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The new ASAP Methodology

Overview of the new ASAP Methodology
for Implementation 7.x and ASAP
Business Add-Ons

Jan Musil
Director, Global Project Management Office
SAP Field Services

Raimar Hoeliner
Program Delivery Manager, North America PMO
SAP Field Services




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Presentation Objective

Our objective is to provide overview of the new, refreshed and streamlined ASAP
implementation methodology, ASAP Business Add-ons, its use in delivery
projects along with enabling tools like SAP Solution Manager and ARIS Platform.
Topics covered in today’s session
What is ASAP, why is it important for project success
What changed - key improvements
Use case for BPM
How to access and where to fine information for further study

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1. ASAP methodology supports BPM implementation
2. Key ASAP improvements
3. ASAP and BPM
4. How to access ASAP and Additional Information

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preliminary result meeting 2009) © SAP AG 2009.Today’s New Reality The context in which businesses operate today Today’s Business Challenges Economic climate demands for a fast return on investment. often within the same year of the implementation Business requirements tend to have earlier expiration dates due to the climate changes Companies must see act fast and clearly Customers ask for Implementation Acceleration and Best Practices Look for ways to maximize business value Ask for Visibility on the progress of projects and want measurable results early Express the need to get it right for the first time “Customers want smaller. focused projects with fast ROI” (Henning Kagermann. All rights reserved. / Page 5 .

/ Page 6 Technology to Analyze.SAP Technology portfolio is enabling Best Practices. incl.0. EHPs SAP Solution Manager SAP NetWeaver Identity Management SAP NetWeaver Portal … © SAP AG 2009. BPM/BRM SAP NetWeaver PI … Foundation & Application Lifecycle Management ENABLE BEST PRACTICES Technology to run and access best practice processes SAP NetWeaver 7. All rights reserved. Own Practices. And Best Insight SAP Technology Portfolio (SAP NetWeaver + SAP BusinessObjects) Business Process Business Composition Intelligence Process Integration Enterprise Information Management PROVIDE BEST INSIGHT ENABLE OWN PRACTICES Technology to extend & integrate Best Practice Processes SAP NetWeaver CE incl. Explore and Predict Business SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Data Services SAP NetWeaver MDM SAP NetWeaver BW / BWA … .

All rights reserved.Governance Management Why do we need a new implementation approach © SAP AG 2009. / Page 7 .

/ Page 8 . upgrades.The new methodology for the new reality ASAP 7 Description AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) provides a proven. comprehensive. SAP Solution Manager. repeatable and rich implementation methodology to streamline projects. templates and guides Industry standard aligned project management process and guidelines – PMI PMBOK Achieve transparency of value delivery through consistent business case reflection Enables efficient project governance and quality management Efficient guidance for SOA. BPM and traditional implementation projects Drive combined Business Process and IT Architecture approach (E2E) Covers entire project life-cycle – from evaluation through delivery to post project solution mgmt and operations Delivers revised content in all traditional ASAP areas – Project management. and others © SAP AG 2009. organizational change management. strategic studies and more. cutover planning and execution. ASAP covers implementations. blueprinting. Benefits Reduced total cost of implementation through streamlined and modular implementation roadmap that provides content rich implementation accelerators. realization. All rights reserved. training.

All rights reserved. / Page 9 • Implementation Methodology • Aplication Management System CIO Project Lifecycle • Project standards aligned with PMI PMBOK • PM Tools Project Manager Value Lifecycle • Value Management • Value Tools Business Unit Owner .The New ASAP Methodology supporting multiple lifecycles and target user groups Process Lifecycle Application Lifecycle • BPM Method • BPM Technology To Be De sig n Process Owner © SAP AG 2009.

All rights reserved. / Page 10 .Refocus for your success Yesterday Testing Enhanc ements Today when using the new ASAP framework Project Mgmt Solution Mgmt Value Mgmt Config Program & Change Mgmt Business Process Mgmt Shifting focus from project to program value © SAP AG 2009.

Key ASAP improvements 3. How to access ASAP and Additional Information © SAP AG 2009.Agenda 1. ASAP methodology supports BPM implementation 2. / Page 11 . All rights reserved. ASAP and BPM 4.

© SAP AG 2009. Testing. OCM. All rights reserved. SAP Solution Manager. BPM.ASAP 7 Significantly Improves Quality of Content Over Entire Delivery Lifecycle Delivery Project Preparation Blueprint Realization Run Final Preparation Go-Live Support New ASAP extends coverage to the entire value chain Embedding Value Management. … Significantly streamlined traditional ASAP content Significantly revised content for areas like Blueprint. / Page 12 Run . etc. SOA.

