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--Wayne Enterprises Dept.

of Customer Service and Support-Wayne Enterprises Building
One Wayne Plaza
Gotham City, New York 10027
0 332 548 954
Sept. 02, 2016
Dr. Jules Watson
1800 Street Rd
Pennsylvania 215
Hello Dr. Watson,
We are very sorry to hear about all the damages you incurred from our mistake,
and we will try our best to help alleviate any of your concerns as soon as possible. If you
would ship us the faulty product, we will ship you the correct product in a timely manner
and gladly pay for all shipping and handling. We at Wayne enterprises take great care in
packaging our products in order to make sure our products arrive to the customer with a
quality that best represents our company. The damages that occurred to this product
must have occurred due to extreme mishandling from a third-party shipper.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to compensate you for the damages or any
other personal injuries. The product number is written on the packaging and should have
been returned to us as soon as realizing that it differs from the product you order. We
cannot be held responsible for the consequences of opening the wrong product that was
mishandled by a third – party company.
We understand that situations such as this, cause great grievances, so we will
send our personal cleaning services to clean any mess in your office that occurred by
this product free of charge. In addition to re-shipping your original product, we offer you
free warranty, maintenance, and upgradability of this product. This means that we will
routinely keep your product up-to-date and working at the highest level. When the time
comes we will upgrade your product at no cost to you. We at Wayne Enterprises hope
that you remain a loyal customer, and feel free to contact us for any other questions or


Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson
Customer Relations
(800) 677 6236