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By Tom Dodamead

It seems there is of a part of our constitution that most of us have

ignored or forgotten. That is its true purpose. I mean you hear all
kinds of stuff about constitutionality. It’s almost all unconstitutional
unless you comprehend the true reason that it was written in the first
place. It is all right there in the first paragraph. You know the “We the
People” part. I think this is called the preamble but not being a
constitutional scholar I’m not really sure. All I know is it’s the first
paragraph. It seems to be a pretty wise piece of verbiage. I will repeat
it for those of you who don’t remember.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more

perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic
tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the
general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to
ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this
constitution for the United States of America.

I believe this is supposed to be what Americans are all about. This is

our purpose. If you really think about it, forming a more perfect
union is the most perfect thing we could do.

Now the guys that wrote this thing must have been pretty clever
because you notice they didn’t say perfect union. They said, “More
perfect” knowing that we are all human. We probably are going stay
that way for a while, at least until the outer space aliens find us and
start breeding Hulians.

You know, it seems that God or Allah or Darwin or however you

believe you got here made us less than perfect for a reason. I
personally believe this is it. So we could figure out how to form a
More Perfect Union.

Union, what is that? Isn’t that what happens when you get married or
is it the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers? Yes it just means people
getting together to make things better and better and better. It just
seems somehow we forgot that’s why we formed a government and
tried to give them the power to do that, make things better that is.
Better for whom? The rich established well to do? No! What are the
first three words?


You know, it took this country almost its whole existence and by that I
mean its first two hundred years to admit that really everybody is
people. That is just who we are supposed to be making things better
for, everybody.

So will we ever have a perfect union? No. Can it be more perfect? I

think it can be a whole lot more perfect. It seems too many people
have given up on that. I believe we still have a long way to go. And I
truly believe we will get there.

We must first establish the vision, purpose and desire to get there.
That is the same stuff that made them write the constitution in the
first place. You see, in spite of all its wisdom, there is a major flaw in
our constitution. We must fix it! Or it will be the downfall of true
freedom, and really the hope for peace and stability on earth. The
fault is, our forefathers did not establish a truly failsafe barrier or
“firewall” in today’s terms, between the influence of money or “special
interest” (i.e.; corporations) over our government, especially over the
electoral process.

I do not believe it is possible for politicians to overcome their need for

greed. Yes it is human nature. Money and power corrupts faster than
the speed of light. We must do it for them. They will not do it for us.
Strict verbiage needs to be written into our constitution now to
correct and prevent “special interest” from further corrupting our
government. We have a huge job ahead correcting the damage it has
already done.
What in the world is a perfect union anyway? Well, in my book it’s
kind of like a perfect world. You know, everybody’s happy. I think
they call it Utopia. Obviously we aren’t going to get there. So back to
the magic word, “More” perfect. I think that’s supposed to mean,
almost everybody’s happy. I think even a better way to put it is
nobody has to be miserable unless you did something to deserve it.
Here is my definition of a more perfect union. It really boils down to
three basic elements of basic human need that we as a society owe
each other.

1. Affordable quality health care available to everybody,

whether they can afford it or not.

2. Affordable quality education for whoever wants to be


3. Affordable quality public transportation to anywhere

you need to go.

The other needs in life should remain under the control of a free
market “capitalism” that is closely monitored with some controls
“socialism”. You see I am all for good capitalism but we must separate
the forces of capitalism from our government or it becomes bad
capitalism. You can’t have good capitalism unless you have good
socialism. This is far more important than the separation of church
and state. A government should be the servant of people’s need and
not the servant of corporate greed. Our constitution is supposed to be
about serving peoples needs. That is the meaning of the next phrase
in the preamble.

Promote the general welfare.

Be careful now. You know that old word “welfare” has gotten a bad
rap because somehow our government thought they could create the
great society by giving free money away. Duh! Of course it is a failure.
It had a negative effect for the same reason that capitalism works.
People have to be motivated to feed, clothe, and house themselves. If
we just take care of the basic needs that we as a society owe each
other, I believe everybody except for the truly disabled will be able to
excel. Somehow we have let our society’s moral and political
obligation to insure the basic needs of society become stigmatized as
if it were a handicap on society. This is pure fallacy. Not taking care of
the basic human needs is how the social elites enslave the general
populace into subservience. We would all be so much more
productive and prosperous if we just took care of the basics.