ASAP Adds Value to the Implementation What to do. All rights reserved. and when to do it Why and how you should do it Who participates Subject area Accelerators. samples. templates © SAP AG 2009. / Page 13 .

All rights reserved. / Page 14 Deliverable .10 – current release (2009) WBS Structure New ASAP Methodology v7 Phase Phase Deliverable group Work stream Streamlined WBS Deliverable Sub-deliverable Sub-deliverable Activity Task Output © SAP AG 2009.Example 1: Streamlined Work Breakdown Structure in ASAP Roadmap ASAP V3.

Example 2: Project Quality Gates ASAP Project phase Project Preparation Project Preparation Phase Completed Solution Validation Solution Validation Compliancy Solution Validation Review Solution Validation Phase Completed Customer Acceptance Final preparation Realization Baseline Configuration of Realization Completed Final Preparation Phase completed (Go live Readiness) Final Configuration of Realization Completed (Solution Built) Integration Tests of Realization Completed (Realization Completed) © SAP 2009 / Page 15 Go Live Support Project complete (Project Closure) .

. / Page 16 Custom Code/ Technical Operation Technical Infrastructure Mgmt. All rights reserved. Development Solution Directory Change Management Customizing Synchronization Application Management Testing Business Process Operation SAP Solution Manager – Supporting implementation features Project Administration Issue Tracking / Monitoring / Reporting Roadmaps © SAP AG 2009.Example 3: Consistent use of SAP Solution Manager through out the solution lifecycle SAP Solution Manager in Implementation Project Preparation Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live Support Run Provide initial planning and preparation for your SAP project Document the business process requirements Implement business and process requirements Complete the preparation for Go-Live Cutover to live productive operation & continuous support Operate your SAP Solution Project Definition Define Business Blueprint Configuration End User Training & Documentation Handover End-User Support Define System Landscape Define Enhancements & Develop.

Value Delivery. WBS) ASAP Core – common project deliverables ASAP Business Add-on – industry or solution focused Phase Sub-Deliverable Work stream Deliverable Deliverable Sub-Deliverable Sub-Deliverable Scenario “Demand Planning” Process 1 Process Step 1 Standard deliverables for entire delivery project lifecycle Streamlined – reduced complexity Emphasizes new and strategic areas. e. Modeling. / Page 17 Delivers solution or industry specific implementation content Can be switched on/off based on project needs Designed to support implementable steps/solutions Uses ASAP Core content as basis Clearly defined owner. Integrated Service Delivery. SOA etc. Includes standard SAP Service references Value-added accelerators. All rights reserved. delivery plan and maintenance strategy .g. templates and samples Establishes “anchor” points for solution/industry/project type add-ons © SAP AG 2009. Business Add-on packages deliver this content ASAP Core with Add-ons defines specific project deliverables (e.Example 4: Modular content delivery through ASAP Business Add-Ons KEY MESSAGE ASAP Core does not contain solution or industry specific content.g.

All rights reserved. / Page 18 . most deliver business content in SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enterprise Modeling by IDS Scheer Core ASAP – common project deliverables ASAP Add-on – industry or solution focused Phase Sub-Deliverable Work stream Deliverable Sub-Deliverable Deliverable Scenario “Employee Performance Management” Sub-Deliverable Services Services Process: Flexible Performance Management Process Step: Create Corporate Goals Business Content © SAP AG 2009.Concept of Core ASAP and ASAP Business Add-Ons Example: HR – business implementation content KEY MESSAGE ASAP Business Add-on delivers industry or solution specific methodology and business content for implementation out of the box All ASAP Business Add-ons deliver methodology extensions.


/ Page 20 .Agenda 1. Key ASAP improvements 3. ASAP methodology supports BPM implementation 2. ASAP and BPM – use case 4. All rights reserved. How to access ASAP and Additional Information © SAP AG 2009.

documented and signed off Business Process Hierarchy and Design Value Association on Process Level Solution Design Gap Identification and Resolution Solution Landscape and Architecture Assessment of Organization and Business Process Changes Confirmation of Implementation Date Milestones & Key Decisions Completed and signed off Process Design Completed and signed off Solution Design Completed and signed off gap identification and resolution Phase Quality Assessment Organizational Change Management plans signed off Data Management Plans signed off Training executed . know as Business Blueprint that Aligns business requirements to the SAP business model Documents the TO-BE process models Describes the solution design Identifies additional functional and technical requirements Obtains business sign-off on requirements and design Blueprinting is dedicated to support value delivery © SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved. / Page 21 Deliverables Project Plan Update Complete.Phase 2: Detail Business Blueprint Purpose To create a body of work.

