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BA 350
Choose the BEST answer
1) According to expectancy theory, employees are likely to have high levels of expectancy, instrumentality, and
motivation ONLY if ________
A) they like their supervisors and coworkers
B) they have received high quality education and continue to learn
C) managers can accurately evaluate their performances
D) managers are motivated to achieve as much as possible
2) The STRONGEST goals of the performance appraisal process are to ________.
A) encourage high levels of worker motivation and performance and provide control over compensation increases
B) provide accurate information to be used in managerial decision making and to encourage communication between
supervisors and subordinates
C) encourage high levels of worker motivation and performance and provide accurate information to be used in
managerial decision making
D) control compensation increases and document fairness, equity, and a lack of discrimination in promotion practices
3) During a performance appraisal, a manager tells a grocery store cashier that she is spending too much of her
time greeting customers and providing friendly service and not enough time making sure that she is ringing up the
grocery bills correctly. Which of the following BEST describes this cashier's limitation?
A) not sufficiently motivated
B) not contributing required inputs
C) contributing too many inputs
D) misdirecting inputs
4) Dick Sines is a manager in the customer service department of Grand Prix Auto Parts. According to a recent
performance appraisal, Dick was told he was spending too much time trying to solve problems with the computer
system in his area and not enough time supervising employees. The MAIN purpose of this performance appraisal is
to ________.
A) give Dick a chance to explain why he is spending time trying to fix the computer system
B) give Dick's manager new insight into the operation of Dick's area
C) give Dick feedback concerning whether he is focusing his effort in the right direction and on the right set of tasks
D) provides documentation that Dick has been warned that he needs to spend more time supervising
5) Vincent works as a receptionist at an office. He is pleasant with employees and clients. Vincent keeps his desk
very clean. Sometimes, he misses important calls because he is busy organizing his workspace. Which of the
following BEST describes Vincent's pattern of behavior at work?
A) positive customer service work but negative time management skills
B) positive as the result of his doing a great overall job
C) positive customer service work but negative telephone skills
D) negative as the result of his doing a poor overall job
6) All of the following are examples of the evaluative purposes of a performance appraisal system EXCEPT
A) deciding how to motivate an employee
B) deciding whom to promote
C) deciding how to set pay levels
D) deciding how tasks should be assigned

7) Carlos Rivera is a middle-level, expatriate manager who works for a multinational corporation. He has learned
two languages and seven dialects in an effort to communicate and be friendly with his subordinates. Carlos is
engaging in leader behaviors that the Ohio State studies would characterize as ________.
A) thoughtfulness
B) initiating structure
C) task oriented
D) consideration
8) Sandy Shaw is the leader of a production group at Tech-Deck, Inc. As the leader, Sandy often finds that her
employees approach her with concerns regarding both professional development and personal issues. Sandy is
uncomfortable providing advice in these areas, however, and wishes to maintain a purely professional relationship
with her subordinates, concentrating primarily on issues relating to completion of work assignments and goal
setting. Sandy is exhibiting leader behavior characterized by the Ohio State studies as ________.
A) dominance
B) initiating structure
C) consideration
D) employee oriented
9) Ronald Ross is an employee in a work group of five people. Ronald's supervisor, Randy, interacts with other
group members in a relatively superficial manner, providing them with information they need to get the job done
while remaining formal and somewhat distant and cold. In contrast, Ronald and Randy have a great working
relationship, exchanging information and unsolicited suggestions. Based on the leader-member exchange theory,
the relationship between Ronald and Randy is BEST classified as ________.
A) in-group
B) extragroup
C) out-group
D) intragroup
10) When followers want to believe leaders have the ability to make a difference and attribute qualities to them
they really don't possess, they are experiencing ________.
A) the leadership mystique
B) the romance of leadership
C) leadership substitutes
D) transformational leadership
11) ________ inspires followers to trust the leader, perform behaviors that contribute to the achievement of
organizational goals, and perform at high levels.
A) Transactional leadership
B) Transformational leadership
C) The romance of leadership
D) Analytical leadership
12) Judy Bailey is the chief engineering officer at a small biotechnology company. She oversees three laboratories
and a group of mostly male engineers and biologists. The first woman in this position, Judy has perceived some
ambivalence, as well as some animosity, regarding her authority. The research on gender and leadership suggests
that Judy is MOST LIKELY to ________.
A) use a democratic style to win over opponents
B) use an autocratic style as a means of asserting her authority
C) fire all those individuals that disagree with her management style
D) use a contentious style of management

