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NUPACE (Nagoya University Program fr Academic

Exchange) 2014-2015
February 24, 2014 scholarship

The Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE) offers a uniques curriculum
consisting of Japanese Language instruction, Japan area/intercultural studies, and courses in the
student's major field of study.
The programme endavours to internatioanlise through education, forge friendships that extend beyond,
and foster talented individuals capable of contributing positively to the international society of tomorrow.
Overseas students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply for NUPACE:
1. Student MUST be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programmes at overseas
universities that have concluded an academic exhange agreement with Nagoya University
2. Student MUST have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) or better on a 4.0
scale, or equivalent
3. IBT 7.9/IELTS 6.0/TOEIC 780/CEFR band B2/ CET-6 450, JLPT 1
Student Status
1. Undergraduate
Undergraduate students who are admitted to the NUPACE programme to complete courses with
the aim of earning credits, shall hold Special Undergraduate Student status.
1. Graduate students
Graduate students, who are admitted to the programme to complete courses with the aim of earning
credits, shall hold Special Graduate Student status. Graduate students who do not require credits, and
who are admitted to the programme to engage primaliry in guided research, shall hold Special Research
Student status.
Academic Programme
In order to accomodate the aspirations of individual students, Nagoya University has designed a
curriculum that flexibly combines courses in the Japanese Language, Japan area studies, and the
student's major field of study. Moreover, in making availability regular 'major' courses thaought in both
English and Japanese, the NUPACE programme is equally suited to the needs of those students with no
previous Japanese language instruction, and those who have attained level N1 of the Japanese language
The minmum coursework requirement for Special Undergraduate Stduents and Special
Graduate Students is 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year. Special Research Students are
required to pursue research for a minimum of 15 hours per week. At the end of their period of exchange,
all NUPACE students having earned credits are presented with an official transcript of academic record
specifying courses studied, evaluation of performance and credits awarded. The number of credits
granted is determined by the academic regulation of Nagoya University and is based on the number of
hours studied.

Academic Advisor
In principle, a full-time faculty member whose field of specification is close to that of the student's
'major' will be assigned to each student as his/her academic advisor.
Academic Calendar
1. Autumn 2014
Class (1 Oct 2014-9 Feb 2015)
Winter vacation ( 28 December 2014 7 January 2015)
Spring Vacation (10 February 2015 31 March 2015)
2. Spring Semester 2015
Class (13 April 2015 7 August 2015)
Summer vacation (8 AUgus 2015 30 September 2015)
The payment of tuition fees shall be waived for students enrolled at partner institutios with which Nagoya
University has concluded tuition waiver agreements, either at the departmental or university-wide level. In
the absence of a tuition waiver agreement, exchange students will be required to pay this following tuition
fees to Nagiya University.
a) Special Undergraduate/ Graduate Students:
Tuition fee

14,800 Yen per credit ( min 15 credits per semester)

b) Special Research Students:

Tuition fee 29,700 Yen per month,
*All of the fees should be paid at the beginning of semester and subject to change without notice


The scholarship is open to students who at the time of application and admission to Nagoya University
are enrolled in full-time courses of study at institutions of higher education outside of Japan and who meet
the following conditions:
1. Applicant must posses the nationality of a country having diplomatic relations with Japan,
including Taiwan and the Palestinian Terrories
2. Applicant must be enrolled a the institutions having concluded a student exhange agreement
with Nagoya University.
3. Scholarship is 80,000 Yen for a maximum of 12 months