, photo, job title
or company name. Its much more believable when a real
persons name, photo and everything else is attached to the

Bonus Tip: Double Dip!

While its great to have people praising your work on your
LinkedIn profile, very few people are going to see it compared
to the amount of visitors you get to your company website.
So why not double your pleasure?
Heres a tip that literally takes about 5 seconds. First,
go to your LinkedIn profile, find your recommendations,
and then snap a screen shot of them. Next, jump on your
website, and insert the screen shot image of your LinkedIn
recommendations onto whatever pages you want to.
BOOM! Instant credibility, and best of all, youve got
recommendations from REAL PEOPLE, complete with
names, photos, job titles, companies, etc. Since these
testimonials are already displayed on your public LinkedIn
Section 1: Profile | 59

profile, theres no reason you cant copy and paste them onto
your main website as well, right?

Additional Resource Free Video Training: How To

Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile!
Weve covered quite a bit of ground in this section when it
comes to creating a client-attracting, lead-generating LinkedIn
But theres even more to share! Additionally, if you
want to make it easy to apply what youre learning along
with discovering additional tips and strategies, visit www. to access my Free Video Training
Series, How To Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile!

Access my Free Video Training Series by going

online to
Before you move on to the next part of this book, make sure
you take your time and put in the work on your LinkedIn
profile page.
Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation for everything that
will follow, so dont shortchange your efforts as you build it!

60 | LinkedIn Riches

se c tion 2


How to Instantly Locate,

Engage and Sell to Your Ideal
Prospects on LinkedIn

slumped onto our kitchen floor, shaking and crying.

Id just beenunexpectedly firedfrom the highest-paying

job Id ever had. To make matters worse, my wife and Ihad
three young boys under the age of five, and it was the height
of the 2008-09 U.S. economic recession. (The unemployment
rate had just jumped to over 9 percent, thehighestit had
been in almost 30 years.)
Less than five days later, thanks in large part to how Id set
upmy LinkedIn profile, I had two new job offers.
I accepted one of them and started a new job whereI
actually made $15,000 morein base salary than I had at my
previous job.
Section 2: Prospects | 61

To recap: I got fired at the height of the 2008-09 recession.I

turned to LinkedIn. I got two new job offers. I took a new job,
got a $15k raise and never looked back. All in five days.
That was the first time I realized the true power of the worlds
largest social networking platform for professionals.

Were All Selling Something

Back in 2008, I wasnt selling a product or service. Rather, I
was pitching myself as a potential employee.
That really opened my eyes to this truth: All of us are selling
something. It might be ourselves, it might be our company, it
might be our opinion, it might be our product or service. It
might be where we want our spouse to take us for dinner Friday
night. But were always selling.

How To Sell on LinkedIn

Now, before I get into the execution phase of how to find,
engage and sell to your ideal audience on LinkedIn, we need to
cover some strategy.
Heres why: There is a SPECIFIC formula you MUST follow
to be successful when it comes to selling on LinkedIn.
Now, I can show you where the prospects are. I can show you
how to find thousands of your ideal customers on LinkedIn, all
in one place, how to engage with all of them even send them
direct, 1-on-1 messages for free.
I can even show you incredible automation tools that help
you tag, sort, organize and send personalized, 1-on-1 LinkedIn
invitations and follow-up messages to your ideal prospects on
autopilot, saving you countless hours and energy.
62 | LinkedIn Riches

But all those tools and techniques are worthless if you dont
understand the psychology of LinkedIn and how to sell on the
So we need to start there.

The Truth About LinkedIn and Lead Generation

John Michael Morgan, my mentor and business coach, has
a great line: You dont ask somebody to marry you the first
time you meet him or her.
So why do we do it when trying to sell someone weve just
met on LinkedIn a product or service?
Its the single biggest mistake I used to make on LinkedIn,
and I still see far too many professionals doing the same thing
day after day.
Why is this happening?
I think it happens for a few different reasons.
First, we fail to see prospects as people.People who, like
anyone else, need to Know, Like and Trust us before they give
us their time and attention, let alone open their wallet.
Second, we get desperate.We need to make a sale, hit a quota
or simply find some income to pay bills every month. So we
resort to desperate tactics, like the spray and pray method of
just blasting anyone within earshot our sales pitches, in hopes
we land something anything to help stop the financial
Third, we get lazy.We see others claiming to have success
using over-the-top, pushy sales methods, so we try it, too. We
add new connections to our email lists without asking their
Section 2: Prospects | 63

permission or inviting them to opt-in on their own. We blast

out blatant sales pitches or copy-and-paste the same message
to hundreds of people with no context, trust or previous
connection in place.
Ill admit it Ive been guilty of everything I just
mentioned. And, I can report without hesitation, those
methods dont work!
Sure, you might snag a quick sale or two, but you arent
building any type of meaningful connection or value with
your new customer.

The New Reality: Stop Selling. Start Helping.

Heres what Ive learned to do instead.
I see prospects as people.I get to know them. I listen to them.
I ask questions about non-work stuff. I answer their questions
without asking for anything in return. I joke around about
non-work events and news I know theyre interested in.
We have fun. We build a relationship. I send them valuable
information tips and strategies that they can use to get
immediate, quick wins making sales or generating more leads
on LinkedIn without asking for anything in return.
I get confident.If Im willing to slash my prices or make
exceptions just to land one sale, that person immediately knows
Im not the real deal. They know I dont value my product or
time as much as I say I do. Instead of being desperate, I make
it clear my time is worth this much per hour. My training
program is priced at this amount. And I can be confident in
that because I havethe social proof and success storiesto back
it up. Even though, in my case, with my LinkedIn Riches
64 | LinkedIn Riches

Premium Training program, my product is digital, and what

Im selling is knowledge, that doesnt mean I should devalue it
just to make a quick sale.
I get serious and do the work.I dont ask for someones time or
attention. I earn it. The way it works online is simple I have
to provide you value first, and then my ask of you has to be in
direct proportion to the value Ive provided.
For example, maybe you enjoyed a blog post of mine that
featured a great LinkedIn tip. A proportionate ask can be
suggesting you join my email list to get more of the same free
tips sent your way. Or maybejump on a free webinarfor more
training. Or grab a free eBook on the topic.
I focus on their goals, not mine. I present my information in
a way that helps my ideal prospect or customer see how this
particular piece of content can help them achieve one of their
goals or solve one of their problems.
Im passionate about what I do. I love telling stories, I love
inspiring people, and I love knowing in my heart I can bring
more value to peoples lives by teaching them how to use
LinkedIn to get more business.
Heres why: I know that if people get more business from
LinkedIn because of what Im showing them, its going to help
them make more money in less time, and that in turn will give
them more time to do what they love and have a better life to
travel more, get more family time whatever that might be.
See that? I came back around to helping others. I dont
see my products or services as transactional. I see them as
Section 2: Prospects | 65

You need to as well!

Figure out what problem your product or service solves
AND how it can improve someones life as a result. (Even if
its in a small or seemingly insignificant way.)
Next, get excited about that! Let it permeate every
interaction you have with people on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
Remember: People respond to passion and enthusiasm.
After all, if youre not excited about what youre selling, why
should I be?
Most important, take the time to put in real work and earn
the right to pitch people.
Create valuable free trainings, content, talks, how-to videos,
presentations anything that will help your ideal customer
achieve his or her goals. (Ill show you easy and effective ways
to create content in the Publishing section of this book.)
Also, do it in a way that is engaging and entertaining I call
it info-tainment.
Were all human, and we all enjoy being entertained while we
learn. As youve already learned reading this book, I use 1980s
pop culture references and even invokeVanilla Iceto convey
key points during my LinkedIn trainings and webinars.
Stop taking yourself so seriously and do the same thing.Not
only will people enjoy your presentation and content more
theyll also remember you.
Its not always easy, but its effective.
Best of all, with all the automation and shortcut tools Ill
show you later on in this book and in the LinkedIn Riches
66 | LinkedIn Riches

Book Bonus Area (visit it online at www.LinkedInRiches.

com/Bonus), it doesnt have to be time-consuming or
intimidating to achieve.

