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Our Wonderful World

The “International Flag of the Planet Earth” as
proposed by the Swedish artist Oskar
Pernefeldt in May 2015.

“Our Wonderful World”



Preliminary 1


Preliminary 2


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Our Wonderful World




Funny Pictures


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Preliminary 1 Agia Paraskevi & Pallini

AEK wins the
Champions League
every year.
No school.
Every day is summer!

Go on holidays with my family!
Play with my brother every day.
No Lessons.
Go to the beach and swim every

Philippos Spanopoulos

Sevasti-Gledia Temia

Olympiakos beats Panathinaikos
evey year.
Play cars on the computer.
Eat ice-cream every day.

Olympiakos beats
Panathinaikos every year.
Play Lego hing on the computer.
Watch TMT on TV.

Olympiakos beats Panathinaikos every
Play LOL on the computer.
Go on holiday with my friends.

Stavros Tziggos

Konstantinos Karlatiras

A wonderful world for me is my family.
There are four people in my family. My
mum, my dad, my brother and me. I love
my family.
Dimitra Tsifetaki, George Chatzopoulos

Preliminary 2 Agia Paraskevi
“The Eiffel Tower” by Emiliano Karaliou
The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It’s wonderful. We
can climb with stairs or we can take the lift. We
can take photographs of all the city. The Eiffel
tower is big! I want to go there.

“Big Ben” by Gregory Poulios
Big Ben is wonderful. It’s very big and I can watch the time. It is
my favourite monument. I want to go to London to see it.

“The Statue of Liberty” by Panagiotis Papaioannou
The statue of Liberty is in New York. It’s very wonderful. From
the top of the statue you can see the city of New York. I want
to go there and climb on it!

“The Acropolis” by Nickolas Pislis
The Acropolis is wonderful. It is in Athens. It is very big and old. We can
take pictures and see the Parthenon. It’s white and beautiful. I want to
go there!

“Tavari” by Vaggelis Liapis
My village is Tavari. It’s a small village on the island of Lesvos. It has got
one big park and a mini market. Fifty people live in Tavari. I love the sea
near Tavari. I like it because it is on an island and it has got all the things
you want.

“My Village” by Sotiris Parthenis
My village is a wonderful place. Its name is Theotokos and it is in Trikala. It’s hot in
the summer and cold in winter. It is very green and it has got a football stadium. I
play football with my dad and my brother. My village is near Meteora. There are
wonderful big rocks with many churches and monasteries.

“Crete” by Emmanuela Dermitzaki
Crete is the biggest island of Greece. The capital of Crete is Iraklio. There are four big
cities: Iraklio, Chania, Rethymno and Lasithi. Chania is a beautiful town with many
beaches, shops and tourists. I like Chania because there are my friends and family.
“Edessa” by Stathis Paltidis
I come from Edessa. Edessa is the capital of Pella. If you visit Edessa, you can see the
wonderful waterfalls, the museum of natural history, the statue of Alexander the Great and
the hot springs of Aridea. In winter you can go skiing in the mountain. Edessa is a beautiful
town in winter and in summer. I like Edessa because there are a lot of people and shops.
“The Bike” by Alexandros Bartzokas
I like bikes. They are wonderful. They have got two pedals and two
wheels. They are small or big. We can ride a bike and go wherever we
want. I want to ride a bike!


Preliminary 2 Pallini
Summer is wonderful. I like the sea, the sand, the ice
cream and the sun. In the summer I sometimes stay in
Pallini, but many times I go to Kineta and Nafplio. I play
with my friends and I swim in the sea. Also I like the
summer because I don’t have school.
Anastasia Vasilakopoulou

Sports are wonderful. I like diving, swimming, beach volleyball and
tennis. I go diving in the summer. I swim in the sea. I play beach
volleyball on Saturday and Sunday. My favourite sport is diving but
my brother likes football. I like football too.
Christina Panotsopoulou

Animals are wonderful. I like lions, tigers, birds,
bees, and crocodiles. My favourite animal is the
white lion because it’s white, beautiful and
strong. The white lion is in danger. It has got a
long tail, fat legs and a short neck. I saw it on TV.
It lives in Malaysia. It’s the king of animals.
Konstantinos Andrianopoulos

