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ESP Monitoring
A downhole ESP gauge that can reliably operate at over 500°F (260°C)

Specifically designed to monitor ESPs running in high temperature wells, the Zenith
HT-ESP gauge provides reliable downhole data at high temperature to enhance ESP
run life and monitor well performance.
The HT-ESP sensor provides data on pump intake pressure, pump intake
temperature and motor winding temperature. The gauge is fitted directly the bottom
of the ESP motor and uses a durable armoured instrument line to communicate
data to surface. This ensures independent, long term reliability, even in the event of
ESP ground faults. Zenith ESP sensors have achieved run lives of over 2500 days
and regularly out live the ESP system.
The downhole gauge is pressure rated up to 5800 psi and temperature rated at
over 500F. Its advanced high temperature pressure transducer can be calibrated
to specific pressure ranges as low as 500psi to provide pressure data within 5 psi
with a 1 psi resolution for well performance monitoring.
The motor winding temperature reading ensures motor performance can be
monitored and protected from excessive temperature.

The high temperature

Zenith Surface Panel (ZSP-HT) provides on-screen data charting, alarms and trips,
analogue and data (Modbus) communication signals for SCADA connectivity. The
panel can be provided with heaters for extreme cold weather environments.


Annulus Pressure

Annulus Temperature
Motor Winding Temperature

Monitor well draw-down
Assess reservoir performance
Monitor well fluid temperature
Monitor actual motor temperature
Poor flow, overloading, recirculation

pioneering technologies for peak well performance

Protect from pump off
Protect from free gas
Protect from excessive well draw-down
Protect ESP/gauge system from from
excessive injection temperature
Protect from motor overheating

000psi.167% (5 psi) 0-3000psi psi/bar 0-5800psi REF. cable run length to be specified 30030032400 Pressure rating 10. Modbus. HT.5mm screened cable.0°C TEMPERATURE 0. analogue 4-20mA.PARAMETERS UNITS RANGE RESOLUTION ACCURACY Annulus Pressure psi/bar 0-500 psi 1 psi 1% 1 psi 0. display.1°C LENGTH (in) 0-400°C REFRESH RATE °C/°F (sec) Motor Temperature RATING (°C) 1.ESP Gauge 13460170416 SURFACE EQUIPMENT REF. Outputs: Data logger.5 4. Suitable for 1⁄4” instrument line RTU. No.1°C PRESSURE 0-260°C MAX WORKING °C/°F (psi) Annulus Temperature See Instrument Cable specification sheet OF13-0163-E4-R02 © 2013 Zenith Oilfield Technology — all rights reserved patents pending & protected worldwide .563 DETAILS Control of hi-temp gauge. analogue & trip relay cables Wellhead Junction Box 14460029000 Explosion proof Screened Surface Cable 33450110000 7 core x 0. No.0°C GAUGE 0. 500 260 1 20. trip relay DOWNHOLE EQUIPMENT Wellhead Feedthrough Instrument Cable GAUGE DESCRIPTION DIA. RS232/RS485 Modbus ZSP-HT 14460113000 ZSP-HT Cable Pack 14460004000 Input power. (in) 1.