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Make a Radiant Energy Machine

From BNE
(Original article by Sol Millin, BNE coordinator, Byron Bay, Australia)
I don't know about you, but I've spent many many hours researching Tesla, Moray, Gray, Bedini,
Testatika and others who have made amazing claims about a 'new' type of cold electricity called
'radiant' electricity. And after all this research, I had basically no idea what they were talking
about or how to build a radiant energy machine.
Tesla claimed he could power our complete planet and all of it's people, change the weather,
bring rain to deserts with this power source. Tesla filed many patents but I've so far found them
hard to understand, and nowhere could I find a definition of Tesla's longtitudinal radiant waves.
Gray claimed he had invented an over unity (OU) device that could power homes, cars, boats and
so on from two 12 volt batteries that would never run out of charge!
The Testatika site has videos of their strange looking contraption (looks like the Time Machine
from the HG Wells inspired movie) lighting up 1000 watt globes from static electricity obtained
from the air (via an inbuilt Whimshearst type static electricity generator).
Recently a member in BNE posted an email stating they are forming a group in Melbourne to
research Radiant energy, and I found this email most readable. Here is the interesting part:
'Two great Tesla references The free energy secrets of cold electricity Peter Lindemann DSc includes companion video and explains Edwin Grays
circuit with respect to Tesla.
That is the key reference for me but doesn't really go into the scalar waves.
Tom Bearden does. My understanding was that Tesla was using a scalar wave technology as the
carrier to raise the potential of the Earth (ground) as being infinitely more efficient (less losses)
than trying to raise the potential of the ionisphere (great losses through air).
This was his ultimate plan, to treat the earth to ionoshere system as the giant capacitor it is.. then
people would be able to tap into it at any point on the globe. I personally am not interested in
powering up the world from a centralised local I think we have enough control issues on the
planet already, so scalar technology hasnt come up for me yet.By following Tesla.. then Gray will see the possibility of a home based power unit is within reach of the persistent
Gary Magratten has reproduced the radiant event by following the book then went secret to try
and get bucks out of it...when will they ever learn! I think you ll be impressed by Peters lecture
video he s a good man well respected by many researchers.He also suggests Secrets of the cold
war technology By Gerry Vassilatos as essential reading... I havent got there yet. Thats all for

Happy researching Paul'

Thereafter I got hold of this fantastic DVD 'The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity'
distributed by Clear Tech In watching this DVD it is the first time I
have understood what Telsa is talking about with 'radiant energy' and 'longitudinal waves' and Dr
Peter Lindemann explains clearly how 'radiant energy' is produced, across the various
researchers machines, comparing them and pointing out similarities.
I feel now that I'm almost to the point of being able to build a radiant energy generator which I
am going to do.
As I proceed with this project, I will post designs and experimental data found. Within 6 months
I hope I will be able to give you complete plans on how to build your own potentially OU radiant
electricity generator.
Lets start by discussing the radiant energy engine. This apparently is the creation of a very
sudden and frequent interruption to a dc voltage. Various dc voltage sources and voltage
interruption devices have been used by researchers. Apparently, if you interrupt the dc voltage
within 100 microseconds or less, and do it more than 10,000 times a second you have a potential
radiant energy engine. Now 100 microseconds is a time interval of 1/10,000th of a second
which with current electronic circuit design is considered trivial to produce. Using the most
common oscillator chip in the world the NE555 this can be achieved easily.
Later in this article we will give you a simple circuit which will output a variable frequency dc
12 volt square wave between 1kHz and 40kHz for your experimentation. You can use this wave
form to drive your radiant energy engine through a simple Mosfet circuit which allows this wave
form to be delivered at a very high amperage (up to 20 amps). The output wave form can be
designed to be ON for a very very short period of time, thus consuming very little current in the
primary circuit. Back emf from the primary circuit and some of the radiant energy from the
secondary circuit can be used to charge a potential source (eg. 12 volt battery) which can
alternate with the primary current source (another 12 volt battery) to hopefully produce an OU
(over unity) radiant energy machine.
What we have to do then apparently is raise the primary voltage to some thousands of volts and
apply this clean cut off (with no back emf) to our radiant energy transceiver which apparently
creates a disturbance in quantum wave structure of Space itself that creates electrons in the
output (transmitter) aspect of the radiant energy transceiver. The input and output circuits of
the transceiver are electrically isolated from each other. The load of the radiant energy machine
is run off of the output of the radiant transmitter.
So the potential interruptions in the primary circuit which by the way use very very little current,
create the radiant energy in the secondary circuit which supplies energy to the load.
. Sounds like the same concept of oscillation that Stanley Meyer was using to fracture water.
From what I understand by watching a video about Meyer he used very high DC voltage and

very low amperage (milliamps) to get water to split into Hydrogen and Oxygen. In the video it
talks about the oscillation of the current and I believe he used some sort of dielectric to prevent
emf from what I have read. I am a novice at all of this so please forgive me if I have stated
something technically incorrect. Check out the video [1]. I am attempting to build his original
fuel cell from the patent blueprints but am not sure of exactly how to deliver the DC current
wave form. If any one knows what type of device I could use to vary the current and interrupt it
at the correct rate please post here. Unfortunately I understand Meyer was murdered. The video
alludes to the idea that he was offered a billion dollars for his invention and he turned it down.
Im not interested in the money either. I want free energy for everyone.

BELOW: MY EDIT 25/aug/06

this is my edit to document: see here are documents to vary current so that is what it seems to do,
I am no elecronics expert but it involves a MOSFET.