How To Find Your Ideal Prospects on LinkedIn

Now that you have a basic understanding of the psychology
and strategy you need to apply when selling on LinkedIn, lets
go find you some prospects!
The fastest, easiest and most efficient way to do this is using
LinkedIns powerful internal search engine.
With 400 million members as of this writing, and with two
new members joining the site every second, LinkedIn has an
incredible database of professionals worldwide for you to tap
Think of it like this: LinkedIn has this huge, powerful
search engine (just like Google or Bing) built right into its
platform. That means you can type in certain keywords (like a
job title, for example) and instantly find individuals, groups,
companies, job openings and more related to it.
For the purposes of this book, I want to focus on the people
you can find on LinkedIn. The strategy here is simple
identify who your ideal customer or client is, and then search
for him or her inside of LinkedIn.
Typically, this takes the form of a job title, but LinkedIns
search engine also lets you filter search results by location,
industry type, company name and numerous other factors.
When you consider how much information LinkedIn has
on each individual member, it makes sense why the sites
internal search engine is so powerful. Better yet, all that
Section 2: Prospects | 67

personal information on each member makes your job far

easier when engaging and building a personal relationship
with each prospect. (More on that in a bit.)
Because this is a book, and because LinkedIn is an everchanging digital platform, Im not going to dive into great
detail on these pages of how to use LinkedIns various search
Instead, Ive put together several step-by-step training videos
in the LinkedIn Riches Book Bonus area at http://www.

Automation Makes it Easy

Depending on how your particular business model works,
there are a couple of different approaches you can take to
finding and inviting potential customers to connect on
First, Ill show you one of thefastestmethods Ive seen to
date in terms ofhow to identify, organize and engage with
your target audienceon LinkedIn.
It takes just a few minutes to execute, and best of all, it
automatically works behind the scenes online while you sip
your morning coffee or use your time elsewhere.
Its calledLinMailPro, and its a Google Chrome browser
extension that works as an add-on inside of your LinkedIn
I met the guy who created it (LaurieTubb) a while back and
have been using the tool for several months now.Its handsdown the best automated LinkedIn hack Ive found to date
in terms of lead generation and sales.
68 | LinkedIn Riches

Go to to watch a video of

how you can useLinMailProto locate and engage your ideal
prospects on LinkedIn.
Long story short, its a pretty simple process:
1. Find Your Target Audience Using LinkedIn Search.
2. Add Those New Prospects to theLinMailProQueue.
3. Choose which LinkedIn Tags to apply insideLinMailPro.
4. RunLinMailPro& Send Personalized Invitations to Each
Prospect Individually.
The way it works, LinMailPro does the grunt work for you.
It sends a personalized, 1-on-1 invite to each prospect you
want to connect with, and it adds a tag to each person so you
can sort those prospects later on for follow-up messages and
future communications.
In addition, LinMailPro tracks who accepts your invite and
makes sure you dont send the same invite twice, along with
giving you the ability to create and export .CSV files that
you can import into your CRM or use inside a program like
Microsoft Excel.
Once those prospects do accept your invitations to connect,
LinMailPro then makes it easy to carry out follow-up, 1-on1 messaging campaigns. In essence, you can sort your new
lists of prospects right inside LinkedIn based on the tags you
assigned them, and LinMailPro will send out hundreds of
personalized, 1-on-1 messages to each of those prospects on
autopilot. (More on what those campaigns should look like in
a bit.)
Section 2: Prospects | 69

Because LinkedIn has an open API, it allows enterprising

developers to create software add-ons and apps like LinMailPro
that integrate with LinkedIn. Go to the book bonus section to
discover more automation tools and software add-ons out there
that you can take advantage of.

Important: Use Your LinkedIn Invitations

Remember, the key to success on LinkedIn is personalized,
1-on-1 marketing.
It isnotabout volume.
Itisabout quality.
Use automated tools likeLinMailProwisely. Dont get lazy and
just spam random peoplewith impersonalinvites to connect.
Make sure you put some thought into the process, considering
questions like: Are these my ideal, targeted prospects? Do I have
aclient-attracting LinkedIn profilein place? Am I sending a
personalized invite to connect? Do I have afollow-up planin place
for 1-on-1, personalized messages I can use once that new prospect
accepts my invitation?
It takes some thought and planning to set up, but once
youdohave a sales funnel in place on LinkedIn, you can generate
someimpressiveresultsin a very short amount of time.

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Client-Ready?

With that said, I cant stress this point enough: If you havent
already, make sure your personal LinkedIn profile is intip-top
shapebefore you start using a tool likeLinMailProto funnel
prospects your way.
70 | LinkedIn Riches

Otherwise, its like inviting important people over to

your home for a visit but neglecting to clean the house first.
Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

The 5 Step Strategy to Selling on LinkedIn

While there is a lot of nuance and thought that goes into the
process, in essence there are five simple steps you can use to sell
your product or service on LinkedIn:
1. Find your ideal prospects.
2. Invite them to Connect.
3. Build a Relationship. Find out what they need help with, etc.
4. Demonstrate Your Expertise or Value BEFORE asking for
5. Ask for the Sale.
If you follow that simple strategy, youll find that prospects
(A) Want to connect with you, (B) Want to hear from you
assuming the first thing you send isnt a sales pitch and (C) Will
purchase from you after youve built up enough trustto earn the

The Power Of Personalized, 1-on-1 Marketing

While shortcuts and automation are great, nothing replaces
personalized, 1-on-1 marketing when it comes to selling well on
At the end of the day, again, selling is relational. People have to
Know, Like and Trust you before theyll buy from you.
And while Im all for funneling as many qualified prospects as
I can into my LinkedIn inbox as quickly as possible, I still need
Section 2: Prospects | 71

to find time to build relationships with as many of those targeted

prospects as possible.
Thankfully, LinkedIn makes this easy to do.

Going Big Brother on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, in essence, is like Big Brother it knows
everything about everyone.
For instance, LinkedIn knows where you live, what frat you
pledged during college, what your favorite hobbies are away
from the office, the exact day you got married, what year you
graduated high school and much more.
Creepy? Sure.
Marketing gold? Absolutely!
Imagine being on the floor at a trade show or convention,
and having an assistant walking next to you, flipping open a
notebook as you walk toward a stranger several feet away.
Okay, this is Bill Smith, your assistant whispers as
you approach the man. Lives in Tampa, Florida, went to
college at Notre Dame, works as the CEO for an IT startup
headquartered in Dallas. He volunteers in Big Brothers Big
Sisters, loves spending time with his 3 daughters and has a
dog named Sally. Oh yeah, and his favorite baseball team is
the New York Yankees.
Before you even met Bill, youd be primed with several icebreakers or conversation starters. Instead of playing Twenty
Questions to get to know Bill, and trying to remember all
his answers, youd have everything in one place, attached to
Bill no matter where he went on the floor. Even better, Bills
72 | LinkedIn Riches

information would get updated regularly, so if he changed a

job or moved to a different city, youd know it right away.
This is what LinkedIn does! It delivers you oodles of
information (professional and personal) on each and every
person you come across on the platform. That might vary,
of course, depending on how much a person has filled out
his or her profile, but either way youre able to come into a
cold conversation armed with several different personalized
nuggets you can put into a LinkedIn invitation or 1-on-1
Heres an example of how Id phrase a LinkedIn invitation
to Bill from the example above:
Hey Bill came across your profile here on LinkedIn and
would love to connect. Although, being a Red Sox fan, you
might not WANT to accept my invite! LOL. John Nemo
I guarantee you, Bill will be intrigued and amused by that
Being a sports fanatic, I always go with that type of
conversation starter, because Im well-versed in that area.
You could have just as easily asked Bill about the weather
in Florida, noted that you love Big Brothers Big Sisters too or
asked what breed of dog Sally is.
Either way, youd capture his attention and make your
invitation stand out from the crowd. I can promise you that
Bill is now curious about you, and is very likely to not only
accept your invite, but immediately go over and visit your
LinkedIn profile.

Section 2: Prospects | 73

And, because youve done your homework and created a

client-facing profile page, Bill is going to get excited when he
reads how you help CEOs of IT startups achieve XYZ once
they partner with you.
See how this works?

LinkedIn Invitations: Get Personal!

