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On Healing Other People’s Negativity
Some of the greatest *teachers* and *healers* in history have famously
been /murdered/–presumably by “negative” people. Jesus and Socrates both
come to mind.
Presumably, these great teachers and healers did not *heal* these
negative people, despite being close enough to them to be /killed/ by them.
These negative people who would murder a great teacher or healer were,
presumably, *hurt* people. After all, as they say, “Hurt people hurt
Presumably, “hurting people” would include murdering great teachers or
healers–instead of being healed by them.
Hurting people does indeed cause *negativity*. Nevertheless, those hurt
(“negative”) people still have *free will*. For this reason, not only is
it impossible to /make/ a negative person *positive*, i.e. to /heal a
hurt person/, but it would be wrong to do so /unless you had that
person’s consent/.
In real life, however, when a someone wants to (emotionally) heal a
“negative” person, the negative person is often only seeking to /take
and use/ some of that person’s *positive energy* to /alleviate/ his or
her own suffering. In other words, the purpose of taking the positive
person’s positive energy is only to /make the negative person feel
better temporarily/, not to “heal” them at all!
This is practically the definition of a *Narcissist*: /someone who takes
positive energy from another person in order NOT to heal themselves/.
This energetic (emotional) transfer *depletes* the other person’s
positive energy, “spreading” the negativity to himself or herself. The
negative person now *expends* the newly-acquired positive energy like
fuel, while the positive person must *restore* it somehow.
This is *emotional vampirism* at work.
Human beings are indeed *pure positive energy* at our core, but the way
to heal negativity is not to douse it with positive energy, as in
dousing a fire with water. The way to heal a negative (hurt) person is
to /get rid of negativity/ through energetic (emotional) RELEASE–and
/this is an inside job/.

This is how a negative person’s /own/ pure positive energy can *come forth */from the core/–in place of the negativity that now has been released like a champagne bottle’s cork. It’s also why survivors of *Narcissistic abuse* frequently end up with “fleas” to get rid rint> * * * * Like this: Like Loading. And then.. or trackback <https://godeepwithven. Then they learn that they can only heal themselves. Other people can help *facilitate* this inner process. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.. This entry was posted on Tuesday. is at risk of “acquiring” negativity in the process. This is why teachers and healers must *replenish* their own positive energy in various ways if they are to remain positive themselves. Many people have *sacrificed* themselves trying to heal other people’s> hare=email&nb=1> * Print <https://godeepwithven. You can leave a response <#respond>. but anyone who stays /too close/ to a lot of negativity. .com/share> * * Email <https://godeepwithven. in order to /keep the positive energy flowing freely/…to the ack/> from your own site. /if/ (and /only/ if) the negative person is willing. in an attempt to heal a negative (hurt) person. These are negative qualities acquired from the Narcissist. for too long. if they’re lucky. literally for /nothing–/except a lesson on this subject. 2016 at 10:40 pm and is filed under Uncategorized <https://godeepwithven. April 12th. guess what? /They>. But the Narcissist is only *pretending* to want to be healed. through the transfer of positive energy to him or her.0 <https://godeepwithven./ About these ads <> Share this: * Tweet <https://twitter.

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