All rights reserved. Schedule Stakeholder Analysis Phase Closure and Sign Off Executing. / Page 22 Value Realization Business Process Map Technical and Integration Design Project IMG General Settings and Master Data Development Environment Authorization Requirements and Design Testing Strategy and Approach Test Planning Content Development Project Team Level 2 Skills Dev Legacy Data Archive Business Requirements and Process Solution Design Business Organizational Structure Value Argumentation Communications Plan SOA/ Composition User Role Concept System Administration Procedures Solution Gaps and Core Enhancements Logical Data Models Support Strategy and Procedures SOA/Composition development Environment Business Blueprint Organization Change Management and Training Project Kickoff Meeting Project Management . Monitoring & Controlling Change Impact Analysis Training Learning Needs Analysis Training Project Plan Learning Deployment Strategy Data Management Legacy Data Migration Plan Data Quality Plan Data Security Design Business Process Management Technical Solution Management Integration Solution Management © SAP AG 2009.Blueprinting – Key Deliverables Phase Start Up PM Plan.

Blueprint Approach SAP’s Blueprint Approach is based on the following proven methodologies Value Realization. / Page 23 Acceleration Techniques •Solution Demo & Visualization •Best Practices and Preconfigured Solutions •Build Cycles •Value Prototyping . they incorporate visualizations. iterative feedback loops and frequent control points Value Realization •Value maps. drivers and enablers •Value based scope management •Industry Benchmarks •Value Audits Business Process Management •BPMM •SOA •Field Service Modeling Handbook Blueprint Quality Review © SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved. which provides the framework for process decomposition Agile Acceleration Techniques at SAP. that support the speed to market. which creates the framework for scope and delivery of expected benefits Business Process Management Methodology (BPMM).

Value Management Value Based Blueprinting Overview Vision Process Optimization Strategy Key Deliverables Solution Transformation Roadmap and Landscape Benefits / Business Case Pain Point & Key Process Changes Blueprinting Requirements Analysis Value Maps / KPI Definition TO-BE Process Model Gap Analysis & Solution Design Aligned Deliverables Outputs and Inputs Quality / Value Reviews Methodology Tools *most critical deliverables only © SAP 2008 / Page 24 VLM SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework Solution Composer Solution Manager ARIS Full set of SAP Enabling Tools Roadmap / BPM Integrated BTC and ASAP Methodology CVR Enterprise Architecture ASAP .

Third Party Solution Use of third party enhancements are applicable. IT Perspective PLAN (BPM) © SAP 2009 / Page 25 BUILD . 1 Calibration 2 3 As-Is Analysis 4 To-Be Design Solution Transformation Blueprint Solution Gaps &Core Enhancement: Solution needs to be enlarged by development.Business Process Modeling in Context of Business Blueprint Business Perspective Core Configuration: Solution with SAP Standard is possible. SOA/Composition: Solution can be enhanced by SOA elements.

Business Process Modeling Process Design Deliverables © SAP 2009 / Page 26 .

Community Wiki site* Business Scenario Requirement and Design doc Business Process Requirement and Design doc Business Process List doc Master Data Requirements doc Business Process Flow diagram Business Process or Variant Business process step Activity/ Transaction (Data entry e. customer name) Functional Specification documents (RICEFW) Value Maps [new in 2009] Technical Solution Doc (open) A Blueprint is defined through a body of documents * Guideline documents to facilitate Blueprinting © SAP AG 2009. VA01 ) Modeling Handbook.g. & Design doc Blueprint Approach Guide* Project User Role Documentation doc Scope Key Decision Documents doc Blueprint Approach Business Scenario Master Data Requirements doc Business Area/ Process Workshop Guide Group doc* Business Process Field Service Modeling Handbook V4 [new in 2009]* or refer to the Link: SAP Process (Transaction e. BPX. / Page 27 .Business Process Modeling Blueprint Approach and Key Deliverables Solution Manager Process Decomposition Organizational Structure Req. All rights reserved.g.

Business Process Modeling Leveraging Predefined Content SAP Solution Maps SAP Solution Manager SOLAR01 Process Area Level 1 Main Process Level 2 SAP Solution Process Manager BPR Client Master Data Level 3 Account Opening Form Relationship Manager Account product requested Account Management Application Open new account Retail Account Client Master Data Account Opening Form Relationship Manager Account product requested Account Management Application Open new account Retail Account Activity Account for new client opended Account for existing client opened Level 4 ARIS Account for new client opended Account for existing client opened ARIS Scope Definition © 2010 SAP America / PL1 / NA-PMO / Page 28 Process Modeling .

