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Ba-Lak Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, September 3, 2016

311 Pine Island Rd.
10:00 - 11:45 AM
Balch Lake Improvement Committee (BLIMP) Report: Don Pierce, Representative from
BLIMP gave an update of the status of the water quality:
35,700 pounds of milfoil removed over past 4 years
30 acres of lake cleared this year
$158,500 spent in mitigation efforts over past 4 years
Lake in better condition now than 8 years ago
2016 budgeted $54,000 ~ $15,000 from lakes; $30,000 from State and Federal funds;
remainder from local efforts (bake sales; metal drives, etc)
Cannot depend on state and federal grants ~ need associations to contribute to the
Don Pierce indicated that many associations have bumped up the voluntary
contributions from $25 to $50 per household this year and asked that our association
consider this.
Volunteers should contact Dennis Racine if interested in helping to staff the milfoil boat.
The Balch Lake Improvement Committee (BLIMP) website is: for
more information on the Milfoil efforts
Acknowledgments: Lisa Cormier noted that our thoughts go out to Koroski family in light of
their recent fire; and to to the Rideout family for their recent loss. She also acknowledged the
work of Tom Eichner in creating and maintaining the Ba-Lak Association Facebook Page.
Treasurer: Pat Collins resigned Treasurer Position: Pat Collins motioned to nominate Connie
Racine as treasurer; the motion was seconded by Jim Cormier. The vote was unanimous.
Connie Racine is the new Treasurer.
Secretary: Lisa Cormier resigned from the position of Secretary. Pat Collins motioned to
nominate Tom Eichner as Secretary; the motion was seconded by Jim Cormier. The vote was
unanimous. Tom Eichner is the new Secretary.
Vice President: Pat Collins nominated Matt Koroski as Vice President; the motion was seconded
by Jim Cormier. The vote was unanimous. Matt Koroski is the new Vice President.
Courtney Morris indicated interested in helping out in any capacity.
Approval of Minutes: the 2015 Ba-Lak Association Annual Meeting Minutes were unanimously
New Members: Pat Collins reported that there are 2 properties have been sold over the past
year: the Lappin family purchased the Berry home; the Smith home was purchased by Wheelis
Treasurer Report: Pat Collins reviewed the starting balances; expenditures for the general and
contingency funds. See Treasurers Report for specifics. Pat noted that of the 61 households
58 regularly pay their dues.

The 2016 Treasurers Report was unanimously approved and accepted.

Change of Meeting Date for Next Year: Pat Collins motioned to move the Ba-Lak Annual
Meeting into July to align with fiscal year. Matt Koroski seconded the motion and it was
approved unanimously.
Road Report: Jon Morrill ~ the roads were reported to be in good shape. Jon also mentioned
there may be increased materials costs ~ gravel; chemicals to keep dust down; etc. He
mentioned gravel donations from the town of Newfield.
Bridges: Dennis Racine gave a bridge report. There are no imminent dangers, however it
would behoove the association to begin to plan to study the state of the bridges.
Bridge Committee: A committee of association volunteers was established to begin to look
into options. The committee is comprised of Courtney Morris; Tom Eichner; Dennis Racine; Jon
Morrill; Norm Bergeron; Matt Koroski; Bill Lennon; Greg Powers; and Cynthia Chick Causbie.
Dues Increase: Courtney Morris made a motion to increase the dues to $250. The motioned
was seconded. Jim Cormier made a friendly amendment to increase the dues to $255 with a
suggested split of $25 increase to Blimp; $20 increase for Road Maintenance; $20 increase for
general contingency. The friendly amendment was agreed to by Courtney Morris; The vote was
unanimous with 1 abstention.
Concerns re: No Wake Zones: Jim McGowen Nutter Island resident wanted to raise
everyones about boat speed in the area of the floating islands. He raised concerns about
erosion from wake wash and environmental impacts to bird habitats. He would like the No
Wake Zone extended from Pine Island to the end of Nutter Island.
Phyllis Hayes noted that the No Wake sign is missing and has not been replaced despite her
requests of the marine patrol. She questioned whether the committee should communicate to
marine patrol to request signage.
Members are encouraged to call New Hampshire Marine Patrol to express concerns:
(603) 293-2037
1-877-642-9700 (toll free)
Security/Break ins: Tom Eichner wanted to raise everyones awareness regarding recent
break-ins around the lake and encouraged everyone to be vigilant. Tom offered to post
information on Facebook.
Dennis Racine indicated increased police presence at odd hours and noted it is appreciated.
Fire: Matt Koroski ~ thanked the many volunteers assisting with and expressions of support of
the fire at the Koroski home earlier this summer.

There was discussion about what we could do as an association to assist the local fire
departments with water draw and locations.
Dana Murphy suggested the association send thank you notes to the fire departments from the
Association and to the Marina who supplied pizza and drinks to those assisting.
Motion to adjourn by Pat Collins
Seconded by Jim Cormier