This approach never fails, because if theres one thing we all
love talking about, its ourselves!
Ask me about life here in Minnesota and Ill talk your ear
off for 30 minutes.
Bring up Pearl Jam and the brilliance of Eddie Vedder and
well become best friends.
Ask me about Rosie the Dog and Ill immediately begin
regaling you with stories about our goofy Wheaten Terriers
latest antics.
Even if I do all the talking, and you just listen, studies have
shown that I will leave the conversation saying, Wow, I really
enjoyed that, what a great person to talk to, well have to do it
By the way, all of those interests I just mentioned can be
found via a quick scan of my public LinkedIn profile. Its
not rocket science to figure out how you can strike up a
conversation and create a relationship, is it?
Take a look at some examples below that I pulled from just
one public LinkedIn profile:

74 | LinkedIn Riches

From that one profile alone, I can immediately strike up a

conversation with this prospect about everything from his love
for the University of Alabama sports (Roll, Tide!) to his college
fraternity to his wedding anniversary and community-based
organizations hes interested in.
Im not suggesting we get creepy or act like online stalkers, but
rather utilize this prime personal information to put prospects
at ease and lay the groundwork for a relationship that makes us
Section 2: Prospects | 75

likable, memorable and enjoyable to interact with on LinkedIn.

Also, when I ask someone about his or her hobbies, passions
and interests outside of work, it helps build a relationship and
context around something important to them, which again helps
me stand out in their memory and stay front of mind.
For instance, if I know a prospect loves Alabamas college
football team, I can make it a habit on Monday mornings to
drop him a quick note on LinkedIn talking about the outcome
of Saturdays big game and his thoughts on the Crimson Tides
That football game (which I know my prospects cares about!)
gives me an excuse to stay in front of my prospect, week after
week, without being sales-y or spamming him with requests to
meet or take up hours proposing business deals.
If Im organized, I can utilize some of the built-in tools
LinkedIn offers right on the platform to send myself reminders
and keep notes on each prospect, right on his or her own profile
page. That way, anytime I want to check in, I can visit his or her
profile page, see if anything is new, and also review my notes
from our last interaction.

How a 60 second YouTube Video got me a $10,000

marketing contract
One of my favorite examples of this involves what I call
Send it in, Jerome!
Heres the story. Back when I was building up Nemo Media
Group in 2012, I came across the profile of a debt collection
agency executive I wanted to connect with and (hopefully) sell
some of my marketing services to at some point in the future.
76 | LinkedIn Riches

Before I invited him to connect, I spent about 14 seconds

looking over his LinkedIn profile. I noticed he went to the
University of Pittsburgh and graduated during the 1980s.As
noted earlier, Im a huge sports fan, and I remember the Pitt
Panthers being great in football (with Dan Marino) in the
early 1980s.
I also recall Pitt having a nice run in college hoops during the
mid-to-late 1980s, with Jerome Lane, Sean Miller, Charles Smith
and others.And of course, the seminal moment in Pitt Panthers
basketball history also happened around 1988 or so.

Send it in, Jerome! Send it in!

It was a home game, and Pittsburgh got a rebound and moved
down the court on a fast break. Sean Miller, the Panthers point
guard, dribbled toward the other teams basket while his tall,
athletic teammate Jerome Lane streaked down the sideline.
Miller fed his teammate a pass in perfect stride. And Jerome
Lane took the ball, skied toward the rim and threw down such a
thunderous dunk that the glass backboard literally exploded into
thousands of tiny shards!
The whole arena went bonkers I swear my TV screen
started shaking from the vibrations inside that building and
longtime TV color commentator Bill Rafferty shouted what
would became one of his most famous exclamations: Send it
in, Jerome! Send it in!
You dont seethathappen every day. So, even though I was 14
or so at the time, Ive always remembered Send it in, Jerome!
Flash forward about 25 years later. I was reaching out to
this prospect on LinkedIn who had attended Pittsburgh
Section 2: Prospects | 77

during these glory days of the 1980s. As a result, I decided

to personalize my inviteby playing up the Pittsburgh sports
angle. Keep in mind, I had NO IDEA if this guy was a
sports fan or not I just figured it was worth a shot trying to
connect a passion of mine (sports) with a thread of his story
(his time as a student at Pitt).
By taking 14 seconds to scan this prospects profile and
personalize my invitation, I got a near instant response from
the guy:
Oh, man, you brought back the memories! I actually
played varsity soccer at Pitt, and Dan Marino was one of the
guys who helped recruit me on my campus visit! And hey, I
was curious, so I looked at your profile, and we actually are
looking for someone to help us market our collection agency.
When do you have time for a call?
I responded back with the times I was available for a call,
and then ended my note with, Okay, I have to ask, given the
years you were at Pitt, do you remember THIS? And then I
pasted in a link to the YouTube video of Send it in, Jerome!
Again, I got a reply right away: I was at that game! You cant
believe what it was like inside the arena! The whole place was
shaking. Oh man, what a memory. And hey, lets talk at 9:30
a.m. on Thursday. Cant wait!
A couple of phone calls later, I had $10,000 in business
secured. Months later, I was doing an internal survey of
clients to find out why theyd chosen Nemo Media Group.
When I got to this client, he told me it wasnt my website,
sales pages or marketing materials that sold him on us.
78 | LinkedIn Riches

You want to know what it was? he told me. Honestly, it

was, Send it in, Jerome! Man, I must have shared that video
with everybody at the office. I just knew wed hit it off, that
youd be a fun guy to work with, and you obviously knew how
to personalize your marketing messages. Everybody was really
impressed. Once we checked out your profile and your work
samples, it was a no-brainer.
If you get nothing else from this story (other than a classic
college basketball highlight), remember this:We want to do
business with people we know, like and trust.
Let me repeat that: We want to do business with people we know,
like and trust!
By doing 14 seconds of research and trying to appeal to a
personal, non-work passion of my LinkedIn prospect, I landed a
$10,000 marketing contract. Its no different than how vendors
work the room at trade shows and open bars and parties.
At the end of the day, we are still human beings. We still
gravitate toward choosing people we know, like and trust to do
business with. Even if they dont have the flashiest product or the
best pricing, there is a relationship there. Also, its much harder to
stop doing business with someone you consider a friend than it
is with a cell phone company that routes you to a call center in
foreign country every time you need customer service.
Relationships matter. And I cant think of a faster and easier
way to scale that 1-to-1, humanized marketing approach than on
LinkedIn. Getting to know my clients, and actuallycaringabout
them as human beings is not only good for business, but its also
the right way to live my life. Wouldnt you agree?
Section 2: Prospects | 79

Transparency on LinkedIn = Going Dr. Phil vs.

Being Human
Okay, dear reader, here goes: Im not perfect.
I come from a dysfunctional family. I take medication for
depression and anxiety. Ive struggled with overeating and excess
weight for most of my life
And when I disclose this to clients and customers often leads
to some of the highest quality, longest-lasting and most lucrative
business relationships Ive ever had!
Heres why: When I riskthe right amountofvulnerability,
transparency and honesty in dealing with clients and prospects, it
offers up an important opportunity to bond that goes beyond doing
business together. It also helps people toknow, likeandtrustme.
Now, notice I said the right amount of sharing. Because if you
approach a client call or interaction like an episode ofOprahorDr.
Phil, cutting open a vein about your life issues, you will turn people
off in a hurry and scare them away.I always try to err on the side
of being honest or vulnerable without being dramatic or going into
gory detail.
Also, it doesnt have to be heavy issues. For example, since I work
from home, Im often in the midst of madness with our three young
boys andRosie the dogrunning around. My biggest client called
the other day and started the conversion with, What are you up to
right now, John?
Well, Im sitting at the kitchen table helping my five-yearold write a story about a talking penguin for his homework
assignment, I said, laughing. You asked what I was doingright
80 | LinkedIn Riches

Now, I know this client has a couple of young kids, so he can

relate toexactlywhat Im talking about. I probably wouldnt
have said the same thing to a client without a family or young
kids, but you get the idea.
It might feel like a HUGE risk to take this approach in how
you do business and interact with clients. (And to some degree
it is!) But what Ive found is that doing this actuallyattractsthe
type of people I want to work with as clients, and it builds
long-lasting, lucrative business relationships as a result.
So what does all of this have to do with generating leads
and using LinkedIn to do business? Everything! Remember,
LinkedIn is asocialnetwork, and I cant put into words how
important humanized,1-on-1 marketingis when it comes to