Games are wonderful. I like football and basketball. I play
on Saturday at the stadium. I sometimes play with my
friends and sometimes with my dad. My dad likes football
and basketball too. But my mum likes volleyball.
Fotis Kaffezas


I like the movie FROZEN! I like to be with my friends and to go to the
park. My favourite lesson is English and my favourite toys are dolls. I
love visiting my cousins and to play with them. I have a puppy and I
love it. I want to go to London. I like the colour blue.
Irida Kavaka

I like to have a lot of friends! I like to draw, sing and play music. My
favourite movie is FROZEN. My favourite book is Irifonas the parrot. I
love to eat chocolate. I believe my friends are happy and I like to help
them. I like to learn languages like English. I want to go to Paris because
I think it’s very beautiful there. I have a cat and I love it! It’s my favourite
pet. I love my teachers and I think they love me too. I like to run, to play
and doing gymnastics. But the best thing is that I live in a wonderful
Dimitra Kefalaki

I like to be alone. I like to be quiet. I love puppies. I love basketball. I love Ms.
Alex. I like Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to be a teacher. I love my friends. I like
my world. I want to be smiley. I like funny kids. I love Minecraft.
Artin Mirchosravi

I like chocolate ice cream with blueberries. I love football, my
favourite player is Markos. I want to buy an amazing dog. I like
dogs. I like Lionel Messi.
Panagiotis Baltzis

I love my friends because I play with them. I love to dance, draw,
sing and play piano. My favourite movie is FROZEN. I want to go
to Paris. I have a small rabbit and it is very cute. I love the flowers
that we have in the garden I believe my friends are happy.
Pavlina Meggouli


A Class Agia Paraskevi
“Parks” by John Paximadis
The children can play a lot of games and have fun. They can buy something to
eat or drink for free! Then they can go home to sleep. The parks in a
wonderful world will have a lot of trees and beautiful flowers. The children will
also play football, basketball, tennis, table-tennis and other games. Let’s make
more parks for a wonderful world.
“London, the best holidays!” by Alexandra Panagouli
London is in England and it’s really great! It has got many places
to visit like the Tower of London, the London Zoo, the Big Ben and
many others. I think the best place is the London Eye! You will see
London in half an hour. It’s a big wheel that is 135 metres high.
When you are on the top of it, you will see Buckingham Palace,
London Bridge, the Big Ben and other landmarks of London.
Thousands of people ride the London Eye every day. Come and
ride the London Eye. You’ll have a great time because it’s
“The Lake and the park” by Melina Votsi
There is a park in Scotland which becomes a lake every
summer. In the summer you see a lot of trees in the water! It’s
just like something magic happens. The water has got green
colour. This is because the trees and grass are underwater. I
think it would be exciting to swim there!
“The Ocean” by John Makris
The ocean is a wonderful sea. There are many fish in the ocean. It is
very big. It is wonderful because the water is blue and green and fish
play in the water.

“The Music Forest” by Evelyn Votsi
There’s a beautiful forest with high bamboos in Japan. They are a
million years old! The forest is unique because when the air crosses
between the bamboos it makes wonderful music. This music is the
same all the years. A hundred years ago, King Hata went to hunt
into the forest with the gigantic bamboos. He listened to this music
every day!
“My wonderful world” by Afroditi Kiriakousi
Hello, my name is Afroditi and I love holidays! Every summer I go to my village which is near the sea. I
swim in the sea every day. There are many fish in the sea and the water is beautiful. I love it because I
can swim and jump in the water. I think the sea is wonderful.

