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Michael Snow Rameus nephew first part:

1) group on the plane:

use real space but not realistically; a plane can make those
movements the camera is doing at the beginning, but gravity shows
things as absurd. Also, cut after a phrase.
movement of the camera rithmic and aleatory, the camera up, down,
side to side, but then just free, drawing, it stills starts like the phrase;
somewhere and finishes somewhere. like rhythms, excerpt on a
composition. runs and stop with the wording.
2) group on the room (music): each person is its from, pholyphony
between the people, and the music, between people and people.
number on the camera???
one long show, that keep repeating and repeating a moment on time,
open long
3) group room reverse-reverse:
que hace el hecho de que la image y el sonido tengan la misma
validez; la imagen funciona y el sonido no. el sonido semifunciona y la image es revez.
4) group on the room-museum: 1 una image, repasada de infinitas
maneras dentro y fuera, con color y blanco y negro.
5) group on the bus: long shot and a lecture, the forms of his voice,
the idea that nobody was looking at him.