Why acting like a 7 year old will get you more

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best,
night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the
hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop
fighting. E.E. Cummings
The electric train streaks along the model railroad track,
puffing along at an impressive pace.
The Union Pacific Big Boy! my son Bailey shouts,
running alongside the replica steam engine as it pulls dozens
of cars along the track, heading into a dark tunnel running
under the middle of a large, man-made mountain.
Inside the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum, I glance
around and see scores of young boys and most are
Section 2: Prospects | 81

toddlers. Diapers, drooling, tantrums all the familiar signs

of early boyhood are evident.
Bailey, however, is 7 years old, and it becomes more obvious
each time we visit that hes the oldest boy in the building.
(Not counting the gray-haired men reliving their 1950s
childhood hobby, of course.)
Isnt he supposed to have grown out of this phase?I ask myself
while Bailey plays with the toy trains.Isnt he too old for this
type of activity? Shouldnt he be falling into line with what most
boys his age enjoy doing?
And then it dawns on me as long as I dont screw it
up, my son is going to have a long and successful career in
business and a happy life.
The reason is, Bailey has not yet been steered or shamed
into becoming someone he isnt.
And while fitting in and going with the flow helps you
navigate the often-cruel social stratosphere of grade school
and high school, its a death knell in the 21stCentury business
The feeling of not wanting to be noticed is prehistoric,
Bestselling Author and Speaker Seth Godinnoted in an
interview. What has happened, in the last twenty years in
particular, is that the only people who are achieving their
dreams, the only people who are creating value, the only
people who are being fairly compensated, are the ones who
have figured out how to stand out.
We are all connected now. With one click, I can find
someone cheaper than you are. With just a quick search,
82 | LinkedIn Riches

I can find a blog more interesting than yours (not you in

particular). What we see is that attention and surplus and
revenue and profit and influence all go to the people who are
doing work worth doing, and those of us who try to fit in are
going to get less and less and less of what we used to be able
to obtain.
Think about how many people cross your computer screen
or mobile phone on a daily basis via social media or emails.
How many of those professionals arememorable?How many
stand out? How many can you attach a hook to?
As a freshman at his New Jersey high school, Gary
Vaynerchuk was so scrawny that a bully in the hall once
shoved him up against a locker and said, This is high school,
Vaynerchuk went on to become an International Bestselling
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, in large part because of his
refusal to tone down hisoutgoing, passionate personalityin
order to fit in and not attract attention to himself.
He credits a large part of his ability to risk standing out
to the enormous amount of love and self-esteem bestowed
on him by his mother, who loved himas he wasand notas he
should be.

Being Unique = Big Benefits

Heres the good news: If you finally decide to just be yourself,
and to share more of who you are on your LinkedIn profile and
elsewhere online, youll be amazed at what happens.
First, youll startattractingpeople who want to work with you
or buy from you. Customers want to work with someone they
Section 2: Prospects | 83

Know, Like and Trust. If you put more of your personality into
your professional life, you become much more memorable and
likable to potential clients.
Sure, youll also repel some people in the process, but who
wants to work with those stiffs, anyway? Life is too short!
Find ways tomix in more of your personal life(family, hobbies,
etc.) onto your LinkedIn profile page and status updates.
There are many ways to stand out, of course, but my best
advice is this: Be yourself! Dont hide who you really are out of
fear that people wont like you or want to do business with you.
Instead, its being yourself that is going to make or break your
long-term success and sales.
The reason is simple: The more memorable, likable and
trustworthy you are, the more people will want to do business
with you.
And note I said memorable, not gimmicky. So be true to
who you are let the lines blur a bit between your business and
personal life. Put yourself out there, as scary as it might feel.

Moving Prospects Through Your Sales Funnel

At this point, there should be little doubt in your mind
about the power of LinkedIn to find and engage your ideal
prospects, along with the personalized approach that works so
well in branding and selling.
Now, as they say, the fortune is in the follow-up. Its critical
to have a plan in place that keeps you in front of your ideal
prospects, in a non-spammy way, so that, when the time
is right, youve done enough nurturing and relationship
building to turn those prospects into paying customers.
84 | LinkedIn Riches

Of course, youre going to score some quick wins just by

finding and connecting with prospects that need the exact service
or product youre offering. But that doesnt mean you want to
ignore everyone else.
One of my favorite methods for staying front of mind with
key prospects is to those people personalized, 1-on-1 messages
a few times a month. Those messages can either be friendly
banter based on what Ive gleaned via a prospects profile page
(where they live, hobbies, interests, etc.) or based on previous
conversations weve had.
As I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn allows you to take notes on
prospects and save those notes right onto his or her profile page
(seen only to you, of course) so its easy to do. LinkedIn will also
keep track of all your previous messages and exchanges as well,
sharing those on a persons profile page as notes (again, visible
only to you!) each time you visit.
See how easy this is?
I like the banter approach because its non-threatening,
unexpected and friendly at the same time. If I want to try and
move things a bit more into the work direction, I sometimes
include a P.S. casually mentioning a business-related item I want
to talk with the prospect about.
The key to these banter messages is to make them
conversational. Write them like youd write a note to a friend,
using the same tone youd have in a casual conversation on
the floor at a trade show or convention, or in the bar area at a
professional networking event.
Remember, this is banter, not business-speak. Check your tone
and style to make sure youre being appropriate and not crossing
Section 2: Prospects | 85

any lines or boundaries (dont make racist, religious or sexist jokes,

for example!). Common sense should rule the day.
To help you see what Im talking about, heres an example of
how a banter message might look for a prospect well call Fred.
I know Fred works in Financial Services, and my ultimate goal in
connecting with him is to sell him an online training program I
have for Financial Services professionals.
Heres a typical banter message I could send Fred, given that I
know he lives in Buffalo, New York, and I just woke up to see the
morning news reporting on a big snowstorm there:
Fred had to drop you a quick line I saw Buffalo got 14 inches
of snow last night! Yikes. Hope you have a good shovel. LOL. Be safe
and stay warm! Seriously, how do you guys live there in the winter? I
thought I was tough here in Minnesota!
P.S. Just a reminder if youre interested, I have a free webinar this
Thursday on how Financial Services professionals like yourself can use
LinkedIn to generate more clients and business. Heres a link if you
want to check it out: (URL).
No worries either way and be well!
Along with relationship building and staying front of mind
with prospects in a non-annoying way, I cant tell you how many
times a message like that results in someone saying something like,
Hey, so glad you reached back out, was meaning to get back to
you. I just got my new budget approved, would love to learn more
about that training I see you mentioning here on LinkedIn or
Timing can be everything in business, and thats why these
non-threatening, conversational banter messages work so well to
generate warm leads and deals on LinkedIn.
86 | LinkedIn Riches

Also, its important to remember that any type of work-related

ask in these types of messages must be proportional to the
amount of goodwill and trust youve built up with a prospect to
that point.
Again, you cant just connect with someone cold, then
immediately send him or her a 1-on-1 message asking for 15
minutes of his or her time on the phone to discuss a business
You dont ask someone to marry you on the first date, remember?
Ease into the relationship, dont act desperate, and most
important, ask questions and listen to what the prospect tells you.
Then, when the time is right, you can position your product or
service in a way that solves the problem the prospect is telling you
he or she has.
For example, I might ask a prospect, Hey, so glad we connected,
and just curious whats your biggest challenge or frustration with
using LinkedIn for business these days?
Say the prospect responds, Easy I dont have enough time
to figure this out! I have 800+ connections, and a lot are solid
prospects, but I dont see how Im going to find enough hours every
day to personally message and track my interactions with each one.
It feels overwhelming.
I can reply by saying, I totally hear that! If it helps, I found a
great automation tool you can use called LinMailPro that helps you
send those 1-on-1 messages automatically. It also helps you track
and organize everything too. Heres a blog post and free training
video I did about it
In solving that persons immediate problem, I build some quick
trust, alert the prospect that I know my stuff when it comes to
Section 2: Prospects | 87

LinkedIn and make it likely that he or she will listen when I offer
more tips or solutions in the future.

