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“ There is no darkness but ignorance " SHAKSPERE (Twelflh Nzlght. 2-) “ Light. more light."--Gon'rm: .” iv.

A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY BY AI LANGDON TAYLOR II I LI I 'F‘ H‘ LONDON - THE ROXBURGHE PRESS 3. Victoria Street Westminster and 32. W . Chan'ng Cross 5.

Post Free.BY THE SAME AUTHOR PRECIOUS STONES AND GEMS. and Valuable Notes. . Price Sixpence . WITH THEIR REPUTED VIRTUES. Curious. Inte resting.

. . THE MOUNTS OF THE HAND . THE LINES OF THE BAND THE SPACES . . . . . THE . . . . . . . . . RASCETTE.\ 3! THE THUMB . . . 33 THE FINGERS . . . . . . MARKING INDEX L . . . . . . . 21 BRACELET.CONTENTS. 29 THE NAILS . . . . . . 37 THE SMALL LINES. . . . AND . . . . ‘ MAGIC BRACELET OF VENUS . . 41 . . . 0R . 23 . . 43 . 7 . . 15 . . PAGE INTRODUCTION . . CRoss LINES. . 25 TIIE PALMS . . .


or the art of reading the hand. or the future. C/zz'romaney or Palmz'stry deals with the palm of the hand. as well as the past. + INTRODUCTION. whilst C/zz'rognomy concerns the form and character of the hand as a whole. PALMISTRY. 7 . the present. for time and aptitudes.A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. To the entire science is given the name of Cleirosaplzy. is that by which we dis cover the temperament or character. of an individual.

nervous hand shows power. effeminate nature. or the face (Physiognomy). effeminate hand shows a weak. being formed by nature. or the nerves. and almost the surest Sign of a refined (or otherwise) dispo sition. will. A writer in the Telegmp/e says: “Almost than the face. A weak. and con_ . show conclusiVer and physiologically the temperament and nature of the possessor. for in this member is to be seen the utmost of nature’s evolution and develop_ ment.8 INTRODUCTION.” Just as much as the head (Phrenology). is a Daily more good hand creditable and elevating. and energy. and a strong. The lines of the hand. affect the human frame. There is hardly any o¢_ cupation which of necessity fatally defaces this most characteristic mem_ ber of the human body.

t often our own good qualities hidden . surely the ience is doing some good in point g it out. and become children of habit.INTRODUCTION_ intly its show actions. the characteristics of whole being. the intelligence. It indexes the d. In our lives. . and cherish or reject us good or bad tendencies it displays. what aught to do. by reading the nd we find some aptitude. It is a sure x’ WhiCh every man carries about him. aspirations. what ought to reject. . the feelings. unknown us. if. :ad the hand. what he ought to cherish. what he ought to d. that we posseSS. then. Many a man has little ith in himself and wants leading. the so 9 does the temperament and lCtel‘ Of mankind. of what he is fitted for. we are apt to follow other people’s ex ples.

for all the lines and mounts correct and establish each other. It can tell no man or woman whether their future partner in life will be either fair or dark. or two temperaments. the hand shows the particular training required. Much of the dislike for the science has arisen from its false using by char latans (such as gipsies. but it will tell whether or no married life will be happy or otherwise. There will sure to be some redeeming point. any more than two faces are alike.Io INTRODUCTION. Education and training greatly affect men’s lives. _\J . Take the reading as a whole.'etc. It will not do to be discouraged because any particular quality is not displayed.) vfor their own greed. whilst on the contrary it shows what cha racteristic should be avoided. No two hands agree with all its lines.

vnd where the fingers are pretty wen . but shows that the hand is in Iity with the whole body. says : “ That the en .ged by the hands.nds of figures.form or build of the body can be . An Ierienced writer in a well-known :kly journal. forearmed. Where the hand short.” wish to add here a note. so that you can tell from e part a good deal of what the rest the body is like.INTRODUCTION. do it with all your might.. There is a pro rtion between the different parts of a body.” lat-ever Your hand findeth (good) 3. II lelf fstfrehalgfl iisndlijcates trouble : etter to be lr€d_“ forewarned. which ot of the strict nature of palm '. Certain kinds hands always go with certain . and apers off slightly to the finger'tiPS. and goes in at the wrist.

bony figure. moderately well covered with flesh. bony fingers. and that the lines. Thin. in his “ Folk Lore of China. indicate a good figure.” The art of divining by inspection of the hand is of great antiquity. bear similar names and interpretations with them. Denny. as marked out at the present day. but a slender one. Short fingers. it indi cates a good figure. Dr. The Brahmins and other sects of India were adepts in its culture.12 INTRODUCTION. there is the hand which denotes the perfect female figure. but well covered with flesh. covered with flesh. but not particularly well rounded. There was a wandering tribe in .” says the art has many votaries in China. show a thin. When the fingers are long. having been practised by the people of the East from very ancient times.

