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Refugees and Migrants

According to the General Assembly President, how much money does the UN need to
combat the refugee crisis in the world? Select link below for the answer.

This is the first time the General Assembly has called for a summit at the Heads of State
and Government level on large movements of refugees and migrants and it is a historic
opportunity to come up with a blueprint for a better international response. It is a
watershed moment to strengthen governance of international migration and a unique
opportunity for creating a more responsible, predictable system for responding to large
movements of refugees and migrants

The UN General Assembly High Level meeting on 19 September in NYC will
bring countries together behind a comprehensive and coordinated humane approach to
refugees and migrants.

On the margins of the General Assembly, on 20 September 2016, United States
President Obama is hosting the Leaders' Summit on Refugees which will appeal to
governments to pledge significant new commitments on refugees.

After reviewing the websites
1. From which continents are most fleeing from? Where are they going?
2. Should all nations be expected to take in their fair share of the world’s
3. Should a refugee be required to accept relocation anywhere in the
4. What seems to be the greatest challenge(s) refugees face after making
the decision to leave their home country?
5. What can the United Nations do to alleviate the problem?
6. What would you suggest President Obama recommend, at the meeting
September 20, to address the problem?

The Secretary-General issued his report 'In Safety and Dignity: Addressing Large
Movements of Refugees and Migrants' on 9 May 2016

Read Part A, B or C- not all three. And from the Secretary –General’s list of
proposals select the one you believe to be the most important and explain