TheFree Tips Follow-Up Sequence

At the end of the day, however, jovial banter only moves the
needle so far.
Depending on what youre trying to sell your prospect,
you have to demonstrate legitimate authority, credibility and
expertise before you try and ask for someones time, attention
or money.
To do that, I love taking content Ive already created and
using it as an excuse to send someone a LinkedIn Message.
Heres an example, once again using Fred the prospect:
Hi Fred hope things are going great in Buffalo! Thought
Id shoot you a quick note I just published a new post here on
LinkedIn thats all about how Financial Services professionals
such as yourself can generate more sales leads, clients and revenue
here on LinkedIn.
Heres a link to the post if you want to check it out: (URL)
Thought youd find it helpful since its geared specifically toward
financial services professionals like yourself.
Hope it helps and excited to hear what you think if you have a
chance to check it out!
In this case, Im sending Fred something of value free tips
that demonstrate my expertise while helping Fred achieve one
of his goals (finding more prospects on LinkedIn.)
Its a win-win situation Fred gets free advice and help,
and I get to build up the trust, authority and value needed
88 | LinkedIn Riches

to eventually pitch Fred on purchasing my premium training

See how it works?
You can get extremely efficient with this free tips approach
by using an automation delivery tool like LinMailPro inside
of LinkedIn.
For example, if Ive done my initial prospecting correctly,
Ive tagged Fred and anyone else in his industry as
Financial Services prospects inside of my LinkedIn
connections area.
Using a tool like LinMailPro, I can instantly pull up
everyone who has that Financial Services tag among my 1st
level connections, and send each individual a personalized,
1-on-1 message that uses his or her first name and sends the
free tip along with whatever other text I want to share.
(Note: If you havent already, you can watch how
LinMailPro works in action via some free videos in the
LinkedIn Riches Book Bonus section online: http://www.
By using LinMailPro, I dont have to copy and paste the
exact same message (plus change everyones name each time)
to hundreds of prospects in the Financial Services niche.
Instead, its all done automatically, essentially working like
an email blast message right inside of LinkedIn.
Best of all, the prospects get targeted, free advice specific to
their industry, and I get in front of them as a possible vendor,
demonstrating my credibility and expertise for free.
Section 2: Prospects | 89

Best of all, because Im using LinMailPro, the entire process

is automated, meaning I can be off doing something else
while all those messages are delivered on LinkedIn.
As of this writing, I send out 300-400 personalized, 1-on-1
messages each day to targeted prospects using LinMailPro.
On average, I might have one person reply back and say,
Please, stop sending me these helpful free tips.
The reason is simple: People rarely get angry at receiving too
many valuable messages or free tips that help them achieve
their goals.
Yes, I send out 300-400 messages a day to targeted prospects
on LinkedIn, but each time its a valuable, free tip, not a sales
pitch. (Big difference there!)
Now, once Ive done enough of those value-add messages,
and build up the right amount of equity, I can use future
messages to ask prospects to come onto a webinar, learn
more about a new product Im offering, or whatever else it
might be.
Because Ive taken the time to prove myself and build
a relationship where Ive repeatedly given value first and
demonstrated my expertise, people are excited to learn more
and eventually buy from me.
This is how you sell on LinkedIn!

Big Fish: How To Get Celebrities to Engage With You

on LinkedIn
In the past few months Ive been able to getNew
York TimesBestselling Authors, internationally known
90 | LinkedIn Riches

business icons and other big shots to not only engage

with me on LinkedIn, but even promotemy LinkedIn
trainingstotheirmassive audiences.
All this despite those celebrities having never heard of me or
my business prior to us connecting on LinkedIn.
Im going to share with you exactly how I made this
happen, and how you can do it in your industry or niche as
well, even if youre a virtual nobody like me!
LinkedIn Has Killed The Gatekeepers
The first and most important step in this process is
understandinghowto go about contacting your ideal big
shots in the first place.
In every instance, Ive found LinkedIn to be the most
effective method. Heres why:LinkedIn has killed the gatekeepers.
When you send someone a direct, 1-on-1 message on
LinkedIn, not only does the person see it in his or her
LinkedIn inbox, but he or she also might get an alert on his or
her mobile phone (if they have it enabled) along with getting
an email sent to his or herprimaryemail address. (Almost
everyone who originally set up a LinkedIn account, even years
ago, used his or her primary email address. This is key!)
With that in mind, there are several ways to connect with
your big shot on LinkedIn.
First, you can send apersonalized invitationto the big
shot inviting him or her to connect. Choose Weve Done
Business Together as the way you know the person, and
choose the job title of yours that you think will be most
interesting/intriguing to the big shot.
Section 2: Prospects | 91

Also, make sure that with the text of your actual invitation,
you treat the big shot like a normal person. Dont fawn and
gush over him or her. Instead, acknowledge what you like
about his or her work, why he or she will want to connect
with you and why youre reaching out. Save the hype and
hyperbole be straightforward, friendly and professional in
Note: If the big shot doesnt allow random connections
(meaning you have to have his or her personal email to send
a LinkedIn invite), Ive got a way around that too. Look at
his or her individual profile page on LinkedIn, and see what
Professional Groups he or she is in.
Go and join one of those Groups, and once you do, within
a few days of becoming a member of that Group you cansend
the big shot a 1-on-1 messagesince youre both members of
the same group even if you arent connected.
(Note: The big shot might have turned off the ability
for other Group Members to send him or her messages, so if
thats the case see the additional steps below.)
Finally, if none of the above free approaches work, you
can always pay to send the big shot a LinkedIn InMail as
well. (You get several InMail credits each month when you
purchase a premium LinkedIn account. InMail is basically
LinkedIn giving you the ability to force feed a 1-on-1 message
into a persons inbox even if youre not connected to him or
her on the platform.)
Either way, LinkedIn affords you several methods to
reach your big shot directly. In my case, I reached out
92 | LinkedIn Riches

to a handful of big shots on LinkedIn, and almost all of

them mentioned in their replies to me that they noticed my
message personally.
Many then handed me off to an assistant or employee to
work on the details of our new relationship, but my point is
this: they engaged with me! I had the start of a relationship to
build from.
This next section is going to show you what you must offer
the big shot in order to get him or her to not only take
notice of you, but alsowantto reply as quickly as possible.

Be Creative. Establish Credibility. Bring Real Value.

In approaching a big shot, youll want to be creative,
credible and quick. And, with his permission, Im going to
share with you how I was able to create a relationship with
A-List business celebrity Chris Brogan on LinkedIn.
Chris is aNew York TimesandWall Street
JournalInternational Bestselling Author, Speaker and
Consultant who works with clients including Google, Disney,
IBM, Microsoft and many more.
To paraphrase Will Ferrells character from Anchorman,
Chris Brogan is kind of a big deal.
Hes also humble, genuine, self-deprecating and one of the
nicer human beings on the planet.
I approached Chris cold on LinkedIn, but dropped
thename of my business coachin my introduction since I
know he and Chris are friends.
Section 2: Prospects | 93

In your own situation, think about what elements you can

utilize to make yourself more credible in the eyes of the Big
Shot. Is there someone you both know? A big-name company
youve worked at? An award youve won? A professional
accomplishment? Something else?
With my first message, I told Chris that I wanted to rewrite his
entire LinkedIn profile for free.
I explained that Chris didnt have to invest any time or effort
in the endeavor. Instead, Id take all the risk I just wanted his
permission to try. Id send him a Microsoft Word document with
my suggested changes, text and notes on how to improve his
LinkedIn profile. He could take what he liked and leave the rest.
Or just ignore it completely.
In short, I was taking all the risk and askingnothingof Chris
This is important! Too many of us are out there with our virtual
hand out, asking for free advice, asking for someone to promote
us, asking for someone to buy from us and were doing it
without firstearningthe right to make that type of ask.
I knew that with someone like Chris Brogan, I had
I started by trying toearnhis attention with a creative, credible
and quick invitation to do something I thought hed find valuable.
Next, I needed toearnhis respect and additional attention by
actually delivering what I promised a great LinkedIn profile

94 | LinkedIn Riches

What I found interesting in reaching out to Chris and other

big-name, A-List influencers at his level was that nobody else had
offered this type of service to them.
Im going to take you up on your offer, John, one of the other
big shots told me in a message. Its funny, because I know a
ton of LinkedIn experts who are good friends, but none of them
have ever offered to actually rewrite my profile for me. So, sure,
go for it!

Do Your Best Work and Deliver the Goods!