and )gnomy_ Arpentigny 0n Upon their researches net. 1500.ns.INTRODUCTION. were among its de .hiromancy. ong the Greeks palmistry was believed in.. whilst the Middle Ages pro— l hosts of writers on the subject. The .th of this work is based. and even such ophers as Aristotle and Pliny among its disciples.D.) people so misused the art that JifOld qualities were weakened outed. 13 who used to divine by palm POSSiblY from this very tribe our in giPSieS~ (They were not England till A. . nong the modern and most )ritative writers are Desbarrolles . too.


are . then. or tendencies. that the lities are weak and feeble. regular. show that the charac ics.) lines if well marked. 1. deep.g and well developed. All lines are not discoverable in any hand. how the lines are broken. The Line of Life—This line runs m the wrist to about the middle the side of the palm between the 15 . then it rs that those qualities are un iin and unreliable. (See FIG. qualities. If. and further.LINES OF THE HAND. 1e lines are faint.

unbroken. If clear. good ness of disposition. it L . When the line bends to the little finger (I). repairing the defects of the former. it betokens a long life of 70 years or more. and that attachments are 50011 fOYmEd and as soon broken. it denotes tenderness. deep. affection. length of life and robustness.16 A HANDY GUIDE thumb. however. If. The Line of the Heart runs across the centre of the palm from side to side. and the base of the first finger. and good capacity for honourable love. deep. Of course less in proportion. and even. If perfect in its continuity. clear. If well marked. A second line (within) Shows that there will be a renewing of life. it signifies misfortunes to happen. it shows good health. Crosses in the line intimate that Worries will occur. broken.

and denotes reason. then n_ 1 gination Will control. If the line Stretchis “P wa‘ds “wards the lime fin er (a). possessor has superior intellectual qualities. unbroken. then the person win common sense. it shows that one or the other of these qualities will receive SQme inurious Cheek. in telligence. long.TO PA LMIS TR Y 1 indicates that the person 7 possess influence. etC- If. shows the. but if bent dogijl wards to the thumb (4). near the thumb. as The Line of Zbe Head or Int runs from its conjumtion With cilia! Line of Life. acre e the palm to the other side SS the hand. howeve Power s com ‘3 broken. A gOOd line of heazf dear. PO SSess ‘3 goo d If bant downwatds to the mount of M00“ (6) at pat takes of the quality of that mooi‘t’ 2 . administratiVe mand.

When marked deep and true. —_ _ will be failures and alterations in such fortunes.. right down the middle of the palm to the wrist. and a happy and prosperous life. which is of great significance and importance. imagination and impulse will hold sway. The Line of Fate. it promises excessive good luck.I ~_ ’. If it has crossings of short lines.. Destiny. indecision of cha A linked line (like a chain) shows want of concentration. A winding head line shows folly and racter..8 A HANDY GUIDE z. so accordingly there . that foretells that obstacles and difficulties will arise. runs from the junction of the first and second fingers.e. Fortune. but if 4.. it is indicative of good luck.. This line is never found in the lowest . or Saturn—This line (E to K).. it has breaks. When it rises as far as the middle finger.

and sboWs th harmon of the constituti . th n it indr.’ cate a hasty. quimau to. thoun 0f ngers. pazz'c spam. sac as the he" Lap anders.Lever n5 ‘rze. sull‘e1 strong? busing? genel’ .classes of mankind to 056 “:22 a SES_ 19 su er. or in natio 1“ b0 dage. see r.\ 1s11ne( to K) 1’“ er ount of t e e fingat. a Perswls over age. / 7718 Mrww rrz‘ Q62“ 2‘ J. not easily rufflei/ per but if broke .. 1st If clear a dlstifl a caIm.:9 ""18th 011g the baIte is f al th ys. Impulsi uncerta' Indicativ temper It is 1“ intelligence an apacity. all m the hand 8Q of ears 0 ‘ . not Ina ked “Zion indicat reSIgna or indifi‘eren Tée Tempe from t to be it denot I 0. L1.

then the possessor will have great ability for Art and Science. It is found amongst persons of the highest caste. then much talent may be looked for. Dignity of Character. and if there are two or three parallel lines. in fact. and joins the line of fate near the wrist. This line (F to K) starts from the mount of the ring finger. It indicates a taste for the Fine Arts. etc. or Talent. If it ascends to the mount of the third finger. 01’ Art. . in one or all of their branches. Noble Tendencies. all persons of strong nervous tendenCies~ The Line of Abz'lz'tjy. and. then it shows very great success. If the line is long. or those with noble aspirations. justice of Mind.20 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY somnambulists..

it 11 dicat _ possess charm .? If thehetrian e p a b Ifthe readthline and r the" th person will 21 b r te nsrsy divide? usceptib1 / . film impor spaces e one orln of a quadrangle 1r) large.THE E 1- epa] . that fh gersofz/ life 16 316.

of high intellectual culture. with much genius and capacity for know ledge. with every wish to desire to attain to a. .22 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. high intellectual standard.

