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SmartView V6.1.

4 Release Notes
Copyright (C) 2014 Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc.
Version (Build 2014-05-28):
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. events can be moved to the temperature series
2. units options of seconds
Version (Build 2014-05-05):
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. PPS52 with pressure trigger
2. Remote Diagnotistics update
Version 6.1.4 (Build 2013-01-02):
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. PPS78 with Vibration
Version 6.1.3 (Build 2012-09-12):
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. PPS71 with Gamma
2. Geothermal data graphing
3. Improved graph efficiency for selecting point
Version 6.1.1:
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. This version of SmartView contains full support for the PPS71 Geothermal
gauge. SmartView treats this gauge like any other gauge, except that
the downloaded data file contains Pressure, RTD temperature as well as
CCL and spinner (flow rate) data. Note: CCL and flow rate will not
appear on the graph, but it will be in the downloaded data file.

2. Added the ability to read, save, and export PPS71 data files including
CCL and spinner data. There is also an export format that will
exclude CCL and spinner.
3. Tool Diagnostics include CCL and flow rate when communicating with a
PPS71 Geothermal gauge.
4. When downloading a job, double-click a Job in the list to download
(rather than having to click the ok button)
5. When selecting bluetooth device, double-click the device in the list
(rather than having to click the ok button)
6. Button enabling/disabling during time-consuming processes has been
improved to prevent the user from initiating actions that should not
occur while the software is busy
7. Tabbing has been improved to allow the user to do virtually anything
using the keyboard (in case of a faulty or missing mouse)
8. Visuals have been improved to better adjust to window resizing
9. An addition has been made to the Help file and manual which describes
the specifications of the PPS71 Geothermal gauge.
10. A new Appendix C has been added to the Help file and manual which
contains some general software-related information regarding the PPS71
Geothermal gauge
11. Progress bar during job download is now more accurate and displays
progress during the file save as well as actual data download. Also
added progress bar to file read.
12. Resolved "Table is Full" error message when data has more than
four million samples.
13. New export options
Known Problems
-------------- This version of SmartView can read .rec files downloaded from a PPS71
geothermal gauge. However, older versions of SmartView (builds created
before May 20, 2010) ARE NOT ABLE to read files with extra columns in the
rec file (CCL & flow rate).
Version 6.1.0:
--------------------------------New features/Enhancements
------------------------1. This version of SmartView uses new file formats for the .rec (gauge),
.evn (event) and .grd (gradient) files. These new file formats support
more decimal places for the elapsed time, pressure and temperature
values while preventing collisions between these columns of data, even
in long duration jobs. These new formats were added to support the
PPS55 Fast Sampling Memory Gauge and a new "Custom Format 4" export.
2. Added support for the PPS31M Multi-Channel Pressure Logger.
3. Added support for the PPS31MB Multi-Channel Pressure Logger. SmartView
now supports both conventional wired connections, using the standard
PPS USB gauge interface box, and wireless connections to the PPS31MB
logger using the new PPS USB Bluetooth interface box.
4. Added support for the PPS55 Fast Sampling Gauge.
5. Added a "Custom Format 4" export. This format exports elapsed time
with 6 decimal places and pressure and temperature values with
5 decimal places.

6. The the default export type for new installs was changed from
"MS Excel CSV file (*.csv)" to "Text file with header (*.txt)".
7. A new section 2.5 has been added to the Help file and manual which
describes some of the advanced uses of the PPS31 Radio Software.
8. A new Appendix B has been added to the Help file and manual which
contains some general gauge maintenance information plus detailed
maintenance check lists for the PPS25, PP28 and PPS31 gauges.
Known Problems
-------------- This version of SmartView can read .rec (gauge), .grd (gradient) and .evn
(event) files created with previous versions of SmartView. However, the
.grd and .evn files created by this version of SmartView are NOT
COMPATIBLE with SmartView builds created before October 1, 2009.