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Fully-accredited Australian Masters degree 2 years parttime

Delivered online no need to visit any campus

Entry pathway without an undergraduate degree
Industry security subjects based on CISSP, GIAC Certified
Incident Handler, VMware, EC-Council Certified Ethical
Hacker, etc
From Australias largest provider of IT postgraduate

Master of Information System Security

Master of Networking and System
Master of Management (IT)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Mobile Application Development

Core Subjects (7 subjects):

HRM502 Human Resource Management
MGT501 Management Theory and
MGT540 Management of Change
MGT510 Strategic Management**
MKT501 Marketing Management
MGI515 IT Service Quality Management
MGI521 Professional Communications

Academic Electives (Choose 1

FIN571 Managerial Finance
ITC506 Topics in IT Ethics
ITC563 IT Management Issues
MGT580 Forecasting and Risk Management

Industry Specialisations (4 subjects

per Specialisation)

Information Systems Security Specialisation

Networking and Systems Administration
Project Management Specialisation

Or choose a mixture of subjects from different


Networking and Systems Administration

Specialisation (Choose 4)
ITE514 Professional Systems Security
ITE516 Hacking Countermeasures
ITE519 IT Service Management
ITE520 Managing Mail Servers
ITE526 Practical Internetworking
ITE527 Server Administration

Project Management Specialisation

(Choose 4)
ITE518 Agile Project Management
MGI511 Project Management Fundamentals
MGI512 The Project Lifecycle
MGI514 Project Management Leadership
MGI518 Program and Portfolio Management
MGI522 Developing Solutions

Information Systems Security

Specialisation (Choose 4)
ITE512 Incident Response
ITE513 Forensic Investigation
ITE514 Professional Systems Security
ITE516 Hacking Countermeasures
ITI581 Practical Security


Bachelors degree or higher.

Those with industry experience come in through Graduate Certificate pathway

Graduate Certificate
Bachelors degree or equivalent and/or
IT Industry experience (typically 3+ years but we can be flexible)
Am I Eligible?

To check your eligibility for IT Masters courses, go to or

you can just apply online for any CSU course at



Three sessions per year (Feb, July, Nov)

About 10 hours study per week
You can do
1 subject or up to 4 subjects per session
Leaves of Absence

Credit may be available for:

Previous postgraduate study
Industry certification
CSU & ITM short courses

We do not give credit for:

Work experience (proficiency credit)

Credit is assessed as part of the application process.

Or for a pre-credit assessment complete the eligibility form

For Australian and New Zealand students

$3000 per subject
For International Students (DE) $3100 per
Text book costs are included
There is also a Student Services and Amenities
You may be eligible for a loan through the
Commonwealth Government FEE-HELP program

Apply online now at

Session 3 2016 starts: 14th November, 2016
Application closing date: 30th August 2016
Costs nothing to apply!

Course Director Dr Arif Khan

Phone: +61 (02) 693 34711
IT Masters Neil McCosh
Phone: +61 (02) 6653 5870