I like the summer because we don’t have school. We go to the beach and swim and
also we eat a lot of ice cream. For summer holidays I go to my village called
Kalamos. I play basketball with friends and other games there. The weather is warm
and hot. Summer is the best season. I like it very much.
Stefanos Koumoustiotis
In our world, I think castles and London are wonderful. Castles are wonderful because they
have a lot of things, for example: big beds, crowns, jewels, beautiful queens and
princesses. London is wonderful because it has the Tower of London, the London zoo, the
Big Ben and the Buckingham palace. These places are so interesting and amazing. You
have to go there to see.
Melpmomeni Kolovouti
My best friend is wonderful. Her name is Kleio and we
have the same age. So we are ten. She likes to play hide and seek with me
or to talk about many things. The colour of her hair is brown and red. Our
eyes have the same colour, they are brown. I tell her everything because I
trust her.
Anastasia Kanistra
In our world something that is wonderful is the weather. It’s often sunny and it makes
people happy. Also children are wonderful. They are beautiful all
over the world.
Sotiris Tassis
Summer is wonderful. I go with my family to Crete. We go the beach and we visit our
grandmother. My brother and I usually play football in the street. We sometimes wash
our car. Every night we go to the café and we eat ice cream because it’s very hot. I
love my village.
John Kafatakis
Every summer I spend my time doing wonderful things. First I go swimming in the
sea. Then I play with my friends. Every evening I watch TV and I play with my
tablet. That’s the reason that I love summer. Because I’m
free to do whatever I want, whenever I want it.

London is an amazing place. It has got friendly people, exciting nightlife, amazing
hotels and nice shops. If you visit London, you will probably see the Big Ben. It is also
a good idea to go to the London Eye. It hasn’t got many beaches so you can go in
Maria Gerali


A Class Pallini
The fattest animal on land in the world is the elephant. It weighs 10 tons
and it lives in Africa and Asia. It eats peanuts, fruit, grass and leaves.
Giourgen Dine
The tallest animal in the world is the giraffe.
Giraffes live in Africa. It eats leaves and short grass.
It is 5.5 metres tall.
Kelly Efkarpidou

The Blue Whale is the biggest animal in the world. It weighs about 180
tons and it is 30 metres long. It lives in the ocean and it eats 40 million
krill (a tiny fish) every day.
Amalia Kroussou
The longest animal in the world is the bootlace worm. It is 55
metres long. It lives in shallow waters of the North Sea and its
colour is red or brown.
Aristidis Panoutsopoulos

The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. It can run as fast as 112 to
120 kilometres an hour. It lives in Africa and it eats antelopes and gazelles.
Nikolas Diamantopoulos

The smallest animal in the world: Its name is Water Bear. It lives on the island of
Guadeloupe and it eats the eggs of other insects.
Ariadni Kotsela



The highest mountain in the world is Everest (its other names are
Sagarmāthā or Chomolungma). It is in Asia and it is 8.848 metres high.
Veronika Dimopoulou

The biggest volcano in the world is the Mauna Loa. Its name is
Hawaiian and in English it is Long Mountain. It’s on Hawaii Island
and it is 17.000 metres high (below and above sea).
Eleanna Roga

The biggest country is Russia. It is 17.075.200 square
kilometres. It is in North Europe and Asia and it is the biggest in
the world. 144 million people live in Russia.
Haris Kavakas

The largest tree in the world is the sequoia General Sherman. It is in
California, America. It is 83.8 metres high and 11.1 metres wide.
Stamatis Baltzis

The longest river in the world is the Nile. It’s 6.669 km long.
It is in Africa and crosses countries like Tanzania, Rwanda,
Kenya, Ethiopia, Soudan and Uganda.
Dimitris Michalopoulos


B Class Agia Paraskevi
“Underwater Houses” by Stefania Vasileiadou
A wonderful world would contain flying cars, underwater houses and better
schools. The schools now are not properly used, so I guess in the future they will
be OK. It would be better to add some flowers. Pink, orange, red, purple, yellow…
your eyes will see a picture full of colours. I would also like to add a rule: No cars
on the pavement! It would be a harmony, at least for me!

“Learning Maths with cards” by Nickolas Marselis
In my wonderful world there is a different school from the one we have
now. Children learn the subjects by playing appropriate games. Teachers
try to find ways to transfer knowledge with exciting games such as
literature, maths games, music and also sports games. The children are
very happy in this world.
“Wars Vs Peace” by Kostis Marselis
A wonderful world in the future shouldn’t have
wars. War has only bad effects. For example,
many buildings are destroyed and a lot of
people lose their lives. Also, many children
lose their parents and suffer a lot. Only peace can make people happy.

