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September—October 2016

The Avondale
Historical Journal
Official Publication of the Avondale-Waterview Historical
Society Incorporated

A postcard from early Avondale ...

Out of the blue, Diane Brian contacted me via email to
ask if she could use some photos of Princes Street
houses I had published years ago on my Timespanner
blog. I said yes, sent her through some hi-res versions
— then she asked if I’d like to have this image, from a
card in her collection.
I was excited enough in the last issue over the 1898
image of early Avondale found in the Sir George Grey
Special Collections series of scans from the NZ
Graphic. Now, there’s this …
Postcards showing Avondale views are rare. Those for
early, pre WWII, Avondale are beyond rare. They’re
almost impossible to find casually. This one, showing
Great North Road in the foreground, looking up Blake
Street (now St Judes), towards a house in the centre (a

villa at 169 Blockhouse Bay Road, by the looks), with
Atkinson’s Drapery on the northern corner (left) with
Great North Road (best image I’ve seen on that shop),
and Binsted’s butcher shop at right. St Judes Church
can just be seen left of centre.
No sign of the horse trough and gas lamp, so this is
around 1900-1902.

Next meeting of the
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:
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SATURDAY, 1 October 2016, 2.00 pm

The Avondale Historical Journal

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JTD-24A-02957-2, J T Diamond Collection,
West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries

Demolition of the Avoncourt Hotel — September 1967

I spotted these four images recently at the online collection of West Auckland photos from the J T Diamond collection — all taken by the late Mr Diamond himself. My thanks to the West Auckland Research Centre for permission
to republish them here.

JTD-24A-02957-1, J T Diamond Collection,
West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries

In September 1967, our Avondale Hotel, built 1888-1889 by Moss Davis and his syndicate, was demolished to make
way for Coopers Supermarket and accompanying arcade. Which in turn was pulled down for the Inner Circle development by Portage Trust — and that went the way of all things as well, for the shops and small pub we see there today. These images are a sad record of removal of what was, right up to the last, a building that could have remained.

The Avondale Historical Journal

JTD-24A-02957-3, J T Diamond Collection,
West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries

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Views from Avondale Memorial Park, just north of St Ninians, showing the roundabout. Henry Peck’s old 19th
century store at the left wasn’t to last long after these shots.

JTD-24A-03020, J T Diamond Collection,
West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries

They used the hotel’s site as today’s on-site carpark.

The Avondale Historical Journal

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(Above) What was there before the demolition — an
image from the 1960s given to us by the Clews family of Avondale (one I have previously published a few
years ago in the Journal) — Henry Peck’s store and the
Avondale Hotel.

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