Freedom Teachings: A Brief Primer excerpt Written by A'hzayana Deane

The MCEO Freedom Teachings ™ Series Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A'shayana & A'hzayana Deane, 1998 - 2008, All Rights Reserved; 1999 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings (TM) Series.

The urge to understand the nature of human reality has occupied the hearts and minds of many caring and thoughtful people for as long as anyone can remember, to little practical effect. Today, the desire to comprehend the purpose of reality supports an environment awash with a massive variety of paradigms, "quick fix solutions", and "re-cycled truths" all of which not only profess to satisfy our need to understand why our world is as it is... but also to deliver the means to create tangible, peaceful and expansive personal expression. Book after book, workshop after workshop, and still so very many questions remain unanswered; and, the very fundamentals of Life continue to make so little sense! Contemporary reality demonstrates that the idea that individuals can significantly alter the conditions of their personal experience, contribute to improved collective well-being, growth, harmony and creative expression has grown ever less attainable as our world has become more "civilised". What contemporary humans have learned, by default, is the lesson of powerlessness and victimhood. But, these all too prevalent circumstances are simply a reflection of what is taught or imposed, what is believed or accepted, and what is otherwise 'necessarily' assumed in the absence of adequate prescriptive facts. The apparent futility of life has, for many people, either elevated "God", Masters, Angels, or "ET's" as the only viable means of human liberation or has otherwise supported their respective denigration; either way, promoting hope and trust in all manner of alternate forms of external authority, at the expense of nurturing the remaining vestiges of spiritual potency, loving selfexpression and personal sovereignty. This awareness (and concern) is fundamental to the context, and content, of the Freedom Teachings (FT's), which means that a new and very different perspective is available now. It is a perspective which not only embraces the nature, origin and direction of personal and planetary circumstance, but also offers fresh and dynamic opportunities via understanding the greater evolutionary processes at work - and in unprecedented detail. The conditions of humanity, and the planet humanity occupies, reflect the progression of a bigger drama in which humanity and the planet are playing an unacknowledged part. It is a part that can be played out in complete ignorance and perpetual powerlessness - or - our roles can be dramatically changed according to what we choose to believe in, and act upon, at this time. This time is one in which the growing pains of Cosmic Evolution are likely to involve all, and become apparent to all. It is the time predicted by so many of the ancient prophets, seers, and sages: 2012-2017 / the Golden Dawn / the New Age / the biblical "End Times" - the most major event in the entire history of man and about which next to nothing, of conceptual or practical personal value, has so far been discovered (or revealed) ! Ask yourself why? Why have we not been allowed access to such understanding? What is it that we could be capable of if we could know what there is to know? Imagine, just for a moment, what would happen if more people understood the Source-Creation mechanisms of true co-creative power and consider what might then be achieved with regard to the overwhelming abundance of human limitation,

suffering, and its myriad expressions, that is so evident in every corner of our so called advanced civilization. Doesn’t the fact that we are presently unable to influence the conditions of human existence imply that someone somewhere doesn’t want us to express our preferences for loving kindness, egalitarian respect, and co-creative expression? Or must we instead reluctantly acknowledge some intrinsic human weakness which therefore justifies our lowly-ness and therefore the adoption of the teachings of blind faith, laying our spiritual impotence at the feet of an angry God? Do we therefore also accept that in our striving for goodness, and a remote chance of appeasement to relieve our suffering, that our only choice is to work with intermediaries such as angels and ascended masters who, we are led to think, will intercede, plead our case, and deliver all best intentions on our marginalized and disempowered behalf? Isn’t this kind of surrender consistent with the education-imposed media-reinforced sense that we are, after all, merely descended from apes, as so many experts insist that we are? The implications are quite plain. Such supposed evolutionary origins, or any established variation on the same general theme, means that our acceptance that all that is higher than the kingdoms of animals and man, is guaranteed; accordingly, the human psyche is impressed, and carries within itself the belief that all higher life is self-evidently superior! This way, or that way, by hook or by crook, the questioning of humanity and the desire for any significant degree of effective spiritual potency has been pacified, side-tracked, or simply persecuted throughout all the ages, ancient and pre-ancient by such simple, and evidently effective, contrivances. The answers the FT's offer do not necessarily negate the old paradigms, but they do challenge old ideas to evolve. The greatest benefit that the FT's offer you is the gift of uncommon knowledge, through which some of the mysterious aspects of reality can be understood ... and, through this, the majesty of personal experience can be rediscovered. Challenges inspire growth and the FT's are a challenge; their implications are intrinsically profound, so much so that at times they may seem unbelievable, a fiction, though we assure you they are not. If the FT's are approached with openness of mind, and keen intuition, the message can be immensely enlightening, the implications wholly transformational. The overall challenge we speak of here is embodied by the potent answers to questions like: "What do we really know about our own origins, our history, our purpose, our 'world'?"; "What do we really know about the workings of reality, the framework of Creation, the existence of other-worlds (and life-forms), their relationship and significance to us, our latent abilities, our planet and our future?" To continue reading this Brief Primer go to:
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