Many of you whose programmed, knee jerk, auto response system has
you going into the socialism = communism = dictatorial society
reaction are doing exactly what the leaders of the corporate
government complex want. Not opening your minds to what an
incredibly beautiful life we could have if we wanted it strongly
enough, because guess what? Yep you guessed it; they want to keep it
all for themselves. I believe that a more perfect union will include a
blend of political systems. Capitalism will work where it works best as
a great motivator for people to want to do great things, and socialism
will be used where it works best as the insuring infrastructure
enabling all people to do great things. So where do we start.

Establish justice.

Now that’s a tough one especially when you consider that it took us
almost 200 years to admit that everybody is people. But let’s get
started. Lets start with make the punishment fit the crime. I’m sorry,
I don’t have much patience for criminals and I have even less for a
justice system that let’s them get away with crime.

Our country has just suffered some of the worst crimes in all of
history. Millions of people’s lively hoods and savings were stolen or
swindled from them by corporate executives. Our government has
basically given them the OK to do so because the perpetrators knew
their risk were slim and certainly they would never risk what a robber
would if he pulls off a heist of a Wells Fargo truck for lets say, eighty
million dollars.

So what do they do about it? They try to hang it on Martha Stewart.

What a bunch of bull market chips. If she goes to jail than most of our
elected officials belong there with her Including George Bush, Dick
Cheney, Bill Clinton and most of our Congress. They create and
perpetuate the environment that caused Martha to think her behavior
was, well shall we say, socially acceptable. These people and their
corporate enclave stole billions of dollars from much of the populace
through deception lies and fraud. If a robber that steals your wallet
gets five to ten than these executive criminals should do the rest of
their lives at hard labor with all the miseries and abuses that the
common criminal gets in prison.

How do they get away with it? Corporate law, civil law and criminal
law are so riddled with loopholes, shelters and ambiguities that it
makes no sense to any one except corporate lawyers. I believe they
just pretend to understand the mess they and our lawmakers have

How do you fix it?

1. Executive boards should be held criminally as well as

civilly responsible for irresponsible conduct of their
companies. The penalties should be equivalent to what
other criminals of lesser social status would get.

2. The process by which laws are written should to be

changed so that a board of constituent citizens agrees that
the laws are in fact understandable and enforceable.
Remember many lawyers are trained to and it is their job
to bend the truth beyond a reasonable doubt. Make law so
simple that a tenth grade educated person can understand
them. Come on, how hard could it be to compose a law that
states, “Any member of a board of directors must give
three days notice in the public media before they can sell
their own company stock”? If the stock looses its value it is
most likely the boards fault any way. Get rid of the
legalese in laws. Do not allow words or concepts to be
written into law that are not easily understood by an
average person. If you have read many of the laws and
statutes of this land you would have to agree they are way
to complex and abstract. Legal concepts do not have to be
this complicated. If you let lawyers make laws all you are
doing is making sure that laws are so complicated that
you have to have lawyers to settle your legal problems.
And like it or not, we all have legal problems.

3. We could get rid of so much of this corporate deception

and greed by converting our tax code to a graduated flat
tax system, also a small 3% federal sales tax. Our tax codes
are so corrupt and unbalanced they are shameful.

4. We could get rid of much more corruption by cleaning

up the legislative process. It is as crooked as a snake. A
law should be a law simply stated and not a bill laced with
pork and encumbrances that may involve every
legislator’s interest.

5. Lobbying should consist of no more than a letter of

public record. Political platforms should be freely
circulated and readily available.

6. Political advertising should be banned. It is deceptive by

design. All too often it is nothing but smear campaigns
paid for with corporate dollars that promote ignorance
instead of intelligence.

7. Political platforms, agendas and processes should be

required to be carried in all media on a regular and
consistent basis. I think a good number is 10% of the copy
in newspapers and magazines, and one hour per day for
television and radio. The media would not have to go
without revenue for this. The advertising would be just as
valuable if not more so. An advertiser just could not
sponsor a candidate. If we don’t have just-worthy
lawmakers than we will never have a just society. If they
refuse to vote to clean up campaigns and electoral process
then vote them out. Let them know this is mandatory.