13) The ownership of Uptick Incorporated is looking for a new vice president of sales to take charge of their failing
team of salespeople. Their inter-company research has shown that the sales team lacks motivation and initiative.
The research has also shown that this group performs at a much higher level when led by someone who assigns
individual tasks to follow, plans ahead, sets goals, and pushes subordinates to get their tasks accomplished.
Which of the following questions will BEST help the owners of Uptick Incorporated find the right person for the
new vice president of sales job?
A) As a leader, do you believe in and follow initiating-structure behaviors?
B) As a leader, do you make sure to use consideration with your employees?
C) As a leader, do you find it important that your employees feel trust, respect, and kindness from you?
D) As a leader, do you believe that your employees can accomplish tasks without your involvement?
14) Yolanda Sparks is a leader who believes strongly in the relationship-oriented approach to leadership. Over the
years, the use of this style has meant mostly good things for her company, Sandstone, Inc. Some of her
subordinates, however, have complained about her leadership style in anonymous questionnaires routinely filled
out by employees. Which of the following is MOST LIKELY a complaint that one of her employees has put in an
anonymous questionnaire?
A) Yolanda's leadership approach tends to focus a bit too much on the numbers and the bottom line. She has always been
decent to us, but her eyes never leave the productivity reports.
B) Yolanda's approach to leadership is very inconsistent. We never know whether or not she will be friendly on one day or
very hard and demanding on the next. She wavers too much between what she thinks is important for the workers to be
focused on.
C) Yolanda is far more concerned with her own upward mobility than she is with the success of our team. Her main
concern is looking good and this has hurt our success.
D) Yolanda's leadership often leaves us feeling as though our assembly line responsibilities are not as important as our
regular conversations with her about things outside of work. This usually results in less work getting done and, therefore,
lower productivity numbers on our weekly reports.
15) Mark Trudeau, an account representative for Foster Paints, is a dedicated employee who consistently achieves
over and above his supervisor's set goals. In his day to day work, Mark and his supervisor collaborate on the best
ways they each think problems and issues should be handled. Over the course of his time with Foster Paints, he has
worked closely with his supervisor, Danielle, often having as much to say about procedures as does Danielle.
Together, they are able to accomplish great productivity and success through shared influence over each other.
Based on the above information, which of the following is the MOST accurate statement?
A) Mark's leader takes a strict task-oriented approach.
B) Mark is in the "in group."
C) Mark is a formal leader.
D) Mark's leader Danielle does not adhere to either of the Vroom and Yetton models to leadership.
16) Tim is a manager of ABC Grocery Store. He demands outstanding performance of his employees. His
employees highly respect him for his ability to listen to employee feedback. The company perceives Tims store as
the most productive in the chain. He enjoys everyone in his store and treats them as family.
Which of the following best describes what Tim is NOT as a leader?
A) High Task Oriented, Medium People Oriented
B) Medium Task Oriented, Medium People Oriented
C) High Task Oriented, Above Average People Oriented
D) Below Average Task Oriented, Low People Oriented

17) According to the video clip on Enron (shown in class), which entity should be blamed for this debacle?
A) The System
B) All senior managers at Enron
C) The President of Enron
C) The Federal Government
18) What purpose did the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) serve?
A) It showed how important individual differences are in influencing people.
B) It proved that all good people are inherently evil and cannot be changed.
C) The metaphor, The devil made me do it, is absolutely true.
D) Group situations carry with them environmental influences on individuals.
19) According to your instructor, organizational values:
A) precede societal, professional, and individual values.
B) affect only professionals and individuals in organizations.
C) interact with professional, societal, and individual values.
D) result from only social norms, values, and rules.
20) Which of the following is NOT a cultural dimension according Hofstede?
A) Collective
B) Power Distance
C) Reflective
D) Achievement
21) According to Hofstede, Americans are:
A) Low on Collectivism.
B) Low on Achievement
C) High on Achievement
D) Low on Individualism
22) In the SPE, the prison guards wore reflective sun glasses:
A) to hide their eyes from the prisoners.
B) so they could control the prisoners actions.
C) to show the prisoners who the boss was.
D) so the guards could remain anonymous and powerful.
E) All of the above.
23) The prisoners in the Stanford Prison Experiment had ______ probability of being selected for that role.
A) less than a 50 percent
B) more than a 50 percent
C) almost a 50/50
D) a 50 percent
24) Some members of Beta Corporation's product development team think customers want more innovative
products. Other members believe customers want reliability. All members have the goal of meeting customer needs.
This BEST illustrates that ________.
A) groups may have identical goals, but they do not have to have common goals
B) groups may have one or more common goals, but they do not have to have identical goals
C) group goal setting does not work because of the diversity of opinions
D) group goal setting requires a strong leader

