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Timothy Marc T.

Perez IX-Avogadro

1) Make a story organizer about the movie.

To solve their problems, the four of them
apply in the Alternative Learning System
so that they can finish what they’ve
started. After they’ve solved their
problem in education, the rest of their
problems are solved one by one and their
families had become much better and had

It is never to late to go
back to school.

 Precious Lara Quigaman as Daisy
 Kakai Bautista as Amor
 Joe Gruta as Mang Oscar
 Petite as Britney
 Mark Neumann as Jon Jon
 Claire Ruiz as Irish
 Lander Vera Perez as Rolan
 Vangie Labalan as Madam Claudia
 Leroy Dela Fuente as Richard

No Read No Write
By Anthony

 Market
 School
 Their Houses

Daisy, Amor, Mang Oscar and
Britney must face their
problems Gender Equality,
Bullying, Child Protection and
the problems inside their
families and also, their most
common problem, Education.

2) Who are the main characters in the movie?

Precious Lara Quigaman as Daisy
Kakai Bautista as Amor
Joe Gruta as Mang Oscar
Petite as Britney
Mark Neumann as Jon Jon

they are always finding a way to make them and their families happy. Britney was not able to finish elementary because he was the breadwinner of their family so it means that he had no time to go to school but to provide all of the needs of his 3 siblings by working all day and all night. While I am still a student.. Protection and Alternative Learning System. Mang Oscar and Britney did not lose hope while facing their many problems. As far as we know. What are the Filipinos values being depicted in the movie?  The No Read No Write movie had shown many Filipino values like: Faithfulness because Daisy. the simplest way to repay these people is to have good grades and better marks so that I can prove that this good education they’ve helped me to achieved doesn’t go to waste. friends. Jolliness and sense of humor because even though they have so many problems to take care of. how can you repay those who helped you to achieve good education?  First of all. Based on the story. What is the best message of the movie? . Unity because each of them help each other to reach their goals and succeed in life and also their unity helps them to overpower Madam Claudia so that they can get what is rightfully theirs. 5. Child 4. Family Oriented because Daisy’s Father wanted her to take the house so that they can have a much bigger house and also to take care of him. teacher and classmates for helping me to achieve good education I am having right now. Amor. 6. Bullying. I must express gratitude to my family.    Claire Ruiz as Irish Lander Vera Perez as Rolan Vangie Labalan as Madam Claudia Leroy Dela Fuente as Richard 3) What are the social issues tackled in the movie?  The story tackled about Gender Sensitivity.

 I think that the best message this movie can present is that it is not too late to go back to school and finish your studies. And also. I’ve learned so many things about education. 8. Mang Oscar. 7. The relationship between my older brother and to the movie is that they have the same character inside and it is Richard. equality and protection. I’ve liked this part because it was very a uplifting moment for those four who didn’t have the chance to finish elementary nor high school but did have a second chance to learn more thanks to the program of DepEd which is the ALS or Alternative Learning System. and Amor passed the examination and graduated from the Alternative Learning System. the brother of Britney. Do you think the movie has a great impact in your life? Why?  Of course. What/Which part of the movie do you like? Why?  I liked the part of the film when Daisy. Britney. how would you relate the movie to yourself? Give some example.  I can relate this movie not myself but to my older brother. I’ve learned so many new lessons that will be affecting my life forever. My brother is always the problem of our family because he is always playing League of Legends but he’s playing of games does not get in the way of his education unlike Richard. What are the lessons that you learned from the movie?  After watching the movie No Read No Write. I’ve learned so many lessons in this movie which will help me on making my decisions etc. The lessons that I’ve learned are the following: Don’t make your own beliefs get in the way in a child’s own life: Don’t give up because nothing is impossible: Be grateful for what you have: Don’t waste the chance to have a good education: Don’t be ashamed if someone in your family didn’t finish their studies: And the lesson I’ve liked the most was the determination of those 4 to finish their studies so that they can have a good and better life. 10. 9. As a student. this movie has great impact in my life because after watching this movie. I’ve also liked .

the part when Daisy’s father went to her graduation and realized that his concept about women were wrong and unjustified. .

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