8. Keeping the Electoral College system is unjust and

stupid. We now have a President in office that would not
be there if we were truly democratic. This just may be the
biggest failure of our “democracy” in history. The truth is
we don’t live in a democracy we have a hodge-podge of
electoral processes, which are archaic, at best and often
corrupt. We live under the rule of the Electoral College,
which was somebody’s conception of a few people being
smarter than the mere majority. We have just invaded a
country under the guise of creating democracy yet we
don’t have it for ourselves. We must fix it. Our government
is We the People, by the people and for the people only if
our government learns how to count. We all know they
have a very hard time doing that.

The whole justice system is such an incredible waste of human

resources and talent. It could be much more just and efficient if we
wanted it to be. Think about it, most all of those judges, lawyers and
politicians are making a pretty good living aren’t they? They have let
our institution of government spin out of control. Don’t get me
wrong. There are good lawyers and politicians who are dedicated to a
just society. They are just overwhelmed by a government that is
corrupt by design. By that I mean our politicians are immediately
exposed to corrupt influences as soon as they decide to become a
politician because they have to finance the election from sources of
influence. And as soon as they get to office they are immediately
bombarded with the bribes of corruption from lobbyist and corporate
junkets. We all know that these big corporations have yachts, jets and
offshore and onshore resorts that constantly entertain our politicians
for the specific purpose of influencing them.

There is really only one way to stop this. We must have a

constitutional amendment, which strictly prohibits and influence
peddling by any organization, corporation or individual without
complete disclosure. We must have one hundred percent publicly
funded elections. Favors or bribes will result with 20 years to life in
the same prisons with the mother-stabbers and father rapers, oh yea
and the dope dealers too. How are we going to get politicians to
impose this upon themselves? We must petition, petition, petition, if
they do not take the medicine they are out of here. If we don’t have
just-worthy lawmakers than we will never have a just society. If they
refuse to vote to clean up campaigns and electoral process then vote
them out. Let them know this is mandatory. The next phrase in our
words of wisdom is,

Insure domestic tranquility.

From all the ads I see on TV you’ve got to figure that this means
everyone gets an unlimited supply of Zanex, Oxicontin and
Budweiser. And then we ride off into the wilderness in your new
Cadillac Escalade listening to Led Zeppelin rocking out Stairway to
Heaven. The sad truth is this is way too many people's idea of
tranquility. This is fantasyland. Hello, wake up everybody. Reality is
back down here on earth. The underlying problem here is how and
why people become isolated to the point that they drop out of society
and start to prey on those that are part of it.

The key concept here is human family. Human family! What is that?
We really are all brothers and sisters. We have to take care of each
other. If you reject that as a concept then you cannot conceive of a
more perfect union, much less be a part of it. It means you don’t
belong here. Hey it’s in the constitution. You can only “insure
domestic tranquility” by taking care of each other. We have already
tried putting everyone in prison.

The truth is our society rejects people on a wholesale basis. There is

such a lack of placement and belonging for most people in our society
that it is no wonder that so many fall from grace. This is where the
human family comes into play. We can fix it but we must fix our
government first.

If the success of a society is measured in SUV’s, yachts, and mansions

then we are definitely on the road to success. However this road is
paved on the backs of billions of people in misery. And this road is
heading this planet towards the doom of depletion due to resource
squandering and environmental destruction. There are those who try
to label people who care about the future of our planet and people as
radical. I believe the mental state of “he who dies with the most toys
wins” is radical and so grossly irresponsible and destructive that it is
no wonder the rest of the world is starting to hate America.

What do you suppose they meant, “Insure domestic

tranquility”? I think it means having no fear of mistreatment or
abuse by your fellow citizens or institutions, particularly government
institutions. One of the most serious threats to domestic tranquility is
violent crime. The problem is what is a serious crime in one person’s
eyes may not be in another. The obvious key here is violence or the
threat of violence. Drug dealing crimes are not in this category unless
they involve violence. I am sorry, Rush Limbaugh fans; just putting
the word prescription in front of your illegal Oxicontin purchase
doesn’t make his drug crime any different than purchasing heroin or
crack. If an illegal drug dealer should be in prison for many years
than so should Mr. Rush (to judgment). I believe if you do the
numbers, heroin and crack dealers probably cause less misery and kill
fewer people than the American pharmaceutical companies with
there conspiracy with the US government to extort billions from the
American public. I am not saying drug dealers are good at all. I just
believe it would be far easier to make the heroin and crack problem
go away compared to what it would take to transform the
pharmaceutical companies from an institution of greed to one of
compassion. They are no better than the Columbian drug cartel.