When you get the permission to do someone like Chris
Brogan a free favor, do it like they are paying you top dollar!
Do your best work. I spent hours researching Chris
Brogans brand and backstory, doing my best to get into
his professional and personal head so that I could create a
revamped LinkedIn profile that was both authentic to who he
wasandhelpful to his business goals.
I did the same with the other big shots I approached.
Remember: If you want to get someones attention, do great
work! Dazzle them. Impress them.
If you do, people feel socially and professionally obligated
to return the favor. Its proven that when we give someone
something for free, especially without asking for anything in
return, the law of reciprocity works its magic. The bigger the
favor we do, the more obligated the person feels to pay you
back later on.

Section 2: Prospects | 95

Leverage, Leverage, Leverage!

After Id earned Chris attention and proven my worth
by delivering a killer profile rewrite, I made a couple of key
asks when the time felt right.
The first was to ask Chris to share word about myfree
LinkedIn webinarswithhisaudience, which he did in a very
generous way via his email list and social media channels.
The second was to ask him for a public testimonial, which
he again did via video and text.
The third was to ask if I could drop his name in
approaching other big shots, and he again agreed.
It was much easier to land additional big shots once I
could say, Hey, Ive worked with Chris Brogan, you can ask
him all about me. He trusts my work and will vouch for me.

Happy Endings? Not Always.

In addition to working with Chris, Ive reached out to
dozens of big shots on LinkedIn, and Ive rewritten dozens
of profiles that took countless hours. All without getting paid
a dime.
In some cases like Chris my efforts resulted in huge,
game-changing wins for me.
As one of Brogans followers mentioned to me in a note
after Chris promoted me to his tribe, John, congrats on the
Despite putting in the same type and quality of work with
several other big shots, results werent always so grand. But
thats okay. I learned a lot about what people at the A-List
96 | LinkedIn Riches

level are like in the business world what makes them tick,
what to watch out for, and much more.
And while some big shots didnt want me to publicly
mention I rewrote their profile, theydidagree to serve as a
private reference when I approach other A-List types in their
area of the business world.
Like anything, every single attempt doesnt always result
in a home run. But I learn something in each instance, and
improve the next time out.
With that said, Im already busy cultivating several more
relationships with big shots that I think will catapult my
business and brand to A-List status, and its not by accident.

The Reality of Becoming anA Lister on LinkedIn

You must put in the work. Nobody owes you anything! Be
smart, be creative and be great at what you give these people.
In researching the stories behind so many of todays biggest
business authors and influencers, Ive also seen a common
trend: They all started small and worked their faces off to get
where they are today. Nobody handed these guys anything.
Why should you expectyourjourney to be any different?
One final thought you only have so many hours in a given
day, and it doesnt make sense to offer this to every single
prospect you come across on LinkedIn. But hedge your bets,
trust your gut and go for it when it feels like the right play to

Section 2: Prospects | 97

98 | LinkedIn Riches

se c tion 3


How to Create, Share and Utilize

Compelling, Client-Attracting
Content on LinkedIn

magine for a moment that youre a famous movie star like

Brad Pitt. When you walk into a bar, all the beautiful people
rush forward, fawning over you, thrusting slips of paper into
your hand with their phone numbers and buying you drinks.
Youre the person everybody wants to be with. Youre
the person everybody wants to talk to. Youre the person
everybody wants to work with.
OK, confession time:I cant make that happen for you in
real life. But Icanshow you a technique to make it happen on
Seriously: How great would it be to have people on
LinkedIn literally putting their phone number in the public
Section 3: Publishing | 99

comments and singing Call me, maybe! every time you

posted inside a Group or published a piece of content?
Trust me, itsway easier to make this a reality than it is to
hang at the bar with the likes of Brad Pitt.

The Key to LinkedIn Love

The secret is what I call reverse-engineering the product
or service you want to sell by turning it into the perfect
LinkedIn blog post. If youre able to do that, and share it with
the right audience, youre going to start feeling like the Brad
Pitt of LinkedIn, trust me.
(Notice I didnt say look like the Brad Pitt we can only
work with what weve got, right?)

One LinkedIn Group Post = $7,000

This strategy has worked for years. In fact, the story Im
about to share happened back in 2012, before LinkedIn even
allowed members to create long-form blog posts on the site.
Since I didnt have the ability to blog on LinkedIn at the
time, I simply went into a LinkedIn Group and shared a short
post Id created. The result was three immediate sales leads
that eventually led to $7,000 in marketing projects.
(A quick aside: LinkedIn has millions of professional
Groups where people gather and exchange posts and
discussions based around a common industry, job type,
physical location or similar attributes. I havent gone in-depth
in this book on LinkedIn Groups for a simple reason theyre

100 | LinkedIn Riches

not nearly as effective as they once were in generating sales

leads. But I digress.)
At the time, I was trying to figure out a way to sell more of
my video marketing services to clients. I love making videos
and being creative, and I also have seen firsthand the massive
value video can bring to a brand, business or individual.
At the time, I was staying faithful to my niche approach and
really only marketing to debt collection agency owners. So I
went into a LinkedIn Group where my ideal prospects (debt
collection agency executives) were hanging out. But instead of
just asking for a sale or claiming authority, I demonstrated it.
I created a post titled, 3 Reasons Video Marketing is
Critical for Your Collection Agency! and then I put in
some text explaining each of the reasons in more detail.
I made it specific to their industry and talked about how
video could solve some of their key challenges bad
reputation in the media, lack of people finding their
agency in Google Searches, failure to humanize their
agency and people for new clients, etc.
I added incentive and urgency by explaining that I wasnt
seeing anybody in the debt collection industry using video like
this, so the early adopters were going to get the biggest wow
factor for rushing in and doing it first.
Heres a screenshot of that post from 2012:

Section 3: Publishing | 101

I closed with a call to action: FYI, the video I linked to

in this post is one we created for a Dallas-based collection
agency, Lazarus Financial Group. If you have a video of your
own, or a link to one you like, please share in the comments!
Would love to see other examples!
I then pasted in a YouTube link to a client video wed done.
Within a day I had two people put their phone number
in the public comments asking me to call them with a bid on
how much Id charge to do a similar video for their agency. I
had others put in the public comments or direct messages to
me that they too wanted more info on my video marketing
I felt like Brad Pitt on the red carpet!
102 | LinkedIn Riches

The Secret Teaching Sells

Its all about reverse-engineering the product or service you
want to sell and putting out content that draws people in,
helps them see the immediate value and benefit of what youre
talking about, and then leaves them with a subtle hint about
that fact that YOU can provide this service or product for
them right now!
That type of post does two very important things. First,
it places YOU as an expert when it comes to, say, video
marketing, and as someone people will want to follow and
pay attention to as a trusted resource on all things video.
Second, there will be some who read the post and decide,
This guy really makes a good point and knows his stuff. Plus,
I loved his sample video from the comments. Im going to
find out how much hed charge us for a video like that!
Another option in this scenario might be to start your post
with an open-ended question: Does your Debt Collection
Agency use video in its marketing efforts? Why or why not?
Your post can still share the value/benefit mentioned above,
but your title might work better in triggering people to
respond and engage since youre asking a direct question.
A third option is simply to monitor the Groups youre in for
opportunities to share your wisdom in the comments. This is
a great way to find people who are looking for what you have
to offer, and immediately impressing them by adding your
insight by answering their questions in the comment area.
Even better, you can now create and share your own content
directly on LinkedIn, including blog posts, videos, podcasts,
SlideShare presentations and more.
Section 3: Publishing | 103

Back in 2012, I Saw it Coming

A few years back, I nerded out on Netflix and watched an
entire documentary on LinkedIn. The most interesting thing
one of the head honchos at LinkedIn said back then was this:
We want LinkedIn to be the place where people are creating and
delivering the content you want to do your job today.
Did you catch that line about creating content?
Shortly thereafter, LinkedIn unrolled a huge new endeavor
based on its popular LinkedIn Influencer program. If youre
not familiar with it, the Influencer program features big
names like Martha Stewart, President Obama, Richard
Branson and Suze Orman blogging right on LinkedIn with
their thoughts and tips on strategic partnerships, employee
management, entrepreneurship and other work-related topics.
Once users understood LinkedIn could now be a place to
come for original thought leadership, opinions and industry
news, the platform opened up the blogging feature to all 400
million members.
Starting today, LinkedIn is opening up our publishing
platform to our members, giving them a powerful new way to
build their professional brand, LinkedIn announced at the
time. When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their
original content becomes part of their professional profile,
is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to
reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. Now
members have the ability to follow other members that are
not in their network and build their own group of followers.
Members can [post] photos, images, videos and their
original presentations on SlideShare.
104 | LinkedIn Riches

The rest, as they say is history.