Implementation Acceleration Broader than Agile Acceleration is based on sustainable assets and the re-usable content.” Reduction of Friction Acceleration = x Elimination of Re-Work IP Re-Use x Parallelization Smallest possible increments along a value based roadmap . then every problem begins to look like a nail. as well as tools and technology that provide a structure for re-use Acceleration can be accomplished through the elimination of unnecessary work steps within the implementation life cycle Acceleration of implementation and lowering of overall cost can often best be realized through getting it right the first time. eliminating the need for rework and associated delays Acceleration can be achieved through compression techniques such as parallelization of activities and new work shop approaches “If your only tool is a hammer.

Major Acceleration Techniques @ SAP Core Consulting IP Re-Use Best Practices / Preconfigured solutions Business Add Onss .Jump Start for Content and Solutions Solution Demo Approach Early visualization of solution for configuration and solution enhancements through show and tell in Blueprinting Iterative solution design process (workshop approach) Iterative Build Cycles Incremental build Frequent Q-Gates n-Time Boxed and inspected at every increment Parallelization of Services Scope is based on Areas of interest / pain points Presales or Blueprint / n-Time Boxed Implementation Periods (4 weeks) Lab environment to configure complementary to project specific Implementation Accelerations Complementary Techniques Project Launch – Sprint Team .

Acceleration through ASAP 7 Business Add-ons ASAP Business Add-on Implementation Content ASAP Methodology (+ Business Add-on methodology extensions) © SAP AG 2009. / Page 31 . All rights reserved.

Engage. Stay Focused! Visualize solution Improve collaboration and mutual understanding Mitigate risk to rework Reference • Business Case and Value Drivers • Use predefined standards and content to illustrate end-to-end processes Allow for incremental acceptance Verify & Accept • Verify solution design • Drive Acceptance Complement • Models • Solution Design © SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved. / Page 32 Visualize • Use sandbox to show and tell SAP standard key design elements • Visualization for Development objects Listen & Engage • Determine / capture business requirements and potential Gaps to Standard .Solution Demo Approach – ASAP 7 Iterative Approach to Process and Solution Design driven by process de-compositions Visualize.

0 Implementation Life Cycle (exemplary) 0 Implementation Acceleration Triage Value based Roadmap & Approach Determination Best Practices Fit-Gap Framework of ASAP phases 1 Project Launch Services Enable ASAP 7.0 and value delivery Prepare Project environment 1 2 3 IP Reuse Preconfigured Solutions / ASAP 7 Add-Ons Reference KM complementing ASAP accelerators. e.g.Acceleration Techniques are built into ASAP 7. Benchmarking 2 Solution Demo Approach Demo Environment to illustrate SAP Standard functionality Visualization of solution enhancements (iRise) Parallel Integrated Services Complementary service for areas of interest 2 3 3 Iterative Build Cycles Iterative build cycles based on Blueprint / product scope .


ASAP methodology supports BPM implementation 2.Agenda 1. ASAP and BPM 4. Key ASAP improvements 3. All rights reserved. How to access ASAP and Additional Information © SAP AG 2009. / Page 35 .

com/irj/bpx certified and experienced. All rights work in the “Real world BPM in an SAP Environment” SKILLS AND RESOURCES METHODOLOGY Mindset ASAP Methodology and ASAP Business add-ons SAP Solution Manager. Process Governance and IT Governance Trained... / Page 36 Link between Business BPM Technology (Business to Model and Modeling to Execution) TOOLS GOVERNANCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING COMMUNITY © SAP AG http://www. Project Manager. BPX Associate and Professional SAP UA BPM and EA Curriculum SDN/BPX Community New Drivers License .com/irj/bpx/asap SAP Modeling Handbook BPM Use Cases .

com/asap © SAP AG ASAP Methodology on SAP Service Marketplace https://service. All rights reserved. / Page 37 .

/ Page 38 . All rights © SAP AG 2009.Learn more about ASAP on BPX Community site http://www.sdn.

com/wiki/display/ModHandbook/SAP+Modeling+Handbook++Modeling+Standards © SAP AG 2009. / Page 39 .Learn more from Modeling Handbook All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Sign-up for BPM Webinar series to learn more https:// © SAP AG 2009. / Page 40 .

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