“A Wonderful world” by Stelios Roussos
Free $ : If everything was free, there would be a
chaos. So… if we have free money it would be
Teleport Powers: You could go everywhere.
No stealing. No poor people, everyone will be rich!
No jealousy. Children must have everything!


Something wonderful in our world I think is birthday parties. The reason is that you
meet your friends, you play with them, you have fun and of course if it is your own
birthday, you take presents and you are very happy.
Frantz Svaiger
The world is wonderful in the summer.
Everything is bright and sunny. The nature is
alive and the most important thing is that we
have summer holidays. Everyone loves summer
holidays because we don’t go to work or school, we go to the beach and we
eat ice cream. We have fun and we play games near the sea like beach volley
ball or beach tennis. It’s wonderful to be in the sea, especially when it’s too
hot. Summer nights with full moons are wonderful too. I love summer
Mariza Artinou
Sports are wonderful. I like a lot of them and I try to play every day. My favourite
sport is basketball. I started playing basketball when I was seven years old. My
coach trains me four times a week. I have met many children there and we have
become good friends. The training lasts one hour and when I finish I feel very tired.
Even though it’s hard to play basketball and at the end I can’t even breathe, I feel
very proud when the coach says that I’m the best player in our team. I love
basketball very much and I hope I will become a new Michael Jordan when I grow
Aggelos Kafatakis
I think that a lot of things are wonderful in our world but today I will talk about
those beautiful creatures, the endangered giant pandas. Pandas are black and
white and super sweet. They weigh from 100 to 115 kilos, they live 14-20 years and
they are 1.8 metres tall. When they are free they eat bamboo, other plants, birds,
fish and roots. When they are imprisoned, they eat honey, eggs, fish, sweet
potatoes, leaves from bushes, oranges or bananas.Pandas are endangered because of the climatic changes and
most of them live in the zoos.I like them because they are sweet and when two pandas play together they are
Irini Kalogeraki
Birthday parties are wonderful. I like them because you get presents, you feel very
happy and you eat cake and sweets. I celebrate my birthday on the 21st of
September. In my party we played computer games, play station and football.
Also this year I went to my best friend’s birthday party. We played games like
football, basketball and play station there. I love parties.
Sotiris Vasiliou


B Class Pallini
Football is wonderful. I play football for six hours in AEK. It is the most popular
sport in a lot of counties. My favourite football players are Messi and Neymar and
my favourite football team is Barcelona.
George Palamaris
Summer is wonderful. I like it because school stops and we go on holidays. Also
because we go to the beach and we have free time. The weather is always nice,
so we can do a lot of things outside, like go for a walk, swim, play and all of
these without school. For holidays, I go to Serres, but I sometimes go to Samo
too. Summer is the best season for me.
Christina Thirianou

Animals are great
My parrot sings every day
So I keep him away.
I have and a dog
My dog is running
It is so cute and so funny.
Andrew Vasilakopoulos

Trips are wonderful. Last summer we went to Italy with my family and my friends. It
was fantastic. I liked it there because I played football in the athletic centre. In Rome
we ate ice cream and pizza. Also I bought a bag and a t-shirt from a Ferrari shop.
Then we went to Colosseo and the Vaticano. We had a great time.
George Stamoulis
Endangered animals are wonderful. My favourite is the giant panda. It lives in
Asia. The panda’s size is 1,5 metres and its weight is 100-150 kilos. An
interesting fact about the panda is that it eats 19 kilos of bamboo every year.
Also it lives around 15-20 years and its colour is black and white. The biggest
threat for this animal is the fire.
Tasos Arzinos