Today, millions of LinkedIn members now publish blog
posts on a regular basis, and LinkedIn does its best to sort,
aggregate and promote the most popular original posts via its
Pulse news channels.
LinkedIn members can subscribe to different news
channels based on industry types or interests, and once
you do, LinkedIn then taps all the content on the platform
to serve up a personalized selection of original (created by
members) and provided (via various media partners like The
New York Times, Bloomberg and other outlets) content directly
into your desktop newsfeed and via LinkedIn mobile apps.
As I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn wants to become the onestop shop for professionals worldwide. Not just for finding
an employee or a job, but also for creating and consuming
industry-specific news, online training and much more.
When it comes to LinkedIns massive publishing platform
and the potential to reach millions of people worldwide with
your content, you can see why I get so excited!
With of all that in mind, here are a few different ways I see
you being able to create contagious content that will appeal to
your target audience on LinkedIn:

Image + Text
Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Pinterest and
other popular visual sharing platforms, LinkedIn has made it
easy for users to directly upload images to individual status
updates, company pages, profiles, blog posts and more.

Section 3: Publishing | 105

In fact, some of the most popular posts on LinkedIn involve

visuals mixed with some type of text.
Youll notice, alas, that silly cat photos have indeed made
their way onto LinkedIn, along with Are you a Genius?
quizzes and other types of visual content that one wouldnt
typically associate with a professional network:

However, there can be a time for you to share fun or

personal content like this as a change of pace to your more
career or work-focused content offerings. When done right, it
will build engagement and grow your audience as a result.
In fact, some of my most personal, authentic, non-work
type sharing has generated a ton of engagement on LinkedIn:

106 | LinkedIn Riches

Not a Graphic Designer? No Worries!

Creating an image + text piece of content is easier than you
think. If you have a desktop application like PowerPoint, its
quite easy to import an image, overlay some text and then
export the slide as a JPG file. You can also find a bevy of free
online tools as well.

SlideShare Presentations
Much has been written about SlideShare and its value for
both SEO and visual appeal, so I wont belabor the point
Section 3: Publishing | 107

here. If youre not familiar with it, SlideShare is a website

that allows you to upload and/or create PowerPoint-type
presentations, videos and other types of documents, then
embed them on websites, blogs, etc. People can download
them, flip through them online and leave comments and
likes as well.
Because LinkedIn owns SlideShare, it goes the extra mile to
make sure your SlideShare presentations display well on both
its desktop and mobile platforms, which is always a bonus
considering how many people are accessing LinkedIn through
its mobile apps.
SlideShare is also a nice content marketing play because
its premium accounts allow you to add video inside a slide
presentation and embed lead capture buttons as well.

As I noted earlier, short of meeting someone face-to-face,
theres nothing better than video when it comes to doing
business online. When done well, video humanizes you
and your brand/company, triggers powerful emotions and
engagement with your viewers and builds the type of trust
and likability that are critical to moving someone from
stranger to paying customer. Its also fantastic for Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) remember, Google owns
YouTube and integrates those videos into search results.
Also, as of this writing, LinkedIn has taken a page from
Facebook and sets the videos you share in your status updates
to auto play inside the overall news feed for everyone else.
That means your ideal prospects and customers will see your
108 | LinkedIn Riches

smiling face waving and talking directly at them on a video as

they scroll through updates inside their LinkedIn news feed.
Its akin to driving down a dark road at a high rate of speed
and suddenly seeing a flashing red light up ahead people
cant help but stop and notice when they see a video playing
in their news feed, especially if it has someone looking into
the camera and talking directly to them.
If youre not comfortable being on camera, you can still
create powerful videos that get shared widely. Consider using
screen-recording software to create How To videos that walk
viewers through a series of useful tips or strategies while you
play stock video or show them your computer screen while
you talk.
Visit the book bonus section at
Bonus to get all my latest tips and strategies on creating these
types of videos, along with how to share them on LinkedIn
for maximum impact.

Repurpose Your Content!

I dont know about you, but Im all about creating a piece of
content once and then repurposing and sharing it in as many
different formats as possible.
Heres an example of how you can do the same thing: Sit
down and write out the two or three most common questions,
challenges or problems your ideal customers are facing right now.
Record yourself on camera talking about those questions
and challenges, and giving your answers, insights and tips on
how to overcome them.

Section 3: Publishing | 109

Talk to the camera just like youd talk to a prospect relaxed,

casual and unscripted. Be conversational, warm and friendly.
And be confident after all, this is your area of expertise.
Share what you see going on in your space, your industry,
whats working, what isnt, etc. Demonstrate your knowledge
and insight, and dont be afraid to showcase your passion,
personality and energy while you do it.
Now, upload that video to YouTube, and add in the proper
tags, titles and descriptions to get some organic Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) value out of it via YouTube and Google.
Next, share a link to the YouTube video on your LinkedIn
newsfeed as a status update. Because LinkedIn auto plays videos
in the news feed, prospects scrolling through their newsfeed
will see your smiling face talking to them. Some will stop,
pay attention and turn up the volume to find out what youre
talking about. They cant help it theyre curious, especially if
youve written an attractive, client-facing title and description
for the video.
Next, export the audio from your video file, and upload it as
an audio Podcast on networks like iTunes and SoundCloud.
Go back to LinkedIn, and share a link to the SoundCloud
Podcast file in your LinkedIn status update box or as a
LinkedIn blog post. LinkedIn, as of this writing, allows you to
paste in links to SoundCloud files so that they show up in the
newsfeed or on your blog posts as clickable, playable podcasts
viewers can consume right on the LinkedIn platform.
Next, go over to, where, as of this
writing, theyll transcribe a video or audio file you send for just
$1.00 USD per minute.
110 | LinkedIn Riches

Even a 3 or 4 minute long video of you talking on camera

should produce around 400 to 600 words the perfect length
for a written blog post.
So, for a grand total of $3 or $4 USD, you just had
someone take you talking directly to prospects via audio or
video and turn it into a cleaned up, spellchecked Microsoft
Word or text file that you can copy and paste onto LinkedIn
as a written blog post.
Since the written transcript of you talking is already
conversational and friendly in tone, all you have to do is
give it a quick proofread, add in a catchy, client-facing title
and description, and share it far and wide on LinkedIn as a
written blog post.
You can also take the video, audio and written version of
this 3 minute piece of content you created and share it on
your company website and other social media channels, blast
it out as a link to your email list, etc.
Again, that 3 minute video recording you just created has
been turned into several pieces of content and posted all over
the place on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
As your final step, you can take this new piece of valuable
content (remember, its you giving specific advice, tips and
solutions to your ideal customers biggest challenges) and
send it to hundreds of your 1st level LinkedIn connections on
autopilot using a tool like LinMailPro.
Again, if you have an automation tool like LinMailPro and
have set up and tagged your existing LinkedIn connections
correctly (by industry type, job title, etc.), you now have a
Section 3: Publishing | 111

ready-made email list sitting inside your LinkedIn profile of

people to send this new, targeted content to.
With LinMailPro, you can send out hundreds of 1-on-1
messages to your ideal prospects pointing them to your new
LinkedIn blog post and video on topic XYZ. Theyll be happy
to read it, because who doesnt want valuable, free tips solving
their biggest challenges or problems?
And, since youre driving so much traffic to that LinkedIn
blog post, the platform itself will take notice of all the new
views, likes, shares and comments its getting, and could end
up featuring your post on its larger Pulse channels.
That means thousands if not millions more people
could start seeing your content and reacting/engaging with it.
In addition, every time someone likes, comments on or
shares one of your LinkedIn blog posts, his or her entire
network of connections sees that activity. That, in turn, drives
curious people over to your piece of content to learn more
about the post someone else in their network shared, liked or
commented on. These people do the same thing (share, like,
comment, etc.) and the process keeps repeating itself.
In addition, LinkedIn gives you detailed analytics on
every single person who likes, shares or comments on your
blog post. LinkedIn does this in real-time with the Whos
Viewed My Posts feature, so you can immediately engage
these inbound, warm leads with a follow up message along
the lines of: Hi, John thanks for much for sharing
my post! What did you find most helpful about it? And

112 | LinkedIn Riches

curious to learn more about what youre up to and connect

directly here on LinkedIn!
And, since that prospect is already warmed up from reading
your content and enjoying your brilliance, think about how
much easier and effective it is to quickly build a relationship
and move him or her into a sales conversation.
Even better, automation tools like LinMailPro also let you
automatically send personalized, 1-on-1 invites or messages
to everyone who has engaged with your blog post content,
making it easy to reach everyone all at once, in the heat of the
moment, while the memory of your great content is still fresh
and front of mind for each prospect.
All from a 3-minute video you shot on your iPhone at your

Dont Forget Calls To Action!

