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Student Brag Sheet

1. What do you consider to be your academic strengths? For the strengths listed,
describe a time when you demonstrated that trait.

2. What do you consider to be your academic weaknesses? What have you done to


overcome them?
Describe yourself as a student (independent, cooperative, learning style,
resourcefulness, approach to learning, etc.). Give a specific example of an academic
accomplishment in high school of which you are especially proud.
Describe a significant educational or life experience that has changed or affected
your viewpoint in some way. How were you affected? Explain the significance of this
List three or more adjectives you would use to describe yourself. Give examples of
each adjective from your life experiences where you demonstrated those traits.
Describe any special circumstances or unusual challenges that have contributed to
your growth and development as a student and person.
Do you feel your grades and/or test scores are an accurate reflection of your true
potential? Please explain.
Describe any special hobbies, interests, travel experiences, projects, books, etc. How
have these made an impact on you?
Colleges like to know how prospective students react to difficulties. How do you
respond to setbacks and disappointments? Describe any significant obstacles or
hardships which you have had to overcome or helped another overcome.
Describe several characteristics you are looking for in a college. Why is each
important to you? (Examples: location, college major, size of college, facilities,
activities, study abroad/internship opportunities, tuition, etc.) What colleges are you
considering and why? What contributions do you think you will make to the college
community if admitted?
What college majors are you considering? Why? What have you done to explore these
career interests? (Examples: academic courses, employment, internships, etc.)

Parent Brag Sheet
1. In what areas has your child exhibited growth or maturity over his/her high school
2. What do you consider to be his/her outstanding personality traits? Tell of a

situation in which these qualities were evident. Please use plenty of
adjectives when answering.
Describe a particular challenge or disappointment which your
son/daughter has encountered. How did he/she handle the situation?
Are there any unusual or personal circumstances that have affected your
child's education experience? How has that contributed to his/her
development as a student?
Highlight one of your son/daughter's exceptional qualities and/or values.
Please inform of anything else about your child that would be helpful in
making an assessment of him/her.