The problem is that we as a society have let the purveyors of our

society convince us that happiness and success is owning four huge
vehicles and a ten thousand square foot mansion and a beach house
carved into the dunes right on the beach and you don’t have to
associate with anyone out side of your little social circle and family.
They call this “Family values”. It is morally, politically, and socially
irresponsible. And you know what? I really don’t think from my
experience, these people are not any happier than those of a more
normal existence. And if normal people didn’t have to worry about
health care, education and transportation really almost everybody
would be very happy. And remember, that is what “We The People”
are constitutionally mandated to do, be happy. Well maybe it’s not a
mandate but I’m sure that’s what they had in mind when they were
drafting the constitution.

Of course they have your next response under control. How could we
afford it? “We would have nothing left after taxes”! My belief is we
could have all three of the basic needs I have suggested for less then
we are paying now. And still have enough money left over to defend
us from our enemies and police our communities. How could that be?

Well let’s break down what you are getting for all you are spending
now. If you really think about it, I believe you will see.

Health Care

I believe by far most health care dollars does not exactly go to health
care. Instead it goes to Insurance companies, lawyers, corporate
executives and shareholders, pharmaceutical companies and of
course government waste. Oh and if you have to refinance your house
to pay for a medical procedure than you have to include the financial
institutions. And then there are some of the doctors that think that
their services are worth several hundred times what the average
person makes. If you eliminate all of this and allow true competition
amongst doctors instead of letting the American Medical Association
dictate how many doctors there can be, make sure that every doctor’s
medical performance history is in public record so people know to
avoid the one who leaves a scalpel in your abdomen. If they stop
charging three dollars for a Band Aid to make the hospital’s profit-
loss statement please the shareholders then I believe health care
would be affordable for everyone. Our health care system (like our
government) seems to be completely infected with abuse and
corruption. The average doctor is not responsible for the mess. It is
the influence of special interest and corporations over our

When a Mindless thug invades your house and sticks a gun to your
head and steals your valuables and then probably kills you. Outta
here! If your judgment became so bad that this is OK then you are not
a part of the human family. There should be no tolerance of violent
criminals in our society. But to me our health care system is just as
evil. Every day thousands of people in this country face a conspiracy
of another of the worst crimes in United States history. It probably
kills as many people every day as the World Trade Center tragedy.
Every day thousands of people are told, “your money or your life” by
the American health care industry.

I just have a hard time remaining tranquil when I think of how many
millionaires I have to support if my son or daughter has a serious
illness while I will certainly be doomed for financial collapse. It is a
genuine fear for many of us far worse than terrorism. I believe we
could have better quality health care for much less than what we are
paying now. I have lived in a small third world country where we had
two children. Our hospital bill for having a baby with a two nights
stay in the hospital was $305 dollars in 1995. This included a nurse
coming out to our house every two weeks for up to three months to
make sure that everyone was doing OK, Mother and child. To me this
was beautiful. Emergency room visits were $35. The doctors and
nurses actually seemed to care instead of acting like they were part of
a big money making machine. There was very little subsidy from the
government. Our taxes and social security payments were far less
than here in the U.S.

Why can’t we have such care here? Because our government allows
them to put the healthcare gun to your head and say “your money or
your life”. Because our doctors are afraid of being sued instead of
caring about what is best for you. They can only do what the
insurance company will pay for, and because they are to busy looking
after their bottom line instead of your health. We have the worst
health care system in the civilized world, unless you are rich. I believe
the World Health Organization ranked us thirty-fifth in the world. It
is shameful!

Wake up people! Vote them out!

Capitalistic health care is an oxymoron. It is a breeding ground for

greed and corruption. We have proven that beyond a shadow of a

How can we fix it?