Q Q il‘Omanoé / es of Wea thQ h. rich g?’ es. I.THE Rascet or Mag Fig. e bracelet in icating th1§ % ’ Years 0 giver qua and ha ess t ese 1i 1n conne 'on wlth it will easily llfe. Ta14%% .) is to be found Bracelet the baséfl the hand. and forms th Wthh e the junctx 5 ne or 11 of the pa d (1". 14 >7 { and the uni well arked £14 fl stren hen e e t f the lined/4.? life.

if unbroken. One such line. adhering to the lessons taught by the science of Palmistry. adding great riches to the other blessings. those three desirabilities may be reached. indicate Twa happiness and such lines long life. the indication is a life of labour. that is. whilst t/zree form the magic bracelet. foretells a happy life. and strongly marked.24 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. If the line _is chained. deep. crossed and recrossed by numerous lines.“ I . According to the depth of the markings so those qualities will be determined. and indicates calmness of dis position. l l i \ “y'I. either for strength or weakness.

H Jupite Prid 11da 1011 an QleY' to=\ tha e seven ..the the has 5166 _ 6 When th (Cl VenUS\I_Qve .he qualiti bug). . base of the fingers and th 111b. THE n (see Fig. and 10’ the percussio (so~ca11ed r0111 beifly used in striking) of the 11 of the pa] of the little finger to the running froan r‘.THE MOUNTS OF THE HAND.) are the 3166 vations or fleshy protuberances at 1:11.

Exactl tude. love for Science. (H) 3 Mars—Courage or Cruelty (1) ) The Moon — Folly or Imagination. . Disproportionately developed show excessiveness of folly. Depressed mounts show inaptitudes. (F) (9 Apollo—Art or Riches. Love of Discovery. (Q) Q Mercury—Science or Wit. as all lines and mounts correct and support each other The mounts indicate as follows :— le2 Little Finger (G.6 A HANDY GUIDE (E) h Saturn—Fatality. Of course if a mount is greatly developed.. glzghtly developed indicate feeble ness of aptitude. Mercury) indicates a. Mounts excessively developed in dicate energetic aptitudes. it may be modified by the lines of the hands. MethOd.

pets”a .l a T - n 88’ dealism. orm.

Mount Jupiter. the Rascette. Mount Moon . H. Mount of the Moon. Mount of Mars. F. G. Apollo. Mount of Saturn.28 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. v0~i+0(@. Mount of Jupiter. Mount Mount of Saturn . of the .i4i-+O Mount of Venus. K. Mount of Mars. Mount of Apollo. of D. Venus. E. 1. Mount of Mercury. Mount of of Mercury.

2‘9 .



.H: 6Q .


with much hesitancy of manner. and often does. as according t9 its length so reason is displayed (B). Those possessing very broad thumbs at the tips have no control of the passions. self-conceit. The second joint here again tones the character of the first. If. reason and reflection will convert the obstinacy to a credit able firmness (A). however. they have excessive self-will. pride. a resistance to command.34 A HANDY GUIDE denotes obstinacy. . then it indicates a tyrannous disposition. which if not controlled by the possession of other good qualities. the first joint is short. might. lead the pos sessor to' murderous actions (C). But should it be very long. but if the next joint is also very long. then a want 0f will is displayed. a domineering spirit.

and used for the commence ment of a quarrel (as. in Romeo and/ulz'et). for instance.) . and even now many Jewish maidens have the wedding-ring placed first on the thumb. 35 English ladies at one time wore the wedding-ring on the thumb. Licking the thumb is a most ancient form of giving a solemn pledge or promise. that between the servants of Capulet and Montague. (Chambers’s Enqyelopazdz'a. and afterwards removed to the third finger. and has remained to a late period in Scotland as a legalised form of undertaking or promise. The Chinese identify criminals by taking wax impressions of their thumbs. Biting the thumb was an insulting gesture. as the markings are so varied and so unlike.TO PALMISTRY.

llll [I lllll .. F16. IV. .