I love starting my morning with the song “Locked out of heaven”. What makes me
happy is when I go shopping with my friends. I like going swimming with all my
family! I wish that one time I will go to Charlie’s chocolate factory to see all the nice
things inside.
Athina Sdralia
I would like to go to Switzerland because I like the green valleys. There are
factories that make chocolate. I like chocolate! It’s the most delicious snack in
the world. At nights you will walk in a big street which has a big festival. You
will see shops with masks, you will play in Allou fun park many games and you
will have fun. That’s my opinion about Switzerland.
What’s your opinion?
John Dimopoulos
I want to go to Sweden to meet Zlata Imbraimovich. I like the girls because they have
beautiful eyes. Ice-cream makes me very happy. I like football and I want to meet many
footballers. In Sweden there are many nice harbours that I would like to visit.
Jim Varvaras
I want to go to Madrid. I want to go there because I like this city and I want to
see a football match and meet famous football players. I think football is very
exciting. I also like the festivals there. There’s one that they throw tomatoes in
the street. It would be fun to be there!
Theodore Papadopoulos
I love it when it rains stars and I make a wish for all the world because it
makes me feel happy! The wish that I always make is “I want peace for all
the world so that nobody ever fights.” When I grow up I want to be a
dancer because it makes me happy.
Stella Xanthopoulou
In my life I want to go to Brazil because it’s an amazing country and it has very
beautiful beaches. I love it when it rains and I’m outside and I play football in the
rain and mud. My favourite sport is football and I like watching and playing it. I love
football! I love souvlaki very much and it is my favourite food. The best thing is the
summer on the beach. I hope all goes well.
Thomas Efthymiou


C Class Agia Paraskevi
My wonderful world is our world but it would be more beautiful if animals could speak like us. We could learn their ways
of living and their own ways of surviving. Also, it would be fun because we have learned that animals don’t talk. Maybe,
we could be friends and be classmates! We could help each other. Animals wouldn’t be changed. They would be like
now: cats are in streets, dogs are in streets and in gardens, something like this. It could be fun and nice.
Romini Paraskeva

Our amazing world would have beautiful butterflies. Each
species would have a special speciality that would help the
world be amazing. For example, the blue one could create
beautiful rivers and lakes. Green butterflies, whenever they
come in contact with the ground, trees would grow and
yellow ones would give people money.
Elpida Kalikatzaraki

I believe that what makes this world wonderful is love! Because without love this world wouldn’t
exist and most of all, because you can’t do anything without love!
Nefeli Gkotsi

Imagine a world where people are served by robot that are very
intelligent and all their needs are satisfied by them. Robots have
advanced a lot because of artificial intelligence. People now don’t have
to drive their cars or their trains and they don’t have to fly the planes,
they drive themselves! People sit by their swimming pools and relax
because most of the jobs are done by robots. They just don’t have any
worries about jobs and money. Imagine a house where everything is
automatic, from cooking and cleaning to washing the clothes and
tidying them up. The fridge gives the orders to the supermarket and
the foods are delivered at home.
Alex Ventouris

The best thing in the world in my opinion is friendship. Having a person to talk about your problems or the happy things
is much luck. I have 3 best friends and I hope I will keep them all my life.
Mary Maraki

“The Great Wall Of China” by Elena Gerali
The Great wall of China is the most incredible
monument in the world. I believe this because no one
has ever walked on it in one day. It would take weeks
because it is too long. The Great Wall of China is a
series of fortifications made of stone, brick, wood and
other materials. It was built in 220-206 BC by Quin
Shihuang. It is 21.196km long. People say that it can be
seen from space, but this isn’t true as NASA says. It’s
only a myth. If you want to go to the Great Wall of China
you had better take 5 pairs of shoes with you!

“Lebron James” by Dimitris Pislis
Lebron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland
Cavaliers of the NBA. He started at the small-forward and power-forward positions. James
has won two NBA championships, four NBA most valuable player awards, two NBA finals
MVP awards, two Olympic Gold Medals, an NBA scoring title and the NBA Rookie of the
Year award. He has also been selected to 11 NBA All-Star teams, 11 All-NBA teams and six
All-Defensive teams. He is also the Cavaliers’ all time leading scorer. James won his first
championship in 2012 when Miami defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder. I believe that
Lebron is one of the most wonderful players in the world because he has won many NBA

“The Story of Guinness” by Michalis Vassileiou
In 1955, when Sir Hugh had a lot of information of
interesting facts, the book of Guinness Records
was published. It was named after Sir High’s beer
company. This book was sold all over the world.
Now it is one of the most popular books in the
world. In my opinion, this book is wonderful
because it has many things to read. I recommend
it to you! You’ll be surprised.Here are some of the
weirdest Guinness Records: Most of the records
are pretty standard. The world’s smallest man
(21,5 inches tall), the world’s oldest twin sisters (103 years old) or the world’s highest jump (4 feet onto a platform). But,
there are more such as the man with the most spoons on his body and many more. Read the book to find more!