1. Form a nonprofit health insurance program that

everybody participates in and contributes to according to
his or her wealth. In towns where there is no public
hospital, nationalize the health care services. You can’t let
health care be under total control of a corporate entity.

2. Establish true free market access to health care. Make

public record the success rate and failure rate of the
doctor’s different procedures. Don’t restrict access to
medical schools. Make the doctors grades and
performance public record. After all is that not what you
are paying for?
3. Create a medical rating system for doctors and medical
facilities that include actual patient’s feedback along with
a professional review panel. Make this public information.

Again, for the most part doctors and health care workers are not to
blame here. I believe most of them make a fair wage and are
dedicated to your health. But then there are those doctors who think
they are worth over five thousand dollars an hour. And after all what
is your life worth?


This education thing is a no brainer. College tuitions are out of sight

for the average person. Education should be based on one's ability to
perform, not on ones ability to pay.

You see, I believe the dumber they can keep the majority of people the
less likely that we can break their grip on us. Yes this is their strategy.
Please prove me wrong. I know that sounds extreme but that is
exactly what is happening. Yes we can afford to educate everybody
who wants an education. Probably for less than we are paying now if
you add the cost of the extra police, prisons and crime together on top
of the schools. Many poor countries have a higher literacy rate than
we have.

Most of what we are paying for in our educational system is not

education but indoctrination. That means being regimented into class
structures that are not conducive to the way your brain wants to
absorb information. Many students drop out because they don’t want
to be indoctrinated. I believe this is human nature. This is why kids
start smoking pot. There is this obvious government pressure to get
kids to believe that marijuana makes you an instant loser when many
of them know their parents smoked pot and hey many of them are
successful. The hypocrisy is so obvious and unhealthy. Kids are very
much smarter than you give them credit for. Teach your children well.
If we start trying to educate kids to use their God given wisdom
instead of trying to program them with fear they will be able to make
the judgments in life necessary to survive any destructive temptation
life has to offer. If students were allowed to pursue their interest from
a much earlier age instead of forced into the rigid class structured
system we have now, students would flourish sooner and achieve
more. The result would be fewer dropouts, less poverty, less need for
police and prisons.

What is really hopeful for us is the Internet, for those who can afford
it. We are rapidly progressing towards being able to educate
ourselves. We need to make it available to everyone. All this talk
about this free country we live in means almost nothing if you live in
ignorance and poverty.


Really, the most important part of saving America and the world is
providing free public transportation. I believe using automobiles as
the primary means of public transportation was the biggest mistake
in judgment humans have made in the history of the world.

Almost all of us have had a love affair with their car. I am not saying
that is necessarily bad. I mean a nice ride in the country on a scenic
highway can be a real good thing. It can help you realize what a
beautiful place we live in. To depend on these behemoths to go to the
store to go to work or to do anything with other than recreation or
sport is foolish.

How else could we do it? For the price we pay for our cars, insurance,
fuel and taxes for the highways, we could have a very wonderful
public transportation system consisting of a light rail system coming
by your house taking you (and your bicycle if you want) to a
neighborhood depot where you could board a light rail system to get
to work (or the store or the movies or to the beach or to the heavy rail
system where you could go anywhere). This would be so incredibly
more healthy not only for our environment but for our mental and
physical health. Even our immune systems would be healthier if we
shared a public transport system.

I believe cars are making us crazy, paranoid, secluded, lazy and

aggressive. Do you realize how much of your life is wasted behind the
wheel of a vehicle? You really need to think about it. You likely spend
eight hours sleeping and eight hours working; you only have eight
hours a day left for yourself and your family. If you are entrapped in
your car three to four hours per day in rush hour gridlock hating
everybody around you for being in your way, you are either already
nuts or you are probably on Paxil. This vehicle has become a part of
you. And this is how you learn to relate to your fellow man/woman
with hate and contempt because they are in your way. You are
wasting thirty to forty percent of your usable life where you could be
writing a book, working on your laptop, discussing how to fix the
world with some really interesting new person you just met on the
train or overhead high-speed monorail. Maybe you could be
maintaining a very healthy life riding your bicycle to work.

Automobiles are an incredible waste of energy,

environment, mental health, and resources.