To take things even further, you can put strong Calls To
Action (CTA) directly into your LinkedIn blog posts to drive
engaged readers directly to landing pages, webinars and more.
One of my favorite (and most effective) lead generation
tools to use is putting a photo or image at the bottom of
my LinkedIn posts along with text offering my reader a free
eBook, video training series or webinar.
Here are a couple of examples of what it can look like with
a LinkedIn post:

Section 3: Publishing | 113

114 | LinkedIn Riches

Heres how it works: Using the LinkedIn blog publishing

tool, first insert the photo or image you want to use into your
Next, highlight the image you just inserted, and use the
LinkedIn blog editors hyperlink tool to add a website URL
to send people to when they click on the image. You can also
highlight text (like Click Here to Register!) and make it
hyperlinked as well. (I have free training videos that walk you
through all this in the book bonus area, FYI.)
Now, when someone consumes your post, enjoys it and gets
to the bottom of the page, he or she will find an eye-catching
image or opt-in box promising more. All he or she has to do
is click on it to be taken to a website or landing page of your
Instant traffic!
Again, the idea here is to earn the right to ask for people
to download your eBook or attend your free webinar by first
creating a useful piece of content on LinkedIn.
The idea here, as we finish this section, is simple: You use
valuable, free content and tips to earn the right to ask people to
take the next step in your sales process.
Keep in mind, the ask must be in direct proportion to the
amount of trust youve earned.
For instance, I cant ask someone to buy a $997 online
training program based on a single blog post I publish on
However, I can ask someone to download a free eBook or
attend a free webinar that moves him one step further into
Section 3: Publishing | 115

my sales funnel. I can also take note of everyone who engages

with my content on LinkedIn and immediately send those
prospects 1-on-1, follow up messages or invitations to connect
as part of my lead nurturing strategy.

LinkedIn = Real-Time Marketing

LinkedIn provides massive opportunity for real-time
engagement with prospects whether its utilizing the Whos
Viewed My Profile feature to see who is looking at your
profile page, and then inviting those people to connect or
sending them a 1-on-1 message; or utilizing Whos Looking
at My Posts to do the same thing around content you create;
or watching the notifications flag on your profile page to see
whenever someone likes a status update of yours or comments
or shares a piece of content youve created; in so many
ways, there are endless opportunities for real-time, warm
conversations with prospects on LinkedIn.
The key is being both proactive (finding, engaging and
generating new leads) and reactive (responding in real-time
to prospects that are viewing your profile and engaging with
your content and status updates).
See how it works?

116 | LinkedIn Riches

se c tion 4

Parting Thoughts

his, in essence, is the magic of LinkedIn. You have the

ability to instantly locate, engage and market to the exact
people you need to reach when it comes to selling your specific
products and services.
Even better, the nifty automation tools, scripts, training
videos and templates Ill share with you in the LinkedIn
Riches Book Bonus Area (
make it easy to implement the entire process.
The key, however, is knowing how to sell on LinkedIn.
I cant emphasize this enough there is a specific strategy
and psychology you must employ if you want to be successful
generating business for yourself on LinkedIn.
Without rehashing all the old, outdated and ineffective sales
and marketing tactics that we still see online today, let me
just say this: On LinkedIn, you must EARN the right to ask for
someones time and attention.
Section 4: Parting Thoughts | 117

Ive spent this entire book trying to drive that point home.
Its the result of having spent the past 48 straight months of my
professional life selling products and services on LinkedIn, testing
out every possible strategy and tool until I discovered the most
efficient and effective strategies available.
Ready for some great news?
You can do this.
You can!
Its not rocket science. Go back and read the testimonials at the
front of this book.
Those are regular people, regular professionals. People just like
you and me.
Remember, Im the guy who started his business with 1 client,
a wobbly folding card table and an empty Super Pretzels box in an
upstairs bedroom.
I talk about this quite a bit in my book Fired Up! (www., and its more true now than ever: You live in
the single greatest time in all of human history to make a living
doing what you love.
The Internet, technology and social media platforms like
LinkedIn have leveled the playing field in a way never before seen.
The gates are gone. The doors are open. All you have to do
is believe enough in yourself to step through and apply what
youve learned in this book and what youll pick up from the free
training videos in the bonus area.
Are you ready?
Step through, and Ill see you over on LinkedIn!
118 | LinkedIn Riches

SOWhat Did
You Think?

hank you so much for reading LinkedIn Riches! It means

the world to me that you chose to spend some time with
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With that said, Id love to hear personally what you thought
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So...What Did You Think? | 119

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I cant wait to read it!

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About the Author

s a Bestselling LinkedIn Author, Trainer and Speaker, John

Nemo has helped hundreds of Small Business Owners,
Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Sales Executives and Business
Development Executives utilize LinkedIn to generate more
sales leads, clients and revenue for themselves since 2012.
The son of two English teachers, John grew up in a
home where the basement walls were lined floor-to-ceiling
with books. A lifelong love of story led him to a career in
journalism, where he started professionally in 1997 as a
reporter forThe Arizona Republicand laterThe Associated
John later worked in talk radio as a producer and onair talent at KTIS-AM radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul.He
also served as a freelance writer for hundreds of different
magazines, newspapers and websites, covering topics ranging
from Fantasy Football to Norwegian Architecture to Rock
About the Author | 121

John has also worked as a national-award winning PR and

Social Media Director for large trade associations in the debt
collection and healthcare industries.
During its first 90 days, his 2009 PR campaign for the
consumer financial education Web siteAsk Doctor Debtled
to more than 125 interviews across the United States,
reaching an estimated 25 million consumers and netting
an estimated $1 million in free advertising/publicity
value.John wasalso was able to secure a weekly, ongoing
segment forAsk Doctor Debtand ACA International
representatives on top-rated Fox News Channel that ran
weekly for more than four months straight.
In 2010, Johns PR campaign for the Minnesota Nurses
Association (MNA) reached an estimated 133 million
people in just 90 days and would have cost $5 million in
advertising costs to duplicate.Billed as the largest nurses
strike in U.S. history, Johns campaign garnered local,
national and international media coverage from outlets as far
away as BBC Radio in London.
During those same 90 days, John created and executed a
Social Media Campaign for MNA that took its Facebook
page from 0 to 11,000 fans, racking up 496,000 views. He
also created and distributed content through an MNA Blog
that generated 342,000 page views and 2,800 comments,
along with building a YouTube channel that generated
97,000 page views.
In the summer of 2011, John helped create and release
the Minnesota Nurses Association iPhone/iPad App, which
122 | LinkedIn Riches

made MNA one of the first Labor Unions in the United

States to release its own App. It allowed MNAs 20,000
members to get the latest association news, videos and
updates, report unsafe staffing at their hospitals, look up
and contact their local legislators and more.
In 2012, John Nemo left MNA to start his own marketing
agency,Nemo Media Group,which provided services
including Consulting, Website Design, Copywriting, Video
Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation,
Sales Presentations and more for clients across the United
John is also the author of seven books, and his success
using LinkedIn for lead generation led to him create
theLinkedIn Riches Premium Online Trainingprogram,
along with guest blogging for industry-leading sites such
asInc., Social Media Examiner, American City Business
Journalsand many others.
Besides LinkedIn Riches, Johns most recent book isFired
Up: Ignite Your Passion. Love Your Work. Live Your Legacy,
which was published in late 2014.
John is married to the most amazing woman on the planet
(Sara) and together they are raising three wild boys (ages 12,
9 and 8) along with Rosie the Dog in the Minneapolis-St.
Paul area.

About the Author | 123

The Nemo Family

Rosie the Dog (Wheaten Terrier, Age 3)

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