C Class Pallini
Today, in modern times we have a lot of problems. Think about it: do you ever ask yourself
“What can I do for my planet?”. Now is the time to think about it. For example:
•We cut almost all the trees from the cities to make some blocks of flats.
•We discover cars, aeroplanes, boats, and more that make the air unsafe and dirty
because we want to make our lives easier.
•We waste water and finally some people haven’t got clean and enough water and they
•The beaches are dirty because we are too bored to take the litter to the bins.
•The corals are dying from the sea pollution.
•A lot of animals, fish, plants and birds are dying from the pollution too.
Now you can see that your planet needs you, me and all of us. Let’s help our planet. Stop
destroying our wonderful world.
Matina Dimitreli

Unusual animals and plants
The Black Widow Spider
The Black Widow Spider is poisonous and is found in warm places. The female black widow spider is
bigger than the male and has a red mark on her stomach. The female also has more poison and she is
dangerous for the humans. The female does an unusual thing. She sometimes eats her male and
becomes a real widow!
The Komodo Dragon
The Komodo Dragon is found in Indonesia and is three metres long. It
can swim and run very fast. The lizard has poison and eats deer, goats,
horses, its own babies and people!

The Drosera
The Drosera is a carnivorous plant. It has small hairs that produce a very strong glue.
When an insect comes near it gets stuck to the leaf. It pushes it towards the middle of
the leaf, the leaf closes and the insect is eaten by the plant while it’s still alive!
Marilena Papani


Natural Beauty by Jim Frolakis
The natural beauty is all over the world. All the fields, beaches, mountains, rivers are
things that nature has created. Those things are very beautiful and we must protect
them. One very beautiful place is Mount Parnitha. I have been there twice. It is a good
place to play, to chill on the grass and have your picnic with your family.
Technology by Chris Lahaniotis
The mobile phone is my favourite gadget beacause I can play games and these games are great. A mobile phone is
interesting beacause you can play on it. I think mobile phones are an important part of our wonderful world and they
make us happy.
Nature by Vassia Kaffeza
The natural beaty of our wonderful world is awesome. Coasts, beaches and mountains are
some examples of this beauty. A big number of animals and plants make it interesting and
exciting. This is the reason that people set up camp there. Campsites are very common as
people there can take photos of some very beautiful flowers and trees which may be special
and see wild animals. That’s why I like nature very much. Nature as well as beauty is
important for all the world because without the forests we wouldn’t have any oxygen to live.
Nature is magnificent and it makes me feel interested in the Earth. In nature we can do
many things that makes us happy and that is the reason that it is a part of our wonderful

Ancient Ruins by Panagiota Maniataki
The world wouldn’t be wonderful without Ancient Ruins. Every country has its
unique monuments. The monument I like best is Knossos because Crete is a
lovely place and the people are very friendly. Moreover, it makes our life better
because it reminds us of the history of the ancient bull, the Minotaur and his
mysterious labyrinth. Finally, I think ancient ruins are a part of our lives and the
world wouldn’t be marvellous without them.
Music by Dimitris Vossos
Music helps us to relax. Music is amazing. We hear it mainly in clubs. In many
countries they have traditional music. I like music because the rhythm of pop
is great. It makes life better because when you do an exercise like walking
you can listen to music. Also, if you don’t have anything to do, you can listen
to it. In clubs you can hear a lot of other kinds of music like rock. It makes me
feel great because if we didn’t have music we wouldn’t do anything in our life.


Our Wonderful World
by Maria Lambropoulou (C1)
Last month, in our area, there was a marathon which is held
every year. Many people take part in the marathon and
everyone has his reason. Anyway, this year the route was very
long and the result was wonderful. Everyone reached the finish
line with a big smile on their faces. The famous singer/sonwriter
Ellie Goulding is a known fitness addict. Running is her first
love. She already has five half-marathons under her belt. She’s
the ambassador of this new campaign “Life in Motion / A
Melody of Movement”. She wants to prove to the world that
workout is fun and very good for our health.