25) Managers establish ________ to help the organization achieve its goals.
A) informal work groups
B) formal work groups
C) corporate clusters
D) special interest groups
26) Maria Henderson is the assistant controller at Tie & Belt, Inc. She meets every Tuesday with Marvin Smith, a
sales clerk, and Mark Corbin, a production systems analyst, to discuss common problems they are having learning
a computer program. The three decided to start meeting together after they ran into each other at the local
computer store, where they were waiting in line to ask a salesperson questions about the program. This group
would be classified as ________.
A) a command group
B) a task force
C) a steering committee
D) an informal group
27) Members of an interest group spend most of their time arguing with one another. They have great ideas but
accomplish little because everyone wants to work on their own ideas and not collaborate with others. What is the
BEST advice you could give the group?
A) Add more members so there are more people to do the work.
B) Recruit people with different backgrounds so there is an array of viewpoints.
C) Disband this interest group because the goal is too controversial.
D) Make the group smaller so communication flows better.
28) ________ are informal rules of conduct.
A) Group roles
B) Group norms
C) Group standards
D) Group procedures
29) It has been an informal rule for many years that nobody in the shipping department voluntarily works on the
first Saturday in November at the W. W. Wright Company's East Texas plant because it is the first day of hunting
season, a popular event. Henry, a new member of the shipping department, volunteers to work on this day. What is
MOST LIKELY to happen to him?
A) He will be punished for violating a group norm.
B) He will win the support and admiration of coworkers.
C) He will be formally reprimanded because of a rule violation.
D) He will receive idiosyncrasy credit.
30) During the last task force meeting of each month, a team member is expected to bring in treats. When it is
Julie's turn to bring in treats, she does so only because she does not want to be looked down upon. Her reason for
conforming to this norm is ________.
A) identification
B) idiosyncrasy
C) internalization
D) compliance
31) Ken, Laura, and Joey are in an interest group. Everyone arrives five minutes early for every meeting. If Ken
feels identification, the reason that he arrives early is MOST LIKELY because ________.
A) he wants to do what Joey and Laura do
B) he does not want to be reprimanded by Joey or Laura
C) he wants to be praised by Joey or Laura
D) he feels he should be on time no matter what Joey and Laura do

32) ________ requires believing that the behavior dictated by the norm is truly the right way to behave.
A) Compliance
B) Identification
C) Internalization
D) Codification
33) Sally is a waitress at a well-established local restaurant. She works with several other waitresses, each of them
of equal status. They do not supervise anyone nor have they been given any authority other than what is required
to serve the customers. However, Sally is extremely well liked by patrons, the other waitstaff, and the cooks.
Which BEST describes Sally's power within the organization?
A) She has no power since she is a waitress and has no authority.
B) She has a small amount of negligible power within the organization.
C) She holds referent power within the organization.
D) She holds expert power within the organization.
34) The formal and informal sources of power possessed by managers, functions, and divisions that determine how
an organization makes decisions is the organization's ________.
A) political system
B) hierarchy of authority
C) dominant political coalition
D) power structure
35) ________ is the power that stems from a person's position in an organization's hierarchy.
A) Dynamic power
B) Organizational power
C) Formal individual power
D) Informal individual power
36) Formal sources of power are based on ________.
A) an individual's personality
B) an individual's position in the organization
C) an individual's expertise
D) an individual's referent power in the organization
37) Which statement BEST explains the relationship between charisma and power?
A) The more charisma a person has, the less able they are to influence others.
B) If one lacks charisma, one cannot have legitimate power.
C) If one has charisma, one also has other formal powers.
D) If one possesses charisma, other powers may not be as important.
38) ________ is the power to control and use organizational resources to accomplish organizational goals.
A) Expert power
B) Referent power
*C) Legitimate power
D) Corporate power
39) Which of the following is true?
A) An organization has only physical borders.
B) Organizational rules supersedes Federal Laws.
C) A true organization must interact with its environment
D) An informal culture is not the grapevine.

40) Which of the following is NOT a component of organizational culture?

A) values
B) beliefs
C) norms
D) technology
41) Research suggests that people who believe they have little at stake are the ones most likely to act unethically.
A) True
42) Individuals within an organization know that any action that harms others is not acceptable.
B) False
43) National culture is the particular set of economic, political, and social values that exist in a particular country.
A) True
44) According to Hofstede, in countries where individualism prevails, values of individual achievement, freedom,
and competition are NOT stressed
B) False
45) According to your instructor (and your text), collectivist cultures possess norms that stress both processes and
A) True