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Outline of Required Assignments for IPPE Community Rotations


Logs to fill out DAILY during your rotation:


Prescription processing (20 days = 20 drugs total)

Drug information questions (20 days = 20 drugs total)

Logs to fill out only ONCE:


Job description of Pharmacy Personnel

Patient Counseling

General Workflow

Additional Supplementary Materials (towards end of rotation)

Helpful handouts to print:


Go to: EMSOP ePortfolio Resources / IPPE Rotation Information / IPPE Community Information /
IPPE 1 - Community Practice Rotation /

Print IPPE 1 /Community Log.doc may be useful for taking notes before transferring online to
Sakai for electronic submission

Print IPPE-Competencies-Community-Rotation.PDF summarizes basic competencies and

required activities/skills learned on rotation

Print out certificates of completion for HIPAA trainings, in case your preceptor asks to see them.

How to add entries to your logs on Sakai ePortfolio


Go to ePortfolio on Sakai
Select IPPE Community Rotations (on left menu)
Select Introductory Practice Experience Community Log at bottom of the page
Add a new form per item category
a. Once you add a new form and save your changes, you can always return to EDIT the same
b. For Prescription Processing and Drug Information Questions, when you EDIT the forms,
click Add on the corresponding day of your rotation to record a new entry and save changes
c. The list of entries will keep growing under these forms
6. NOTE: some of the items on the list have a message saying that they have been retired and you do
NOT need to use/enter information for them
Documents to upload and forms to complete on RxPreceptor/Core ELMS
1. Upload your Criminal Background Check, Urine Drug Screen, and HIPAA training
a. Go to "Requirements" on left menu and see listed requirements
b. Choose to edit a requirement
c. Enter completion date and other information
d. Choose to attached a new file
e. Enter new requirement (saves changes)

Alexander Lo, Class of 2017

Outline of Required Assignments for IPPE Community Rotations

2. Fill out the IPPE Community Student Self Evaluation: Start of Experience
a. On Core ELMS > Go to Evaluations on left menu > Select Self-evaluations
b. This is filled out during the start of your rotation to gauge your current level of experience and
the second self-evaluation is filled out at the end of your rotation to see how much you
c. NOTE: questions/boxes about hours and absences can be left blank or filled with N/A
3. Fill out the End of Experience self-evaluation
4. Fill out the preceptor evaluation
Other things to fill out on Sakai ePortfolio
1. Write and submit a reflection after your IPPE Community rotation
2. Fill out the Introductory Practice Experience Community Evaluation Forms by copying and pasting the
information directly from the self-evaluation and student evaluation (which contains your grade) forms
that you can access on RxPreceptor/Core ELMS

Alexander Lo, Class of 2017