Agia Paraskevi
Bücher sind unsere besten Freunde in der Welt. Es gibt viele Bücher. Theaterbücher lese ich am
liebsten. Auch lese ich sehr gern Märchen. Wenn ich trauring bin, lese ich ein Buch und dann
fühle ich mich besser. Mein Lieblingsbuch ist “Persi Jackson”.
Elena Gerali A2
“Etwas schönes in meiner welt”
Ich glaube, in meiner Welt ist sport etwas Schönes. Ich brauche sport, weil ich mit meinen
freunden fuball, volleyball und basketball spielen kann. Ich spiele basketball in einer Mannschaft
und ich trainiere 4 mal die woche. So sehe ich meine freunde und wir haben viel spab!
Franz Schweiger A2

“Unsere wunderschöne Welt”
Es war einmal ein kleiner Frosch, der von einem Freund über eine wunderschöne Welt gehört hat. Der Frosch wollte
diese wunderschöne Welt finden und er hat eine Reise angefangen um sie zu entdecken. Er ist durch viele Orte gereist
und hat mit vielen Tieren gesprochen, aber er konnte die Welt nicht finden. Eines Tages hat er eine Katze getroffen und
hat sie gefragt: „Meine liebe Katze, weißt du, wo die wunderschöne Welt, von der ich gehört habe, ist?“, aber die Katze
wusste das nicht. „Tut mir leid mein kleiner Frosch, ich habe keine Ahnung“ hat sie gesagt.
Der kleine Frosch war sehr traurig und er hat an einem kleinen See gesessen. Weil er weinte, hat ein Schmetterling ihn
gehört. „Warum weinst du?“ hat der Schmetterling gefragt. „Weil ich die wunderschöne Welt nicht finden kann.“ hat er
geantwortet. Der Schmetterling hat gelacht. „Was meinst du damit, dass du die wunderschöne Welt nicht finden kannst?
Unsere Welt ist die wunderschöne Welt, die du suchst.“ „Ich verstehe nicht“ antwortete der Frosch. „Unsere
wunderschöne Welt ist die Welt, die du suchst. Unsere Welt mit den Schmetterlingen, den Tieren, den Bäumen, den
Blumen, den Seen, den Menschen, der Musik und und und...!!!“ antwortete der wunderschöne Schmetterling.
Eleni, Irene