It just totally disgust me that the automobile companies are still

trying to sell you a vehicle that gets 10 miles to the gallon instead of
one that gets 100 when we all know there is not enough fuel to power
them unless we conquer the world and take the rest of the world’s oil
supply. It sure seems that is what we are trying to do. Doesn’t it?

Our Government must think we are all a bunch of fools. I mean there
is no way we can sustain our present day energy consumption, yet
they are still trying to get us to use more. Our Government is foolish
and that makes us all fools because we put them there.

Do you remember the BTU tax that Bill Clinton proposed? It was a
brilliant tax that if it had been approved we would not be facing this
energy crisis we are facing now. No, we all would not be paying more
in energy cost. Most of us would be paying less because we would
have learned to conserve. It will always be burnt into my memory the
response from the Democratic Senator from Louisiana, “what is a
BTU? I don’t even know what a BTU is.” Why are we putting Morons
like this in office?

You are either a tree hugger or a death wisher. It’s a natural fact. We
are wasting abusing and destroying our resources so fast that if we
don’t stop it now our grandchildren are not going to have anything of
value left. I am not saying corporations are all bad but what is very
bad about corporations is how many of them have gained the upper
hand in controlling your environment to the point that many of you
can’t even think for yourself. I believe most of us are brainwashed
into a state of complete fantasy. The horror is way to many of you just
don’t care. The reality is not caring will destroy us. How many
bumper stickers have you seen “I’m spending my grandchildren’s

Automobile use will be catastrophic in the end if we don’t start

winding it down now. Continuing this behavior is madness. The real
meaning of S.U.V is Stupid Urban Vehicle.

Here we are at the next phrase.

Provide for the common defense.

These times are treacherous. Our forefathers had the wisdom to

accept that you cannot let government be influenced or controlled by
religious influences. History has proven time after time after time
again and again. Whenever religion has had control over government,
people suffer; people are tortured, maimed and murdered. This has
happened since the beginning of recorded history and it is happening
right now. I don’t care what religion you believe; if you try to control
government or your fellow man with your religion you are committing
an act against God and humanity. Government is not there to serve
anybody’s religious agenda it is only there to serve peoples basic
needs. I believe if you really study religious and military history,
religion is just a shroud to hide the real reason that wars are fought,
to satisfy the appetites of greedy and corrupt rulers and regimes (in
our case the American corporate-government complex).

It is so obvious that our greed for oil got us into this mess in Iraq.
Certainly we must be prepared to do battle. More certainly it must be
stopped. If your religion or your government is telling you wars have
to happen you really need to think hard about why are they telling
you this? Certainly it is not for Gods sake.

Our military should only exist to defend us from invasion and no

other reason. We have no business trying to control politics around
the world. We are insuring our demise by tooting our horn about
being the last remaining superpower. It is arrogant, aloof and really
not true. It is making the rest of the world hate us. I mean how secure
do all these trillions of dollars worth of high-tech military hardware
make you feel when all it takes is a flour sack of anthrax to take us all

We have shown how insensitive and uncaring we can be in Iraq. The

whole world is going to turn on us if we don’t wise up we must
humble ourselves, wake up, and smell the rest of the world’s roses.
They smell very nice also.

We can convince all people that you don’t need to let another person
control your thinking; God wants to accept you just as you are. Just
connect with him through prayer and meditation. Accept the wisdom
he gave you. That is why you are here. If there is any hate or rejection
of another person, or group of persons in your religious belief or in
your soul than there is something besides God influencing you. What
is so ugly about the religious institutions that control our government
now is how hypocritical their message is from the one that their
prophets are trying to convey. What happened to love your enemies?
What happened to turn the other cheek? What happened to pray for
them that despite you?

God is good. Religion is evil.

This nation is no longer one nation under God. I don’t believe Christ
or Muhammad would have any association with today’s institutions of
religion, which so flagrantly violate their teachings. In order to have
freedom of religion we must have freedom from religion. That is the
founding principle of the United States of America.

Here is the last wise thought in our preamble.

Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our


What are the “Blessings of Liberty”? Certainly they are not the
confines of the ghetto; certainly they are not being crammed on a
super highway in traffic crawling nowhere. I don’t even think being
glued to the tube watching mindless sitcoms is much of a blessing

The Blessings of Liberty are the blessings of nature that God and
Mother Nature so wonderfully bestowed upon us. You know, the
purple mountains majesty the amber waves of grain from sea to
shining sea, the stuff that makes this planet such a beautiful place to
live. He gave us the talent to make it even more beautiful. But instead,
because of that one flaw in our constitution, our corporate
government complex has created a society of greed. We are
squandering and chewing up those blessings like a starving wolf. For
those of us who don’t know what posterity is? (I had to look it up to
be sure) It is your children and your children’s children and their
children’s children and their children’s children, I believe we are not
going to make it that long if we don’t wake up and wise up. We should
be planning on the next thousand years and the thousand years
beyond that. At the rate we are using up our resources especially our
petroleum reserves; we are going to be a day late and a dollar short of
making the train into the future. You can forget about the space ship
into the heavens.

We could easily be living a life of luxury on one tenth of the non-

renewable resources we are using now. But guess what, they are
making so much money on the cars, oil and electricity they are selling
you they are not going to let you conserve. If you don’t drive a Stupid
Urban Vehicle by now than you are putting your life in greater danger
on the highway. Who wants their kids mashed up by a Lincoln
Navigator? At least you want to even the odds. Don’t you?

I believe the world’s gas tank is already beyond half empty. We need
to save the rest of the remaining petroleum to make all the wonderful
things you can make from it. Burning petroleum to scoot your butt in
a three-ton vehicle to the grocery store or to work is unconstitutional.
(Remember that magic word in the last phrase “posterity”) It is also
very stupid in the grand scheme of things. If you are already driving a
Stupid Urban Vehicle you probably don’t give a rat’s gonad about
your great grand children any way.

Notice the phrase that says "secure the blessings of liberty to

ourselves and our posterity". Not to the People of Iraq, not to the
people of Cuba, not to the people of Nicaragua, not to the people of
China, Not to any one but ourselves. No, I am not advocating
selfishness here. I am just saying if we ever get it together. The whole
world will follow. Also, in my humble opinion, it makes our attempt
to force liberty in Iraq or Cuba or anywhere else unconstitutional.
Forcing liberty is an oxymoron like military intelligence. No matter
how much intelligence you posses if you use it for military purposes,
it is not intelligent.

I know all of this thinking may sound a bit radical. Really it is not.
This is where we would be if our forefathers had the additional
wisdom to separate the influence of money (“Special Interest”) from
government. Our future would be secure. And I believe we would
have led the world to real peace and prosperity by now.

Automobile, Oil, Insurance, Healthcare, Media, Pharmaceutical,

financial and religious Industries run our government now. We must
fix it. We need a constitutional amendment that results in extreme
measures to separate the special interest lobbying cartel from
influencing our government. I have explained a few ways we can start
to turn things around. I also propose we start a political organization



Save America For Everyone.

Maybe we could form a political party. But I think it is more

important that you let every politician know we are not going to
accept this rampant ignorance parading itself as our government any
more. They must endorse the S.A.F.E. doctrine or they are out of

I believe this vision of the future is the S.A.F.E and sure way to
provide real happiness and continued prosperity for future
generations, “our posterity”. It is our moral, spiritual and
constitutional obligation to fulfill this vision.

This planet is awesome and beautiful. It just maybe the most

awesome and beautiful place in the universe. I Think God planned it
that way for us. If there is a Heaven, and I believe there is, I am
certain the real powers that be up there have no use for you if you
can’t take care of the place they gave you to practice in.

Posted by Jason Miller at 11:05 AM

Anonymous said...
Awesome... AMEN!!
Tue Sep 12, 11:20:00 PM CST

Anonymous said...
I agree-if things continue the way they are God help our kids,
let alone our grandkids.
Wed Sep 13, 12:04:00 AM CST
Anonymous said...
I believe this is the most comprehensive solution so far to our
corrupt government. The problem I see is petitions do not
work. Unless most of the United States people demand this
the petitions will go no where as usual. As the peace protests
from thousands of Americans have went and so forth. I hate
to say this but we need a true leader to lead us out of this
catastrophic situation we are in and I wish I were the one but
I would be picked apart by the vultures. God help us to find an
honest leader.
Wed Sep 13, 01:34:00 PM CST

Ed L said...