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The group of drugs known as SSRIs work primarily by interfering with the
reabsorption of ________ in the brain.
2. The widespread increase in the number of individuals taking SSRIs to combat
their depression is primarily due to the
reduction in side effects as compared to other antidepressants.
3. Lithium is considered an effective ________ drug.
4. Lithium is to ________ as clozapine is to ________.
bipolar disorder; schizophrenia
5. Chaz has been on antipsychotic medication for several weeks now. When he
returns home, he will likely have difficulty
All of these
6. Ivan is very depressed and the danger of suicide is imminent. He is not
responding to the drugs normally employed to treat depression. Which of the
following treatments is most likely to prove helpful in rapidly reducing Ivan's
depression and suicidal behavior?
7. Sharon is seeing a new doctor after many different medications have failed to
help with her condition. This doctor tells her that many well-designed studies
suggest that electroconvulsive therapy is effective in the treatment of
8. Who may benefit the most from electroconvulsive therapy?
Brad who is contemplating suicide
9. Which of the following is the LEAST used biomedical intervention?
10. From Freud's psychodynamic perspective, what is the best way to gain
insight into a person's core problems?
Bring unconscious conflicts into conscious awareness.
11. "My client must confront the conflicts which are left over from childhood and
gain release from this burdening anxiety." This statement would likely be made
by a psychologist who practices ________ therapy.
12. The main goal of psychoanalysis is to

provide clients with insight into their unconscious conflicts.

13. According to the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy, which of the
following is an essential part of the job of a psychotherapist?
Interpret the disguised revelations of the unconscious mind.
14. According to Freud, getting people to talk freely
allows their deepest thoughts to emerge.
15. Your psychotherapist asks you to use free association. You are being asked
just talk in an undirected manner without reflecting on what you are about to say.
16. Catharsis is a term used to describe
a release of emotional tension.
17. Freud argued that the true meaning of dream symbols was
dependent on the individual dreamer.
18. James dreamed that he went to his neighbor's house at midnight and made
himself a sandwich. His psychoanalyst interpreted the dream to mean that James
really wanted to go to bed with his neighbor's wife. Making the sandwich was the
________ content of the dream.
19. In psychoanalytic theory, transference is used to describe
how the client comes to relate to the therapist in ways that resemble his or her
other relationships.
20. Transference is useful in the therapeutic situation because it
provides an opportunity to re-create difficult relationships.
21. Since his father left, Joel has been treating his older brother more like a
father. In terms of psychoanalysis, what may be occurring?
22. When resistance occurs in therapy, what event is taking place?
The client is using unconscious defense strategies that prevent progress.
23. Which of the following BEST describes the psychoanalytic notion of
24. Dr. Billings is a therapist who specializes in psychoanalysis. She focuses on
using free association and dream interpretation.

25. You are a humanistic therapist. A potential client is unfamiliar with your school
of therapy and asks you to sum it up for him. You tell him the primary tenet of
humanistic therapy is that
individuals possess self-healing capacities.
26. Dr. Patterson engages in reflective listening with her depressed client. She
waits for him to express his feelings and for him to decide what he wants to do
about his problems. Dr. Patterson is practicing ________ psychotherapy.
27. Josie went to a psychoanalyst but found his style too cold and uninvolved.
She wanted a therapist with whom she could have more of a relationship. She
switched to a Rogerian therapist. The therapeutic setting is now one of
warmth and acceptance.
28. Two key assumptions of the ________ approach to therapy are that
psychological disorders are learned in exactly the same way as normal behaviors
are and that they can be treated by applying the basic principles of learning.
29. "First, I would like you to get in a comfortable position and begin the
breathing techniques which we have been practicing. When you sense that you
have arrived at complete relaxation, we will proceed." This therapist is initiating
systematic desensitization.
30. The first step in systematic desensitization is
discussing aspects of the feared situation that are most frightening.
31. Frank has been seeing a therapist about his spider phobia. The therapist first
asked Frank to describe what it is about spiders that frightens him, and they then
put these fears in order from least to most frightening. The therapist then taught
Frank muscle relaxation, and finally Frank was exposed to a series of
increasingly fearful stimuli. Frank has been seeing a therapist who uses
systematic desensitization.
32. Jan is afraid of crowds. If her therapist uses the flooding technique, which of
the following will Jan most likely be asked to do?
Attend a sold-out rock concert with no way home until after the concert
33. Who is being treated with the flooding technique?
Dan is being forced to touch a live snake.

34. If a therapist gives Henry, who is suffering from alcoholism, a drink laced with
a nausea-inducing drug so that he will become ill after drinking the alcohol, the
therapist is using
aversive conditioning.
35. The therapy that is based on the assumption that abnormal behavior is due to
self-defeating and irrational beliefs is
cognitive therapy.
36. ________ is an example of a cognitive therapy.
Rational-emotive therapy
37. Judy thinks she is depressed because of her teacher's criticism of her term
paper. Judy's therapist explains to her that Judy's own irrational beliefthat the
criticism means she is stupidis really why she is depressed. Judy is likely to be
seeing a therapist who is providing ________ therapy.
38. Dr. Tetris is a rational-emotive therapist speaking to a group of introductory
psychology students. Which of the following would likely be his summary
"Our unrealistic beliefs cause many emotional problems."
39. Beck's cognitive therapy focuses on
eliminating illogical and self-defeating thoughts.
40. Luanne is being treated for depression after a breakup with her boyfriend.
Her therapist points out that her thoughts, and not the situation itself, is causing
her to be depressed. This information suggests that Luanne's therapist practices
________ therapy.
Beck's cognitive
41. Cognitive-behavior therapy attempts to produce change by
helping clients to eliminate self-defeating thoughts.
42. A remarkable finding from research on cognitive-remediation therapy is that
this therapy produces changes in the
person's brain functioning.
43. Research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy has found that
All of these.
44. Which of the following is the most important determinant of whether or not
therapy is successful?
Quality of the client's participation

45. Dr. Houltin is a therapist who believes that it is important for clients to share
information and provide feedback to each other. Dr. Houltin is practicing
________ therapy.
46. In family therapy, it is assumed that the
problem originates in the interactions among the family members.
47. Deinstitutionalization involves
transferring individuals with mental disorders from mental institutions to
community-based facilities.
48. Which of the following statements accurately describes well-being therapy?
WBT is about learning to notice and savor positive experiences.