Wir sind vier Freunde Niki, Vasioula, Kostas und Ioanna und unser Abenteuer hat vor 3 Monaten angefangen. Wir haben
eines Tages ein Super – Flugzeug gefunden. Es fliegt nicht mit Benzin, sondern mit Bananen. Ist das nicht cool?
Wir haben damit die tollste Reise gemacht und die ganze Welt besucht. Wir haben nicht mal 80 Tage gebraucht, sondern
nur 79! Auf dieser Reise haben wir fast alle Länder gesehen, Freunde in allen Kontinenten gemacht, viele Erfahrungen
gesammelt und verrückte Sachen gemacht!
In Paris sind wir auf den Eifelturm gestiegen, in China sind wir mit einem Heißluftballon geflogen und die Chinesische
Mauer von oben gesehen, in San Francisco haben wir von der Golden Gate Bridge Bungee Jumping gemacht, in New
York sind wir alle zusammen vom Empire State Building gesprungen, in Rom haben wir im Kolosseum Gladiatoren
gespielt, in Indien haben wir in Taj Mahal indische Gerichte probiert, in Rio de Janeiro war die Christusstatue viel größer
als wir gedacht haben, in Ägypten hat man uns die Pyramiden von Gizeh von innen gezeigt, in Peru haben wir in der
Ruinenstadt Machu Picchu übernachtet, in Sydney haben wir im Opernhaus eine Oper gesehen, in Barcelona haben wir
in Sagrada Familia eine Kerze angezündet, in London haben wir den Big Ben kaputtgemacht und in Hawaii haben wir in
einem Unterwasserhotel gewohnt.
Kostas: „Ich habe in Jamaika gegraben und statt Öl, Schokolade gefunden. Jetzt habe ich einen Schokoladenbrunnen
und kann immer und überall Schokolade essen. Ich habe auch endlich die „kleinen Ponys“ getroffen. Wir haben den
ganzen Tag zusammen gespielt und Croissant gegessen.“
Vasioula: „ Ich habe in Tibet die „Bud – chi – sten“ kennengelernt. Es hat mir dort sehr gefallen, denn alle waren ruhig,
also bin ich auch ruhiger geworden. Eines Tages habe ich dann ein fremdes Land entdeckt, „Geschichtelos“. Dort hat es
Geschichte als Fach gar nicht gegeben, wir waren glücklich und haben Serien im Fernsehen geguckt.“
Niki: „Ich habe in Kanada die größte Tafel gefunden und habe 10.000mal „Tschüss“ und „Bye“ geschrieben. In New York
habe ich einen Prinzen getroffen und er hat sich in mich verliebt. Jetzt wohne ich in unserem Schloss und habe alle
Schauspieler von „The Vampire Diaries“ kennengelernt. Ich habe auch meine Familie nach New York geholt.“
Ioanna: „Ich habe im Serengeti – Nationalpark einen Tag in der Natur mit wilden Tieren verbracht. Ich habe sie
gestreichelt und mit ihnen gespielt. Ich habe auch endlich das beste „System“ gefunden und 3 Stunden lang Kullis an
Kostas geworfen.“
Heute ist Vasioula in Hawaii, sie hat das Unterwasserhotel gekauft, da sie im Lotto gewonnen hat und Milliardärin
geworden ist. Ioanna ist auch in Hawaii und jetzt arbeitet sie für Vasioula. Sie bekommt eine Million pro Monat und hat 6
Monate pro Jahr Ferien. Vasioula ist die beste Chefin! Kostas ist in Jamaika geblieben, er hat alle Söhne von Bob Marley
kennengelernt und er hört und spielt den ganzen Tag Musik und isst Schokolade.
Auf dieser Reise haben wir verstanden, dass unsere Welt – Menschen, Natur, Tiere, Kultur, Musik... – wunderschön ist.
Man soll sie schützen und respektieren!
Vasioula, Niki, Kostas, Ioanna (Pallini)


Funny Pictures

from the pupils of B Class


Your Opinion!
The bar charts were made by B class pupils: Christina Thirianou, Andrew Vasilakopoulos, George Palamaris, George
Stamoulis and Tasos Arzinos.
21 pupils from Preliminary 2 and B class in Pallini were asked the following:
Favourite part of the school day
12 pupils’ favourite part is when they are with friends, whereas
6 pupils’ favourite part is the recess hour.
No one chose lunch as their favourite part of the
Best pet
14 pupils said that the best pet is the dog
5 pupils said that it’s the cat and 2 pupils chose
the fish.

Frog with the coolest colours
poison dart frog

red-eyed tree frog

12 pupils said that the frog with the coolest colours is the poison dart frog.
9 pupils said that it’s the red-eyed tree frog.

Profession they admire the most
12 pupils said that they admire “athletes” the most.
5 pupils chose “scientists” and 4 pupils chose “teachers”.


The bar charts were made by the B class pupils Mariza Artinou Frantz Svaiger, Aggelos Kafatakis, Irini Kalogeraki and
Sotiris Vasiliou.
11 A and B class pupils in Agia Paraskevi were asked the following:
Which 2015 summer film are you looking forward to seeing?
6 pupils said that they can’t wait to see the “Avengers”.
5 pupils said the “Minions”.
No one is keen on “Jurassic World”.

Favourite animal
7 pupils said their favourite animals are cats and dogs.
1 pupil chose bunnies
3 pupils said they like all animals.

Favourite musical instrument
6 pupils’ favourite musical instrument is the guitar.
3 pupils’ chose the piano.
2 pupils chose the violin.

Homework in the summer
9 pupils chose the “no” answer,
whereas 2 pupils chose the “yes”.


I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
But they're really saying I love you.
I hear babies crying and I watched them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Front cover design: Thodoris Michos (Teacher)
Back cover design: Alexandros Artinos (C Class)