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The Importance of Mastering English Language

1. Introduction
English language is the second language in Malaysia, and it has been taught formally
as well as included in the syllabus since pre-school. English subjects must be taken
by all students starting from Year One to Form Five. English is taught in order to
equip Malaysian students with English language skills such as listening, speaking,
reading and writing as to enable them to pursue their studies at a higher level and also
for career. By mastering English, students can also access information through the
Internet and can create a network with students in and outside the country to obtain an
authentic learning.
Mastering English language is very important in the sense that English has
become the main language in international communication. Mastering the language is
not only facilitating communication between people from different countries but also
to ensure smooth dealings involving people of other countries. For example, a
business with other nations will go smoothly if a person fully masters English.
Instead, the person will go through many trials if one is not proficient in English.
Language proficiency of a student depends on the aspect of listening, reading,
writing and speaking. These skills are the four basic skills that are important to be
mastered in learning English.
2. Importance of Mastering English Language
By mastering English language, an individual can have more job opportunities. He or
she can apply for a job not only in his or her own country but also at international
level. For example, he or she can apply for a job in overseas such as Australia, United
Kingdom, United States, or any countries where English is spoken as an official
language or first language. Besides, by having a good proficiency in English, there
would not be problematic to get a prestigious job, especially with the private sector.
Applying for professional fields such as accountants, doctors, lawyers and lecturers
also require an individual to master good English. In addition, politicians emphasize
the importance of using English when delivering their speeches in order to convince
the world leaders, as to gain respect in the international arena. Thus, good job
opportunities await if an individual can master English language.