) THE Fingers are of three kinds— viz. and the extra broad. The square (B) show order of ideas.. the middle finger to Saturn. IV. (See FIG. Of the kinds of fingers. and the index finger to Jupiter.--_1 THE FINGERS. and very often exactness and method. 37 . enthusiasm. The fingers (as mentioned in the mounts) are dedi cated to the planets—the little finger to Mercury. the ring finger to Apollo. the square. the pointed. religion. those that are pointed (A) show taste for the arts and sciences.

independence.” So “to turn people round your little finger. St.38 A HANDY GUIDE reason. exactness. agriculture. need of physical or moral movement. According to Mrs.” at least she says “ there is no instance of any man attaining to greatness Without such. and self-denial. patience. the chase. navigation. reason. The little finger is a thing of beauty to most people. taste for horses. dogs." is a proverb justified by science. sense of duty. . The knots on the fingers have their significance—the first (or nail) knot denoting wisdom. persuasion. or of imagination. whilst the Second (or joint) knot shows order. Hill. love of truth. The extra broad (C) show activity of body. “no man can be great without the little finger (the finger of Mercury) is long and straight. above all. rule.

particularly in Somerset shire.) It was said that women wear '5‘. . and used it to stir their mixtures. ... ‘ “'22— .-.- . (Chambers’s Book of Days.. -_. where all the fingers of the hand are thought to be injurious.4' ‘ "I.-. T0 PALMISTRY. So completely was this con fided in by the Greeks and Romans. . from anotion that nothing noxious could com municate with it without it giving immediate warning by a palpitation of the heart. which is believed to have the power of curing any sore or wound which is Stroked by it. This idea is retained in full force in some country places in England. . that their physicians termed this the medicine or healing finger. except the ring finger._ _ 39 The third finger of the left hand (consecrated to the wedding-ring) was believed by the Ancients to have a nerve that went direct to the heart.

the left signifies dependence or subjection. Jones’s Finger Ring Lore. independence. authority.40 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY.) . (Wm. The right hand signifies power. the wedding-ring on the left hand to signify the subjection of the wife to the husband.

Sometimes these small lines will be found in the form of a. THESE have their significance. or that some obstacle will intervene in the working out of its characteristic even to a reversal of its qualification. they weaken the power of those lines. it will show that trouble will arise in that particular attribute of the hand. chain or links.THE SMALL LINES. If small lines run from one chief 4! w . when this is the case. CROSS LINES. If they cross and re-cross any of the chief lines. running along a chief line. AND MARKINGS.

Thus. Wherever the deepness of the small line lies (i. This applies in the same way to all the other chief lines.42 A HANDY GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. line to another chief line. then the actions of those two lines will affect each other. near the head or near the heart). the power of the chief line next to which it lies will prevail. . heart.e.. if a small line runs from the line of head to the line of heart. then the head will affect or control the. or vice verse.

. . . . . Desbarrolles . . of Life . . . . extra broad .. . Fickleness . knots . . . Exactitude . . . Crosses . . . Generosity . . . . .... . .Activit . . . . . irognomy . Bracelet of Venus Brahmins as Palmists ggirm . Fingers. third . . . Courage .. .. Folly . . . . . . Aristot e Arpentigny . . Knots on the fingers Lines . . . . ... Chirosophy . Fortune . pointed . . . . . of the Heart . of the Head or Intellect 43 . . little . Chiromancy . square . Indians as Palmists Intellectuality . Greeks as Palmists Health . .

. . . . . . . Temper . .. licking u . . . . . . . of Nervous Irritability . M ignity . . . . . . 19 . . . .. . . . . ' . . . . Restlessness . Lines of Fortune or Saturn . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . of ercury . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 0 e s . . . 12 Palms. . of Ability. . . . s o . . 7 7. . . . :9 39 13 23 27 29 4o 13 34 27 26 21 30 39 . . . . on Middle Finger . .. . . . . . . . . . . definition . . of A 0110 .. . Ring Customs _ .. . . 33 35 35 e | c . . . . . . . . on Thumb . ’. . Longevity . . . . . . . . on Index Finger . . . . . . . . . . . Talent . . x8 . Thumb . . .. . PAGE . . . Refinement .. b_itii_ig . . . . . . . . hard . ig . . . . 20 . . . . . . . 19 . the Epatic. . . . . . . . . . . . Science . scope and limits . . . .. . . . . Talent. . . . . . . .. . Magic Bracelet . .. .. - ' o - n 0 41 .. . . Mounts . . . . Spaces . . . . . . . . 35. 41 16 25 23 . . .. . . . . of upiter . . .. . . _ . . . or Art . .. 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . antiquity . . . . . . 16. . . . . . . . . . .“we. . . . . . . . . . . . . crossings . .me 44 INDEX. . n 0 | a . .. of Mars . . . . . . . . Nerves . . . . . Liver or Temper . . . . . . Pliiiy on Palmistry Rascette . . . . . . . . . . . . . of aturn. . . . . g e Wedding Ring a . Selfishness . . . Love . Mounts of Venus . Palmistry. . on Ring Finger . . soft . . . . . on Little Finger . . . Romans as Palmists Self-control . . . . . . . . . .. 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 26 27 27 a7 27 27 3! u o o o 0 a . . 13 . of the Moon . . . .


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