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5-3 CORP

Individual Assignment

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Assessment Grade:
Marks are awarded based on the following guidelines:

Description of performance level


There were mature and interesting points based on your research and reading.
Each point supported with valid explanation. Shows understanding of subject
matter. Adequate references given. No grammatical errors or spelling

60% – 79%

There were sufficient points raised with valid explanations provided. There is
adequate understanding of subject matter. Minor grammatical errors and

50% – 59%

spelling mistakes.
No clear understanding of research subject. Insufficient points given and
explanations are unclear or not helpful in clarifying points. Not enough

Below 50%

reference given. Major grammatical and spelling mistakes.
You did not show understanding of the subject matter. Points are off-topic and
do not tie back to research. No understanding of theories and concepts taught.
Not enough reference given. Numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes.

General Assessment Criteria
The criteria below detail the areas, which will be taken into account when the assignment is

To address the subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory. Pass assignments are
expected to be legible, tidy, well organized and written in clear understandable English.


High grades [70%, 75%, +80%] need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability.
A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required for grades 60% to 85% - for
grades at the higher end of the scale, integration and synthesis is a requirement. The
quality of the arguments used to develop and support prescriptions/recommendations are,
in our view, the essential test of integration.


Evidence of reading and some understanding of models and concepts are needed to
achieve a pass grade [50%]. Integration of theory and practice is expected for any grade
above 65%.

APU Level 3

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation


[This is essential for higher grades but does not necessarily prejudice a pass mark [50%] if it is missing]. You CORP are expected Individual Assignment Page 2 ofand 3 to clearly state any assumptions you make. hard copy and electronic versions are provided it will not 7. The assignment is to be submitted as a single written report of between 2000. 5.5-3 4. Unless both. words. As well as submitting a hard copy of your assignment you are also required to submit the electronic version.AQ015-3. and support statements theories by referencing to appropriate sources. Harvard Referencing should be followed. to 3000 6. APU Level 3 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation 201606 . be counted as submitted. Proper referencing and citation should be observed.

Now download the financial accounts for five firms that performed strongly in the past year and carry out a similar analysis. Download the financial account for five firms in any country that have performed poorly over the last year. The issue of interest is not the incidence of corporate failures but the ability to predict impending failures through some common identifiable attributes. avoid financial distress to all stakeholders and contribute towards the business and financial environment stability. Is the z – scores for poor performance sample different from the good performance sample? Write a report on your analysis. This effort could reduce the costs of bankruptcy. accounting and corporate governance standards. these findings cannot be generally applied to firm failures in different economic environments such as emerging markets due to differences in market structure.AQ015-3. A consistent pattern of changes in these attributes can help formulate and implement pre-emptive measures to avoid such failures. Required: It is not difficult to find firms that are in financial distress.5-3 CORP Individual Assignment Page 3 of 3 Assignment Questions Corporate failures are common in competitive business environment where market discipline ensures the survival of fittest. provision and implementation of law. (Total 50 Marks) APU Level 3 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation 201606 . Carry out a z – score analysis for these companies. The documented findings on corporate failures in developed economies provide some general guide on characteristics of firms that fail.