IPSF PARO Clinical Skills Event (CSE) Grant 2016: Call for Applicants

The Pan American Regional Office is happy to announce the 2016 Clinical Skills Event Grant call for
organizations in the Pan-American Region.
The Clinical Skills Event (CSE) is an interactive, team-based analysis of clinical scenarios for
hospital/health-system pharmacists. It provides pharmacy students the opportunity to enhance their skills.
Clinical Skills Event (CSE) focuses on helping you to use your clinical knowledge to solve and to improve
your patient’s drug therapy.
The aim of the grant is to facilitate the growth and assist organization of the Pan-American Region create
a clinical skills events that will be benefit their students and recent graduates. This opportunity is also
intended to help students promote IPSF within their Schools of Pharmacy and countries.
Grant coverage and criteria.
The awarded grant will cover financial expenses incurred in the implementation of the clinical skills event
(CSE) up to a maximum value of 150 Euros. The payment of the grant will be made available after the
completion of the project/campaign and only on production of valid receipts for the costs actually incurred
and the production of a written report addressed to the Pan American Regional Working Group.
The applicant is an IPSF PARO student organization either as a Full Member organization or as a
Member in Association
The electronic version of the application form should be emailed directly to the Chairperson or the PanAmerican Regional Office (chairperson@paro.ipsf.org) and the Regional Projects Officer
(rpo@paro.ipsf.org) by the 23 of September, 2016. Applications can be found here
(http://paro.ipsf.org/ipsf-paro-clinical-skills-event-cse-grant-2016-call-for-applicants) and on the IPSF
PARO Facebook Page.
The winner will be selected by the Regional Working Group RWG Members, applications should be
sent in English but exemptions can be made if RWG is notified BEFORE the application deadline.
Successful applicant organizations will be notified by the 29 of September, 2016.
Jorge Schlöttke
Chairperson of Pan-American Regional Office 2015-2016
Regional Working Group 2015-2016